In one week: Contact (In the Desert) and we’ll be there!!!


Just an FYI – will have a presence at this Conference in a week.  Look for our booth and come by and say “hi” if you’re there.  We are focusing on inviting people to join the weekly Sunday meditations and are starting a “Lightworkers Unity Campaign” to better organize and cooperate with other Lightworkers and groups.


Victory of the Light.

7 thoughts on “In one week: Contact (In the Desert) and we’ll be there!!!

  1. Hi Danielle – what site is it I go to to change my city location
    (I moved) to see if others live near to meet likeminded others on PFC? Thanks much ❤️

    • On our home page of is a map – click there and look around – find some new friends.

    • Oh, ah, I’m not the only one who’s mixing up dessert and desert 😉 When I say desert, meaning an after dinner treat, we all have a good laugh about my Dutch background and funny mistakes.

  2. No newsletters for weeks. Please tell me the correct email address for contact. Rainbows of Love to s all, Pamela

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