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“Community – How to live together? How to communicate effectively?

Who knows how we’ve experienced a sense of community in other dimensions, once upon a long time ago? We may all live with a cellular/DNA – memory of unity and oneness from an existence before the start of the veiling process. A memory in and of Awakening.

It seems that now, after living with a “horizontal” consciousness expansion, limited by the concept of material expansion on a planet seemingly existing as a self-contained life form, first as a flat Earth, than as a globe and centre of “the Universe” (yet unseen) after Galilei’s exclamation “And yet she’s round!”

As a celestial body circling around the Sun, with other space-bodies forming the Solar System as yet another part of the entire Galaxy, in our technologically more advanced time, observed through the eyes of cameras, we’re all touched and affected by a storm of change that is in progress at a 90 degree angle: a “vertical” consciousness expansion in much tumult, clanging and banging, much topsy turvy.

I choose a direction North-South for ease of understanding dimensional shifts in sync with the term “Ascension” which means to many religious people “rising up to the heavens” with images illustrating a figure carried on the weightless substance of clouds.

When rising above the quirkiness of personal styles in approach and awake and alert to the vagueness of presence and intention (in virtual communications) we can step forward and connect by addressing the issues that are rising within us, communicating our feelings and the experience of how actions of others affect us and how we feel our own actions affect others. By being informed about their impact on others who make an effort to offer feedback, honouring their own value as much as the value of the person on the other side of the screen, or table.

The desire that one’s presence matters in a community, can lead to different expressions, depending on a force of will, making a point for the sake of fanatism, a need for attention or competition, by challenging an authority, or a warm-hearted service as a means to fulfilment of one’s own desire in sync with one’s desire to serve a general sense of wellbeing in all.

Issues that are rising between 2 people, showing up in their one-on-one communication online, or in the practice of working together in the physical world, should best be kept in that close encounter of a duet. It takes two to tango and not one or more than 2, for isn’t stepping on each other’s toes sufficient pain to pay attention properly?

To me, it’s an interesting subject to discuss community-creation and without expecting you or others here to address all of them, here are a couple of questions:

– How does it look like, your favoured community? How would you describe your life in it?
– What makes or breaks a community?
– What’s the difference in a virtual and physical community? If there’s one at all.
– What’s causing members of a community to feel inspired and at ease?
– What’s required to maintain a community in liveliness and sparkly vibes, open to change?
– Should there be an intention and foundation on which a community is built and functioning?
– Should a community-to-be start with a gathering of people at random, spontaneously/casually formed?
– Is a community a work in progress, with a common interest showing up in due time, which my become the core of an    intentional community?
– Should a community grow organically, by a coming and going of members without a fixed plan for an “end-product” or “end-result?”
– Are members of a community open to leaving and trying out different forms of communities?
– Should a community be a living organism that is in motion and change always.

Moving around freely nd explore different forms of community is a great learning curve in my perception. When a genuine attempt is made to study, attune and learn. Use of discernment can be trained due to a variety of experiences and encounters with people of all walks of life and even ET-races. In the latter case communication becomes a whole new concept, I imagine.

To me, the form and subject of a chosen service are two very different things.

– Is transparency of decision making and reports of financial manoeuvers to all members of a community, who contribute financially, a must and a benefit?

There are questions about community living “How to live together?” that countless human generations have pondered and discussed, forgotten, buried and dug up, dusted off and, at times, placed on an altar. The following statement I hold close to my heart:

“Once upon a time in the civilized world the monarch and the public servants who honoured their oath of allegiance, delivered to the people freedom, justice, leisure and instruction by facilitating instruction and apprenticeship. The city-state encouraged each individual to develop special skills appropriate to the ascribed natural or genetic abilities of that individual, to meet the many needs of the wider community, the pursuit of excellence in each department was a matter of honour where self-interest led to a duty of care towards fellow citizens and the overall success of that community”    Edmund Marriage 2004

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  1. This is a good start, Danell, especially your use of questions. Intentional communities have had a rough go on this planet for many reasons, one being the implants we have succumbed to in incarnating that affects man/woman relationships, need for survival (this one is ebbing fast) kundalini/sexuality suppression and overall ability to directly connect with source. Cobra says that after the Event, “Community” will be much easier to engage in. He has also started an initiative at his last conference to organize a “city of light” as a physical spiritual community. I welcome further conversation with you

    • Thank you for appreciating my first article here, Peter. When the top of the page shows “by Danell Glade” one assumes it’s the name of the author. At times, Edward Morgan is addressed as the author of articles he posts for the same reason that his name is present after by …….

      Personally, I’d like to find the name of the author after by………. and the source of the article at the bottom, when a website is involved. Voila 😉 And if the name of a PFC team-member, responsible for posting it, needs to accompany the article it could look like this

      Author Marian Baghor
      Posted by Danell Glade.


      More on the subject of community you will find in the page Oranda of my WordPress account.
      One click away.

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  2. very nice post
    I think that properly functioning communities have 2 tiers
    one tier drives the society forward
    the other tier maintains it
    the key is no restricted access – everyone and I mean everyone benefits from the efforts of the community – everything serves the highest good of the community
    of course this is only 1 model….
    and please don’t confuse this with communism
    the highest good is the highest good

    • Thank you Mike T. for appreciating my first article. The word tier is new to me, but I do get what you mean, with one tier driving the society forward and the other tier maintains it. As long as community and communication are equally honoured, members of a community can be bean-sorters for days on end or trailblazers arguing with the town-council about regulations, with fellow trailblazers creating a strawbale roundhouse. Just doing it and than see what comes of it.

      As I perceive it, in all dynamics of life, there’s the feminine quality of expectation, nurturing and holding and the masculine quality of drive, practical action, securing offspring by making (future) plans and bring their dream into manifestation. In the old world, men ran off to war, to protect wife and kids.
      Now they can’t do that anymore, for protection isn’t secured as it used to be. Men can turn their swords into ploughs. Old sayings seldom die, do they? On that day, what a simple and rich life we all will enjoy!

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.


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