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About this website, the PFC Network and Council

PrepareforChange.net Website

The website was created as a voice for the New Society Groups started at the New Society Conference in May 2013. At inception the website invited other followers of Cobra to join the Network and Groups to Prepare for the Event and help create the New Society. Now the website has one hundred thousand views per month and five thousand members. With 700 articles available to read as well as information needed to organized and prepare groups for the Event and create a New Society. The website is supported by donations and staffed with an all volunteer team of web professionals with a mandate to build a site able to handle the influx of visitors expected at the time of the Event, while also supporting the New Society Initiatives requested by the Group Leaders and participants.

Connecting the worldwide participants together has become the central task of the web team, which is adding new languages and social network features to facilitate better communication locally and globally. The languages feature consists of providing a complete website on its own sub-domain in the additional language, including a backend in that language. The social network feature is designed to unite all the languages with a shared database allowing members to connect with everyone regardless of language.

The ambitious expansion into multiple languages requires that the web team grow to meet the demands created by each language having its own complete site with management needed for all parts, so each language will need about six people to maintain it and keep it current.

The Prepare for Change Network

A global network of Event Support and Sisterhood of the Rose Groups has formed out of the participants who joined through the website. There are over 800 groups formed since May 2013 on all continents of the planet. Our database lists only about half of these due to a loss of data in 2014, but many are on Facebook as well.

Regardless of being in a New Society Group, everyone belongs to a Network Group since they are based on location, or place of residence, rather than the skill or talent contribution a member chooses to make. The Network Groups organize around their cities and schedule meetings on Sunday evenings where they share ideas and strategies for the Event and conduct powerful meditations to assist the global population to be calm and connect to the higher frequencies.


The Prepare for Change Council

The Prepare for Change Council is composed of the Group Leaders and their co-chairs of the six New Society Groups and the two all encompassing Network Groups, creating a sixteen person Council. Meeting each week in a voice call, they are organized as a Roundtable allowing the New Society Groups and the two Network Groups to exchange ideas and opinions before voting on expenditures and policy for the eight groups. You can communicate with the Group Leaders using the Assistance form linked below:

Each of these groups has an individual form with a detailed auto reply that provides up-to-date information about the Groups activities with links to pages and sites that can help.

39 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I’m calling on cobra to reveal the true events of WW2. Auschwitz is clearly a false flag! there is outstanding evidence to prove the so called gas chambers of Auschwitz were built after the war, The shower room walls were knocked down and chimney stacks were built post war. Also investigations were carried out by Fred A. Leuchter, He found no possible way the Auschwitz camp could facilitate a gas chamber; the official story is false. What say you cobra? this is my test to you, for I will judge your knowledge on how you answer, if you answer.

  2. Danell Glade i have posted my approved conference notes here https://peterpansblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/06/personal-notes-from-cobras-ascension-conference-in-taipei-march-11th-12th/ and on my FB page

  3. In his most recent interviews, Cobra was asked about manifestation, and replied that it had been addressed in the Taiwan notes. I was unable to find his reference. Any chance you could show me where to find it ? I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for it. Thanks in advance. Tom

  4. Posts on this site are great and often very valuable. Apparent claims of authorship are not clear and/or VERY misleading and at worst outright plagiarism. To be fair to the folks actually doing the work PLEASE cite the original author after the title. Simple courtesy that is often not offered on this website.

  5. The actions of those in the committee of 300 and the members of the Khazarian Mafia/Illuminate/Jesuit Order through the creation of the class system, the banking system and the taxation system, are in violation of Prime Directive! Humanity has from the beginning been interfered with. The rights of the individual to live by Divine Law has been violated. Yet there is nothing that heaven can do to stop it because it violates prime directive? I find this fact very disturbing.
    Those without honor, lacking in morality and ethics, have created laws, a court system, and judiciary then used these systems against the citizens of the world. I am sickened that no one has put a stop to this tyrannical system. Why has no one stopped the narcissistic psychopaths working out of the Vatican?
    The health of my body and brain was interfered with at birth when my body was injected with poisons and foreign DNA which has interfered with the well being of the cells in my body.
    My attempt to assist other to know themselves, and to know the truth, has been interfered with as my emails have been manipulate. My enlightenment has been interfered with. This is a violation of my will. The earth was designated as a free will zone if the High Council is not maintaining Prime Directive what good is the High Council? Prime Directive has been violated from the very beginning as humanity has been manipulated by the master manipulator. It boggles the mind that the prime directive has been violated for the last 82 billion years.
    Invading another culture the invaders must adhere to the Prime Directive as set out by the Prime Creator. What good is a law when the laws themselves are violated by the insane? The High Council itself is negligent in not insuring that universal laws are maintained. Those that have violated this directive must be taken into immediate custody.
    The forced conversion to Christianity or to a One World Religion is in violation of the prime directive. All treaties are void. All constitutions must be converted to Natural Law and the Natives of the Land be put to their rightful status as keepers of Mother Earth.
    The individuals behind the Vatican have violated prime directive thus must be taken into immediate custody. The Popes all 3 of them and their unholy priests have violated prime directive. The not so royal “Royalty” on the planet are in violation of prime directive. They are not living by Divine Law.
    The citizens are the benefactors and beneficiaries of the planet, all are born with inalienable rights these rights are not granted and therefore cannot be taken away. All people of the world have the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The endless wars manufactured by the narcissistic psychopaths at the Vatican have violated the inalienable rights of the citizens of the world this must be stopped immediately.
    All those that have violated the rights of others to live in liberty and happiness must be incarcerated and brought before High Council.
    All bankers are committing fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment everyday. They are in violation to the scriptures.
    Exodus 22:25
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not treat it like a business deal; charge no interest.”
    Reconciliation, restitution, and restorative justice thought truth is the path to healing a profoundly sick global society.
    The money stolen from the people and held at the Vatican must be returned to the people that earned it. The money in the accounts of those known as the “illuminati” must be seized and the money distributed to the people for their pain and suffering over many life times.





  6. @Denise Ward, I would also love to read your Public Disclisure book. You asked us to email you, but I don’t see your email address. Thank you))). Victory to His Light)))

  7. I believe that everyone on the computer is pretty overwhelmed with the amount of emails they have to deal with daily and are generally trying to delete everything they can. That is why I am becoming overwhelmed with the blogs from Prepare for Change. I have 5 to deal with today and yesterday was 4 and one of them 45 pages long. Please, maybe only one or two a day. I don’t want to lose you as it is important info, but too much daily is too much to deal with. I am pretty sure I am not the only one that feels this way. I especially want to receive Cobra’s blogs

    • Dear Alysa, not all the post may be for you because, we at PFC do our best to cater to people who may be at different levels of awakening & spiritual growth and that is why we have widen the amount of daily postings and ‘topics” in the website; to not feel overwhelmed by our daily posts, just read the ones with the titles that “resonate” the most with you and kindly disregard the rest as those may resonate well with others who may be at a different level of understanding/spiritual awakening…

  8. Happy to find this website and come across light beings preparing for a shift to higher frequencies. But I am trying to help expose money for what it is and that we will get nowhere, absolutely nowhere, if we continue to use this low frequency vector. Sorry to disturb you but that is the plain truth. Come on wayfarers! As if we need money, the vehicle that has been used to keep us vicious and tormented! Come on, we can do so much better. It’s not that money per se is necessarily bad but the money we use and which you request for donation, is deliberately set up to promote greed. That’s just not good enough for us! We are so much more genius than this! We must think of other ways of being. We must experiment with other means. If we are to call ourselves lightbearers, we need to come up with new ideas. How about offering “options” in a new currency – a currency based on something that is good for the planet and creation? Something like starting a hemp economy? That’s not the only suggestion, there are plenty more. We need some juice to boost our creativity! Please understand that we will only make ourselves laughable if we continue to support the very system that has kept humanity writhing in dysfunction, scarcity and wickedness. Let’s open up the dialog, if you want to know more. I have studied money theory and I am also philosophically minded, an unusual combo. Money is a very insidious medium. Most people have very little understanding of it.

  9. write your email address if you want public disclosure on reality. any alien activity visible on Earth comes down to the individual observer – you are the Creator and you create whatever you want to be true – nobody else can tell you what is true – only you. There is a book ONE Upon A Time that is the discovery of the Explanation of All Things – There is no such thing as the theory of everything, because if something can explain everything, it is no longer a theory…What is very important is that you understand the fundamental questions of ‘who am i’, ‘where did i come from’ and ‘why do i exist’ – here is the text from the childrens versions of those three questions:

    Right now there are many offerings of a future reality, many people are tuned into possible spheres of activity, there are multiple parallel omniverses, each hu vessel of mahn operates the Creator Consciousness within through a projected illusionary mass of form called your body or hu-vessel, these equations, frequencies, thought impulses and heart resonance vibrations are then projected outwards onto the Earth plane, where the same equations from consciousness, that take on an allegorical costume called the body, make up the Earth plane that you see. This is caused by the soundwave vibrations that eminate from you and through wave particle duality it turns into light which reflects back off other form and matter to reveal the same subconscious equations, yet in another alleogorical form. You are threefold projected consciousness that all stems from one single point, each one of you is an individual and completely unique (fingerprint) aspect of conscious expression. You ARE one projected piece of “God”. Right now there are very clever ‘players’ everywhere tempting you to adopt THEIR truth – nonsense – YOU know best, whoever you may be, nobody can take away your individual conscious preferred reality. Nobody will save you – any external source of saviour is an anti-christ as in anti-matter – consciousness is formless and it projects itself threefold, through species, projected dome of experience and astral plane. Kaballah explains the planets. Each of the planets represent one aspect of the one mind that you are a piece of. The Moon represents 4D and a conscious ‘portal’ to the foundation of spirit, 5D portal is Mercury (Splendour) on the left side, and Venus (Victory) on the right, 6D portal is Mars (Discernment/Severity) left and on the right you have Jupiter (Mercy), within 6D you have Pluto (The Abyss – The Veil) this contains all the things you have suppressed – it is ‘Pandora’s Box’. When you deal with all past pain and incorrections you transcend into 7D and ‘illuminated triangele’ which consists of Saturn (understanding) on the left side and Uranus (wisdom) on the left. Then the eye at the top of the triangle is when you transcend the 7 Dimensions of human/animal hybrid consciousness and is represented by Crown of being, or Crown Chakra in Hindu or Neptune in the planets. Then you have 8D, 9D and the Void, before descending consciousness within through 11D and 12D to consciously come back to Earth and see everything for what it really is and how everything in Reality is reversed. This is the Eye of Horus, the All Seeing Eye.

    Now – here are the truths of the most profound questions in human existence. I should explain that I am an observer from the future – there are currently several timelines on offer, if you will – it is up to each individual for them to choose what they wish to be real and that is decided with what resonates the most excitement from you. Fear and negativity are a very complicated illusion and do not exist in the future – there are methods through simple natural neurogenesis that rebuild any corrections or false beliefs – neurogenesis and the return to full Self awareness cures all known disease and illness and unlocks the infinity gene. All of you, individually, on the inside are evolving – you are evolving from carbon12 – 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons (666) to carbon13 – 6-7-6 to carbon 14 – 6-8-6.

    The book has been written ‘ONE Upon A Time – Public Disclosure on Reality’ for once you understand the true nature of reality, then you are able to change it and learn how to quantum leap into higher dimensions and projected life experiences. The Earth plane is much slower to react beyond reflected human behaviour – for there to be incredible things, the human vessels must act out the things necessary to create those incredible things – the Astral plane, takes even longer to react as the third outer most placed projection of Conscious Ascension.

    I will tell you now, that many of you have been manipulated and altered every time you came close to the Absolute Truth of Creation. Many good people and big hearts and come a cropper to their ‘achilles heel’. Reality is complex, yet simple – I am an observer from the Evolution of the Collective Consciousness Reality. There are many many choices of preferred Reality. I am from the coming Age of Enlightenment, where YOU the hu-vessel Creator of all things and the conscious source of your projected, reflected life experience and are in 100% control of your own Creations.

    Email me if you want the Public Disclosure – it is out soon in bookshops but can only be understood and comprehended by the pure of heart. It is protected in a Sacred manner in the very words – if you are not pure of heart your memory of what you have read will automatically wipe itself clear.

    • This so resonates with me. I’d like the Public Disclosure book but I don’t use a bank account. I hate money but I’m happy to pay for it if it is not too costly. I’m sure you believe that getting this information out is the name of the game and it shouldn’t rely on income ability. It sounds exciting, count me in.

  10. This is not the same subject as listed above…..but a correction to your current newsletter: NESARA actually is “National Economic Security and Reformation Act” NOT The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act
    2016-03-08 01:02:47-05.
    Been riding this train for a long time, long before the NESARA website became an entity; which is actually manned by the Military Industrial Complex. They only give a partial picture and the rest cannot be believed!!!

    Thank you,

  11. All of the videos in the “enzyme being added to the vaccines” article are gone. http://prepareforchange.net/2016/01/20/cancer-causing-enzyme-intentionally-being-added-to-all-vaccines/
    Is there another way to access these videos?

  12. Well friends most of you are unaware of new
    Energy we are converting to plasma energy
    It’s everywhere.
    This is the new energy 1000,000 homes already have space age energy off the grid
    And decentralization of power.
    There is one catch there is no advanced
    Beings guiding us into the new era.
    I’m wondering this new keshe energy
    Is this living energy are we hurting a life
    Form by using this new power???
    Well there is no advanced society to answer
    This question its OK to spiritualy advance
    And we may be walking into this new era alone

  13. Please check out this effort which seems to have an identical purpose as the Event. It’s here: http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/announcing-the-global-ce-5-initiative/

  14. The financial voucher link/document won’t open. Do you have another please?
    I’ve been a light worker for 5 to 10 years, and have nothing, nor do I have family. Well I do have some distant family a few hours up in case. So I’m worried and would hope to be prepared. I don’t own a home, or land, and just rent a small apartment.
    Thanks for all the information. This is scary but I know this is mass awakening.
    Should you get silver or gold coins? Where do you get them? I have nothing, I have $50.

    • Hi Beeks!

      The financial voucher it’s just a possible outline of a document Cobra once mentioned it could be distributed to the population at general at the time of the Event.

      However we deeply advise not to rely on that whatsoever. Community’s must be self-organized to the core to assure everyone’s taken care of.

      Help from the outside is a plus not something we should rely at this point. Too much uncertainties and secrecy about the overall plan all together make it unwise to rely on unknown variables.

      Also the energies of the Event and subsequent funds for healing mankind are directed to inspire grassroot community organizations and self-organized collectives, and over time dismantle centralized forms of power. That power will be returned to the People!

      In that sense we advise you to read the following documents:

      – http://communityleadersbrief.org/2015/09/06/a-business-continuity-plan-for-producers-distributors-and-retailers-of-essential-goods/
      – http://communityleadersbrief.org/2015/07/16/basic-practical-steps-to-prepare-for-the-event/

  15. Just a thought:
    1: In the event the website goes down (during critical times), are there mirror sites that people could connect to. (at least to get the bare resources/knowledge necessities)
    2: In the case the site gets hacked… is there reasonable backup and restore solutions… there are so many sites out there that wait until they get hacked and tampered to get some security or backup plan in place.

    best of luck.

    • Hi DragonHeart! There are no assurances regarding the availability of this site in case of any cyber attack. However we have the www.communityleadersbrief.org where all critical information is condensed in a light format (light with dual meaning here- in terms of quantity but also being more >>digestible<< for the genereal population unaware of the current planetary situation. Therefore we encourage everyone to print physical copies of all the documents published at www.communityleadersbrief.org as a back up, to be handed out in paper, just in case. Highest frequencies

  16. Is anyone else having issues downloading “the event?” – Can I please get some assistance with this? I’ve tried 4 times in the past couple of months and there’s a technical glitch that does not allow the system to process. I’ve already emailed regarding this. I got a response but the issue persists. HELP. Thanks.

  17. Rob or anyone that deals with the downloads, I was trying to purchase “The Event” handbook and it was not going through. Seems to be a technical issue. Please look into it and let me know. Thanks! Kat

    • Try again. If you still have issues, I will contact the person who runs the “Event Chronicle” website on your behalf and see if they have suggestions.

      My email is newagebiscuit@gmail.com…and please type “Event Chronicle” in the subject line so it is easy for me to identify. However, I am very busy so please try again here or got to that website to obtain a download.

  18. FYI for those using Snopes.com as a resource:

    A police investigation has led to the arrest of the CEO and other owners of Snopes.com,

    Do your own research and stop depending on people with a corrupt agenda!

    • That piece about Snopes and related arrests was a political satire. Although I don’t put any faith in Snopes whatsoever and do not even consider them credible enough to go to, they were not arrested.

  19. Keith
    Your email about 12 foot tall giant bones being found was labeled as false by Snopes.

    Just to let you know that you can see the giant skeletons in Bristol University – they were removed from Lundy Island some years ago. These Giants were well known about in Eire and knowledge re them being buried in Lundy Island.
    That is where the stories of giants come from. But seanchai – oral his/her stories live on re the Giants/She ning ones……..aka Sidhe = People of Peace.

  20. Your email about 12 foot tall giant bones being found was labeled as false by Snopes.

    Many disconnects in the article.

  21. Rob, this black cube UFO and portal was uploaded on you tube…Can you please ask CORBA about it’s authenticity…Nameste’

  22. Hello! I’ve read your blog and i have a question for you. So, my dream is to meet aliens for 3 years ago. How can i contact with aliens? This is my aim and you’re the only one who can help me. My aim is friendly. I am very interested in their culture or just in them. In their race. Sorry for the bad grammar, i am not English. Thank you if you help me! 🙂 Have a nice day!

    • Planner that is using CROP CIRCLES ______

    • Hi Lily, I would like to have contact with our galactic friends too, for many years, even I have a symbol that means welcome here for them, I put those symbols in many part of my place where it can be seen, and I didn.t have any contact with them yet, still I am waitting for that contact. If you know something about it, please let me know. Hopfully Cobra can help us to have some contact with them. For any information you can have I will appreciate it if you contact me at luzvioleta2012@gmail.com. Thank you and God bless you.

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