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In Prepare for Change, the Event Support Groups (ESG) represent the masculine side of the local groups, and the Sisterhood of the Rose (SOTR) groups are the feminine side. While the SOTR is here to channel and anchor energies of calm, unity, softness, receptivity, through meditations and other kinds of Lightwork, the ESGs are here to take direct actions into society’s organization.

They are the ones to take initiative, to have the vision, to be builders, to give things shape. While the SOTR holds the space for the necessary calm, silence, stillness we need in order to establish connection, the ESG generate movement and action. Both of these groups need to be in perfect balance and to co-operate with each other for things to unfold in their highest potential. Balance and connection of masculine and feminine energies is central in creating a world of harmony.

We are to be leaders, not bosses. Generate more leaders, not followers.

boss or leader
Everybody has a capacity and a potential to be a leader in various moments. Everybody also has a capacity to follow and support the initiatives of others (as long as they it resonates with us), which is the feminine energy much needed for creation. We will need to respect both aspects in ourselves and in others for the highest potential to unfold.

The leadership, masculine quality, is a natural part of harmonious life. Leadership is an individual who has an idea and simply invites others to manifest it and takes the necessary steps to organize it. It’s as simple as that. It has nothing to do with behaving like a boss, superior, and telling others what to do. Leaders do not tell others what to do, they do the job as much as they can, and invite others, respecting their free will. Invitation is a key word here. True leadership requires balance, between initiative and receptivity.

Here are some of the critical tasks of ESGs before, during, and after the Event :

  • Establish contact with the media, whether they are mainstream or alternative, international, national or local. The Resistance will contact the ESGs who are ready and balanced enough, and help establish these contacts. This aspect is critical as the quality of media information will be critical on the day of the Event, and in the first few days after it. Choice of words and balanced energy will totally determine the outcome of the day. There is a plan specific for the media, click here to read it.
  • Contact existing leaders and explain them what is going on. Among those who won’t be arrested, most of them will be confused and have no idea what is going on. These include mayor, town council personel, food and energy production and distribution managers, etc. The military and police department hierarchical structures will be given accurate information coming from the Resistance and positive military. They have plans in case of emergency to provide the population with basic needs they can activate if needed. However, just like in the media aspect, it is critical that the population are actors and organizers also, in order to avoid fears of martial law, and also to be truly liberated we need to be creators. There are existing documents, ready made to contact local leaders, click here to get them.
  • Organize community initiatives. Get to know your community, the various groups and individuals who are part of it. There are many groups doing good things out there : yoga and meditation centers, local organic food movements, various community solidarity efforts. Do not contact them and tell them what to do. Do not act as if you are above them. We are not. The best thing to do is to invite all of them to work together and play their role the way they want. Give them necessary information about what is going on if you have it. The Resistance and positive military may contact the ESGs who are ready and balanced enough, and give them the keys of community centers for example, in order to organize community reunions, to share information packages, for people to gather and feel re-assured in the presence of each other, offer healing, collective meditations, etc.
  • Remember to focus on priorities. Basic vital needs first : water, food, clothing, shelter, heat. Think of organizing both short and mid/long term : immediate distribution of food and water, as well as initiate food production for the next few months. A lot of the food production has been managed by the cabal and poisonned, so we will need restructuring, probably start by investing local available land and start growing food locally. Look for, and encourage local people who can provide alternative electricity in the short term : solar panels, etc. The first focus and priority should always be that everybody is taken care of at all times. In the mid/long term, these questions will be solved much more easily thanks to huge technological and spiritual advancements. In the short term, this will require clear and focused organization.

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  1. Hello every one !

    I live in Panama (the country not the city in Florida).
    I feel ready to take leadership if you find me good enough and well balanced.
    I have been trying to contact the other people registered in COEO but no answers.
    I am ready to do what I can to help the people here but I will certainly need help in order to contact the right persons : Medias, Big Firm Leaders, Police department……
    I am not native from this country but I speak Spanish the language commonly used here, English and French. I have all the 3 major documents to give in 3 languages each.
    I would LOVE to have help BEFORE the event takes place in order to be ready as much as possible and be effective and useful.
    People here seem to be very much asleep and I would like to avoid any panic.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel inclined to.
    Again, I sure need help to be prepared in order to ease the transition for this community.
    With all my heart, thank you all/

  2. I would like to start a group in Central TX. I only see one in Houston. Jenna here. I woke up in November and am ready for the next steps to be a part of the huge effort to save humanity.

  3. Hereby the description of our Curacao “Prepare For Change” support group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1215451075218447/):

    To understand what our group is telling you, we have to go back in history, and those who follow the documentaries on History Channel, will recognize the truth directly.
    Life on our planet is much older than most people think. What we can learn from myths and holy books appears from excavations to contain more truth than a lot of things science learns us. Only at this recent time science discovers that there are worlds of knowledge behind our fysical three dimensional world that we can observe and experience with our sences.
    By now we are on the eve of disclosure of this deeper truth and of disclosure what most Christian pray “Oh Lord, deliver us from evel”. This part of the Holy Prayer contains the deeper truth that humanity has been imprisoned by evil for more than 25000 years.
    Humanity has been imprisoned by Extra Terestial evil groups that use our negative (emotional) energy to feed themselves. Just like the Tibetan monks can feed themselves with “Prana”, the Devine Energy from the Holy Source, and stay alive without eating and drinking; so this ET evil groups feed themselves with our negative energy that comes available when we feel hate and anger and fear and jealousy and all other negative emotions.
    Those evil groups, that are kept hidden for humanity, but have their influence on leading groups in our society, evoke and generate those negative emotions in us, by sending beams of radiation and by means of two mechanisms that characterize our society: Greed and Fear. Greed for everything that is presented to us as if you “must have”; and Fear for everything that could be a danger for our existence ‘sometimes’.
    The all around disclosure to free humanity from evil is near. So PREPARE FOR CHANGE!!
    Victory of the light.

  4. The ethereal plane is about cleansed from the recent burst of energy. I am starting a worldwide movement and will upload a video on YouTube tonight. It’s the Random Act of Kindness year. So as I spread the word, Mother Earth rejoiced and the largest hail storm I have seen in my life hit us, and we don’t get many hail storms. I think it might just be the thing to push us over the top. Light Warrior 50 is my YouTube name. I have a small group on Google plus called Light Workers United and one on Facebook called Light Workers and Light Warriors United. I had some amazing things happen. I came under attack by a particularly negative pest. Normally I walk them out of the house. I have a great ghost app and it works beautifully. Breaks down entities into colored dots. Brown is negative. As I was getting angrier and angrier for no reason I realized something wasn’t right. Turned it on and there was the dot, 3 feet from me, walking back and forth. But I have long term Lyme’s and Parkinson’s and was very weak light wise, and could not expel it. So I called forth on my guardian. Instantly this blue dot shows up, which is thought to be a Guardian Angel, and promptly the pest left. I think I have just the thing to get even those asleep involved in. 2-3 times a week, I will do some random act of kindness to a total stranger, and I have several now promoting this on facebook and youtube. Let us show our cosmic brothers and sisters what humanity is capable of.

  5. I’m from Denver, CO. I am ONE. I am love, acceptance, freedom and peace. True acceptance sees nothing wrong or right, just what is and is not. Everything and everyone is whole and complete. I received the ONE’s unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. I am free and ready to help othes free their minds. God bless your journey of healing. I am the Light!

  6. wow We are so scattered all over the world i’m located in long island new york closest member Harvard Ct when i speak to people i start telling them about the monetary system changing then government corruption some are interested and thats it would like to meet with some like minded people ,been to yoga and meditative center will happen hopefully sooner than later ,grateful to be connected to all

  7. Hi. My name is Morgan. I live in CT and am looking for others in my local area. Also am in search of someone to educate me further. I was drawn to this site and it is for a reason. Everything is finally starting to make sense to me.everything i have experienced my whole life, mentally emotionally intuitively, its all starting to fall into place.i think this is why.

  8. Victory to the Light. Anxiously awaiting the galactic pulse so all will be aware of truth and aware of what and who they truly are, beautiful spiritual beings here to love, serve and grow on Gaia. The control by govt and sadly religion has been one of a fear based model. Never a word about connecting with our higher self and thus source our divine God of Love.

  9. Hello and good day.
    We, my wife and I, are in the moment in Germany and want to help wherever we can. We are around Köln so if there is anybody to be in contact with we really would appreciate.
    Full disclosure!
    All the best, Peter

  10. Hi love….I’m I Made Hukagama a light worker, We’re in Bali-Indonesia is ready to change….we’re all here working up to spread the messages through energies work out….we do meditation every wenesday at 07.00pm to liberate our own soul and radiate The God light energies to balance the mother earth and universe….please discuss with me at hukabannercity@yahoo.com….please introduce my beloved GURU namely BUNDA ARSANINGSIH

  11. Greetings…is anyone moderating or responding to questions from commenters on this blog? It seems like many people are interested in getting these groups formed and time is of the essence. If anyone can help, please let us know. If would be wonderful to have many event support groups set up in the near future. Thanks…Namaste…Leslie in southwestern Colorado USA…

      • Hi Angel Eyes….the website does not present the list of groups. I am in thr Four Corners area of Colorado, USA …southwestern area of Colorado. Is there a group in this area? There was a person named Abby on the map but it would not allow me to email. Any help you can provide would be helpful.
        Thank you …..Leslie dancingspiritus@yahoo.com

  12. Wanted to sign up just to let people know I’m available, but my country, Cook Islands, isn’t listed. The only country listed which is in Oceana in the South Pacific is Fiji, but that’s not close at all.

    • Hi Julie,
      I will send this information to Eduardo who co-ordinates The Event Support Groups. May I suggest that you start a group in your area? You can get help here on our site as to how to do this. Thank you for your inquiry.
      Angel Eyes ~**~

  13. I am A Member of Elks,Eastern Star,Masonic Order,as well as other organizations. I live in Mt. Shasta and would be of great help with the event. I am well known here in our City, and wish to be of any help needed.Please fill free to contact me, for your needs.
    Thank You!
    Ross Abbasi rossabbasi@yahoo.com (530) 488-8181

  14. Love to this amazing group of people! I know I am meant to be involved and I am located in Utah very closely to both areas, draper and salt lake city. Please let me know what I can do to become an active participant! I have known about the event through personal experience and contact and am very excited to have a group I can help with. I will watch for your reply, thank you for this perfect timing! Aimee kump

    • I am in McDonough,Ga and I can help with energy work and anything else that may be needed.Is there anybody around me here??

  15. Hello, My name is Massimo. I am currently living in West Haven Ct. I am a strongly active light worker and am doing all that is that’s in my power to help this transition as smoothly as possible. Feel free to contact me via email (massimoxizzo@gmail.com) to connect and to co create this wonderful future to come. Victory to the light !!!

  16. namaste. we have a small group here in Oliver, b.c. I am the only one with a computer, and I not so good. I see our group if I click on the map, but it is not on the written list. Summerland, b.c., same thing????blessings towards getting this site together. love diane

  17. Hi Lenite,
    I guess I need to make myself clearer. There used to be a list of the existing groups here on this page but I do not see it now. Has it been moved to another location?
    Has it been removed temporarily?
    What’s up?

  18. I imagine you are aware that the list of groups is ( not to be found ). I have someone that has shown interest but was unable to find/ join my group. I suppose someone is working on it.

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