Documents to Prepare

One of the main roles of the event support groups is to link various groups and networks together. Every group might be contacted by the Resistance and/or positive military to help organize and reassure their community.

It’s good to prepare a list of your community organizers and leaders contacts such as:

  • Local Police and Fire
  • Local Mayor, and/or County Executive
  • Local Utility Administrator
  • Local Hospital Administrators
  • Local Food Store Managers
  • Local School Officials
  • Local Employers

There is a letter you can use to contact them called ‘Community Leaders Brief’, click here to find it

There is also an open letter you can use to send to Corporate executives, click here to find it

Additionally you can share information to the general population, and find local organizations that might want to volunteer to help organizing community efforts (meditation and yoga centers for example), here’s a picture you can distribute at the time of the Event :

Click on the picture to enlarge it, then right click and ‘save as’. You can then print it, and share on social media.

24 thoughts on “Documents to Prepare

  1. Cobra, modulator aside, his responses are either flat amazing and they make sense or this is one huge elaborate hoax to make us lower our guard when bad things happen. I personally want a new world for me and all mankind and deep inside we all sense what cobra is telling us is true, it fits. ETs came here and started colonizing earth.. experimenting too, thus all the different races and versions of humans. Makes sense, religion helps grow a spirit but it also can be controlling and you find yourself always doubting it you are worthy enough for salvation. We are all God in a small sense so of course we are worthy we are source and want to return some day. I have tried to show people truth in 911 and all events since but programming is hard to overcome. Seemingly sharp people just cant connect the dots. Too much for their reality to accept. This awakening is badly needed. Cell phones have made it good and bad as many retreat into their own world and ignore what is happening around them. Jesus is real so all of this info doesnt take God out of it, it simply clears up questions we all have about how it all fits.

    Victory will happen it is our destiny to be free.

  2. I am in Australia I have been following this post for a short while and connected with many people in the US. I fully understand your comcerns feelings and predictions and I really feel for you. I am pretty much on my own with this on the other side of the world and have been for many years having had visions for a long time. I am still trying to work out how this will affect this country as I said it is like being in another world. Well done for helping people

  3. Susan, I have to say that I have been researching this and other related info for 10 years or more and it has been very difficult finding people who are reliable sources of information. And the Internet being what it is, having a face-to-face meeting to be able to judge those we interact with is difficult at best. Fortunately many good people (and some pretty nutty ones as well) have been on YouTube and various websites for a long time, which is helpful. I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of content and read much more online in addition to a few dozen books. There is an ever increasing number of people who are equipped with quite a bit of news and updated information on interrelated issues. I find that, even though it is more arduous, reviewing information from multiple sources is the best way of vetting people as reliable resources. After 10 years, give or take, I have to say David Wilcock ( and Gaim TV, author of The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key) has authored tons of content and has some excellent whistle-blower sources. Benjamin Fulford ( is a former editor for Forbes and brings a slightly different perspective and rather unique insights as a person with knowledge of the financial slavery system as well as international politics. Graham Hancock is a prolific author and has so much scholarly info it is impossible to consider listing it here. And Gaim TV has lots of good videos and more new stuff daily.
    Recently I listened to an interview with Cobra on YouTube (which I scour constantly for info) and I immediately knew this was perhaps the best source for me or at least my primary source. This is especially important since The Event is fast approaching. I don’t know about other people but when something resonates with me I’ve learned to trust my intuition. And this site, Cobra and Rob have struck something in me so I am here for the duration.
    Things have become accelerated recently for me and I am having syncronistic or coincidental incidents occurring more and more. And its all pointing in the same direction. The Event is something I believe will happen – and sooner rather than later. So I advise that you take steps to find yourself some reliable resources so you can stay informed once TSHTF.
    The way I see it, if things are gonna go sour for a short while before they improve and I’d rather stay busy and be proactive and help people where I can. And it’s probably a great way to find reliable resources to get through the “inconvenient” times while making new friends and having experiences I’ll be proud to share with my grandchildren someday. Besides It’s better than Sitting in front of a TV or online.(which may not work for a while) and waiting around. I wanna be where things are happening . I’m not a person who becomes afraid, I act or respond and never react (which requires no thought process) and besides, there’s a good chance that many of us have actually planned or “requested” to be on earth at this time in order to be in the middle of the biggest event in history. Maybe in all history of the universe?. We just can’t remember asking – yet. Trust your intuition and your heart but remember that trust is earned by people with integrity (whose actions match their words) I believe it’s referred to as integrity. If you don’t know how to recognize it – just look at a politician and envision the exact opposite – and head in that direction, far away, away from politicians. Good luck.

  4. As much as I want to believe the Greedy are going to Serve or be in jail. I believe these camps are for us.
    I have to wonder who is behind All these Projections…. Something is coming, but as much as I want to believe in the White Light coming through, I feel we are being set up here. I believe something is going to happen near or on Sept. 23rd and why are the people of Consciousness gathering in a Big City, where the Ocean is, at that time. It feels like a set up! WAKE UP! Who is the Masked man behind the Mirror, some Reptilian or worst. The one writing this story.

  5. I read the template letter to be sent to local public officials and authorities. The letter indicates that the central banks have already been closed/shut down. So this template letter would only be effective after this has taken place. One thing of extreme importance hasn’t yet been addressed. That being that ‘we’, for the most part, are regular Joes and Janes, so if our letters are even acknowledged, without something concrete and otherworldly or preternatural to show them, we will all be brushed aside as nutcases. Why would they listen to us if the only proof we have will be to give them web site references? The letter also says that we are part of a large group with this knowledge,but the only so called ‘evidence’ we have is secondhand information gleaned from the internet. Shoot, most of us can’t even convince our own friends and family for chrissakes, how is a letter going to convince them of anything? I appreciate all the work you guys are doing but I can’t see this as feasible, unless at the moment of the Event, we are given some type of authority or extraordinary powers.

    • Tom I came across the same dilemma. However, I realized that it might take some of these people a while to read these letters. I’m sure they have many important things to do so these briefs might not end up being read until weeks after being received. I sent out a stack of more than 30 to the above organizations and companies. They will at least have an idea of what’s going on and what’s going to happen. I can’t really think of any other way to deliver this message to these vitally important people besides sending them now, as The Event could happen at any second. At least if they have the info, they will be aware of it and hopefully might do some research on it. This could potentially be an awakening method for certain sleeping starseeds. Everything is very synchronized and harmonized.

      I was concerned, however, that because I sent my to the Department of Public Safety that I might get a knock on my door. That hasn’t happened luckily. Yet. Lol. Although, someone has to do this job. And if I die as a result, then I did a good job and possibly saved some people from going hungry or without water during the transition period.

      Much love to you and support in whatever route or decision you make. If you want to e-mail, it’s cartyjonathan at

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