Kreeeeeek! Klunnnk! Chugga… Chugga…Chugga

Photography by P. Gudella

New energies  are turning  the wheels of the Renaissance group at Prepare for Change.  We’re figuring out how to better connect each of you to each other and to us.    Stay tuned.  Thank you for being there.

Below, from one of our Renaissance members, a video.   George Caldararu of the Theatre of Discombobulation (Berlin, Germany) presents:  Be The Sunshine.    May yours be a day full of sunshine.

(To sign up for the Renaissance group, go here.)

6 thoughts on “Kreeeeeek! Klunnnk! Chugga… Chugga…Chugga

    • lol in this time of disclosure and transparency against all odds, most unwelcome to some brothers and Big Brother, many awakened brothers of good and bad intention keep track of all members of this group. If you mean Art4Renaissance. To me, your comment sounds as if you’ve had an experience with this group, John. Is that why your comment is sarcastic?

    • John, sorry I’m slow in responding. We’re trying to keep track but we’re volunteers and things get … a little rusty…. the gears turn slowly sometimes. (thus the image!) Hang in there. – Renaissance folk

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