Letters to the Resistance Movement

All readers of the Prepare for Change website are invited to communicate with the Resistance Movement. After discussing this with Cobra we have discovered that members of the RM desire more information from us, the surface population of Earth.

Cobra has passed this information to us:

(PFC0517)  Lynn  – Cobra, is the RM the ones that give you feed-back on our meditations, you know the strength of it and the numbers.

COBRA – Yes, yes.  (OK)

Lynn  – Are we as surface humans  able to communicate with them telepathically.

COBRA – It is possible.  It has happened in a few instances but it’s not very common and very few people from the surface have enough awareness of the RM to hear that telepathic contact.

Lynn  – Would it be useful to show them certain situations we are experiencing. 

COBRA – Yes. It is sometimes not simple for them to understand their reactions of the surface population because they are simply, I would say psychologically quite different and if you explain to them a little bit more, even telepathically or in writing you can even post an article on your blog and address it to them, that would be a great idea. (wow, that’s a great idea.  Thank you Cobra.) (PFC0517)

In order to facilitate this for all people and make it easy for both us and the RM, we are using this page with its comment section for this purpose. The idea is simple, go to the bottom of the page and use the comment box to share your feelings about the situation on Earth.

So please ask your questions or make your comment with your Letter to the Resistance in the comments below.

662 thoughts on “Letters to the Resistance Movement

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for being near!
    Well – trust – whom, how often? wasted trust for a million times and then trust again? courageous or stupid? Those self proclaimed light warriors and light workers and enlightened bright souls with their not done homework and always projecting their dark sides on others are not so different from the “normal” people. Maybe the same is valid for me. So better work alone. Very rarely working together – almost always (luckily mostly at the end) tremendous emotional interference. So what4 let myself being misused as a projection area again?
    With some I´d like 2 do some work, but with these it hardly happens – no time, not able to organize, no clear idea….
    I think, there is something very specific – if some people come together who (think) they´re on the path, there often is interference – and mostly so subtle that these just drift apart, or so deep cutting painful as only similar souls can do to each other. There is usually interference even before the very beginning. Before meeting. And only if there is a lot of blessing and both manage to stay in their center, something positive can manifest.
    1000 times not managed to listen to inner voice and a 1000 wasted chances for 1 successfull action together. That somehow also builds up mistrust to others – that makes no sense, but it feels like that is, what is happening. It is (was) so difficult to differentiate between those whipsering bad voices and that one voice that promised to be always within us.
    Atmosphere getting so much better, faster and faster can just hope, all is over soon.
    Do tired of all.
    Would do anything to do my part to speed it up!
    But what?
    Where is my light sword? Where are those enemies?
    Light! More!

  2. Dear RM!! First of all thank you Sooo much for what you are doing here on Earth!!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I can’t say it often enough … Thank you! I just want Tell you how it Is to live Here as a human beeing in this system. First you Come on Earth and forgett everything. then the learning begins. Now you get tought the things your parents were tought before and thats mostly something negative for you which the chimera built (f.e. Religion; thinking only on your own person and not on any other one; others are the Problem and they are your enemies; you have to work hard to get food; you have to fight against others which arent the Same like you or your opinion, …). And those things are deep in your mind and undermind. And one day the moment Comes when your mind starts to change. A lot of people on this earth heavent reached this point until now but they are more and more every day. So, then you are a young adult and dont know what to do with your live. You spent most of the Time of your life in school and other institutions where you get tought how to Be a nice slave and not to use your Brain or your personal talents and Skills you have. And they tell you, you Are completely alone and no-one Will Be Able to like you, when you Are YOU. So you Start playing a role which makes you unhappy more and more because you can’t feel happyness. But you can’t understand it because the others always say that this kind of life Is the best and makes happy. But you can’t feel what they say, so you think you See wrong.
    . the people around you (parents …) want you to get a good Job but mostly this Job Is not what your heart tells you to do. for example: you want to paint because you love it, but you can’t earn Money to buy food or pay your rent; so you have to take a Job which brings you money but you hate it. This Is a Situation that mAkes the People very very sad and depressiv or they Dull and take their feelings away. And in this feeling it is Hard to wake up and Change your mind. And so a lot of People get angry and crazy and dont know how to handle their thoughts and feelings and become aggressive to themselves and any other beeing and they think the others are the reason because they they make them feeling so Bad. In the case of implantates and settings, it Is. And there Is no awereness of the many lightfull things which exist and so they have no Hope. And this negative feelings they are rediating and others take them up and feel the Same way. I can feel it Strong but i know how to handle it Most of the Time and try to Be calm and nice. But my little son doesnt know it and Is confused of the things he feels and becomes aggressive and i try to transform it. The same with my boyfriend too. And sometimes i become very tired and forgett to stay calm and start shouting. 5 sek later i remember the light but its too late – all were exploding emotionally. This Is my personally hardest part. Oh yes, and staying with a big group of “sleeping” people and the injustice of the kabale. I know our situation Is changing and i hope very very soon the breakingthrough starts!!! What i was telling you was only a Little moment of my life. So many others have not enough food or drinkingwater or a home or are tortured. And this Is needed to Be changed as quick als possible. I give the best i can to hold the light and spread it!!! Victory for the light!

  3. COBRA asked if we could explain why light workers disparage each other. The reason is the separation implant. Therefore, people can get into polarity with each other, into jealousy and judgment and one-upmanship and perceived threat. It’s the human drama.

  4. One of the reasons light workers and light warriors attack each other is because we are very emotional beings. It is hard to explain. Our beliefs and ego’s are quite fragile and when someone disagrees with us, sometimes our emotions get the better of us. Our logic goes out of the window and we react without thinking. Instead of responding with love, understanding and empathy we tend to argue and fight back. This must look strange to outsiders who view this, especially when we are all on the same side. We have low self esteem from years of living in this crazy system, it is hard to stay focussed and strong especially when we believe we are right and have found the answer. Any criticism can send us on a downward spiral and we react negatively. We cannot read minds and we assume so much, we think people are against us and maybe they aren’t at all, but we don’t really know, we only have language to communicate. We need to trust each other more and work together.

    We do not know what the truth actually is, we are all searching for our own truth. How can we ever be sure of anything there are so many lies and there is so much deception. So much misinformation so much disinformation. We are all searching for the truth and when we find it we hang onto it and we do not like being told it is not the truth, this is because we are all so desperate.

    If we disagree it is best to show respect and look for the things we do agree on, rather than reacting with our emotions. This is easier said than done, people feel so strongly about things down here and it is hard, really hard especially when so much is at stake, when we see so much suffering all around us.

    We are worth it though, humans have great potential, we have great love for each other. We can be so much more. We just need some help at this moment in time.

    Thank you.

  5. Would like to respond to the following statement in Cobra’s post:

    Brothers & Sisters of the Resistance Movement:

    “The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind.”

    Simply put, it is the endless repetition of (the same) thoughts and/or looping of thoughts which is the nightmare that never ends. If we allow the thoughts that come to us through our mind to be ours then we suffer the corresponding results both for good and for ill. Discrimination of thought is often over looked and assumed that is is our own thought rather than recognizing it comes from another … over and over again until we see through the illusion.

    Also the fatigue level on the surface can get very intense and create of feeling of being trapped causing a negative response with little cooperation within relationships.

    Depending on our emotional state at the time and our ability to see beyond the offense reconciling our differences can be troublesome. Also because of the negative Archonic mind control and input via song lyrics, visual reminders, mental chatter, not being grounded to the Earth as we are all walking on concrete or blacktop wearing shoes inside and out, pharmaceuticals, weaponized food, internet combat, scalar attacks, good news/bad news; even good news if we feel/believe we don’t measure-up, etc. as the list goes on and on. Until we see through all of the unwanted distractions aka illusions and the day to day ups and downs, it is pretty much a given that many of us will fall into the same old emotional habits and conflicts until we can stop blaming others and see through and work our way past it.

    Hope this small perspective is helpful.

    Many thanks for your contributions to liberating the planet.

    I am sincerely grateful for your assistance, Cecilia

  6. Thank you Dear Sisters and Brothers of RM. Thank you Cobra.
    This is my wish, I wish all the people who understands what is going on work together because unity is power love is power I believe respect each other is love and love is power when we unit we stand strong when we disrespect each other fight each other we fall. this is my birth language i was born in Ethiopia and it’s called Amharic and it is a direct translation from the above message
    thank you Victory Of The Light

    ክብርት እሕቶቻችና ክቡር ወንድሞቻችን ረኢም፤ ክቡር ኰብራ፡ የኔ ምኞት ይህ ነው፡ ስለዚህ ሁኔታ የተረዳቸው እህትና ወንድም ግለሰቦች በሙሉ በመተባበር እንዲሰሩ እመኛለሁ ምክናየቱም አንድነት ሐይል ፍቅር ያሸንፋል አብረን በክብር ስንሰራ እናሸንፋለን ካልተባበርን ደግሞ እንወድቃለን አመሰግናለሁ ድርቢያብር አበሣ ያስር።

  7. THANK YOU for your help and information. How can I do more? I tend to self boycott, I think I’m lazy/tired, my health is mysteriously affected with antibodies and proteins very low, I would like assistance to do the necessary steps to get healthy and therefore be able to contribute more. Love and strength your way. <3

  8. Why there is fighting and division between light forces on the surface?

    1) Lightworker / lightwarrior concept not widely known = fighting between those 2 factions, concepts.

    2) Not stable data to evaluate correctly. Resistance would understand better if Resistance would imagine, how they would react with all their data/knowledge removed and source connection removed and living standards removed.

    3) Many, not able to face the reality, went insane, and are living mentally on a support made of wishful thinking, channelings and false convictions of self-exclusivity. From what I see, we get worst attacks from individuals who claim to be very clairvoyant, are very self-assured and who know everything already, and are pushing their only possible truth on the rest of us, when turned down, they go violent. Usually the true is that all is perfect already.

    4) The question itself is beyond absurd, looking from here. Why would anybody think there would not be infighting and that there would be sanity under our present conditions on the surface?

  9. I believe the RM is able to read Chinese, thus I write in Chinese.

    我是 the-truths.com 的創辦人兼管理員;網站成立近一年多,主要揭露和轉貼真相訊息及靈



    1. 遺忘、沒有技能、沒有知識,需要長時間,辛苦學習,人類學習速度慢,而人類深受陰謀集

    2. 陰謀集團的存在、正面外星文明的存在,沒有證據證實
    3. 沒有靈性基礎和靈性概念,沒有科學方式證實靈性
    4. 生活壓力,沒有時間思考反省
    5. Cobra揭露的不少內容,沒有人類科學證據支持
    6. Cobra提到的tachyonis, CINTAMANI STONES 沒有人類科學證據證實效果,而且費用算貴

    7. Cobra從2012年提到[the-event],到現在[the-event]還沒有發生,不少人失去信心,開始



    1. 自2014年佔領中環運動,泛政治化,政治對立嚴重。
    2. 貧富差距太大,不少資本(如:土地)由大財團擁有
    3. 生活成本太高,房屋租金過高。不少香港居民只能居住在劏房。



    1. 影響有影響力的人
    2. 成為有影響力的人


    信只要有144,000或更多人參與, the event 很快能發生。


    English ver:

    I was the founder and administrator of the-truths.com. the website was established for nearly a half and a year, mainly to reveal and post the truth message and spiritual growth message to help the public awaken.

    The the main causes of various conflicts of human beings that lives in the surface of Earth, in my observation are as follows:

    1. Forgotten, no skills, no knowledge. We need a very long time to learn and recite, we need to practice for skills. The speed of Human learning is slow.
    Human has been programed by the cabals, we have agree with a lot of negative beliefs.
    2. The existence of cabal groups, the existence of positive alien civilization, there is no evidence to confirm. Why to believe?
    3. Human has no spiritual basis and spiritual concepts, there is no scientific way to prove spirituality.
    4. life stress, no time to think and make reflection.
    5. Cobra exposes a lot of content without human scientific evidence to support it, not much human would believe.
    6. Cobra mentioned tachyonis, CINTAMANI STONES. Not much scientific evidence to confirm the effect, and the cost is expensive, some people think that Cobra is a cult which the main purpose is to make money.
    7. Cobra has mentioned [the-event] from 2012, until now 2017 [the-event] has not yet occurred, many people lose confidence and began to doubt.
    I live in Hong Kong, China and these are the challenges I’ve observed in Hong Kong:

    1. Since the occupation of Central (2014 Hong Kong protests) in 2014, political opposition is extreamly serious.
    2. The gap between rich and poor is too large, and many capital (such as the land) is owned by a large corporation.
    3. The cost of living is too high, housing rent is too high. Many people in Hk are only able to rent a “Subdivided flat” .


    I discussed with a friend and found that there are only two ways to influence more people:

    1. influence influential person
    2. Become an influential person

    Basically to do 2 , I must have done 1. Thus, I continue to increase my influence and invite more people to participate in weekly meditation. I believe that as long as there are 144,000 or more people involved, the event will soon happen.

    Thank you for your help.

    • We do have to approve all posts, so please be patient. It may take a day or so. We’ve had wonderful and many heart-felt responses from so many around the world. Thank you all.

  10. Dear Cobra & RM,

    First I would like to thank you for all you’re doing to help the earth humanity in our liberation. As I was awakened many years ago to the truth about our history & all that’s going on, I am anxiously waiting for the Event & full disclosure. I wish I could be of more help in this liberation other than meditating & trying to inform others. Due to several autoimmune diseases, numerous constant health issues & chronic pain, I know I can’t do much physically to help but I do try to wake-up others to what the truth is. Many of us like myself are deeply suffering here on earth & have felt very hopeless over our conditions. The Event is the only thing keeping us going! While we realize you are not here to rescue us & we need to liberate ourselves, it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell us if there are any individual things we can do to advance the Event to happen sooner. We are so, so ready for this Event & to be free, healthy & happy again.

    We wish you love, light & safety in all you do & look forward to meeting our galactic brothers & sisters one day soon.

    Thank you so much,


  11. Dear Resistance Movement, thank you so much for this opportunity to tell you how I feel. About a year ago now I was suicidal. I kept watching the last 3 Star Trek movies over and over trying to keep myself from going over the edge. From watching Ancient Aliens I knew it had to be true but that show didn’t really tell us much at all. I was so upset, I cried every day. Then Spirit kept telling me to look up David Wilcock and after several nudges, I finally listened and found Gaia. It was the beginning of my change. In just a few hours I went from suicidal to very hopeful and I was so excited. Star Trek is real!!!!! After working on myself spiritually all morning, every morning, for a couple months I was a brand new person.
    I believe David and Corey are wonderful and doing the best they can but the constant back and forth thing is making me nuts now! The not being able to tell certain things, the promise of full disclosure and getting just trickles, all makes it impossible for me to bring this information to my very mentally ill family. I can’t do anything to help them and my heart is so broken about it. If I can’t help them who will? They’re so closed off.
    Another thing that frustrates me to no end is how the Cabal can violate our free will by using what looks like legal loop holes, the “fine print”?! Apparently they HAVE to tell us everything they’re doing because of free will, so they use Hollywood and make all their “informing” us look like fiction so we don’t believe it and so they can get away with it. How in God’s name is this something they’re getting away with?!!!!! They violate us in the most inhumane disgusting ways and as far as I am concerned, what free will?! The only time I actually had free will was when I chose to incarnate to this life!!!
    I would give anything to be able to sit at the table when you, RM, are discussing the situation. I may not seem exceptionally articulate but I believe my input would help a lot to figure this out! As far as I am concerned you need to get tougher about this disclosure. Like David Wilcock said so often, “just rip the band-aid off!” Just get it done. This stuff about being afraid if you just show up people will worship you as God’s can be dealt with. I mean come on, there has got to be a way to get this done. I’m so tired of watching the massive, horrific, suffering! This may sound like I’m not staying positive but really I am at least 85% of the time if not more. You asked for our input. This is mine. And by the way is Nibiru real or not?!
    Blessed be all in love and light. I truly hope this will be over very soon.

  12. I AM!! I need to know, what about NIBIRU< is it here, is earth going to be destroyed??
    Is the Rv, just a distraction?? I am worried!!

    • Please research Cobra FAQ section at: http://prepareforchange.net/cobra-interview-faq/ Look in the Financial file for RV info – it may happen but not as much as they were promising. Universe file about Nibiru – dis-info.

  13. Greetings,


    We were all sent to this beautiful planet like naked babies and taken advantaged of.
    We were stripped of all knowledge of who we are and our powers or the use of them.Our spiritual
    selves forgotten.
    We don’t know who we truely are or where we came from.
    We don’t know how to heal ourselves or others.
    We don’t know how to survive out of the matrix,
    We don’t know the truth.
    We are lied to all the time.
    We are made slaves by the dark ones.
    We and the planet are poisoned and attacked continually, in the air, the water, food,
    vaccines,medicines, given diseases. Harp, Cern, etc……………………………………
    We have to work and work and work just to survive. No time to enjoy anything.
    We are tired, and sick
    We are terrorized, our children and animals are abused,
    We feel powerless.
    We have been kept from technology to keep us enslaved and dependant.
    I don’t feel I belong here! It is sad and depressing and at times horrifying. I am TIRED and I can’t wait to go home!!!!
    You are invited to witness this here on planet Earth, seeing is believing. I can’t believe you can not see the suffering of the people and planet. I believe we fell into this trap because people have a trusting nature and believed the Governments had their best interests.No one would have believed the reality, it is not in our nature to act like them so why would we have expected anything other. We are like children fighting with sticks against monsters who have technology and knowledge of the real situation.Their laws don’t apply to them just us. We have no legal rights against them, if you tried, you may be threatened of killed.
    Most of us are loving and careing, Some are swayed by the dark for power or better quality of life.
    We areTired of seeing and living the same, day after day. . Thank you all for working on our freedom.

    A tired human on Earth

  14. Namaste 🙂

    Dear wonderful, beautiful beings of the Resistance movement. You are loved by all that I am.

    Bless you all for the loving works and sacrifices you do each day for the liberation of Gaia and all the souls enslaved above, on and within her. I am one of those slaves. I am enslaved by Debt, Religion, Mind control, Disease, Poverty, Historical lies, Governmental control & unjust laws. By the influences of negative extraterestrials and the Veil which seperates my I am presence with the one of the now.

    I have been devided and seperated from the whole of my/our conscienceness and I desire geatly to become a loving member of the greater galactic community of light beings. To reunite with my soul group and soul brothers and sisters. Whom I have forgotten all memory of. I can’t remember who I am. Who I was, or who I am to become. I have no memory of my soul contract. What is entailed, or if I have even fulfilled it or failed.

    I am, and have led, a selfish existance. I have addictions and illnesses. I have not learned from my mistakes and I keep repeating them. I cannot keep focused and I feel tired most of the time and I feel more aware of Gravity with every step. I am responsible for all my failings. I created them. I feel hat I have been cohersed into creating my negativity.

    I ask you all in the resistance movement, and authorise you all, to bypass our governments and world leaders, They do not represent me or the vast majority of human beings. We inherited them and are forced to succom to them by opression, fear and mind control.

    I ask you to make personal contact, by whatever means, with me and my brothers and sisters. Ask us what we truely desire for our planet and developement. Register that desire and publish it for all to witness. Begin a planetry discussion to awaken our spirit and help us take charge of our own fate so that we can all be free to live in love Light and harmony. Help us to heal and understand who and what we are. Help us to learn the real truth of our past. Help us to forgive ourselves and those that enslaved us. We will take control and responsibility for our achievements and our shorfalls. We first need to trust someone to give that help and to give that truth. Someone to re-educate us. Someone to protect us while we learn.
    That someone is the Resistance movement.

    I’d suggest the resistance movement materialise a smart glass pad for everyone to hold and interact with. Filled with everything we need to know. A pad cabable of connecting with our mind, body, soul complex in a language we understand. We can interact with the smart glass pads at a pace that suits each of us. We can use these smart glass pads to communiate with the resistance movement. Each other. The Galactic confederation. Ascended masters. Angels. The central races, and all beings of the light. We can use these smart glass pads as day one of true learning. Smart glass pads that our governments cannot negatively interfere with. Smart glass pads that negative entities and extraterestrials cannot interfere with. Basically a form of learning and information that we can trust and awaken us.

    I command, in love and light, for the highest good of the resistance movement, and we enslaved humans, Heaven & the Galactic Confederation, to assist, co-operate and render all aid and intelligence asked for by the resistance movement to help remove all remaining Toplet Bombs. To remove all negative entities and beings from this planet and to trigger the event with the utmost of haste.

    Thank you for everything you have done and for the service & sacrifices you have all made for planetry liberation. I cannot beging to conceive what you are alll going through. My love and light I command to you all. I am your friend. I am your family. I love you!.

    Victory of the Light!
    Bob Ellard – Dublin, Ireland. 🙂

  15. Your “even’t” is possible to be changed by evil in their move to ban all the cash in the world, all money to be on electronic support and peoples to be implanted with RFID chips to have access to money, better not wait for any event, live your life, be good , and help others, love !

  16. Dear RM,
    Thank you for all you do for us here on Earth. The suffering is unreal and it feels like it is getting worse. Making any money to survive feels pretty impossible lately. More than anything ever I would love for things to change on this planet.
    I think Lightworkers attack other Lightworkers because they are human and still have the negative implants and brainwashing that goes along with living on earth. We all have it and dissolving the implants have been pretty impossible til this point. I think we are just in such a prison that even trying to be of a higher energy and only give love is a very hard thing. Breaking free from all the chains is a whole lot of work and when you feel like you have you still find more. I think we get attacked and focused on simply because we are the Lightworkers and they do not want us to improve the planet. It takes all I have to still want to be here during this time.

    Thank you again for all you do for us.

  17. I DO NOT WANT TO BE CHIPPED. We humans want freedom. Once chipped we will loose free will and our humanity.

  18. I would like to address how it is possible for us light worker to ‘attack’ each other. I am struggling with this myself to a great degree. I have been dealing with an illness which has sapped my energy and created an incentive to contract around negative thoughts. That may be one contributor. But broadly speaking, in some ways I am as confused about this as you all might be. I find myself attacking my lovely wife, for example, in a way that is very dark and confusing. I often start with a thought that she (or others) is the cause of my pain and suffering. That idea seems to be very deeply entrenched, that ‘me’ centric view that the world is not adhering to the way I want it to be. Even on the tiniest scale. I am finding myself constantly annoyed at the behavior of others, and I get very contracted into a state of frustration and anger. In that way, it is almost a visceral response to feeling pain from an unidentified source. Perhaps that source is simply the idea that I am separate, and the world is out there, and it is not safe.

    Again, I suppose this attacking of each other stems from a preprogramed thought of ‘me’, and of course that ‘me’ doesn’t really exist, it is also a function of mind and programming. And the ‘me’ is in a constant state of insecurity since it isn’t really there! Look at Trump – I think he is just a mirror, showing us the worst of our nature when it becomes saturated with ego and drowns out everything else. He is not terribly far from the rest of humanity. We may need to see how bad things can get when the ego runs the show, before we make the leap to a better more enlightened way of being as a species.

    I am happy to have a conversation about this, whether in dreams or (hopefully!) in person outside of dreaming. Feel free to contact me.

    I have been following everything regarding the freedom and liberation movement for a couple of years now. I wrote in once and never heard back from anyone, at that time. I was just coming into this information and never considered myself to be a light worker or anything of that nature. In desperation I continued to follow and practice as much as I could get my hands on from your web page and all other light worker/spiritual communities. I learned as much as I could understand about meditation. I have been recovering from a life in constant attack. I used to say my life was like a haunted house, I never knew what scary awful thing was going to be waiting around the corner! That is the most clear way to put it. The clarity I seem to lack is the how and the why??? I have been told that I was the cause because I manifested this life, yet I can’t imagine that I would want to do this to myself. A little over a year ago I began to find my way out of the constant attacks on my energy, my mind and my body. I don’t want to sound as though I am dwelling or trying to give negative events of the past any more energy but, I could not paint a picture like this without the details. The very first years of my life was spent in the mountains in Arizona, I had a very abusive alcoholic father, to be fair though (still love my dad and forgave all the harm that was done.) There is so much missing time as a child growing up. Literally living in the wilderness, we had no electricity or indoor plumbing, My dad mined gold. we moved away when I was 8, My dad continued to abuse me until I left home at 15…Beginning at the age of 12 until 47, I have lost my best friend, my father, my first love whom I consider to be my twin flame, I cried so hard right after we met. My soul recognized his and it almost leaped out of my body I told him we were going to marry each other one day! I knew I was his wife- yet I grieved for days after we met without a clue as to why, I lost my appetite and everything. when I was 21 he passed away and I knew why I grieved so much for him then. to say I saw the end at the beginning was an understatement. When he died I stopped caring about my future because to me there wasn’t a future anymore. When I started having children that completely changed and I got better, I then went on to lose my fiancé to suicide, My 10 year old son passed away on the way to church, we were to be baptized that day, it happened rite in front of the church. I saw him after he passed away- it was so mind blowing I get chills every time I remember, my daughter was asleep next to me and I was sound asleep yet somehow I knew that I had just taken her hand and when I did that, I immediately opened my eyes and there directly in front of my face was an orb the size of my head it was amber in color and I could feel the love and unspeakable joy coming from it. then suddenly I saw eyes and a nose and a mouth take form, then a huge smile and he said I love you mom!!!..a string of light was what i saw as he dashed away! it was 4:44 a.m. and that number became a daily thing to this day. Most recently-my husband and I were in an automobile accident. We spent 5 days in ICU before he passed away. I was in 2 automobile accidents with fatalities and a high speed motorcycle accident. My body was riddled in injuries and I lost my left shoulder and full use of my left arm, suffered a broken neck with multiple breaks some very serious, a broken back also with multiple breaks and many other horrible injuries as there is too many to list. I was put on heavy narcotics for pain and drank and used other substances to numb myself silly every day! I wanted to forget it all. I squandered the money my husband left me and lost our home. I just want to know why so much trauma? Does this disqualify me to ascend? When I hit bottom I found you guys! I have spent almost a year and a half in my bedroom learning all I could about healing and asking for healing and meditation, visualization, and I have even encountered beings twice that showed themselves both within and out during meditation. I experienced a vision that involved a being with head of a falcon and the body of a man that took my up through a pyramid and out to what looked like the milky way and was allowed to see my loved ones. I have never experienced this a second time, but I can tell you once changed my life. I also saw a tetrahedron in a sketch format of the color red spinning above my head in a meditation. and met these beings that kept saying, we are infinity. They told me they were going to help repair a part of my brain and I could hear and feel intense vibration as they helped me. I began to recover following this experience yet I have no clue to this day if I have a mission and if so what mission? Was it simply to survive all of this?. All I can tell you is I took myself off of all those meds, alcohol, drugs ect. I am a vegetarian for a year now, I cant eat meat although I am still doing eggs and cheese but one grossed out moment away from going vegan. I meditate for pain relief and spiritual healing. I have just started utilizing crystals and have a cintamani stone. I need to know if I should bury it? My best friend is starting to try to meditate, we are also roommates, she is going through a divorce, so she has a lot to deal with. I try so hard every day! I want to ascend and be a part of this future- I have really worked hard and fast to catch up, sometimes I’m not sure if I’m where I need to be and have a lot of questions that I simply am unclear on. I have read the law of one several times and The Emerald tablets of Thoth more times than that, as well as other books on this subject. My attitude has always been positive until my son died and then after that I started to give up. I really need some help as far as community goes, I honestly don’t mind the alone part because I just imagine I’m with everyone on Sunday, and I try to see the benevolent galactic beings. I do feel as though it would be healthy to find positive natured people that believe as I do. It does get lonely at times but I had to become healthy enough to feel safe and strong again. I have dedicated myself to this liberation and this journey of awakening to becoming a higher conscious being. I want to thank you all for the love you carry and the light that you hold because that beacon saved me from a very sad dark ending! I would really like to know if I did cause this though??? If I chose this? I also would like to know how I can get stronger and better at this? Also am I meant to be alone? I don’t want to see anyone else die and if I caused it, I would like to avoid it again. Am I a light worker? is that even possible? I sometimes just feel as though I am tagging along and trying to help as well as helping me… Why don’t I know what I am? any answers would help so much… Thank you for allowing me to share my life story and to ask my questions, sorry it was so long…
    In the love and light of the one infinite creator! E.

  20. Dear Resistance Movement

    Thank you so much for helping us in Liberation of our beloved planet.

    I feel deep gratitude and respect for the work you do.

    From my position i organize facebook meditations
    directly following Cobra’s blog
    and it is an honour to do that.

    If it is possible i would like to be contacted by you
    telepathically or physically.

    Heartfelt greetings.

  21. Thank you so much for requesting our input. This, in and of itself, will facilitate some healing for many. I struggle with being retraumatized everyday now that the internet is so easy to access and gain information from. Though it has also been the vehicle for my awakening and my hope in what is to come, I also find it difficult to hear about how we continue to traumatize each other as well as other living things. I believe lightworkers attack each other because they believe their way to the truth MUST be the correct one because it has worked for them. They are tremendously fearful that people will be lead down the wrong path and therefore want others to follow what the “know” works. All fear-based stuff that is very difficult to break free from. Speaking for myself, I’m just tired. Trying hard to stay loving and compassionate but am really worn down. Want to do the best for all concerned. Just not sure how much Ionger I can do so without an energy infusion. Thank you for listening.

  22. I have been thinking deeply about the issue of the Resistance Group finding it difficult to understand why Lightworkers/warriors are sometimes attacking each other rather than uniting and supporting each other against our common enemy.

    It’s not understandable logically but it is a very real demonstration of the depth of the cruel, screwed-up, insidious impact of the negative mind/emotional programming that the surface humanity has been subjected to for so very long.

    We forget at our peril that the cabal are very ingenious, insightful, inventive and clever in the most diabolical of ways. Also they have had hundreds of years to perfect their efforts and the negative results go very deep into the fabric of our societies. For centuries in Europe they have used war or the threat of war to create the very real experiences of loss, lack and a general sense dis-empowerment for generation after generation. At the cellular level most of the surface humanity is infected or affected in one way or another.

    We also know that for hundreds if not thousands of years the cabal have used their esoteric knowledge together with sexually perverted black magic to pollute the telluric energy systems of Mother Earth. They also currently control of the media etc. in ways which are actively designed to infiltrate the collective consciousness with profound negativity.

    Much of the Earth energy distortions at sacred sites has been cleared now and the new 5D crystalline grids are activated. It is the personal legacy of the cruel ramifications of cabal black magic that we must all individually wake up to and then conquer in our own lives.

    My research has shown that cabal understand exactly how to influence and negatively invade the subtle spiritual dynamics of the human mind/body/emotion/spirit energy system. They understand the Astrology of personality types and how to seduce someone by appealing to an individual’s negative character traits. In addition, they understand how to use celestial cycles to time their atrocities for maximum effect in collective events.

    This is why the ancient wisdom such as ‘Know Thyself’ is still so important. Through cultivating the self-witnessing or spiritual observer capacity of our mind we can learn how to see, that is, become conscious, of the unconscious negative behavioural effects of the evil that bad guys have been secretly doing against us.

    We need to learn how to observe or witness these effects playing out at the personal level and then we have the capacity to consciously choose to not play their games any more. We can then also choose to re-programme our own thought processes ans belief systems consciously with positive thoughts. We can learn how to accept more love into our body/emotion/spirit light-energy template. We can put our Free Will Choice capacity into real-time effect and to discover how to become free.

    More specifically, why the recent very public attacks on Light-warriors? I think that the answer could be just plain old jealousy on the part of the attackers. The attackers are acting out cabal-programmed negative mind-sets. They may be in deep emotional pain, acting out their guilt and shame by hurtfully attacking others.

    It’s like school-time, cabal-style bullying on the public arena. Nasty and cruel but this is the way that cabal instigated negative mind-programming works in ordinary day to day events until we make the personal choice, deciding as individuals to clean up our acts and stop playing it all out on each other.

    On the other hand, Light-warriors are demonstrating, real-time, the art and practice of being heroic.

    Not in the cabal-invented, self-delusional, Hollywood-land, escape-fantasy type of ways though. In standing up against the cabal Light-warriors are showing real strength of character. They overcoming their fear. They are being courageous. They are ‘fighting the good fight’ against evil in real-time with the very possible threat of negative consequences to both themselves and their loved ones.

    They are risking ridicule by putting themselves on the line publicly. They are risking their lives but still they do it. That is what it means to be real-time heroic rather than to play at it, sitting on your couch playing at being fantasy, cabal-style, game-boy, pretend heroic.

    These beautiful Light-warrior Souls are following their spiritual mission. They are being accountable. In sharing what they know and have personally experienced they helping us all see past the cabal veil of lies. They are demonstrating the courage needed to seek the truth. They are standing up to be counted. They are responding to their spiritual information. They are publicly saying that they have spiritual guidance from the highest of most helpful sources.

    Not only do they have the courage to share this information but they are also showing that they are following it themselves as best they can. They are making their spiritual guidance real in their own lives. They are demonstrating how to be an ordinary person whilst also putting divine inspiration into real-time, again, practice.

    I would bet that those who are doing the attacking will not (yet) be demonstrating the courage needed for these kinds of heroic qualities in their own lives so it is likely that they will be envious of those who do. It is easy to be critical in the pseudo-safety and anonymity of spiritual apathy while hiding behind a computer screen. It is easy to attack another with a mouse than do your bit to claim back your divine authority to be in charge of your own life.

    With a BIG THANK YOU to the Resistance Group and all courageous Boots on the Ground. May the Blessing of the Light rain down gently on all of us.

    P.S. My guidance is strongly suggesting that the coming August Eclipse is a perfect time to use the Leo-sun energy to take back the inventive creativity of our personal spiritual power. This can be done by affirming that we can personally and collectively drop out of and delete the old cabal-written scripts we have been unwittingly playing out for their benefit. We will then be able to step fully into our own spiritually creative and sovereign freedom while claiming the intent to lead our own lives for the highest and common good.

  23. Hi RM, and amazing people of an amazing Planet Earth.

    Thank you so much to All of us in desire to reach True Self, Be Love and spread Love to whole Planet.

    The question of why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal is important in order to understand, feel and reprogram the pattern which is barrier for realization of the “ Who I am and Why I am here”.

    To be honest with myself, I have to say I feel frustration each time I communicate with people within work, or common events. And there is some interesting moment. When I communicate with somebody who is youngest, my mind says:
    “ This person has less knowledge and experiences than you. You know better than he/she. In case, when this is somebody with more experiences and better informed my mind says: “ Don’t talk a lot, don’t ask, be invisible”. It puts border between me and other people, separate me and I am not able to feel myself as one with this somebody, and not able to open my heart. I feel the energy of fear. This energy paralyzes, create aggression, and block you and the other people. It is a good question for me how to work with this energy of fear on the spot to transform it to the positive one.
    In my culture, I am living in Azerbaijan, it happens each time when I am among the people. This separation is barrier to me to be one with people from my culture and make amazing things together with them. It seems to me that this separation program has been engaged in to the people in my culture on a more deep level. I guess, they feel the same thing and just not aware about that. I want to say, I feel like we speak on different languages, and we are at the same culture. It seems like we lost some common language to understand each other and be at the same pages. We are not resonates on the same frequencies to unite forces against the Cabal within culture.

    Another interesting moment is that there are the groups of people who are on their way of Ascension and went a huge amount of the way, have an amazing transformational experiences, informed a lot, and during communication with them my mind and my heart works as one. These are real people from the Planet
    who have changed their mind, see positive things in even teeny moments and belief to themselves and have high vibrations in any situation they have included. They are Real and they are here to support, share Love and realize the Ascension.

    As I understand, and feel, and aware of the question RM put here, we are Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, and surface population are (I wanted to say “on the different levels” and I realized this is also separation, so I say) on our personal way of ASCENSION. I would like to thank RM for their dedication and an amazing idea to write letter to the Resistance Movement. Thank you again for LOVE, and again for LOVE.

    I have a dream, I am an active member of an amazing platform for People who resonates on the same frequencies, for the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Light beings all over the World, and all over the Universe, who united and All are in one places, All are in one platform, not at different websites to unite force to meditate together, to realize common tasks, projects and realize Ascension of Planet Earth.

    Love to All

    Victory of the Light.

  24. Liebe Brüder und Schwestern der Widerstandsbewegung,
    wir, die Menschen, dieses wundervollen Planeten Gaia, haben zum größten Teil viel viel Leid erdulden und erleben müssen. Viel zu wenige erkennen allerdings das Hamsterrad, in die sie/wir gesteckt wurden und aus dem sich immer mehr Menschen versuchen zu befreien. Ich bitte Euch daher, liebe Brüder und Schwestern der Widerstandsbewegung, sich mit uns in Verbindung zu setzen und uns alle zu unterstützen auf dem Weg in unsere Freiheit. Die Zeit ist da.
    google t – Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Resistance Movement,
    We, the people, this wonderful planet Gaia, have for the most part suffered and suffered much suffering. Far too few recognize, however, the hamster wheel into which they / they were put and from which more and more people are trying to free themselves. I therefore ask you, dear brothers and sisters of the resistance movement, to get in touch with us and to support us all on the way to our freedom. The time has come.
    Thank you!

  25. grüße euch, ich schreibe jetz auf kroatisch,

    ljudi zive u strahu sto se dogadja na Zemlji, sve vise izgazuje se bjes sa oruzjem i ubijanjen na prolaznike , proslo je godinu dana kako je u Minhenu ubieno nekoliko mladi ljudi koji su imali cijeli zivot pred sobom. svaki dan prolazim tim putem gdje se to desilo. sada mi idu suze radi toga kako sprijeciti tako sto da se vise nigdje nedesi na Zemlji bez ratova i bilo kakvog ubijanja.

    molim vas sto trebamo uciniti da se to promjeni , kako da zasljepljeni progledaju ili spavaoci da se probude

    pomozitenam da se oslobodi Zemlj a svi stanovnici na njoj.

    u ljubavi i svijetlosti



    google t – Grüße euch, ich schreibe jetz auf kroatisch,

    People live in fear of what is happening on Earth, more and more rage with weapons and killed on passersby, it’s been a year since several young people who had had their whole life in front of themselves were killed in Munich. Every day I go through that path where it happened. Now they are tearing me down to prevent them from slaughtering anywhere on Earth without wars and any killing.

    Please, what should we do to change that, how to blind people or spaspers to wake up

    I am helping to liberate the Earth and all the inhabitants on it.

    In love and in light



  26. Dear RM! At first, please, let me express my gratitude to you!

    I hesitated a bit to write down this letter, but then I decided to do it.

    My name is Anton, I live in Minsk, Belarus and I want to begin my message with story that I always remembered myslef as a cosmic being. And I knew perfectly this is my first incarnation in human body. And before that I used to live in magnificent huge Space as a free and happy explorer of the life in all her beauty!

    I would like to show (hope, that won’t be immodest) some photos of mine as a child, I think you can see clearly The Space in those eyes… http://i.imgur.com/CrGxb54.jpg http://i.imgur.com/2aHwmqT.jpg

    From the very childhood many-many things and moments in earth life (both in socium and body) seemed to me absolutely unnatural and horrible, e.g. violent people and children, necessity to pay for everything, experiencing the pain, aging, visiting the toilet, etc…

    I also would like to tell you that I knew from childhood my goal of life on this planet:

    1. I wanted to transform my body back to the cosmic one and I wanted to do it in 2001 (maybe, the Event was appointed at that time). And besides I imagined it in such way: luminous ball (which I prepared for myself before the incarnation) flies into the back of my head and.. my body becomes cosmic, like it was in Space for many thousands of years.

    2. After that, I planned to teleport to my real friends (I was sure I would remember after the transformation who and where they were ), to show them by my example that everything is real, to help them to transform too.

    3. And the final goal for me was to fly away with my friends (6 men & 6 women in total) in an infinite journey through the Universes!

    Dear RM, I would like to ask you: do you know something about my method of transforming the body?

    But… in 2001 nothing has happened (I was 12 years old at that time) and I got very upset…
    I remember vaguely that at that time I’ve been talking very much, almost swearing to someone in Earth orbit.

    I felt myself very uncomfortable in the society during the school period with the exception of the group of people training taoist kung fu with whom I went together to a wonderful place on this planet – The Crimea (South Coast).

    And later I left the university and concentrated deeply into self learning.

    By the way, it’s funny that for the last 6 years I’ve been following exactly your advices about spending time in nature, listening to beautiful music ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtbYlVNOwxg ) , etc.

    Starting from the 2012 I began to little by little return to myself, to my true goals. And since then I have a huge desire to my twinsoul, for my sweet heart darling part.

    Also in 2012 I went to the Crimea again for 1 month, and I was alone. This helped me a lot. I had various visions of communion with Angelic Beings from the Sun and someone who looked like very similar to Ashtar. It was very deep and profound experience. It was very pleasant to find myself in energy body aboard a large spaceship and to communicate with smile and Love as with a best friend!

    This person smiled and showed me slightly above his solar plexus, thereby hinted to me that I should open my heart and by that unite our “auras”. After that I saw a lot of information, which my brain couldn’t comprehend and remember completely.

    All that I remembered are images of the cosmos, different planets, some near the center of the Galaxy, beautiful people and architecture … It only lasted a few seconds, but it helped me to realize myself even more as a cosmic being.

    And so in 2013 I was about to leave the planet Earth, to go to Altai in order to left planet there at any cost. But I met (on the internet) a beautiful gentle Girl, who shared my thoughts and who supported me and, unfortunately, who suffered greatly as well(

    And I decided to stay on the planet for a while, as long as we could be financially free here (She is from Tyumen, Russia, but we, fortunately, just a week ago began to live together in Minsk!) and later went away in Space in joy and happiness together!

    But my Dear Beloved Girl has health problems, which can not be solved simply with help of money 🙁

    And for now I have nothing to do on this planet, actually…
    I’m just trying to earn money (I started working as Software Testing Engineer recently, learn programming in free time) in order to make life of my Sweetheart and some of best friends easier so they could not work for food.

    Dear RM, I would like to ask you to write me at 9251466@gmail.com (I hope, bombs wouldn’t detonate because of the e-mail) and I would like to ask you some questions:

    1. Do you know something about my method of transforming the body?

    2. Could you help me improve (maybe with just an advice) my financial situation?

    3. What should be done to improve the health of my Darling Girlfriend? I’m sure that standart Tachyon chamber won’t be enough in this case. (but of course it would be better than nothing)

    4. Can you contact me? Perhaps, we could cooperate, because I really have nothing to do here and somehow or other I’ll go into space, it’s only a matter of time ..

    And once again I express my gratitude for your work! With love!

    9251466@gmail.com Currently, named as Anton 🙂

  27. Dear RM, this is my answer to the question why some Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep fighting with each other.

    My take on this as a psychotherapist and spirtual healer is this:

    It probably has to do with:
    – Low self -esteem, low confidence, low self-love, which some of us were taught to compensate by fighting others who are similar to us, to belittle them si we could feel like we are better, smarter etc
    – Implants, dark entities, and demons designed to turn us against each other
    – Trauma from present life and past lives could be involved too
    – Soul contracts or provisions accepted before incarnation that they may not be aware of
    – Mental/cognitive confusion about terms, principles of how the world work, how society and people work, how God works, and other subtilities of human psychology. Thing is, when it comes to changing the world, in our minds this kind of work goes into the “Politics” category. We know that nowadays politics is about fighting, arguing, and standing against the “opposing” group(s). So this is where this tendency of fighting with each other may be coming from, assuming that changing the world is about changing the politics, which in turn is associated with fighting, conflicts, proving that “my solution” is “better” than “your solution”, missing the point that we can pull this off by working together through collaboration. I would dear to say that conflict represents the fundamental fabric of the current human society, which is standing at the very core of our beliefs about how society should be constructed and how it should work. Almost all politicians (with a few very furtunate exceptions, like Ron Paul and Rand Paul in the US, Dacian Ciolos in Romania, Orban Viktor in Hungary etc) are totally oblivious to the fact that a humane society has to be founded on being in peace with itself, just like the different organs in a healthy body; whereas the current political system, which leads society, is in constant conflict with itself through the different political parties. The old stratagem “Divide e impera” since Roman times is still alive and working in almost all parts of the society.
    – Some lightworkers might believe that they need to get to power in order to make the changes they came here for, so they believe that they need to fight the others in order to get on top and excert their will and vision. Whereas the real solution in collaboration and concerted and harmonious co-operation, being clear about the fact that each of us are the most important in the place of the new system that we had been assigned to by God.
    – I do believe that it the very core each Lightworker and Lightwarrior has good will at their hearts. Bud some believe that they are doing a great job by proving and pointing out all the bads and mistakes others are doing, to show by contrast how well and good their visions and plans are. Again, I think they are missing the point that conflicts, even when with good intentions at heart, are leading to no good in the end.
    – Many times, conflicts do lead to evolution. But when it comes to building a new planetary system, there needs to be a new general agreement between people, which means harmony, equilibrium, and cooperating = peace on all levels of society. If the old paradigm was built on war/conflicts, the new paradigm needs to be built on the opporite of war, which us peace and harmony.

    Conflict has so permeated society today, that most people assume that solving political and social problems can be done only through conflict. So when some Lightworkers commence with their missions, they might assume that they need to fight everybody around them in order to impose their personal truths.

  28. Thank you to P for C and Cobra also for making this blog possible. Reading these letters has made me realize I’m not alone in my experience, but hundreds of others are having very similar experiences BUT none of my previous posts have appeared, they seem to go off somewhere into the ethers. So I’m trying again.

  29. Letter from Pamela (email: kaito.kid@msa.hinet.net )


    不過若是嚴格說起,我覺得可能跟我們從小就一直被灌輸「看看別人家小孩,你怎麼這麼不乖不聽話?」有關。從小,家人就很愛拿我們跟別人,例如鄰居或親戚家的小孩比較,我們的優點,爸媽卻從來都不誇獎或是很少誇獎,惟獨缺點就一直盯得很嚴 (無奈)…… 於是從小,大部分的人就已經被灌輸自己不夠好,以至於從小學、國中到高中,甚至大學等畢業後進職場,我們都想要「贏過別人」,因為這是父母、親戚、朋友在意的。尤其是在東方國家升學制度盛行,成績至上,家長等旁人都只注重學業成績,很少人會去在意孩子的品格發展(如培養孩子多尊重別人,而不是漫罵他人)此外,因為周遭旁人就愛比較的因素,導致我們從小就不重視團隊合作,因為彼此都深怕被對方超越,怕別人知名度比你高,這種社會上愛比較的風氣,似乎已無形中變成了團隊合作的枷鎖。拿高中組讀書會當例子,大家可能目標都是某所頂尖名校,有些人會無私奉獻所學,但有些人卻會保留一手,不想把他擅長科目的讀書秘訣分享出來,我不是說世上沒有人都無私奉獻,而是說這種無私的人很少,而且只要發現對方私自藏一手,我們就會比較傾向於也保留一手,於是,又再度陷入比較輪迴,因為幹掉一個少一個,「你不讓我上某間名校,我也偏不讓你上」團隊中似乎只要有一人有私心,其他人似乎就會對那個人產生嫌隙,於是,讀書會中可能就會有小團體。



    從小我們就被灌輸「要贏在起跑點上」,所以我們比較重視名與利,把對方看作是對手,即使我們可能有共同的敵人。但也真的有人是很真誠的啦,但團隊若出現一種這樣私心比較多的人,難免大家心情都會受影響…… 再加上我們從小就沒有什麼重視團隊合作,團隊難免會不協調,如此時又遇到生活各種壓力,根本是不可能的事,因為畢竟難免會被激到,大家也想快快樂樂過一天,誰想要受對方的氣啊。再說陰謀集團本來不就是享有生活上的各種優渥,本來就比較容易團結……如果今天光工都有錢不用煩惱工作,沒有啥身體病痛,沒有那麼多的壓力,大家應該就比較容易團結了吧……陰謀集團已經贏在各種起跑點上了,編程我們的思想,灌輸我們很弱小的理念,在社會上也用各種思想編程灌輸給長輩,然後來一代限制一代,食物來毒害,DNA又被他們篡改,他們不爽就用scalar weapons來對我們發洩,然後又安排人在團隊內搗亂,更別提他們錢比老百姓多,他們在各種面向起跑點都超越我們了,我們還在工作崗位上而沒有離去,有時想想都該偷笑了,還談什麼維持團隊和協,只能盡力和諧吧……

    請別在說什麼我們為何不能像陰謀集團一樣團結,論起跑點,我們真的是被打趴了…但沒有放棄自己的信念,撐到解放那天就真的盡所能了……我們從小就沒有被灌輸「團結力量大」的理念,況且自從團隊成立到現在也才幾年,是需要磨合期的,而且最近大家才真正意識到事情的嚴重性(例如scalar weapons, 還有是否團隊內真的有infiltration),起初都是半信半疑,真的需要點時間消化……

    這只是我從旁人的角度來看,可能有點偏頗,畢竟我沒加入事件團隊,只是從事件粉專上看到或從旁人聽到的猜測,所以只能從自己以前各種團隊經驗中來分析……我覺得要我學會尊重別人其實不難做到,只是萬一有人在鬧,自己也會非常氣,也會暴怒,但當下究竟會不會跟人發生爭吵,也只有當下才知道,但真的很多時候真的會被激到罵回去吧…… 因為第一個想法真的就是「我又不是欠你的,憑啥罵我!」仔細想想,好像很多人也是從小就有回罵的習慣……有時我也好想就這樣大聲嘶喊,像潑婦一樣,畢竟有些事我看了也很不爽,只能自己找其他宣洩出口……但有時,對於某些事(例如,為何每個時代都要由starseed來承擔責任)感到極度不悅,每個cycle不都這樣嗎…會付出的人就永遠都是那麼少,顧自己的人永遠那麼多,為啥要拿自己的熱臉去貼人家冷屁股?別人只要賺錢、結婚、生小孩、還冷嘲熱諷說你不懂賺錢、當媽媽的辛苦,如果今天我不知道這麼多真相我也很容易說這種鬼話啊,當個井底之蛙多好,每天只要單純過生活多好,覺得這世界美好多好,但他們根本就是被蒙在鼓裡不知真相。為了解放都幾年了…說不氣那是騙人的,大家也都想過快樂的生活啊,誰想做這種吃力不討好的工作,要等到解放才可以把所有煩惱拋諸腦後,才有繁榮基金,都這麼久了,大家也都筋疲力盡了,如果大家今天也像RM或其他Light Forces一樣享有富足,或可以常常到大自然中做療癒或有很多healing的科技,有同伴或家人的支持,那我相信大家打持久戰都一定沒問題! 重點是大家財務都吃緊了,還得不到自己家人或朋友支持,而且又不是每個地方離大自然很近,有些景色真的也看膩了或根本就沒啥景色可看,沒啥新鮮感…此外,有些人都是孤軍奮戰,一個人能為自己做的事真的很有極限……日積月累,大家也就身心疲憊,更容易被挑釁吧…… 生活各種壓力跟社會成長環境環環相扣啊……無奈

    English translation:


    I think why we will always attack to attack, has been bad words, in addition to part of the pressure because of life, whether it is family or financial work on the pressure, and sometimes because of the uneven distribution of team work (who do more Who do less, who is more active) and other issues over time, and then when the mood suddenly broke out, shouted abuse, because it may usually be some unpleasant. This is just what I observed, of course, there are very happy examples of cooperation.

    But if strictly speaking, I think it may be with us since childhood has been instilled “to see other people’s children, how do you do not obedient?” Since childhood, the family love to take us with others, such as neighbors or relatives of children compared to our advantages, parents never praise or rarely praise, but the shortcomings have been stare very strict (helpless) … … So that most people have been instilled in their own is not good enough, so that from primary school, country to high school, and even college graduates after graduation, we all want to “win someone else”, because this is the parents, relatives, friends care of. Especially in the East countries, the prevalence of school system, the results of the supremacy, parents and other people are only focus on academic performance, few people will care about the child’s character development (such as training children to respect others, rather than scold others) In addition, Love more factors, resulting in our childhood do not attach importance to teamwork, because each other are afraid of being crossed by each other, afraid of others known higher than you, this society love more atmosphere, seems to have virtually become a shackles of teamwork. If you are going to be a top school, some people will be selfless dedication to learn, but some people will keep a hand, do not want to be good at the subject of reading the secret to share, I am not saying that no one in the world Are selfless dedication, but that this selfless people rarely, and as long as the other side found that private possession of a hand, we will tend to also keep a hand, so, again into the more cyclical, because kill one less one, “you do not Let me go to a famous school, I will not let you on the team seems to have as long as one person has selfishness, others seem to have that person had a rift, so there may be small groups in the book.

    Speaking of small groups, as if from childhood are so grown up, we all like to like people with like-minded together, and then together with other small groups. I think that in such a social environment grew up, never said to have to do other people are self-deception, everyone more or less have this idea, but some people prefer not to care about, even if the heart is very dry, but also choose Put down, but the focus is if the other side has been sustained to shock you, the mood will be outbreak of the day, serious to even turn the other account with each other. Friends will be in the group activities will be quarreled, let alone perhaps only in the event team for several years to know the team members, plus life for all kinds of pressure, the liberation progress and so slow, we are tired, emotional words will inevitably come one after another … … plus we grew up with the preferences of people who like together, after the formation of small groups, it seems that inevitably some prejudice against each other … … really inevitable, because the child is so grown up … … even with friends do not know together When the talk, it will talk to each other gossip. Few people will talk about the merits of others, unless the other is your sweetheart, anyway, as long as boring, gossip topic open, then the box constantly, even if we know that should not be behind the bad words, Ah… can only say that used to …

    We all love gossip, neighbors, relatives are also, elders love to ask, “Which school do you read? You homework is good? Where are you working now? You pay less? When married?” Social atmosphere is love to ask this surface things , Few people will ask you recently had a good job …
    This also led most people to feel that “no one really understand their own”, and no one will often chat with others, so the more the heart of the pagoda, to express the way invisible into the same people together, began to talk to each other Gossip, yes, not and friends often talk about things, but often do not talk to others.

    Since then we have been instilled “to win at the starting point”, so we pay more attention to the name and benefit, the other as opponents, even if we may have a common enemy. But it is really someone is very sincere friends, but the team if there is such a selfish mind more people, it is inevitable that everyone will be affected mood … … plus we grew up there is no attention to teamwork, the team will inevitably uncoordinated, so When they encounter a variety of life pressure, is simply impossible, because after all, will inevitably be excited, we also want to happy day, who wants to be the other side of the gas ah. Moreover, conspiracy group is not to enjoy the life of the various strangers, it is easier to unite … … If today’s light workers have money do not worry about work, there is no physical pain, not so much pressure, we should be easier to unite it … … conspiracy group has won a variety of starting point, the programming of our ideas, instill our very weak concept, in the community with a variety of ideological programming instilled to the elders, and then to generation to limit generation, food poisoning, DNA was They tamper with them, they use the scalar weapons to us to vent, and then arranged for people to make trouble in the team, not to mention their money than the people more, they are starting in a variety of starting point for us, we are still in the job without Leave, and sometimes think about the laughter, and talk about what to maintain the team and association, can only try to harmony it … …

    Please do not say why we can not be like a conspiracy group as united, starting point of action, we are really being beaten … but did not give up their beliefs, support the liberation day really do everything … … we grew up It is not necessary to instill the idea of ​​”solidarity”, and it is only a few years since the establishment of the team, and it is necessary to run the period, and recently we really realize the seriousness of the matter (such as scalar weapons, Of infiltration), at first are dubious, really need some time to digest … …

    It is only from the perspective of others, may be a bit biased, after all, I did not join the event team, just from the event powder to see or hear from others speculation, so only from their previous team experience to analyze … … I think I want to learn to respect others is not difficult to do, but if someone in trouble, he will be very angry, will be rage, but the moment will not quarrel with people, only the moment to know, but really Many times really will be excited to curse back to it … … because the first idea is really “I am not owe you, thanks to scold me!” Think about it, as if many people are from time to have the habit of cursed … … sometimes I would like to so loudly screaming, like a bitch, after all, some things I looked very uncomfortable, only to find other vent their exports … … but sometimes, for some things (for example, why every All the times to be borne by the starseed responsibility) feel extremely unhappy, each cycle are not so … will pay the people will always be so little, care for their own people so long, why should take their own hot face go with People cold ass? Others as long as make money, get married, have children, but also cynical that you do not know how to make money, when the mother’s hard, if today I do not know so many truths I can easily say this kind of ghosts ah, when the bottom of the frog how good, How good life, that the world is so good, but they are simply kept in the drums do not know the truth. In order to liberate all years … it is not a lie that is, we all want to live a happy life, ah, who want to do this thankless job, to wait until the liberation can put all the troubles behind, Only prosperity fund, so long, we are exhausted, if everyone today, like RM or other Light Forces enjoy the same wealth, or can often be done to the healing or a lot of healing technology, a companion or Family support, then I believe we have to fight a long war must be no problem! The focus is that we are tight financial, but also not their own family or friends support, and not every place from the nature of the very close, some of the scenery really Also look tired or simply nothing to see the scenery, nothing fresh … In addition, some people are alone, a person can do for their own really very limited … … over time, everyone But also physically and mentally exhausted, more easily be provoked it … … a variety of pressure with the social growth environment interlocking ah … … helpless

  30. Hello amazing brothers and sisters :),
    this time on Earth is very crucial for us :). And I hope that I will be on this Earth, when the Event comes.
    I’m feeling a little alone, because there is not much people, who understand, what is coming. In fact a lot of people are very unconscious of what is coming. And if they knew true, probably they would not be very satisfied, because they deeply forgot.
    Sometimes is very shocking what is happening here. You know – black markets with people are for me the scariest thing. And only love and light can save us all. 🙂
    I’m still try to just be (happy), but I just don’t get use to it.The reason is that, I don’t believe it’s possible and I still fear it. But I know, that with Love I will accept my fears and start really live. 🙂 And I can see that, for almost everyone it’s hard too – (be really happy). We think, that we are happy, but only few lives and the others just survives.
    I’m really excited for the Event and I know that, our work here is to give Love and Light the others. And what I’m really excited about is to meet with You, after The Event, my light Family :).

    I’m really looking forward to meeting with You 🙂
    (Give humanity more Faith in Love and acceptance of big fears – thus they will let go of the Old energy 🙂
    I love You so much like I love Source :), Thank You for everything what you have done or what will be done, because of You. 🙂

    Adonai, Petr Kokoška (Píta)

  31. RG Handschuh explained explained the situation on earth 100% correct. That is why earth becomes more worse every day. Because of the implants, People do not know about the implants. Religions are keeping people in a herd of cattle mode. Are they not saying we are their goyem?

    People believe the way they were brought up. And the rulers of this earth knows everything and they feel nothing for us. That is why it is very easy to create a war. In South Africa alone there is 2000 kinds of religions. Not talking about culture or ethnic groups. So the rulers of planet earth knows everything about us, humans. I believe they do not have souls, because why are they acting this way.

    They have divided us to use us for their own purposes. So if we are born this rulers are also on the other side as well. When, who and where was this implants done?

    Now what I cannot understand, “WHERE IS SOURCE” in this whole process? Where was this “DIVINE LIGHT” while we were suffering on planet earth. We were put in loopies like mice, running in circles to please the rulers.

    Maybe Resistance movement will understand now.

    This is earth, a terrible place to live on, we are not sitting in a place where DIVINE LOVE rules.

    This is real earth, killing, raping, stealing because of greed.

    Stay blessed.y

  32. Blessings to All, and especially to Cobra and the RM ~

    My sense is that people are so anxious to be right about what they sense is real that they get threatened by opposing viewpoints or viewpoints that don’t exactly mesh with their own beliefs, wants, or desires. I think it comes down to attachment. We get attached to what we want and then we feel threatened and fearful about narratives that don’t align with those attachments. I see it happen every day in different ways and to different degrees, and not only about the Resistance but about other things, too.

    Yesterday, I was spending time with friends in nature and one friend was trying to convince another to seek help for the pain in his shoulder and neck. The friend with the pain in his neck became perturbed that his friend was being so insistent that he get it checked out by someone who can help. I couldn’t exactly understand why this became a point of contention because the one friend was really looking out for his other friend’s best interests. They had different ideas of how to help the situation and one was certain that an energy worker would be able to help him release stress from the region. The friend with the pain became agitated because he wanted something more tangible than “energy work”. He wasn’t comfortable spending time, money, or energy on an unproven treatment modality and the fact that his friend kept imploring him to seek that type of help created quite a bit of hostility in him.

    So this isn’t that unusual (the fact that we’re noticing attacks within the Lightworker community), especially when we’re not conscious of what we’re not conscious of. If this primary anomaly is exerting its influence over us, and it has been since we’ve been alive on this planet, we don’t necessarily think to separate ourselves from the hostility or frustration, we take it on as if it’s part of who we are naturally. We fight to the death for our limited sense of self because we would rather be obstinate than perceived as either wrong or weak. And we identify with these dark feelings because they’ve been with us for so long. Our lives tend to be ruled by the dark feelings as much as by the light. And having this kind of conversation with someone who isn’t involved in the Lightworker community or the Resistance is practically a fool’s game. They won’t hear it and they honestly think this type of dialogue is too new age for them to give it any credence. Instead of internalizing their fear and tracing it back to its source, they externalize their emotion and direct it toward the source of their angst.

    Wishing everyone a bountiful and joyous journey because we are all in this together.

    Light and Love,

  33. This dog was discovered in the woods near Fort Worth, Texas in terrible shape. His jaw had been completely torn apart and it is believed it was all on purpose: someone put a firecracker into his mouth and set it off….

    IREDELL COUNTY, NC (WBTV) – An Iredell County man is accused of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl over the weekend.
    Deputies say the sexual assault was reported Saturday at a home on Olin Loop Road.
    Brentley Jason Byers, 28, had been left alone with the 7-year-old and three other children, and a family member came to pick up two of the other children Friday evening, deputies say.
    The mother of the 7-year-old girl said she left for work at 7 a.m. Friday and returned around 1 p.m. Saturday to find her daughter sitting in the chair with blood on her. That’s when the girl said she had been sexually assaulted.

    Shooting a horse’s eye(s) out or shooting or slicing their leg open so they are in too much pain to cause trouble during the ride to slaughter:

    And there are zoo that remove the paws of the bears and the tigers to make them easier to handle.

    Just a few of the atrocities that need to end.

  34. hi everyone.
    This is very tough time on Earth. I want to be helpful But first I want this implant off /out from me and all Light workers .
    Looking forward with hope and love
    Thank you Cobra

  35. Dear RM

    I might just talking to the air, but if RM is real, I want to say thank you, and I really hope The Event come.

  36. Hello Brothers of Light,

    I long to know who I am and exactly what my purpose is here on earth.

    I know I want to help the animal, because they suffer too, but I can barely help myself. I have been in pain for many years; either torn shoulder muscles of foot problems, or Lyme disease. It is very difficult for me physically and financial. And I know there are many more like me.

    I would like to be able to grow food, raise bees, and care for animals, etc… but I also want to help people; I am not sure what my calling is, and I don’t know where to begin healing myself. Thoughts of how to help myself come and then are forgotten. They edd and flow but never really take hold in my life. I have felt as if I am block for many years now. I am so stuck in the money trap that I can not pay anyone to help me; since everyone wants money. And when I find time for myself I seem to have no motivation to do meditation work, or I get distracted by difficult life events just when things start to go well.

    I see so many people and animal hurt and suffering and I try to tell myself it is part of the lessons, everyone is here to learn something different, be at peace with it, but the torture and the brutality is so bad. The things people do to animals and to other people are so horrible. It must end. And I can do nothing even for myself; I struggle to find work that I can do.

    Feeling very stuck, for a very long time now.
    Thank you for listening,

    Maria Christina

    • Dear Maria please read my reply to Brigitte .
      Don’t feel beaten ,because for you also you came here because you are a strong light that’s very needed in these last days of darkness, the fact alone that you are in the flesh is important and a privilege because we are needed to withstand the darkness to help and support other people, the dark will torture everyone who is in their way ,don’t think as a victim but as somebody who is on the right side ,and shines brightly, yes so you and many others will be attacked by them but stand your ground the end for the dark is (very)near!
      Everyone will get what they sow also the dark ones .All this suffering will end, humanity will be free again and happy and most important live a very long live in complete health .

  37. RM please activate the ENERGY OF LOVE, NOW!! WE had enough, even you wonder what’s is going here, 99% of the population are suffering

    I will write this in spanish.

    Los gobiernos están creados por psicópatas, “gente” sin corazón que solo buscan el poder mediante la sangre, mentiras, esclavitud y robos.

    Mi “despertar” en 2011 fué tan brusco que mi cuerpo no lo pudo soportar y a los pocos años me tuvieron de operar, con lo que ello me llevó a un depresión que después de 4 años ya comienza a desvanecerse (con mucho esfuerzo), en este periodo de tiempo descubrí el blog de COBRA, las meditaciones, las terapias de Dolores Cannon, los protocolos de Visión Remota, etc…

    Veo mi alrededor como una broma de mal gusto, no puedes hablar de esto con los médicos porque directamente te encierran “¿meditar? -contesta el médico- si hombre, venga tómate la pastilla y cuando te recuperes a trabajar en una oficina para ser alguien de provecho”

    La tierra es una factoria de carne humana, somos robots biológicos, nuestros hijos son violados, torturados y asesinados por los gobernantes, banqueros y religiosos, es un tema tabú no se peude mencionar, como intentes denunciar a algún abusador el que irá a prisió eres tú.

    Sres de la RM, pregunto ¿que harian si uno de sus hijos fuese violado o torturado y no pudiesen defenderlo? ¿que harian si alguien de su grupo enferma y no puede curarse porque su jefe no quiere? ¿que harian si vuestros superiores se dedicasen a hacer torturas y esclavizaros? ¿habeis pasado por alguna de esas preguntas? en caso de que sea si ¿que hicisteis?

    Estoy de acuerdo que las cosas toman su tiempo y el timing es importante, ahora…si estamos aprendiendo a manifestar algo de manera física creo que la meditación del 21 de Agosto de 2017 seria un buen ejemplo practico de como manifestar fisicamente “LA OLA DEL AMOR” para comenzar el EVENT ese mismo día

    NOTA:Estamos ¡¡HARTOS!! Cansados, agotados y j***did*s

    google t – Governments are created by psychopaths, heartless “people” who only seek power through blood, lies, slavery and robberies.

    My “awakening” in 2011 was so abrupt that my body could not bear it and after a few years I had to operate, which led me to a depression that after 4 years already begins to fade (with a lot of effort), in This period of time I discovered the COBRA blog, meditations, Dolores Cannon therapies, Remote Vision protocols, etc …

    I see around me as a joke in bad taste, you can not talk about this with doctors because they directly imprison you “meditate? – the doctor answers – if man, come take the pill and when you recover to work in an office to be someone of benefit ”

    The earth is a factor of human flesh, we are biological robots, our children are raped, tortured and murdered by the rulers, bankers and religious, is a taboo subject can not be mentioned, as you try to report some abuser who will go to prison you.

    MRS, I ask what would they do if one of their children was raped or tortured and could not defend it? What would you do if someone in your group is sick and can not be cured because your boss does not want to? What would they do if your superiors were to torture and enslave you? Have you been through any of those questions? If so, what did you do?

    I agree that things take time and timing is important, now … if we are learning to manifest something physically I believe that the meditation of August 21, 2017 would be a good practical example of how to manifest physically “THE WAVE OF LOVE “To start EVENT on the same day

    NOTE: WE ARE HARDS !! Tired, exhausted and j *** did * s

  38. Ich grüße Euch, ihr lieben RM
    und danke Euch von ganzen Herzen für Euren Willen der Mithilfe unsere liebe „Gaya“ und uns wieder in eine lichtvolle in Liebe getragene Schwingung zu führen, die uns befähigt, in Frieden, in Harmonie und mit hohen technischen Fortschritt zu leben.
    Das mal vorweg.
    Gerne teile ich mit Euch meine Gedanken:
    Viele von uns Menschen vertrauen ausschließlich auf Eure Hilfe und warten auf das Event (welches Cobra immer wieder in seinen Berichten erwähnt), damit sich auf unserer Erde etwas zum Guten verändert; doch vergessen sie dabei, dass jeder einzelne von uns, die Möglichkeit hat, an der Veränderung mitzuhelfen – jeder von uns kann etwas Entscheidendes dazu beitragen!

    Wir alle sind befähigt, durch positive Gedanken und in Liebe lebend, gute Schwingungen in den Kosmos zu schicken. Allein durch die Kraft der Gedanken, die Vorstellung einer in Liebe getragenen Welt, kann die Schwingung erhöhen und dadurch helfen, dass sich unsere Welt zum Guten verändert.

    Die Gedanken haben gerade in der Jetzt-Zeit eine enorme Kraft! Wir können durch Gedanken manifestieren…….

    Auch ich wünsche mir nichts sehnlicher, als das der Wandel vollendet wird und die Menschen, die sich für das „Dunkle“ entschieden haben, in die Umkehr gehen oder verschwinden und damit ihren Seelenvertrag einhalten. Auch ich möchte am Liebsten, dass der Frieden und die Liebe in allen Welten einkehrt und dass wir in Ehrlichkeit, in Wahrheit und in Freude gemeinschaftlich leben und das nach Möglichkeit jetzt!
    Doch sich ausschließlich auf das Event und auf Eure Mithilfe zu verlassen, halte ich nicht unbedingt für förderlich. Dadurch kann es passieren, dass wir selber nicht mehr aktiv mithelfen!

    Bitte versteht mich nicht falsch: Ich bin froh über jegliche Hilfe – auch von Euch, aber auch ganz besonders die Hilfe, die von den sehr hoch entwickelten Lichtkräften, Lichtenergien (Engel, usw.) kommt; denn wir alle sind ein kollektives Ganzes – wir sind EINS!
    Und wenn wir gemeinsam mithelfen, unsere Welt zu verändern, werden wir Erfolg haben.

    Viele Menschen sind verunsichert – durch viele Desinformationen, die die „Dunklen“ verbreiten – und können die Wahrheit nicht mehr erkennen…… Sie sehen nur das Chaos in unserer Welt und achten nicht mehr auf ihre eigene innere Stimme, die ihnen die Wahrheit vermitteln möchte. Sie sind gefangen im Stress, im Profitdenken und im Machtgedanken. Sie haben es verlernt, in die Ruhe zu gehen und den Weg des Herzens zu folgen.

    Cobra bittet um Zusammenarbeit der Lichtarbeiter – ja, das wäre wirklich erstrebenswert, um die lichtvolle Energie zu bündeln; doch jeder Lichtarbeiter ist ganz individuell auf seiner spirituellen Reise unterwegs und befindet sich auf einen unterschiedlich hohen Schwingungsniveau – Seelenreife, so dass auch dort verschiedene Blickwinkel zum Wandel aufeinandertreffen. Diese nun in die Einheit zu bringen, ist natürlich wünschenswert.

    Wäre es nicht sinnvoll, wenn wir uns alle Entscheiden würden, als Vorbilder den Menschen dienlich zu sein, in dem wir in Liebe, in Frieden, in Dankbarkeit, Hilfsbereit allen gegenüber und in Ehrlichkeit leben? Unabhängig davon, wie jeder Einzelne den Wandel aus seinem Blickwinkel betrachtet? Denn das ist doch die Basis eines in Liebe getragenen Lebens – das ist vorbildlich und durch diese Ausstrahlung beeinflussen wir die Menschen um uns herum. Dadurch kann jeder von uns mithelfen, den Wandel zu beschleunigen.

    Seinen Blickwinkel nach Innen zu richten, ist aus meiner Sicht viel wichtiger, als sich ständig mit den Äußerlichkeiten zu beschäftigen! Wir alle sind göttliche Geschöpfe und haben die Möglichkeit, dieses zu tun – dort finden wir Antworten auf unsere Fragen und finden die Wahrheit!
    Natürlich ist es einfacher, die Hände in den Schoß zu legen und auf das Event zu hoffen! Doch ist das göttlich so gewollt? Wurde uns nicht von Jeshua (Jesus) vermittelt, dass wir die eigene innere Göttlichkeit in uns selbst wahrnehmen und uns als wertvolle Individuen betrachten sollten, die alle Fähigkeiten inne haben, um Gedanke, Wort und Tat in Einklang zu bringen – um geistig wie auch physisch spirituell zu wirken?

    Wir selber sind die „Macher“!

    Wenn wir uns wieder auf uns selbst besinnen und uns nicht mehr auf andere ausrichten, werden wir erkennen können, wie der Frieden und die Liebe in uns einkehrt und wir können mutig voranschreiten. Die Liebe ist der Schlüssel zum Weltfrieden – die göttliche bedingungslose Liebe ist der Garant für den Wandel. Diese zu leben bringt uns alle wieder in die Einheit mit Allem – in die Gemeinsamkeit – in die Einswerdung mit dem göttlichen Selbst.

    Nun, das sind meine persönlichen Gedanken zu diesem Thema und jeder kann für sich selbst nachfühlen, was für ihn stimmig ist und was nicht; denn jeder von uns hat seinen freien Willen……

    Danke an Cobra, an die RM und dank an alle Lichtarbeiter, Lichtwesen, Lichtenergien, dank an alle Menschen und auch an die Tiere, die mithelfen, dass unser Planet wieder in ein paradiesischen Zustand der Liebe und der Reinheit kommt.

    Ich liebe euch alle und freue mich auf die Zeit, in dem wir alle gemeinsam in Liebe leben und wirken. Ich freue mich auch auf die lichtvollen in Liebe handelnden galaktischen Brüder und Schwestern – unsere galaktische Familie – und auch auf alle nichtmenschlichen Wesen, die sich der Liebe und dem Licht zugewandt haben.

    Ohm Sai Ram

    google t – I greet you, you dear RM
    And thank you wholeheartedly for your will of assisting our dear “Gaya” and guiding us back into a light-hearted love-born vibration that enables us to live in peace, harmony and with high technical progress.
    The time before.
    I would like to share my thoughts with you:
    Many people rely exclusively on your help and are waiting for the event (which Cobra mentions repeatedly in his reports), so that something good changes on our earth; But they forget that each one of us has the opportunity to help with the change – each of us can contribute something decisive!

    We are all able to send good vibrations into the cosmos through positive thoughts and in love. Through the power of thought alone, the idea of ​​a world born in love, can increase the vibration and help to change our world for the better.

    Thoughts have an enormous force right now! We can manifest by thoughts …….

    I too do not wish for anything more than the change is accomplished and the people who have opted for the “dark” will either go back into disorder or disappear and thus comply with their souls’ contract. I also want to love peace and love in all worlds, and that we live together in honesty, in truth and in joy, and if possible now!
    But to rely exclusively on the event and on your assistance, I do not necessarily consider it conducive. This may mean that we do not actively help ourselves!

    Please do not misunderstand me: I am glad of any help from you, but also especially the help that comes from the very highly developed light powers, light energies (angels, etc.); Because we are all a collective whole – we are ONE!
    And when we help together to change our world, we will be successful.

    Many people are insecure – through many disinformations that the “dark” spread – and can not recognize the truth …… They just see the chaos in our world and no longer pay attention to their own inner voice, which wants to convey the truth to them. They are caught in stress, in the thinking of ideas and in the thought of power. They have forgotten how to go to rest and follow the path of the heart.

    Cobra asks for co-operation between the light workers – yes, that would be really desirable to bundle the bright energy; But every workman is individually on his spiritual journey and is at a different level of vibration – soul so much, so that also different angles of view meet the change. It is, of course, desirable to bring these into unity.

    Would it not make sense if we all decided to serve as role models for the people in whom we live in love, in peace, in gratitude, help in all our lives and in honesty? Regardless of how each individual views the change from his perspective? Because that is the basis of a life born in love – that is exemplary and through this radiance we influence the people around us. This allows each of us to help speed up change.

    It is much more important from my point of view to focus on the outward aspects of your viewpoint. We are all divine creatures and have the opportunity to do so – there we find answers to our questions and find the truth!
    Of course it is easier to put your hands in your lap and hope for the event! But is that so divinely desired? Was not Jeshua (Jesus) taught us to perceive our own inner divinity within ourselves and to regard ourselves as valuable individuals who possess all abilities to reconcile thought, word, and deed – both spiritually and physically To work spiritually?

    We ourselves are the “makers”!

    When we think of ourselves again and no longer focus on others, we will be able to see how peace and love are coming in, and we can move forward boldly. Love is the key to world peace – the divine unconditional love is the guarantor of change. This life brings us all back into the unity with everything – into the commonness – into the unification with the divine self.

    Well, these are my personal thoughts on this subject and everyone can feel for themselves what is right for him and what is not; Because each one of us has his free will ……

    Thanks to Cobra, to the RM and thanks to all the light workers, light beings, light energies, thanks to all humans and also to the animals that help to make our planet back into a paradise state of the L

  39. As far as light-workers attaching each other. I believe the primary reason is that many of us still haven’t learned that when we are triggered we are delusional. Light-workers are powerful people and if they believe the projections that happen when they are triggered then they can be a powerful force to create conflict. I know how difficult it is to disassociate from the thoughts/emotions of the pain body.

    Also, when a light-worker has a mission he or she may still hold some ego ambitions in the fulfillment of that mission. If they perceive someone else as not allowing the mission to be fulfilled in it’s highest form then that ego investment could cause them to feel threatened and therefore possibly attack that other light-worker.

    I post this stuff based on my own observation of myself and those I encounter. I know very conscious people who can’t keep from believing their own delusions when they are triggered. That ability is still a rarity IMO within the surface population of light-workers. We are sensitive people and the threat can feel even more intense because of this…how are we to know it is a lie 😉

  40. Most have a deep and abiding, subconscious sense of shame and unworthiness… We lost our connection with Source!… When we find something that promises relief, such as belonging to a Special Group with Insider Status and access to Special Information, we tend to defend that space vigorously and oppose anything that does not conform exactly to it.

    Another way to illustrate how Trauma -Based Mind Control works:

    You start with a cage containing four monkeys, and inside the cage you hang a banana on a string, and then you place a set of stairs under the banana.
    Before long a monkey will go to the stairs and climb toward the banana.

    You then spray ALL the monkeys with cold water. After a while, another monkey makes an attempt. As soon as he touches the stairs, you spray ALL the monkeys with cold water.

    Pretty soon, when another monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent it. Now, put away the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new monkey. The new monkey sees the banana and attempts to climb the stairs. To his shock, ALL of the other monkeys beat the crap out of him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs he will be assaulted.

    Next, remove another of the original four monkeys, replacing it with a new monkey. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment – with enthusiasm – because he is now part of the “team.”

    Then, replace a third original monkey with a new monkey, followed by the fourth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked.

    Now, the monkeys that are beating him up have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs. Neither do they know why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey. Having replaced all of the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys will have ever been sprayed with cold water.

    Nevertheless, not one of the monkeys will try to climb the stairway for the Banana. They also react badly to ANYONE doing so.

    Why, you ask? Because in their minds, that is the way it has always been, and the way it MUST continue, for us to remain safe.

    • You have perfectly illustrated how psychological programming works. Read my comment, the experiments of Pavlov, with the rats, are even more convincing than those which you quote with the monkeys. If you could tell me your source, it would be cool, thanks

  41. Replying to your comment on why lightworkers/lightwarrios attack each other.

    Personally, I have never attacked an individual on the etheric plane (or whatever name you give it) without fully being aware of their intentions to harm me. I do not come into contact with many positive beings their. So I believe that I have not attacked a lightbeing in that way.

    When it comes to the area of spreading wisdom teachings however I am very defensive. While I believe that the intention of the writer, speaker may be good, the information itself is flawed by means of unsound perception. I mean that a channeler may be recieving good information, but what is copied down is not the whole truth. Also, I Know that even the highest density/demension of beings can have defects and make mistakes. So in relying completely on their “word” to be truth is irresponsible.

    I don’t look at what I do to be attacking the person, but attacking their message. I, as an awake being, should not let misinformation be left undebated. If you can hold your own in a debate with me then I respect that and we can agree to disagree. If you cannot, and can show no evidence of your claims then I will expose you. Simple as that.

  42. well, this is amazing-Cobra said i should blog about my situation because putting it out in public is the best protection. I am afraid that made no sense to me because he does not put his own name out there-and must know that there is no such thing as privacy to the deep state-they read this–too. It is not an ego statement-i have my whole life wondered why they have gone to such lengths to try to seduce, coerce, program, control, and murder me. I AM NO ONE. There is something odd about me-i have always, it seems in retrospect, been a witness and sometimes participant in earth changing world wide events-but never understood why. I have come to think that maybe it had nothing to do with me and was somehow just genetic-until it dawned on me that there is very little chance i am even the person whose name is on my birth certificate. Examples of being near world events. My mother met jfk the night before he was murdered, and a classmate of mine had dinner with him the night before. My mother even flirted with him. I myself met Roosevelt Greer at lax airport the day Bobby was murdered-and supposedly it was Greer that wrestled Sirhan to the ground-though that was staged-and Sirhan could not have been the shooter-he was the patsy like Oswald. Speaking of Oswald, my best friend around that time-her “nana” was the owner of the boarding house in New Orleans where Oswald lived–she told my friend that when she was forced to testify before the Warren Commission, nothing she said made it into the transcripts-and everything that WAS in the transcripts was totally made up-she never said any of it-Oh and my dad was friends with Jack Ruby in Dallas and we lived on Commerce street just a couple blocks away from Dealy Plaza. My dad knew Ruby was mafia-no big deal. Back up on Dad-i saw my first flying saucer sitting in a hanger at Kelly airforcebase in san antonio back when i was in grade school though i don’t recall the exact year-i was not even impressed-i was scared because my dad drove our car out to the base with us family in the car because he forgot to sign out-i saw all these scary signs saying “authorized personnel only” and “trespassers will be shot”–like that–and my brothers went nuts when they saw it-wanting to go for a ride. I was more scared and angryabout the signs than impressed with the saucer..looking at it from 20 feet away at most. So much for all that alien stuff being a “theory”. Later, when i worked at NASA i knew because of my work about the Challenger disaster months in advance–tried but could not stop it-was right in the middle and did not understand-only in retrospect did I understand that probably no one died-just sent into witness protection. I also knew about 9/11 before it happened and who did it and why–but it was years before i could wrap my head around the truth-and still can’t talk about it because the ones who did it are still running loose and still trying to kill–ME and everyone i love. That is the bottom line-you talk-not only do you get targeted and killed but so does everyone you love. Not only that but the mind can only manage so much at a time. I could not comprehend the evil that is this world–nor what was done to me-nor that i actually agreed to go thru it all. Just does not make sense-especially having to be utterly alone and silent thru it all. I am not by nature a secretive person but it is so easy to trigger someone getting harmed. For example, in 1902-1903 there was something even bigger than 9/11 planned by the same people who did 9/11—i did not have a clue what was going on still and just stumbled thru and managed to prevent it happening-it was YEARS before it dawned on me what i had done. If i had known what i was in the middle of I probably would have run for the hills. Instead, i am still fighting this lot of aliens and nazis and their archon and chimera masters. That stuff Cobra talks about is real and so is the Resistance. They came to my rescue when i specifically asked for help–that night. I saw the three ships–hovering over the confrontation site-cloaked to look like three airliners-but what airplanes can be almost still in the sky and so low that they could not have not crashed and the FAA would never let any object fly that low…oh and afterwards they followed me home and did not leave until i was inside my house. And speaking of my house-someone kept blowing up my neighborhood-underground-maybe a hundred yards or so from my house (which sits right on top of NASA-the electric and gas companies are owned by the same people that did 9/11-they were so scared, they responded by putting a big bomb right in my front yard so if anyone like the RM tries to blow up their hidey hole underground again,they take me out with it. Now they are trying to steal my house–illegally mind you but that has never stopped them before. Well, i tried to find the guy-a Pleiadian i am sure who showed up to help me that night…but he has disappeared. His internet presence erased, his job at NASA disappeared and his house sold and him disappeared and i am left wondering if i messed up and leaked his presence and screwed things up because i did not understand what what going on-only that that night was straight out of the Matrix movies. To the Resistance–it is hard to do the right thing when you don’t have awareness of what the right thing to do is each moment. This is especially true if you have been part of MKUltra-as a child, i never know when i am being played or by whom unless it gets physical and then i don’t know when my responses are being manipulated. I have compassion for all like Corey and Thompkins and all the rest–how do THEY know they are not being manipulated say,by the Chimera-and how does anyone know what is really going on. I have more awareness than most because i was RAISED in the deep state and probably that was part of some plan too. I recall Cobra saying most of his mates bailed because they could not remember-well, even if i could remember, how do i know if i am still on someones string or not-and how do I keep going-i was saved that night but now i am even more alone and these bad guys are even more scared and scary and pissed and out to get me. Every year on Hitler’s birthday they celebrate here by trying to kill me in some way. That year RM saved me it seems but then they sent a djinn to kill me in my home at 3 am a few months later -i was able to dispatch the djinn but i still ended up with a broken hand that even now makes typing painful. I have not even scratched the surface and i sure don’t feel any safer nor am i safer-the good news is things are so awful, death does not look so bad at this point except for the intellectual hubris of assuming maybe things are better on the other side of the veil–i DO NOT KNOW THAT EITHER. The implants in my head are not etheric-anyone can feel the big one just inside my hairline(-who put that there adn why?)–or the one wrapped around my pineal glad-that hurts to even lightly touch. and the RM does not understand?????????????????????????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • just want to apologize for the typos—i meant to say 2002 and 2003 about the false flag that i was able to stop—by the way—when you are targeted—one of the first things they do is farg with your computer-my mouse has a deep state mind of its own—i start typing and it just picks an odd place on the page before during and after my typing so there is constant typos-on top of my broken hand and fatigue. sorry. ALSO, my computer just shuts down when whoever is monitering gets tired or annoyed-it just suddenly starts slowing down, buffering, and shut suddenly turning off. annoying!

  43. 25 million people are facing starvation and also a cholera epidemic in Yemen. In the past 1,081 days, 89,144 bombs and missiles have been dropped on Iraq, Libya, and Syria. How can this all be stopped? www.yourabilities.org (donate for food)

  44. Liebes Team vom RM!

    Dank Transinformation.net und Dank Cobra und Co. bin ich auf diese Seite gelangt und möchte gleich beginnen:
    Meine Familie und ich haben das Glück, ein Haus mit Garten zu haben, wo wir eigenes Gemüse und Obst anbauen können. Wir haben das Haus mit viel Fleiß und Schweiß und größten Teils mit unseren Händen gebaut, weil das Geld sehr, sehr gut eingeteilt werden musste. Nebenbei gingen wir arbeiten – ein Los, das wir mit vielen anderen Menschen teilten – rund um die Uhr schuften und Geld blieb IMMER KNAPP. Natürlich sind wir heute glücklich, es schuldenfrei geschafft zu haben und keine extrem hohe Miete zahlen zu müssen, die einem das ganze Geld am Monatsende verschlingt und somit das Leben nicht mehr wirklich lebenswert macht.
    Rundherum und auch in Teilen unseres Alltags geht es NUR UMS GELD und überall wird man abgezockt – ich frage mich, wann wir denn noch fürs Atmen zahlen müssen. Woher bitte sollen wir das Geld denn nehmen? Arbeit kriegt man kaum noch, jeder nimmt, was er bekommt und hat gar KEINE CHANCE zu hinterfragen, ob er denn mit seiner Arbeit glücklich ist, abends kommt er dann frustriert nach Hause, hat vielleicht noch Kinder, die ihre Aufmerksamkeit fordern usw. Dieser Kreislauf lässt sich endlos fortsetzen mit Spiralendrehung nach UNTEN immer weiter. Echt schlimm!

    Ich leide sehr darunter, dass die Menschen immer aggressiver und oberflächlicher werden. Ich habe es mir zu meinem eigenen Schutz angeeignet nur noch mit Menschen zu reden, DIE HÖREN WOLLEN, die auch nachdenken und ausbrechen wollen aus ihrem Schlaf, etwas zum Guten verändern wollen.
    Doch die Angriffe kommen ja auch innerhalb der Familie – wir haben einander sehr gerne – und dennoch wird immer öfter ‘gebissen’, nervös und angriffslustig geantwortet, so, dass es den anderen verletzt – aber nicht, weil sie verletzen wollen, sondern, weil sie so eine Anspannung und Nervosität in sich haben, ja fast schon Chaos… jeder hat scheinbar NUR PROBLEME UND KLAGT.

    Diese Situation ist sehr schwer auszuhalten für mich. Mein Mann sieht abends sehr gerne Fern – bei mir brennen schon die Sicherungen durch, wenn er diesen Fernseher nur einschaltet. So gehe ich dann halt meditieren, oder mich anderwertig kreativ beschäftigen, er isst mit Genuss Fleisch, mir dreht es den Magen um dabei – wie kann man eine TIERSEELE ESSEN???
    Ich liebe Tiere über alles, Pflanzen, Wasser und Gestein…. herrlich! Wenn unsere Äcker umgegraben werden inhaliere ich den Duft der Erde bis ich fast umfalle – einzigartiger Geruch.

    Abends bete ich immer um den göttlichen Traum und Schlafschutz für mich, meine Familie, sowie allesn Menschen dieser Erde – ebenso bitte ich jeden Abend den Ursprung allen Seins um die Gnade, den Segen und die Heilung für ALLES LEBEN auf dieser Erde, UNTER der Erde und ÜBER der Erde, sowie für die Erde selbst und ebenso für alle Planeten, Universen und Galaxien.

    Seit ich über Cobras Interview erfahren habe, dass ihr, RM, bei uns seit, bin ich irgendwie ruhiger. Lese sehr viel über die Pleijaden, den Arcturianern und den Hathoren, allgemeine friedliche Lichtkräfte – vor allem zu den Pleijadier zieht mich irgendetwas in meinem Inneren hin, kann es aber nicht erklären, da ich ja noch nicht so erfahren bin.
    WAs mir bleibt ist eine sehr große Sehnsucht nach FREIHEIT für uns ALLE und das tägliche lernen, mich nicht in die äußere Problematik zu weit hineinziehen zu lassen. Ich habe oft das Gefühl zu spüren, wann mich die finsteren Energien Triggern! Ich gehe sofort in die Anklage (an mich oder andere) und will Unfrieden provozieren – aber GOTTSEIDANK ist mein Bewusstsein mittlerweile soweit geöffnet, dass ich DIESEN UMBRUCH SOFORT MERKE UND IHN DANN STOPPE! Danach ist immer alles vorbei, als ob nichts gewesen wäre – SEHR INTERESSANT!
    Ja, ich lerne gut, so scheint es mir, aber es ist sehr, sehr schwer!!!

    Danke an euch, dass ihr da seid, Danke an Cobra und allen lichtvollen Informanten – hier fühle ich mich wenigstens nicht so alleine. Ich verbreite so viel ich kann im Alltag an interessierte Menschen, aber leider gibt es nicht so viele noch davon und alles geht sehr zaghaft voran. Für mich ZU zaghaft und langatmig. Die Zeiten, wo ich mit ständig töten wollte und Hass spürte, weil ich in diesem Dilemma hier leben muss, sind schon lange vorbei, ich habe gelernt MICH SELBST ZU SPÜREN UND ZU LIEBEN – so gut ich kann, vertiefe ich das täglich, bzw. in JEDEM MOMENT – obwohl mich viel Zorn noch zu schaffen macht.

    Da ich das RIESEN GLÜCK hatte, einen Chintamanistein geschenkt zu bekommen, trage ich ihn bei mir oder lege ihn unter meinen Polster, bis ich einen inneren Impuls bekomme, wo ich ihn begraben kann. Darauf freue ich mich schon.
    Ich möchte somit viel Liebe in die Welt schicken und ALLEN LICHTKRÄFTEN, ob inkarniert oder nicht, für ihr WIRKEN danken. Liebe für ALLE


    Love Team from RM!

    Thanks to Transinformation.net and thanks to Cobra and co. I came to this page and would like to start immediately:

    My family and I are fortunate to have a house with a garden where we can grow our own vegetables and fruit. We built the house with much diligence and sweat and most of it with our hands, because the money had to be very, very well divided. Besides, we went to work-a lot that we shared with many other people-around the clock and money always remained scarce. Of course, today we are happy to have made it debt-free and not to have to pay an extremely high rent, which devours all the money at the end of the month and thus makes life no longer really worth living.

    All around and even in parts of our everyday life it is only about money and everywhere you get off-I wonder when we have to pay for breathing. How are we supposed to take the money? You barely get to work, everyone takes what he gets and has no chance to question whether he is happy with his work, in the evening he comes home frustrated, maybe still has children who demand their attention etc. This cycle can be continued endlessly with Spiralendrehung downwards. Really bad!

    I suffer very much from the fact that people are becoming more and more aggressive and superficial. I have adapted it to my own protection only to talk to people who want to hear, who also want to think and break out of their sleep, to change something for good.

    But the attacks also occur within the family-we like each other very much-and yet more and more often ‘ bitten ‘, nervously and aggressively replied, so that it hurts the others-but not because they want to injure, but because they have such a tension and nervousness in themselves, yes almost chaos… everyone seems to have only problems and complains.

    This situation is very difficult to withstand for me. My husband enjoys watching TV in the evening-with me the fuses are already burning, if he only turns on this TV. So I’m going to stop meditating, or duplicated me creatively, he eats with pleasure meat, I turn the stomach around-how can you eat a soul???

    I love animals about everything, plants, water and rocks…. glorious! When our fields are dug, I inhale the scent of the earth until I almost fall over-unique smell.

    In the evening I always pray for the divine Dream and sleep protection for me, my family, as well as all the people of this earth, I also ask every evening the origin of all being for the grace, the blessing and the healing for all life on this earth, under the Earth and above the Earth, as well as for the Earth itself and also for all planets, universes and galaxies.

    Since I’ve learned about Cobra’s interview that you, RM, have been with us since, I’m kinda quieter. Read very much about the Pleijaden, the Arcturianern and the Hathors, general peaceful light forces-especially to the Pleijadier draws me something in my interior, but cannot explain it, since I am not so experienced yet.

    What remains to me is a very great yearning for freedom for all of us and daily learning not to be dragged too far into the external problem. I often feel when the dark energies trigger me! I immediately go into charge (to me or others) and want to provoke strife-but thank my consciousness is now open so that I immediately notice this upheaval and then stop it! After that, everything is always over, as if nothing had been-very interesting!

    Yes, I learn well, it seems to me, but it is very, very difficult!!!

    Thank you for being there, thanks to Cobra and all the light-informant informants-at least I don’t feel so lonely here. I spread as much as I can in everyday life to interested people, but unfortunately there are not so many yet and everything goes very timidly forward. For me to be timid and lengthy. The times when I wanted to kill with all the time and I felt hatred, because I have to live in this dilemma, have been around for a long time, I have learned to feel and love myself-as best I can, I deepen this daily, or at any moment-though I still have a lot of anger to create.

    Since I was lucky enough to get a Chintamanistein gift, I carry it with me or put it under my upholstery until I get an inner impulse where I can bury it. That’s what I’m looking forward to.

    I would therefore like to send a lot of love to the world and thank all the light forces, whether incarnated or not, for their work. Love for All


  45. Dearest Family,

    We act the way we do because for the most part we are lost and lonely little girls and boys.
    We are that way because our parents were and their parents were and….

    We have had no one to model to us the Source within and until the implants are dissolved we are like the blind looking at a mirror.

    For us just a little farther along the path it is sometimes just enough to get out of bed and try to smile.

    But as we awake we find the love and light within all.

    If we strike out in anger or pain we are really just afraid. Mostly of ourselves and our unrealized gifts.

    Yin and Yang. Fear and LOVE. And in our hearts of hearts we know there is only LOVE.

    Thank you all for all your love and support….we all await when we will be reunited.

    Fierce Unquenchable Joy

  46. Queridos RM y Confederación galáctica. ¨Antes que nada, quiero darles mi agradecimiento desde mi corazón, por todo el apoyo que nos brindan para poder finalmente ser lograr quuie nuestro amado planeta sea libre y feliz.

    Quiero expresarles el profundo dolor que siento por mi planeta y tambien por nosotros los seres humanos.

    Siento mucha impotencia cuando se que que hay seres que están muriendo de hambre, Que la Cabala envenena nuestra comida y el agua. Ver tanta pobreza, enfermedades, sufriemieynto. La crueldad de la Cabala es infinita, No sienten ni el más mínimo remordimiento por todos los asesinatos que han cometido ni tampoco sienten la más mínima compasión por nada ni nadie.

    Mi mayor deseo es que esto ya termine y que podamos aprender otra forma de vida basada en el amor, la compasion y la alegria.

    Merecemos vivir en un planeta feliz fuera de la esclavitud en que nos encontramos ahora y que nuestros niños puedan disfrutar su vida plenamente.

    Nuevamente les agradezco infinitamente por su apoyo. Con todo mi amor para ustedes, mi planeta y la humandad.

    google t – Dear RM and Galactic Confederation. ¨Before nothing, I want to thank you from my heart, for all the support they give us so that we can finally be able to achieve what our beloved planet is free and happy.

    I want to express to you the profound pain I feel for my planet and also for us human beings.

    I feel a lot of impotence when I know that there are beings that are dying of hunger, That the Cabala poisons our food and water. See so much poverty, disease, suffering. The cruelty of the Kabbalah is infinite. They feel not the slightest remorse for all the murders they have committed, nor do they feel the least sympathy for anything or anyone.

    My biggest wish is that this is over and we can learn another way of life based on love, compassion and joy.

    We deserve to live on a happy planet outside the bondage we are in now and that our children can fully enjoy their life.

    Again, I thank you infinitely for your support. With all my love for you, my planet and the humandad.

  47. Seit ich nicht mehr das Schaf bin, das blind der Menge hinterher trottet und weiß, dass vieles nicht das ist, was es zu sein scheint, sehe ich, dass wir von Grund auf manipuliert und konditioniert worden sind und dass wir das noch immer werden. Fakt ist, dass uns das Böse als „Gut“ schmackhaft gemacht wird und dass das, was wirklich gut, richtig, liebevoll ist, unterdrückt, verfolgt, und ausgemerzt wird – auch heute noch. Sämtliche Medien sind in Händen des weltgrößten Verbrechersyndikats, ebenso die wichtigsten Kontrollorgane und alle offiziellen Religionen. Das ist der Grund, warum es mir äußerst schwer fiel, eine „andere“ Wahrheit als die offiziell gelebte, wirklich glauben zu können.
    Irgendwann während meines konditionierten erwachsenen Lebens, empfing ich so dermaßen viel kosmische Liebe von zwei Mitgliedern meiner kosmischen Familie, dass sich die Einstellung zu dem, was um mich herum geschah, in mir zu ändern begann und ich anfing hinter die aufgebauten Kulissen zu sehen. Und ich erkannte in mir, dass ich wieder mehr machen wollte, als ein passiver Energiekörper zu sein.
    Unsere schöne Welt ist völlig aus dem Ruder gelaufen – und zwar so sehr, dass einige von uns zurückkamen, um die Menschheit und den besetzten Planeten Erde aus den Fängen der Nicht-berechtigten lieblosen, emotionslosen und Energie-raubenden Geschöpfe zu befreien, die eigene Interessen verfolgten, das Spiel an sich gerissen und untergraben haben. Die Menschen sind Geisel geworden – ihre Anbindung an Gott ist denen ein Dorn im Auge, die selbst eine solche nicht besitzen und die sich aus den Energien von Angst, Horror und Sorge der Menschen laben. Ich widerstehe der Versuchung, den Planeten Erde mit seinen liebevollen echten Bewohnern im Stich zu lassen. Ich nehme meine Aufgabe ernst und weiß nun um die Wichtigkeit des Widerstandes, der von allen Seiten gleichermaßen immer größer wird, damit das wirklich Gute auf der Erde als solches wieder erkennbar ist und endlich wieder gelebt werden darf.
    Ich danke euch von Herzen, für euren Mut und euren unermüdlichen Einsatz, liebes Team vom Widerstand und werde das meinige dazu beitragen für eure Unterstützung <3
    In Liebe

    google t – Since I am no longer the sheep that blindly follows the crowd and knows that much is not what it seems to be, I see that we have been manipulated and conditioned from the ground up and that we are still going to be. The fact is that evil is made to us as “good” and that what is really good, right, loving is suppressed, persecuted, and eradicated – even today. All media are in the hands of the world’s largest crime syndicate, as are the most important control bodies and all official religions. This is the reason why it was extremely difficult for me to really believe a “different” truth than the officially lived.
    Eventually, during my conditioned adult life, I received so much cosmic love from two members of my cosmic family that the attitude to what was happening around me began to change in me and I began to look behind the built-up scenery. And I realized in me that I wanted to do more than to be a passive energy body.
    Our beautiful world has been completely out of control – so much so that some of us came back to free mankind and occupied Planet Earth from the clutches of the non-legitimate loveless, emotionless and energy-robbing creatures, their own interests Persecuted, torn and undermined the game. Humans have become hostages – their attachment to God is a thorn in their eyes, which themselves do not possess such a thing, and which are energized by the energies of fear, horror, and care of the people. I resist the temptation to leave Planet Earth with its loving real inhabitants. I take my task seriously and I now know the importance of the resistance, which is growing on all sides equally, so that the real good on the earth as such is recognizable and can be lived again.
    I thank you from the heart, for your courage and your tireless commitment, dear team of resistance, and will help mine for your support
    In love

  48. To the Resistance Movement COBRA-23 July 2017-Traduction du Français

    Greetings to all of you and thank you for your presence and your respective implications. I think a small presentation is necessary.
    You invite us to contact you, to make a first contact and I thank you. Personally, I had 3 experiments with groups of “Lightworkers” who all ended in the same way. And it’s always the same problem.
    A few months ago, I contacted the representative of C.O.B.R.A by Skype, sending him some messages, which remained unanswered. I was offering my services for distribution via my site.
    The subject was about the Cintamani stone which was suddenly offered for free, when I paid $ 85.00. I would have been very happy to participate in the distribution, that finally did not take place, because there was not any left for Canada and even less for the Quebec province.
    I do not know what this amount may represent for you, but if I have understood your mode well, you are not subject to the obligation to earn money, to do a work, often not paid enough, but here, on the surface of the Earth, that is the case. Life comes at a cost, and it is exorbitant.
    I am also a Lightworker who has been very involved in all kinds of spiritual activity and I have always walked on a spiritual path and awareness, opening to my skill level, which are Rooting, Meditation and all that can relate to it.
    I also carried out Energy and Vibratory Care which consisted of ridding people of sarcophagi, taking them out of their chrysalis, removing implants of all kinds and even extirpating evil beings from their energetic bodies.
    I also participated, in teamwork, with my former colleagues in Atlantis, of which I remember in part. I was a distributor of Energies and Vibrations during this incarnation, among others. Anyway, that’s the memory I have. These reunions ended like other colleagues’s contacts, with frustrations and unnecessary injuries because the emotions were still too palpable and hurtful.
    I recognize myself as one of these ” Skinned Alive ” people, because I suffered a lot psychologically as physically, and with my 70 years now, I lack breath to keep my rhythm.
    So, even with this small vibratory capacities, I must have disturbed the vibrations of the shadow, because I am attacked in my physical body on a regular basis, despite my precautions / protections on the energy level.
    I know that I am a being of Light who works for ” The Source ” but I do not know what my mission would be. However, if the situation persists, I will no longer have the strength to accomplish it and this seriously worries me.
    So I ask you for help, as quickly as possible, a kind of “Mentor” that can help me better protect myself from these vicious attacks. I have some telepathic ability.
    In conclusion, I would like to point out that I manage a few sites, including this one
    Https://coachdeveilvibratoire.blogspot.ca/ and I try to publish the most important messages coming from the “Resistance Movement” that I support in my own way.
    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you in advance for any help you may wish to give me.
    With all my heart, in these times of transition.
    Françoise De Guire

    Laquebecoise08 on Skype
    And I’m also on Facebook

  49. Liebe Mitkämper und Unterstützer,
    ich danke euch für eure Hilfe die Ihr hier für uns leistet. Der Mensch ist leider noch nicht zu einer Sichtweise gelangt, aus der er erkennt was wirklich vorgeht und wie wichtig dies für uns ist.
    Ich sehe bereits viele Zusammenhänge und kann vieles verstehen was vor sich geht, um so mehr schmerzt es mich, mit anzusehen wie die Menschen an der Wahrheit vorbei gehen als wäre es ein stinkender Mülleimer. Lieber vergnügen sie sich und spielen ihre Rollenspiele, wie auch ich das früher tat und bis zu einem kleinen Teil auch jetzt noch. Ich wünschte mir dass es einen offenen Kontakt gibt zwischen euch und den Menschen, die bereit und offen dazu sind. Die Vorstellung an einen Kontakt mit euch ist für mich immer wieder faszinierend und ich fühle, dass ich mich danach sehne. Menschen die bereit sind für einen Kontakt könnten doch von euch lernen und das was sie gelernt haben den offenen Menschen hier weitergeben. Wir Menschen sind in unseren Empfindungen, Gefühlen und Gedanken so sehr vielschichtig und auch widersprüchlich, dass es für euch sicher sehr schwer sein muss uns zu erfassen und zu verstehen. Die ganzen Einflüsse der Machtelite, der Prägungen und der gemachten Erfahrungen müssen in eine Auswertung mit einbezogen werden. Falls es für meine Entwicklung zweckdienlich ist und für die Ganzheit, würde ich gerne näheren Kontakt mich euch pflegen, durch das Lesen der Kontaktberichte zwischen Billy Eduard Albert Meier und den Plejaden habe ich vor allem zu ihnen besondere Sympathien.

    Ich hoffe mit diesem Schreiben konnte ich euch einen nützlichen Einblick gewähren, und ich bin gerne bereit mehr mit euch zu kommunizieren.

    Liebe Grüsse und in grossem Dank.

    google t – Dear Mitkämper and supporters,
    Thank you for your help here. Unfortunately, the human being has not yet come to a point of view from which he realizes what is really going on and how important this is for us.
    I already see many connections and can understand a lot of what is going on, the more it hurts me to see how people pass the truth as if it were a stinking trash can. They prefer to play and play their roles, as I did before and to a small extent even now. I wish that there is an open contact between you and the people who are ready and open to it. The idea of ​​a contact with you is always fascinating for me and I feel that I long for it. People who are ready for a contact can still learn from you and what they have learned to pass the open people here. We humans are so complex and contradictory in our feelings, feelings and thoughts that it must be very hard for you to grasp and understand. All the influences of the Machtelite, the imprints and the experience gained must be included in an evaluation. If it is appropriate for my development and for the whole, I would like to get closer contact with you, by reading the contact reports between Billy Edward Albert Meier and the Pleiades, I especially have special sympathies with them.

    I hope with this letter I could give you a useful insight, and I am glad to communicate more with you.

    Kind regards and in big thanks.

  50. Der RM!
    Just open the Eyes and Ears of all people on this planet to see, who has the evil inside.
    After done this we all can stay up and peace will come over the world.
    Every War is build on Lies to cheat the “normal” people.
    Human want to trust.
    So we trust U!

    Thank U, and give anybody a sign, U are real!!!

  51. Liebe Brüder u Schwestern der RM…

    wie meine anderen deutschen Vorredner,schließe ich mich dem endlosen dank eurer hilfe an…
    In meinem Herzen möchte ich so ziemlich ähnliches sagen..

    es ist so unendlich schwer für uns,mehr oder weniger erwachte-auch ich hoffe mich lichtarbeiter nennen zu dürfen- dieses ganze chaos auszuhalten.
    da lastet viel auf dem herzen und auf den schultern,da bleibt es schwer aufrech zu gehen.
    Irgendeinen positiven grund findet man immer irgendwie..denn da ist hoffnung.

    ich schwanke oft auch zwischen-bin ich geisteskrank,ist alles nur erfunden- und -wann ist es denn endlich soweit..
    man gibt sich immer der hoffnungsvollen seite hin, das dort schon jemand sein wird, der über einem wacht. so viele beweise,für dieses ganze falsche spiel hier,und doch noch so viele schlafende.
    man hat schon manchmal probleme ein normales gespräch mit leuten zu führen, weil man jedesmal-so geht es mir- denkt,herrje,gibts denn nichts wichtigeres?!
    man hängt sich an den hoffnungsvollen gedanken,das da etwas im hintergrund läuft,das positiv an den fäden zieht..man möchte doch so gern mehr infos haben.
    klar versteht man die geheimhaltung..aber hier und da mal ein kleines “bonbon” das einem zeigt,für sich beweist,DA IST etwas.du bist auf dem richtigen weg..mach weiter,sei stark! das wäre hilfreich..

    Ich wünsche mir wirklich nichts sehnlicher,als das endlich alle auf dem selben level des spiels sind- event-ja das wäre toll..auch ich bin hin und hergerissen zwischen dem alten,was man kennt,und dem neuen,das man eigl möchte,weil das alte doch mehr und mehr unangenehmer,und nicht mehr kompatibel scheint..
    ich möchte alle,die mir wichtig sind mit auf die reise nehmen..sie teilhaben lassen..sie alle sollen es doch erleben,sie haben es verdient!

    man führt doch irgendwie ein doppelleben..ein fuss im “ich muss ein normaler mensch sein, arbeiten gehen,geld verdienen,meine nervenden rechnungen bezahlen”
    und den anderen fuss in ” wir brauchen dieses alles nicht mehr,das alte. wir sind energetisch so hoch und so vernetzt, alles ist möglich..unendliche liebe..schöpfer sein-wollen.
    da sind auf der einen seite die harten fakten und beweise, die geliefert werden was wirklich vor sich geht,andererseits, die realität des augenblicks die einem oft knallhart ins gesicht schlägt mit dingen wie” geh arbeiten, geh dich quälen, dein auto ist kaputt, rechnungen warten, akzeptiert werden, all diese irdischen probleme halt..
    es ist erdrückend..und man mag gern in filmen der zukunft versinken,wo dies alles schon funktioniert..und man träumt sich dann in seine perfekte welt.
    ach wäre es doch hier nur schon so weit..
    man möchte etwas tun,helfen.es beschleunigen..
    man verirrt sich auf seinem weg..

    liebes RM, ich danke euch das ihr eure kräfte der befreiung für uns einsetzt!
    wir haben keine ahnung welche gefahren wohl lauern mögen..
    ich hoffe so sehr,das alles bald für alle reibungslos vonstatten geht.
    Ich selbst habe mir ein mantra,ein leitsatz zu eigen gemacht, der mir hilft,positiv zu bleiben;


    vielen dank <3 bitte helft schnell

    google t – Dear brothers u sisters of the r …

    Like my other German speakers, I join the endless thanks to your help …
    In my heart I would say pretty much the same thing ..

    It is so infinitely difficult for us, more or less awakened – I also hope to call myself light workers – to endure this whole chaos.
    Because there is a lot of stress on the heart and on the shoulders, it is difficult to get up.
    Any positive reason you always find somewhere..denn there is hope.

    I often sway between-I am mental-sick, everything is only invented-and when is it finally so far ..
    You always give yourself to the hopeful side, that there will already be someone who watches over you. So many proofs, for this whole false game here, and yet so many sleeping.
    One has sometimes problems to lead a normal conversation with people, because every time – so it goes to me thinks, boss, is there nothing more important?
    You hang on to the hopeful thoughts, which runs something in the background, which pulls positively on the threads .. man would like so much more information.
    Clearly one understands the secrecy..aber here and there times a small “bonbon” that shows to one, proves for itself, DA is something. You are on the right weg..mach weiter, be strong! that would be helpful..

    I really do not want anything more than to finally be on the same level of the game- event-yes that would be great .. also I’m torn between the old one knows and the new one you want eigl, Because the old but more and more unpleasant, and no longer seems compatible ..
    I would like to take all those who are important to me with me on the trip..make partake .. they all should experience it, they deserve it!

    You lead somehow a double. A foot in the “I have to be a normal man, work to go, make money, pay my annoying bills”
    And the other foot in “we do not need all this anymore, the old one. We are energetically so high and so interconnected, everything is possible … endless love .. creators.
    There are on the one hand the hard facts and proofs that are delivered what is really going on, on the other hand, the reality of the moment, which often hits a bang in the face with things like “go work, go agonize, your car is broken, Bills wait, be accepted, all these earthly problems stop ..
    It is overwhelming .. and you like to sink into the future of movies, where this all works already … and you dream then in its perfect world.
    Oh, it would only be so far here.
    You want to do something to help it.
    One gets lost on his way ..

    Dear RM, thank you for your efforts of liberation for us!
    We have no idea which drives probably lurk ..
    I hope so much, that everything goes smoothly for all soon.
    I myself have adopted a mantra, a guiding principle that helps me to remain positive;


    Thank you <3 please help quickly

  52. Ihr Geliebten im RM,
    dies ist ein großer und glücklicher Moment für mich euch schreiben zu dürfen.Ich bedanke mich für all euer Tun und Wirken auf diesem Planeten. Ich bin eine Lichtkriegerin.Und habe meine Gruppe noch nicht gefunden in der ich mitwirken kann. Befinde mich im Heilungsprozess.Ich wurde von meinen eigenen Mitmenschen und der Dunkelheit zerbrochen.Kämpfe mit Selbstzweifeln. Die ganze Haarptechnologie und das Müllessen und vergiftete Umwelt (Chemtrails) und diese ganze vorgegebene falsche entmenschlichte Lebensweise unterdrückt die Herzensenergie und lichtvolle Weiterwentwicklung auf diesem Planeten. Vor allem habe ich die ständigen Dunkelangriffe im mentalen. emotionalen, psychischen, ätherischen und plasmischen Bereichen! Sobald ich meine Schwingung erhöhe, werd ich um so tiefer nach unten gerissen. Dadurch hab ich wenig Hoffnung (aber sie ist noch da, weil ihr sie am Leben haltet!!!!), das hier alles lichtvoll wird und wir frei werden. In einer lichtvollen Gemeinschaft in der ich Teil sein kann, würde ich aus meiner Isolation und spirituellen Verarmung raus kommen.Meine Seele hat mich ab Februar 2016 angefangen zu erwecken und mich ab Mai 2017 durch die Dunkle Nacht der Seele geschickt. Das war ein heftiger Prozess und ich mußte “allein” damit klar kommen mit der geistigen Welt an meiner Seite.Unterstützt haben mich auch die Arkturianer und die Hathoren. Dies tun sie noch immer.Ich fühle mich dadurch sehr gesegnet. Ich hab mich von den Menschen sehr zurück gezogen. Da sie so dämonisiert sind und sich selbst und andere zerstören (die Tiere und die Umwelt u.a.). Wie Lemminge die auf einen Abgrund zusteuern. So entfernt von ihrer inneren Göttlichkeit.Das tut weh das zu sehen.So können sie nicht glücklich sein. Jeden Tag bin ich mir bewußt das der Tod kommen kann. Er hat hier viele Gesichter. Also ist mein Schwert scharf und mein Herz weint.Ich gehe jeden Tag weiter.Und wenn ich an euch denke hält mein Herz inne in seiner Trauer und singt. Ich danke euch dafür. Ich folge meiner Bestimmung weiterhin und wenn ich soweit bin wäre ich gern an eurer Seite, wenn das im Göttlichen Plan so vorgesehen ist.(Jetzt kommen mir wieder Gedanken wie: Ich steh euch nur im Weg rum.Ich hab keine Ahnung. Ich bin nur ein kleines Menschlein, unterentwickelte Spezies.u.a.) Da hab ich noch was zu tun bei mir. Was mich sehr geschockt und verletzt hat,,war das man mir sagte ich hätte keinen “Aufstiegslift”. Und ohne den ist doch kein Aufstieg möglich! Oder doch? Da Mutter Erde ihre Schwingung stetig erhöht und dann aufsteigt, mache ich mir Sorgen dann deswegen nicht mit aufsteigen zu können und dann in einer schwarzen Hölle zu bleiben. Dann hoffe ich das ich das nicht erleben muss. Das Licht ist mein Sein.Ich liebe euch alle. Danke das es euch gibt! Macht bitte weiter! Sieg dem Licht!

    google t – Her lover in the RM,
    This is a great and happy moment for me to write to you. I thank you for all your actions and activities on this planet. I am a light warrior.Und have not found my group in which I can participate. Find me in the healing process. I was shattered by my own fellow human beings and the darkness. Fight with self-doubt. The whole hair technology and the garbage and poisoned environment (chemtrails) and this whole predetermined false dehumanised way of life suppresses the heart energy and bright further development on this planet. Above all, I have the constant darkness in the mental. Emotional, psychological, ethereal and plasmic areas! As soon as I raise my vibration, I will be pulled down all the more deeply. So I have little hope (but she is still there, because you keep her alive !!!!), which here everything becomes lightful and we become free. In a bright community where I can be part, I would emerge from my isolation and spiritual impoverishment. My soul started to rouse me from February 2016 and sent me through the dark night of the soul from May 2017 onwards. This was a violent process and I had to “alone” deal with the spiritual world at my side. The Arcturians and the Hathors also supported me. They are still doing this. I feel very blessed. I have been very withdrawn from the people. Since they are so demonized and destroy themselves and others (the animals and the environment, among others). Like lemmings that head to a precipice. So away from their inner divinity. That hurts to see. So they can not be happy. Every day I am conscious that death can come. He has many faces here. So my sword is sharp and my heart cries. I go every day. And when I think of you, my heart stops in his grief and sings. I thank you for that. I’m still following my destiny, and if I’m ready, I’d like to be on your side, if that’s what the Divine Plan is for. (Now I’ve got thoughts like: I just stand in your way.) I have no idea A small human being, underdeveloped species.) I have something to do with me. What shocked me and hurt me, was that I was told I did not have a “climb”. And without this, no ascent is possible! Or is it? As Mother Earth steadily increases its vibration and then rises, I do not worry then to be able to ascend and then stay in a black hell. Then I hope I do not have to experience this. The light is my being. I love you all. Thank you! Please continue! Win the light!

  53. Dear RM,
    The reason for lightworkers turning against each other that dark forces influence them exploit their weakness, thus projecting their own problems and shadows to others. Many people do not realize that these thoughts are not theirs in fact. Or read about this, but concider themselves exception. On the other hand, there are lightworkers who can not face their own weaknesses and only create false solutions and no real living, they only play a role, so instead of taking their feelings, themselves, they think they do not see their weaknesses, and they can still mask it…. not everyone is equally strong inside…

  54. Dear RM,
    Thank you for your efforts to liberate the Earth. I’ve been under a scalar attack day and night for weeks, I can not have rest, but I’m persistent. Jesus is with me. The victory of Light! Let there be light!

    by Hilarion

    Lovely God Presence, I AM in me,
    Hear me now I do decree:
    Bring to pass each blessing for which I call
    Upon the Holy Christ Self of each and all.

    Let Violet Fire of Freedom roll
    Round the world to make all whole;
    Saturate the earth and its people, too,
    With increasing Christ-radiance shining through.

    I AM this action from God above,
    Sustained by the hand of heaven’s Love,
    Transmuting the causes of discord here,
    Removing the cores so that none do fear.

    I AM, I AM, I AM
    The full power of Freedom’s Love
    Raising all earth to heaven above.
    Violet Fire now blazing bright,
    In living beauty is God’s own Light

    Which right now and forever
    Sets the world, myself, and all life
    Eternally free in Ascended Master Perfection.
    Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM!

    please unite please do the necessary to get through all seperation,and please consider the negative influcence divides . the most people are not aware what is going on they lost contact to source or knowlege, they are slaves of electronic warfare, and negative emotions which are triggered by the evil earth people need a big deprogramming ,and earth needs cleaning, water , air , soil.average people can not resist the bad and are sucked in by the negative .treat them as mental, emotional and pyhsical ill people who need a healing in every way. the lightworers are not enough . I want the humankind to survive in good condition peace and love and light

  56. Hallo, ich grüße euch,

    Ich möchte gerne zwei Perspektiven teilen: Meine eigene und die von mir auf mein Umfeld.

    Zu meiner Perspektive:
    Es war schon immer und ist auch weiterhin für Menschen wie mich schwierig zu entscheiden, was authentisch, also echt oder wirklich ist, und was nicht. In der Welt gibt es so viele Verzerrungen der Wahrheit und einen so ausgeprägten Grad an Desinformation, dass es schwer fällt, irgendwem vertrauen zu können. Man lässt sich folglich vom inneren Gefühl leiten, und doch muss man sich stets die Frage stellen, ob das eigene, innere Gefühl nicht selbst schon korrumpiert ist. Daher stellt sich die Frage: Wem kann man trauen, und wem nicht? Was passiert wirklich gerade, und was nicht? Dinge die greifbar sind, die wirklich passieren und man sie sehr realistisch erleben kann, haben den wohl größten Eindruck und Einfluss auf unsere Wahrnehmung. Und hier ist das Problem: Wir können unterirdische Tunnelsysteme nicht selbst erkunden gehen, wir können getarnte Schiffe des SSP nicht sehen, wir können nicht mit Reptiloiden kommunizieren ohne gleich von der Bildfläche zu verschwinden… und wir können mit niemandem vom RM direkt in Kontakt treten und ihn bei seiner täglichen Arbeit begleiten! Und hier stellen sich die Fragen: Gibt es ein RM, oder ist es vielleicht die CIA? Existiert Cobra wirklich, oder ist er angestellter Geschichtenerfinder der dunklen Kräfte? Ist die Flotte der galaktischen Föderation da draußen, oder ist sie nur ein Hirngespinnst? Channeln wir wirklich Kontaktleute der Föderation, oder sind es als solche getarnte Dunkelkräfte? Fragen über Fragen und es gibt keine endgültige, schlagende, greifbare Dinge, wie die Wirklichkeit eines Baumes im eigneen Garten zu erleben. Er lässt sich sehen, riechen, wahrnehmen, berühren und so als real empfinden. Mit all den anderen Dingen geht das nicht. Bitte nicht falsch verstehen, ich habe viel von Cobra gelesen und bin der Transinformations-Homepage zutiefst dankbar für deren Übersetzungen, aber weder Cobra noch irgendwen sonst habe ich jemals auf Bildern oder Videos live gesehen. Und wenn Cobra wirklich so viel weiß wie es scheint, wie kommt es dann, dass er unbehelligt seinen Tätigkeiten nachgehen kann? Oder ist er im Untergrund und lebt beim RM? Er hat “angeblich” viele Konferenzen abgehalten und ist regelmäßig in Interviews… warum gibt es davon keine Videos, um sich zu überzeugen, dass es da jemanden wirklich gibt…. auch wenn man dann noch immer nicht weiß, ob er nicht doch insgeheim ein Mitarbeiter der CIA ist. Versteht mich bitte richtg: Wenn ihr vom RM seid und es euch wirklich gibt, dann ist dies keine Kritik, sondern unsere Möglichkeit die Welt um uns herum wahrzunehmen. Nicht jeder hat die Möglichkeit zur Transkommunikation oder zur Wahrnehmung energetischer ebenen, um so seine Sicherheit zu erhalten. Sicher sind wir alle entsprechend veranlagt all das zu können, nur unterschiedlich weit entwickelt. Hinzu kommt unser tägliches Leben. Die Zeit in unserem Alltag ist durch die Dinge geprägt, die wir tun müssen, um unseren Alltag zu bewältigen – Essen, Schlafen, Arbeiten, Einkäufe und dergleichen. Zum Schluss bleibt für uns selbst kaum noch Zeit, in der wir daran arbeiten könnten zu uns selbst zurück zu finden. Wenn ihr wirklich echt seid und wirklich das RM seid, dann hilft euch dies vielleicht besser zu verstehen, in welcher Lage wir sind. Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich keinerlei Probleme damit hätte, wenn ihr plötzlich am Himmel oder in den Straßen auftauchen würdet. Im Gegenteil sogar: Für ein Treffen hätte ich sicher, wie viele andere auch, nichts dagegen. Da ist noch etwas sehr persönliches: Ich weiß schon mein ganzes Leben lang, dass ich hier nicht „zu Hause“ bin. Ich vermisse euch alle so sehr und schaue immer wieder in die Sterne und hoffe, nicht mehr so einsam sein zu müssen. Das tue ich schon mein ganzes Leben lang. Es wird Zeit, dass ihr euch meldet – es wird wirklich höchste Zeit.

    Zur Perspektive meines Umfeldes:
    Nun, die Menschen sind größtenteils tatsächlich nicht erwacht, um es mal mit diesem Wort zu beschreiben. Sie leben in ihrer eigenen Umfeldwahrnehmung, sehen sich selbst, ihre Familie und Freunde und versuchen sich durch ihr Leben zu bringen. Sie sind sehr tief in die Realität der physischen Welt eingetaucht und darin so stark verflochten, dass sie Raumschiffe zwar wahrnehmen und auch in Ruhe betrachten könnten, ohne in Panik zu geraten. Aber es wäre für sie sehr seltsam und neuartig (ich selbst hingegen würde eher Erleichterung und Dankbarkeit verspüren). Sofern diese Verwunderung nicht durch Antworten auf die Frage „was ist da los“ gestillt wird, könnte daraus eine Verwirrung entstehen, die dann in einem Chaos im Kopf endet. Dieses Chaos, dass die Leute im Kopf hätten, würde dann die Konsequenz auch äußerlichen Ausdrucks mit sich bringen, oder anders gesagt: Die Leute werden nervös und aggressiv. Auch die Aufmerksamkeitsspanne würde sich drastisch verkürzen und es würde zunehmend schwieriger werden mit den Leuten vernünftig zu sprechen. Daher ist es sehr wichtig, nicht nur einfach am Himmel zu erscheinen, sondern durch unmittelbare Informationen die Leute zu beruhigen, zu informieren und ihnen die Situation zu erklären. Dann denke ich, bekommen wir die Angelegenheit schnell und gut in den Griff. Davon abgesehen bin ich überzeugt, dass die Menschen bereit sind, sich auf die galaktischen Sternengeschwister einzulassen, denn ihre Versunkenheit in der physischen Welt bedeutet nicht, dass sie nicht offen wären für neues. Wenn die Dinge geschehen würden, dann könnten die Menschen sich auch darauf einlassen – und ich denke, das ist ein wichtiges Zeichen.

    Ich hoffe, durch meine Zeilen wird es euch leichter zu verstehen, wie ich aus meiner einzelnen Sicht die Welt sehe und wie ich mein Umfeld als Ganzes wahrnehme.
    Mein Appell an euch: Helft Menschen wie mir die Realität eurer Existenz zu erkennen, indem ihr uns nicht nur anonyme Texte hinter Pseudonymen hinterlasst, sondern tatsächliche Fakten Präsentiert. Zum Beispiel detaillierte Baupläne von Raumschiffen, echte Fotos von Untergrundbasen oder Reptiloiden, Ceta-Retikuli, etc. etc. – Zeigt uns die Realität so auf, wie ihr sie seht. Dann fällt es uns leichter, uns auf das einzulassen, was ihr sagt. Auch Fotos von Cobra, auch auf den Veranstaltungen. Ich habe z.B. nie gesehen, wie man an einer solchen Konferenz teilnehmen kann, nie ein Video davon gesehen… „Cobra“ kann wer weiß was sein. Arbeitet mit der Realität, weniger mit Joda, und wir können wieder ein Stück einander näher kommen. Letztendlich weiß ich, dass es meine Entscheidung ist, was ich glaube oder nicht – es liegt an mir in mich zu gehen und die Antwort zu finden. Aber das Beschriebene wäre ein guter Weg den auch ihr gehen könntet, damit wir uns einander annähern können.
    Lasst uns mit einander in Kontakt treten. Die Zeit ist da.
    Love more
    google t – Hello to all of you,

    I would like to share two perspectives: My own and those of me to my environment.

    To my perspective:
    It has always been and continues to be difficult for people like me to decide what is authentic, so real or real, and what is not. In the world there are so many distortions of truth and such a pronounced degree of disinformation that it is difficult to trust anyone. One can, therefore, be guided by the inner feeling, and yet the question must always be asked whether one’s own inner feeling is not itself corrupted. Therefore the question arises: Who can be trusted, and to whom? What is happening right now and what is not? Things that are tangible, which really happen and you can experience them very realistic, have the greatest impression and influence on our perception. And here is the problem: we can not explore underground tunnel systems ourselves, we can not see camouflaged ships of the SSP, we can not communicate with reptiloids without disappearing immediately from the screen … and we can not contact anybody directly from RM and Accompany him in his daily work! And here are the questions: Is there a RM, or is it perhaps the CIA? Does Cobra really exist, or is he an employee of the Dark Forces? Is the fleet of the galactic federation out there, or is it just a brain spinning? Are we really channeling contacts of the Federation, or are they camouflaged dark forces? Questions about questions and there are no definitive, striking, tangible things to experience like the reality of a tree in your own garden. It lets you see, smell, perceive, touch and feel as real. With all the other things is not. Please do not misunderstand, I have read a lot of Cobra and am deeply grateful to the transinformation homepage for their translations, but neither Cobra nor anyone else I’ve ever seen live on pictures or videos. And if Cobra really knows as much as it seems, how does it happen that he can go about his activities undisturbed? Or is he in the underground and lives at RM? He has “held” many conferences and is regularly in interviews … why there are no videos to convince himself that there really is someone …. Even if you still do not know whether he is secretly an employee of the CIA. Please understand me correctly: If you are of the RM and you really exist, then this is not criticism, but our ability to perceive the world around us. Not everyone has the possibility of transci- pation or the perception of energetic levels, in order to preserve their security. Certainly we are all able to do all this, only differently developed. Add to this our daily life. Time in our everyday life is characterized by the things we have to do to cope with everyday life – eating, sleeping, working, shopping and the like. In the end, there is hardly any time for ourselves to be able to return to ourselves. If you are really real and really are the RM, then this may help you better understand the situation in which we are. I have to say that I would not have any problems with it if you suddenly appeared in the sky or in the streets. On the contrary: for a meeting I would certainly, like many others, do not mind. There is something very personal about it: I have known all my life that I am not “at home” here. I miss you all so much and always look back at the stars and hope not to be so lonely anymore. I’ve been doing this all my life. It is time that you report – it is really high time.

    To the perspective of my environment:
    Well, the majority of people are actually not awakened to describe it with this word. They live in their own environment, see themselves, their family and friends and try to get through their lives. They are very deeply immersed in the reality of the physical world, and are so closely intertwined that they can perceive spaceships and can also look at them calmly, without panicking. But it would be very strange and novel to them (I myself would rather feel relief and gratitude). If this amazement is not satisfied by answers to the question “what is going on there”, a confusion could arise, which then ends in a chaos in the head. This chaos that people would have in their minds would have the consequence of external expression. In other words, people become nervous and aggressive. Also, the attention span would drastically shorten and it would become increasingly difficult with the LeuTo speak rationally. Therefore, it is very important not only to appear in the sky, but to inform, inform and explain the situation by direct information. Then I think we get the matter quickly and well into the handle. Apart from that, I am convinced that people are ready to embrace the galactic stars, because their immersion in the physical world does not mean that they are not open to new things. If things were to happen, people could get involved – and I think this is an important sign. I hope my lines will make it easier for you to understand how I see the world from my perspective and how I perceive my environment as a whole. My appeal to you: Helps people like me to recognize the reality of your existence by not only leaving anonymous texts behind pseudonyms, but presenting actual facts. For example, detailed blueprints of space ships, real photos of subsoils or reptiles, Ceta-reticulas, etc. – Show us the reality as you see it. Then it is easier for us to admit what you say. Also pictures of Cobra, also at the events. For example, Never seen how to participate in such a conference, never seen a video of it … “Cobra” who knows what can be. Work with reality, less with Joda, and we can get closer together. Ultimately, I know that it is my decision, what I believe or not – it is up to me to go and find the answer. But what is described would be a good way that you could go, so that we can approach each other. Let us get in contact with each other. The time has come. Love more Christian

  57. Hallo
    Danke, das ihr da seit.
    Und Danke an die vielen Menschen, die Erwachten und Erwachenden.
    Die Menschheit braucht noch ein paar Schritte, um wieder auf den rechten Weg zu kommen.
    Mit der Hilfe des Himmels werden wir es schaffen.
    Meine Sichtungen waren keine Haluzinationen.
    Vieleicht sogar gewollt.
    Und denen, die sie geschickt haben, danke ich.
    Meine Kindheitsträume werden sich verwirklichen.
    Heute weiß ich, das der Geist mehr ist, als uns immer gelehrt wurde.
    Unsere vergangene Geschichte wurde manipuliert.
    Unsere Gegenwart wird immer noch getäuscht. Aber jetzt vergebens.
    Die Zukunft von Mama Bacha und den Menschen wird paradiesisch.
    Ich freu mich über jeden Kontakt.
    Denn nur das Licht kann siegen.

    translate. pons
    Thanks, you there since.
    And thanks to many people, the awoken and awaking.
    The humanity needs a few more steps to get away again on the right one.
    With the help of the sky we will create it.
    My sightings were no Haluzinationen.
    Vieleicht even artificial.
    And I thank those which they have sent.
    My childhood dreams will be realised.
    Today know I which is the mind more than to us was always taught.
    Our past history was manipulated.
    Our present is still deceived. But now in vain.
    The future of mummy Bacha and the people becomes heavenly.
    I please me about every contact.
    Since only the light can win.
    In Love engelseher…Agnes Klare Deymann

  58. An die Widerstandsbewegung
    Ich danke euch für eure Präsenz und eure Bereitschaft, der Menschheit zu helfen.
    Ich bin sehr glücklich darüber, dass ihr uns Menschen bei der Befreiung aus dieser Misere beisteht!

    Ich bin derzeit 28 Jahre alt und habe schon als kleines Kind meine Aufgabe gekannt, mit meiner Liebe und Magie der Menschheit einen Weg zurück zur Einheit des Universums zu weisen. Es war jedoch wichtig für meine Entwicklung, dies bis 2008 nach hinten zu stellen und vollkommen die Dualität zu erleben. Meine Wahl, nach 2008 gleichzeitig ein “normales” Leben zu führen (also nicht abgeschieden von der Zivilisation), energetisch für die Erde da zu sein und seit 2014 zusätzlich die 6-Seen-Platte im Ruhrgebiet als möglichst hoch schwingenden Kraftpunkt zu betreuen, bringt mich täglich an den Rand der Erschöpfung. Ich vermisse meine Sternenfamilie so sehr! Umso schwieriger, dass meine Mitmenschen die Dimensionen in denen ich meine Energiearbeit verrichte nicht sehen können. Ich kann Ihnen weder die Existenz helfender Sternennationen noch die Wichtigkeit des meschlichen “Erwachens” noch das Vertrauen in ihre eigene natürliche telepathisch herzbasierte Kommunikation zu Tieren deutlich machen, ohne als vollkommen verrückt angesehen zu werden. So traue ich mich kaum, meine Erfahrungen weiterzugeben oder auch nur die Menschen um mich herum in ihren Ängsten und Befürchtungen des dualen Wahnsinns trösten zu können, dass alles nur eine Illusion ist und sich bald zum Besseren wandelt. Ich bin ja selbst unsicher, wann endlich der Moment da ist, der alles neu ordnet.

    Es wäre so hilfreich, wenn endlich auch über die großen Medien von offizieller Seite verkündet würde, dass eine neue Zeit anbricht und endlich der (auch physische) Kontakt zu euch galaktischen Helfern zur Normalität wird! Ich werde ungeduldig, die Dringlichkeit von großen Veränderungen wächst täglich.
    Ich freue mich darauf, mit den galaktischen Helfern bald näher zusammenarbeiten zu können.
    ich zitiere einen passenden Part aus einem anderen Kommentar:
    “Die Zeit ist reif für einen Wandel. Friede, Freiheit und Liebe, für alle Wesen auf und in der Erde.”
    Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirianisch: Seid ,Eins! Freut Euch!)

    google t – To the resistance movement
    I thank you for your presence and your willingness to help humanity.
    I am very happy that you help us liberate us from this misery!

    I am currently 28 years old and as a young child I have already known my job of showing my love and magic of mankind a way back to the unity of the universe. However, it was important for my development to put this back in 2008 and to fully experience the duality. My choice to lead a “normal” life at the same time (not separated from civilization), to be there for the earth energetically and since 2014 additionally to take care of the 6-lake plate in the Ruhr area as the highest possible force Me daily to the brink of exhaustion. I miss my star family so much! This makes it all the more difficult for my fellow men to see the dimensions in which I can not do my energy work. I can not tell you the existence of helping starnations, the importance of the awkward “awakening,” or the confidence in their own natural telepathic heart-based communication with animals without being viewed as completely crazy. So I hardly dare to pass on my experiences or even to comfort the people around me in their fears and fears of the dual madness that everything is only an illusion and soon changes for the better. I am uncertain, of course, when the moment is at hand which reorganizes everything.

    It would be so helpful if, finally, the big media from the official side announced that a new era was coming, and that the (physical) contact with you of the galactic helpers became normality! I become impatient, the urgency of big changes is growing daily.
    I am looking forward to working closer with the galactic helpers soon.
    I quote a suitable part from another comment:
    “The time is ripe for change. Peace, freedom and love, for all beings on and in the earth. ”
    Selamat Gajun! Selamat Yes! (Sirian: Be, One, Rejoice)

  59. Dear Resistance,

    I really appreciate your help in freeing us humans on Earth.
    Since almost 10 years now I’ve been following the alternat Media and every little message that tells of some success makes me feel good. Even when I just read in between the lines.
    Since my divorce in 2006 my life has changed drastically.
    I now live from my savings, don’t have any medical insurance anymore and don’t know how long I can still hang in there.
    So many good things that we are told are our birth right haven’t come to fruitition yet.
    I am exhausted and tired. My constant migraine attacks are wearing me down and that constant
    pulsating rhythm in my head and lower chacra keep me from sleeping.
    Im carrying on for my son who is actually an adult but I still feel he needs a mother in his life.
    Whenever I can I try to cheer other people up. And I so much could use some cheering and help
    Im 60 now and ask myself, what am I working/fighting for. My whole life on earth i felt like I’m not part of this family. The loved and lucky ones are always the others.
    And still I love this Mother Earth so much and would love to see all her beauty.

    I still live for that day when we don’t have to worry about how to pay for our life.

    • Dear Brigitte greetings from Holland(Netherlands),
      you are a strong person remember that ,nothing is coincidence, all you expieriënce now is to learn what it feels like to be in such a position, to make you a much more understandeble human for the task(s) that is in the future for you , yes i also had my difficulties, terrible migraine to for many years and family en relations and money troubles .Ones i understood that i was focussing to much on the difficulties ,my migraine vanished within a few weeks ,no need for strong medications anymore , i’d learnt to relax and see the world as place where we are visitors for a while.That everything is only for a short time even difficult things, IF we want to see.
      Try to see the beauty ,yes i know its difficult because there is much sorrow in the world ,but still there is enough beauty to see .
      That day you live for, not to worry anymore ,WILL COME maybe sooner than you think
      the darkest hour is just before dawn…remember that .

  60. Hello Dear Brothers and Sisters from everywhere. I mean no disrespect, just today I Am a bit tired and desire to be very honest and say what I Am feeling at this moment.
    I wanna say that I Am Human and I AM THE MOST GENUINE RESISTANCE THAT IS. Although we are a team of many races and working from many sides. No one else out there has the finest experience of what it is to fight and survive the descent to the dark realms. WE DO. And if the RM members do not understand why we still hurt and bump in each other down here, it is in parts because we have been abused for everyone else, including our brothers and sisters from inner earth. We Humans have been thru a lot for very long, and now the infusion of the LIGHT is steering things even more, attacks and suppression from old rulers is still rampant, the daily surviving pressure is heavy, etc..
    Then dear RM brows and sis, you can’t understand why we still can’t have quality meditation enough to manifest abundance? or to stop picking at each other? Well, as it was mention by Cobra, your understand of our world is very little.
    I want to ask, without being too much in disrespect, but if you could get out of your hidden places a bit more, release some of your technology a bit more, earn back our trust and give us the opportunity of show you that we aren’t beasts, but baits, to the big plan of ending the era of the primary anomaly. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT INDEED!

  61. Resistance Movement,
    This is a difficult letter to write. On the one hand, a large part of me desperately wants to believe there is someone out there in the Universe that has not forgotten us, that is fighting for us, that will not allow us to be utterly forsaken and written off as an instructive loss. That is how the Universe should be. We should care for our loved ones, we should leave no one behind. No one can be cut off from the whole, from the One. How can the hand be separate from the body? How can the cell be separate from the organ?

    And yet we are. The message “YOU ARE ALONE” is screamed at us from all sides. Part of me snickers at the half that is typing, deriding it for falling for yet another hope-inducing trick of the Dark, yet another CIA psyop mind fuck. The problem, you see, is that we’ve been completely warped at the very first stage of human growth and development (according to Erickson) at the level of the group organism: Trust versus Mistrust. In our artificially perpetuated state of infancy we have been taught to mistrust so deeply at the cellular level of our collective psyche that it is what we revert to every time, even when confronted with something other than what we have known. We have been taught not to trust each other, we have been taught not to trust ourselves. We react as an animal bent only on its own survival. Even those of us who are marginally more aware of our situation cannot help but fall back into the old pattern because it has been ingrained over lives upon lives upon lives. It takes a very long to regain the trust of a dog that has been beaten from birth, even if it is never given a reason to mistrust a new individual, one whom only offers kindness and love. We judge each other as the world we have been confined to has taught us to judge everything: Unkind. Untruthful. Unfair.

    We have no memories of anything else. Our memories have been kept from us. We have been held hostage in the dark so long that we have become blind, and we find it difficult to imagine seeing, or painful to remember. We have adapted to live in a cruel world. We understand abandonment and loss as “just the way things are.” It is the only way our minds have been able to function. We shut ourselves off. It is not Me that suffers, it is Them, and we are Separate, so I remain unaffected. And so we go on in our delusion as a protective mechanism.

    At times I read the news headlines about murder or slavery or one of the many, many horrid abuses that happen here. Or I experience a loss, personally or through a loved one. And then my awareness becomes attuned to the fact that this occurs thousands of time each day, each minute, each MOMENT, all across my planet. For one instant I tap into the collective suffering of my brothers and sisters and it is mind numbing. And then the realization that follows in the next moment is that I am powerless to help them all, and it threatens to crush my soul. I cannot bear it. The mind programming sets in: “YOU ARE HELPLESS. YOU WILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. YOU ARE A MOTE AMIDST THE SEA.” For the sake of my sanity I accept this at its face and retreat into myself, but my core refuses to submit. I help where I can, I love as much as I can, I give as often as I can, but all against a background of despair that we will never be able to all cooperate as one and do it together en masse.

    Division is the strength of our captors. We have been conditioned to believe we are divided from Divine Source, that we are apart from the Earth who sustains us, that we are segregated from all the flora and fauna that support us, that we are different and separate from one another. We divide ourselves upon the basis of appearance, ancestry, belief, nationality, gender, and a thousand other qualities. We are raised to believe that different is DANGEROUS and sameness is SAFE, even when the different offers us hope and the sameness offers us desolation. It is easier to accept that this is all there is or will ever be for us rather than to extend the traumatized hands of our soul in hope for positive change.

    Humans accept division well because we have been conditioned to it for eons. I would say to the Resistance to use this to their advantage. Compartmentalize the surface population involvement of the liberation effort into very specific, task-oriented subgroups, even more so than you have already done. We are also very accepting of authoritative direction, so give us protocols and guidelines. While we need to mature into our adulthood as a group organism, we have never been prepared. We have never learned personal responsibility. To expect us to learn it now, in the midst of the greatest transformation this Universal cycle has ever known, is simply too great a request. It is to expect running from a blind child that he been restrained from learning to crawl. We must unlearn the savior expectations that have been beaten into us, we must unlearn the abdication of personal responsibility, but it must be done in a gradual way that introduces us to these concepts slowly. You simply must hold our hands as we walk for the first time blindly across a freeway in rush hour traffic.

    But please, whatever you do, don’t give up on us.

    Love and Light to you all, and prayers for your and our success in this great feat of all our souls,

  62. Dear Resistance Movement,

    Thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do for all of humanity.  My deepest thanks and gratitude.

    It is often stated that we have free will and thus the majority of things are up to us, both individually and collectively.  However, how can we have free will when we are not truly free?  We live in an enslaved environment, we are implanted and unable to remember our mission, we are controlled, lied to, attacked, manipulated, poisoned…… and the list goes on.  We need to be free, know the truth, live as Source/we intended, then we can make true and correct choices of our own.  As the saying goes “the truth shall set you free”.

    We are often told to follow our life path.  I am sure that I am not alone when I say that every time I do, there are large obstacles and blocks placed on my path.  Yet we continue and the same thing repeats itself.  This becomes very difficult, exhausting and exasperating.  Some people give up, others continue.  In extreme cases (again I am speaking personally although I am not the only one) there have been several instances of “close accidents” throughout my life where, if I was not so protected, things may have ended tragically.  I am one of the fortunate ones, others have not been so lucky.  This is not how life on Gaia should be.

    There is so much pain and suffering on this planet, the sooner it ends the better for all.  We that are communicating with you are the minority, it is the majority that require the most assistance.  If you are able to assist further with the liberation of this planet, humanity will be grateful.  I know I definitely will be.

    There are a number of us that would like to assist the Resistance Movement further.  If we can be of service perhaps a way could be made for these individuals to be identified.  I leave this to your discretion.

    Again, my heartfelt thanks for everything ♡

  63. Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Advanced Essence and RM;
    I feel you. I sense you. I see your Love.
    Duo Mu you are sublime and I support you; Sister of the Divine Mother Creatrix Essence.

    ~ We Are Here ~
    Speaks to my soul and Essence. Of this, do you take part and own participation?

    I communicate in 3 dimensional form in this blogsite, aside from Heart Intelligence Communication
    (I-com) to share these images, vibration, inspiration, that compels me to reach inward even further than I Imagined.
    I share this frequency with you as a small child shares a newly found flower with a Wise Grandparent.
    In all innocence, sincerity, and humbleness permit me to express that I reach IN for guidance to move forth to Source.
    That is my responsibility. I own it.

    Today there are powerful alignments and convergences
    that our Beloved Mother Giaia/Terra feels.
    The Sun/Helios is ablaze as a portal. It is a propitious moment to connect with you, in my humble opinion.

    It empowers the Source spark within me to re-establish the connection once lost or stolen. I choose not to be victim of the robbery of this however taken in No Time/Space, as we agreed at some stage to all play the part of making known an unknown.
    I therefore, reach down with all LOVE that I can muster in this stage, and ask that may pull up from the depths of hell in forgiveness that is more awareness than forgiveness, to say to them
    WE ARE THE LIGHT- Welcome Home. Good job.
    Go forth and do no harm. In Peace.
    With Thanks
    Om Mani Padme Hung
    I honor You
    So Be it

  64. few questions: if the toplet bombs went off could it be contained? would it kill our souls? if yes and no, then would we be free to choose our reincarnation parameters? i guess those are hypothetical questions as probably no one knows the answers, and i’m assuming it would be quite dangerous to find out. however, there has to be a way to get off this merry go round.
    i do appreciate the efforts being put forth to change things, but let’s keep in mind there is a point where it’s not worth it any longer.

    • Exactly, there is a stage where it is no longer worth it, and this stage will be reached in December 2022. So, all mankind can still ask some questions, but, once this period has passed, and if it Is at the same point as now, she will no longer even have the capacity to believe in deliverance, because everything outside will show her that it is “out of the country.”

  65. Please, please, PLEASE! Come and help us get through this struggle! It’s difficult to even want to be here with all the negativity and all that is stacked against us. We sincerely want your intervention! We need something to hold on to so we don’t sink. We’re still too far from the shore to stop paddling, but too exhausted to make it ourselves.

    Thank you for the words of encouragement through the channels. But, we really need to see more concrete proof that changes are happening. If there is anything more you can do for us, from your perspective, we appreciate it so very much.

    Love and Light to you.

    • Dear MamaB,

      When huge explosions are heard and the buildings collapse like cards castles, you will ask the sky to stop the dance. Do not be too hasty that this happens, because it happens.The release is like an omelette, it can not be done without breaking eggs

  66. Hallo meine freunde des lichtes ich habe nur eine bitte nur ein wunsch mehr nicht,bitte befreit mich ich möchte hier weg und es tut sehr weh,in meinem ganzen sein .der schmerz ist zu gross,ich bin bereit mich euch anzuschliesen so das kein lebewesen das durchmachen muss,was ich erlebt hat ich schäme mich nicht um hilfe zu erbitten,es gehört mut zu haben für demut.ich will hier nur weg.ich bitte darum schon um 40jahre in diesem leben,was muss ich tun das ihr mir hier mich zu den sternenschiffen bringt.ich bitte jeden tag unserem schöpfer darum das ich gehn darf.vom herzen ich sage im immer ich liebe dich,so sage ich euch,bitte befreit mich ich bin müde habe kaum mehr kraft. bitte helft mir.mein name ist Taner ich glaube ihr findet mich wenn ihr könnt,bitte hilft mir.ich liebe euch.RM.

    google t – Hello my friends of the light I have only one please only one desire more, please liberate me I would like to go away here and it hurts very much in all my pain is too big, I am ready to attach myself to you so that no living thing I have to go through what I have experienced I am not ashamed to ask for help, it belongs to have courage for demut.ich wants only here weg.ich I ask for it already 40 years in this life, what must I do that you me me here To the sternenschiffen. I ask every day our creator for the reason that I may go.vom heart I say im always I love you, so I tell you, please liberate me I’m tired has little more power. Please help me.my name is Taner I believe you will find me if you can, please help me.I love you.RM.

    • Hello sternstaub,

      There is only one kind of suicide which is authorized by the Supreme Creator is to let oneself die of starvation, and it takes about four months to detach the soul most attached to the body, drinking Water, so as not to suffer unnecessarily. One fine morning, one does not wake up any more, because one has remained in the astral plane. On the other hand if you still have a little patience, you will see incredible things happen, and you will have the opportunity to give your life for something useful.
      Keep courage, we are in the last straight, the one that signals the end of the race

  67. The reason is that we have been taught self-righteousness. The cabal has worked very hard at transforming in our mind any debate into a 2 sided war. They have insiduously destroyed the real nature and understanding of what an actual debate is. I am over 50 and can remember how debates sounded, up to the early 80s on TV. but that is pretty much gone now. and new generation often think the pretend version are normal and healthy. They are not.

    This is a major reason why there is division among us. The programmed ‘them-versus-us’ is activated every time we face some one who disagrees. We need to stop doing that, and I see it has already started.

    Thank you for reminding us how important it is to change this. Thank you again for your great assistance.

  68. Dear RM,

    Thank you for all your work and the opportunity to express our views here.
    Based on my limited understanding of the current situation, I would like to share my opinions on the issues, which I categorized as follows:

    RM/LIGHT FORCES & their REPRESENTATIVES – I love you all and I am grateful for everything you do but, sometimes, it seems you are too busy and/or detached from our reality to fully understand our issues.

    SLEEPERS – those who due to heavy and prolonged programming in various forms: religion, society, media, school, food, vaccines, chemtrails, etc. – are still unaware of what is happening. I find dealing with them extremely frustrating, sometimes unbearable. However, I do not think that blaming them for not remembering or fulfilling their missions is fair. Isn’t our number one mission to bring LOVE and LIGHT to this planet? I know many sleepers who are loving and caring individuals and I think I know what they would do if they had a chance to learn the Truth.
    Those people must be woken up. Can a person under medically induced coma perform their duties? The Light Forces UNDERESTIMATED the level of darkness on this planet…the RM UNDERESTIMATED the level of suffering on this planet. Why is it not possible for the incarnated Souls to UNDERESTIMATE the conditions on this planet, the extend of the trap/veil before incarnating?

    CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE – that would be those who are awake or in a process of awakening. Those who must rely on their beliefs, feelings, and that unexplained internal knowing. Hungry for reliable information but bombarded with disinformation or contradicting views. Many with traumas, many in financial difficulties. Ridiculed by the sleepers and not fully understood by the RM and Light Forces. Your help with providing meditation techniques that we can use individually and collectively in a group setting would be much appreciated.

    LIGHTWORKERS/LIGHTWARRIORS CONFLICTS – Apart from deliberately orchestrated attacks by the cabal agents…Is it possible that the information the Lightworkers receive come from different factions/sources? Is it possible that the sources provide different interpretation for the same event/s? Is it possible that the Lightworkers interpret the same/similar information differently? Is it possible that the ego, emotions or ambitions still play a big role in the Lightworker’s life?

    DISCLOSURE – We have the right to know the Truth! Not through soft, partial or gradual disclosure that only buys the cabal more time. NO MORE SACRIFICES! NO MORE DECIDING for us and on our behalf. We need FULL DISCLOSURE on the secret accounts apparently held in our names (that would wake up the masses), the ‘elite’ and their practices, ETs, our history and heritage.

    With LOVE and LIGHT

  69. After reading some of the comments I would like to add the following to my own post (#comment-68465):

    I have to agree that more unison shown between the different resistance movements (RMs) and disclosure groups and advocates would be beneficial to more agreement within the lightworker communities as well. Like said a few posts below, less conflicting information and a confirmation of the general cause and major pieces of information could significantly reduce possibly trigger reasons for people to get into fighting. Not saying this leaves the lightworkers out of responsibility, of course it doesnt. But it would help, also in light that we are living in a constant reality perception that is based on separation. Additionally, a showing of collaboration in general (while remaining own viewpoints) among the groups would bolster and boost the process of more people warming up to this information and considering it, given that it would have a wider reference base than individual groups or people would have.

    Some have brought up the topic of money-making in relation to whistleblowers and channelers etc.
    and how this can lead some to believe certain people are a scam and only in to make a profit. For this I would like to suggest that the RMs provide financial support to prominent lightworkers and whistleblowers if it helps them to worry less about making a living and be less dependent on income connected to their spiritual work.

    Another point mentioned in one of the comments that I have a similar feeling about is that we might not be fully able for true unity until after the Event and after the anomaly and primary illusion of separation has been removed. In my original comment I elaborate a bit more on how difficult I find it even after 20 years on the spiritual path to stay connected to the within and connected to source, a constant struggle that requires permanent effort and work and even then just doesnt always work, partially because of what I perceive is the power of the influence of the state of consciousness of most of the people around us. What I would like to add to this is that after all this time observing myself, the way my mind works and how I struggle for more peace and love within, I have the feeling that there is sort of a virus within me, placed inside of the mind space I assume, that constantly draws me back into the veil of unconsciousness and with that separation. Maybe this is the implant Cobra is talking about? I have had my moments of spiritual frustration where I asked out loud Why does it have to be so difficult to stay connected? From my analytical observation of this experience of life there seems to be something really off. And maybe this can only be resolved with the Event.

    To understand better how most humans perceive their lives mostly through mental forms and mind-identification and with that through spiritual unconsciousness (which equals separation) I recommend the work of Eckhart Tolle, in particular his book The Power of Now. It explains the whole situation clearly and to the point.

    Finally, I would also like to call out for active engagement with the surface population, or at least offer the opportunity to light workers or other open souls around the planet. If the situation cant be resolved by our governments, maybe working through and with the population more directly will work better. Start contacting us more directly, invite us to your healing chambers so our lights are shining stronger while here on the surface. Engage with open minds and reveal your benevolent presence. When people start to talk about their experiences this could lead to a revolution from within the system. I know this is a complicated subject for security and other reasons, still I would like to ask you to reconsider this as this is my wish and I know of many others too. Also, for the record, I would like the agreements of non-interference be reevaluated. I, as a human citizen, invite all benevolent space family members to our planet and to meet us. Please also ask mother Gaia for her opinion on this matter.

  70. I’d like to start off by saying thank you to everyone involved with the RM and for their efforts to assist us in liberating our planet. Perspective is so very important in most things and this is no exception. I appreciate you all reaching out to try and understand our perspective better. It can only help. Your question regarding the in-fighting amongst the Light Community is a difficult and multi-layered issue and even I don’t have all the answers. I can only share what I feel and know from my personal experiences.

    In the recent past, traveling circuses used Elephants in their acts. The Elephants would be held simply with a thin piece of twine tied to one of their legs, usually one of the hind legs. As an outsider with a broader perspective of the situation, you’d think to yourself, “Those poor elephants, why do they allow themselves to remain captive when they could very easily snap that twine and overpower their handlers?” From your perspective as the outside observer, what you see is a big, strong being who is more than capable of easily freeing themselves and escaping their handlers. It would take only the slightest effort on their part if they would only try.

    However, for the outside observer, what is easily overlooked is the broken spirit of the Elephant. You see, the Elephants were captured as young as possible or even born into the circus life and they were beaten and abused and they had the thickest, strongest iron chains linked to their legs. No matter how they struggled or fought to escape and free themselves, they could never overpower the shackles that bound them. Once the young Elephant’s spirit was significantly broken, the handlers switched to twine because it was lighter and easier to maneuver between towns. By the time twine was employed, just the feeling of having something wrapped around the leg of the Elephant made them believe that they could not escape. They didn’t have the ability to turn and look at their hind leg and even if they could see it, there was no guarantee that they would even know the difference between twine and shackles. They would only know that they were bound and their memories of the iron chains were enough to keep them from trying to escape. With all of this in mind, in-fighting becomes more understandable, especially among those who can see the exit but don’t think they can or will reach it. When you are trapped – even when it’s by your own mind – lashing out becomes almost a habit…particularly among those you are closest to.

    So I now ask you, the RM, as the outside observer, how do you convince the Elephant that freedom is just a slight tug away? How do you convince them that there is kindness? How do you convince the Elephant that there is hope? How do you convince them that their efforts will result in anything more than the usual disappointment? Communication is obviously a hindrance as is establishing trust. But if you can overcome those obstacles and offer solid reasons to have hope, you might just be able to help them free themselves.

    Thank you for your time and your efforts. They are very, truly appreciated…more than you know.

  71. Dear Resistance,
    Thank you for all of your efforts to help us. You have given us hope that there will be an end to our enslavement and that we will be able to create a peaceful human future for our people.
    The answer to your question about all of the conflict among those who should seem like allies, has two sides, in my humble opinion. All of us have been trained to be competitive and combative, and intensely so. Life in this environment creates deep paranoia. When we become aware that everything we have ever been taught has been a lie meant to harm us, the paranoia becomes even worse. Those individuals who choose to stand and fight back against our oppressors or try to inform others are often attacked themselves. Truth tellers, workers for change and whistle blowers are treated badly and are often murdered. So, if someone presents themselves as a good guy and they are seeing another person presenting a conflicting “truth”, they are immediately suspect. The question becomes, are these people really telling their truth or are they one of the vast number of disinformation trolls who are paid to mislead the populace and harm those of us who are trying to make a positive difference? As a truth teller, are you going to befriend a person whom you believe is preaching lies to the population? Or, will you become louder in your own message and try to warn others about the liar? Many of us suspect that the paid trolls and evil doers will never be brought to justice. The type of people who stand up to this tyranny are not the type of people who just swallow their pain and resentment and accept that the evil ones will get away with their crimes. However, please know that human beings are basically good and well meaning. I know that is hard to believe when you look at our behavior, but after what we have experienced here on Earth, we will work so hard to clean up our society……I think you will be surprised. Just give us a chance. We will build on our strengths. And, one thing a slave knows is hard work.
    Leslie Parsons

  72. Eigentlich müssten diejenigen, die andere attackieren am besten erklären können, warum sie es tun. Sie scheinen es aber oft selbst nicht erklären zu können.

    Oft verstehe ich auch nicht, warum sie es tun. Mein Eindruck ist, dass jemand meint, dass der andere durch sein Verhalten, dass er leicht ändern könnte, große Nachteile bei demjenigen selbst, oder an der Gemeinschaft bewirkt. Durch die Attacke soll er dazu bewegt werden, sein Verhalten zu ändern, oder gleich ganz ausgeschaltet werden.
    Google translation:
    Actually, those who attack others should be able to explain why they do it. But they often do not seem able to explain it themselves.

    Often I do not understand why they do it. My impression is that someone thinks that the other is causing great disadvantages to the person himself, or to the community, by his behavior that he could easily change. The attack is intended to be used to change its behavior or to be switched off completely.

  73. Dear RM thank you for this opportunity to tell our stories . Many of the letters ,including mine, seem to share the same themes. At the grassroots level , in general, I find people are altruistic , kindhearted and compassionate. Considering what humanity is up against, it is our greatest asset.
    People in general are frustrated with disinformation campaigns making our discernment meters go into overdrive. Constantly seeing above the law, corrupt individuals in the news living an rich life while we, keep records of whistleblower body counts, pedophilia satanic activity, unchecked banker corruption, corporate greed at our expense to us, and our beautiful planet. We watch our friends and family die early unnatural deaths while we ourselves have health battles, while Soros, Kissinger , Bush , Cheney , Rockefeller ( deceased at 101) and others seems to stroll through life , unscathed . Our lives have been ravished with cancers and autoimmune diseases while cures are enjoyed by the wealthy. We live in a debt based system designed to keep us that way. We start off with college debt , mortgage, car loans , and health bills. Then at the ending of life , they swallow what we have left in memory care and funeral costs . Our natural birthright to life ,liberty , abundance and happiness has been hijacked by those acting in power.

    Fortunately many are realizing this ..People are definitely learning how we have been lied to . How the system is stacked against us . I hear it in conversations at parties, at work and on (Spacebook).

    We go through life helping each other the best we can. How well we all remember how the Japanese people all worked together when disaster came to them on 3/11. Even with their insurmountable sorrow and loss they banded together and worked together. After 9/11 people talked to strangers , housed strangers fed strangers for free. The human race is a strong , caring dynamic race. We have wonderful attributes.
    But many feel helpless and lack hope.
    We need to know the truth of our existence. Full disclosure, public arrests , new technologies in healthcare will bring our Hope to many . Thank you , bonnie

    • Spot on, Bonnie! To this I would add that we are all incredibly creative, and we must remember that underneath all the lies and psychological beatdowns we’ve endured that we’re also powerful, more than the pawns we’re always supposed to be according to the official narrative.

      I think it’s our duty to step up and be amazing for each other. This will get us focusing on what we love as well as making the world better.

  74. An die Widerstandsbewegung
    Ich nehme sehr gern diesen Hinweis von Cobra auf und wende mich mit meinem Brief direkt an die Widerstandsbewegung. Gerade habe ich mir das Video von arbresolaire angesehen. Ich bin wirklich beeindruckt.
    Liebe Mitglieder der Widerstandsbewegung, ich bin sehr glücklich, dass ihr hier seid und in die Geschehnisse eingreift. Wie mutig ihr dabei vorgeht, kann ich vielleicht kaum erahnen.
    Irgendwann in den letzten vielleicht zehn Jahren bin ich schrittweise erwacht. Ich erwachte aus dem Albtraum der Getrenntheit, des Minderwertes, der Lieblosigkeit, des Mangels und des Leidens,
    um mich fast noch tiefer darin verstrickt zu fühlen. Zumindest bekam ich eine sehr grobe Ahnung davon, dass hier etwas ganz und gar nicht stimmt. Die scheinbar ausgefallenen Ereignisse vom 21.12.2012 hatten mich dann emotional sehr stark abstürzen lassen. Damals wusste ich noch nichts von der massiven Gehirnwäsche mit der wir zu Marionetten wurden. Also hatte ich schwindende Hoffnung und dennoch keine andere Wahl, als optimistisch zu bleiben und mich auf die Suche zu begeben. Von da an lebte ich mit einem Fuß in der mir bekannten bittersüßen Matrix und mit dem anderen in einer Zukunftsvision, die ich mit nur wenigen Menschen besprechen kann.
    Dank einiger Informationsquellen, von denen ich intuitiv überzeugt bin und meiner individuellen Abwägung bin ich inzwischen umso mehr auf dem Kurs in Richtung des dimensionalem Aufstiegs.
    Ich weiß so wenig über eure Aktivitäten und respektiere zugleich das wichtige Geheimhaltungsgebot.
    Für uns geistig eingekerkerte und in so vielen Lebensbereichen äußerst eingeschränkte Menschen ist die Übermacht der Kabale so erdrückend. Sie sind uns immer viele Schritte voraus und lassen uns keine Möglichkeit zur fairen Auseinandersetzung. So obsiegt nie das Bessere, sondern nur das Bösere. Um nicht völlig daran zu verzweifeln lebe ich in meiner privaten Käseglocke. Ich weiß, dass ich mich mit Lichtarbeitern vernetzen sollte. Vielleicht ist es für mich noch nicht an der Zeit oder ich bin nicht progressiv genug. Vielleicht aber fürchte ich mich auch vor Auseinandersetzungen und dem Umgang mit verwirrten, manipulierten und auch eingeschleusten dunklen Kräften. Ich möchte mich an so einer Front nicht aufreiben und desillusionieren lassen. Dummerweise hat damit wieder die Kabale gewonnen. Es muss einen besseren Weg geben, Kräfte zu bündeln und effektiv zu wirken.
    Mein Thema ist die Wahrhaftigkeit. Ehrlichkeit mit mir selbst und meiner Umwelt, Ehrlichkeit in der Betrachtung der Dinge, Suche nach Wahrheiten und Kampf gegen die Lüge in meinem Einflussbereich. So beuge ich mich auch nicht dem Medizinapparat, dem ich schon immer skeptisch gegenüber stand. In dieser vergifteten Welt, in der man uns leere Lebensmittel oder einfach Schrott als Nahrung anbietet, versuche ich durch das Dickicht der vielen Informationen meinen eigenen Pfad zu einer möglichst wenig belasteten Ernährung zu finden. Im Unterschied erkenne ich dann die massive Fernsteuerung, mit der meine Mitmenschen auf Fleischkonsum gedrillt werden. Sie glauben wirklich umkommen zu müssen, wenn sie kein Fleisch zu essen bekämen. Ich erfreue mich daran, mit Genuss und ohne Reue möglichst geeignete Pflanzen in vielen verschiedenen Formen zu mir zu nehmen. Auf längere Sicht möchte ich so auch eine Anregung mitliefern, indem andere einfach sehen können, wie viel besser es mir geht, während sie mich leider zugleich bedauern, dass ich nach ihrer Auffassung so unvernünftig esse. Manch einer wird vielleicht doch kurz innehalten und den Zusammenhang erkennen. Ich weiß auch, dass es dann noch ein längerer Weg sein kann, eigene Entscheidungen abzuleiten und die Ernährung umzustellen. Aber das ist ja nur einer von sehr vielen Schritten hin zum Ausstieg aus der Matrix. Der Verzicht auf die üblichen sozialen Netzwerke und ein Smartphone (ein simples Handy habe ich noch) machen mich auch nicht kompatibler für meine Mitmenschen. Damit kann ich gut umgehen, zugleich aber leide ich daran, wie die Dinge hier immer noch stehen und dass in der alltäglichen Wahrnehmung scheinbar alles stagniert und einem Abgrund zutreibt. Wenn ich nicht fest davon überzeugt wäre, dass unsere Zukunft dem Licht und der Liebe gehören wird, würde ich an meiner Wahrnehmung dieser Welt zerbrechen wie viele andere auch.
    Ich ertappe mich oft bei abwertenden, zynischen und fast schon verbitterten Kommentaren zu Äußerungen der Medien. Die Hilflosigkeit steckt mir da tief in den Knochen und meine Wut auf die Rücksichtslosigkeit der dunklen Mächte ist sehr groß. Ich wünsche mir so sehr, dass sie abtreten, dass ihnen ihr überlegenes Grinsen vergeht und sie selbst zu spüren bekommen, was sie erzeugt haben. Sehr schlimm ist für mich auch diese Blockadehaltung der Medien. Könnt ihr es nicht einrichten, eigene Beiträge in unsere TV Kanäle einzuschleusen? Natürlich habt ihr mit Sicherheit bereits sehr viel unternommen um die Dinge in die richtige Richtung zu befördern, nur wissen wir davon fast nichts. Die derzeitige Anspannung ist hier sehr hoch und da ist es eine anspruchsvolle Aufgabe, sich selbst immer wieder aus der Angst herauszunehmen. Ich sollte aber deutlich mehr meditieren und ich sollte viel mehr im Kontakt mit meinem Hören Selbst und mein Geistführen sein. Ich suche gerade nach Ausreden, kann aber keine glaubhaft machen. Ich wünsche mir so sehr, dass es einfach scheppert und wir das Event erleben. Ich bin so sehr bereit für die Zukunft. Zugleich klebe ich irgendwie an meinen Gewohnheiten, die mir Sicherheit geben und einen Plan B für den Fall der weiteren zeitlichen Verschleppung des Aufstiegs ermöglichen. Aber wenn es an der Zeit ist zu springen, werde ich dies tun, ohne mich umzusehen. Ich hoffe so sehr, dass eure großartigen Bemühungen, gepaart mit wahrscheinlich gleichfalls grandiosen Leistungen anderer bald zum Ziel führen. Da gibt es so viel, was ich kennen lernen, erfahren, erleben und bewundern möchte. Wie gerne wäre ich frei von diesen wirtschaftlichen Zwängen, von dieser Steuerung und von der Realität des geistigen und körperlichen Siechtums um mich herum. Es ist schrecklich mit anzusehen, wie die Menschen leiden, verfallen und in so vieler Hinsicht verkommen. Meine kleinen privaten Antworten darauf treffen vielleicht auch nicht immer ins Schwarze, sind anderen schwer zu vermitteln und bewirken außer für mich ganz privat viel zu wenig. Heilung, Wohlbefinden und Optimismus sind doch Lebensgrundlagen für Faszination, Begeisterung und Liebe. Da will ich hin und ich hoffe, dass wir sehr viele sein werden.
    Von ganzem Herzen danke ich euch für alles was ihr für uns tut und ich wünsche mir, euch bald kennen lernen zu können. Ich bin eure Schwester im Geist. Elke. 24.07.2017

    google-t – To the resistance movement
    I like to take this note from Cobra and turn to the resistance movement with my letter. I just watched the video of arbresolaire. I am really impressed.
    Dear members of the resistance movement, I am very happy that you are here and are intervening in the events. How bravely you do it, I can hardly guess.
    In the last ten years or so I have gradually awakened. I awoke from the nightmare of separateness, of inferior value, of lovelessness, of want and suffering,
    To feel me almost deeper in it. At least I got a very rough idea that something is wrong here. The seemingly failed events of December 21, 2012 had left me emotionally very much crash. At that time, I did not know about the massive brainwashing we used to be a marionette. So I had dwindling hope and still no choice but to remain optimistic and go to the search. From then on, I lived with one foot in the bittersweet matrix known to me and the other in a future vision, which I can discuss with only a few people.
    Thanks to some information sources, which I am intuitively convinced of and my individual balancing, I am all the more on the course towards the dimensional advancement.
    I know so little about your activities and at the same time respect the important secrecy.
    For us spiritually imprisoned and extremely limited in so many spheres of life, the supremacy of the cabal is so oppressive. They are always a lot of steps ahead of us and do not leave us an opportunity for fair debate. Thus never the better, but only the worse. In order not to despair completely, I live in my private cheese bell. I know I should be networking with lightworkers. Maybe it is not for me yet or I am not progressive enough. But perhaps I am also afraid of clashes and dealing with confused, manipulated and also dark forces. I do not want to be rubbed on such a front and disillusioned. Unfortunately, the cabal won again. There must be a better way to concentrate forces and work effectively.
    My theme is truthfulness. Honesty with myself and my environment, honesty in the consideration of things, search for truths and fight against the lie in my sphere of influence. So I do not bend to the medical device to which I have always been skeptical. In this poisoned world, where we are offered empty food or simply scrap as food, I try to find through the thicket of the many information my own path to a diet as little as possible. In difference, I recognize the massive remote control, with which my fellow humans on meat consumption are drilled. They really think they must get killed if they do not eat meat. I am delighted to receive plants as many plants as possible in many different forms with pleasure and without remorse. In the long run, I would like to give a stimulus by letting others see how much better I am, while at the same time regretting that I am so irrational in their opinion. Some people will perhaps stop briefly and recognize the context. I also know that it can be a longer way to derive your own decisions and to convert your diet. But this is just one of many steps to get out of the Matrix. The renouncement of the usual social networks and a smartphone (a simple phone I have yet) also make me not more compatible for my fellow men. I can handle it well, but at the same time I suffer from the fact that things are still standing here, and that in everyday perception everything seems to stagnate and drive an abyss. If I were not firmly convinced that our future will belong to light and love, I would break my perception of this world like many others.
    I often find myself in devaluation, cynical, and almost embittered commentaries on the media. The helplessness is deep in my bones and my anger at the recklessness of the dark powers is very great. I want so much that they give up, that their superior grin goes away and they feel themselves to feel what they have produced. This blockade of the media is very bad for me. Can not you set up your own contributions to our TV channels? Of course, you have certainly done a great deal to promote things in the right direction, but we know almost of them

  75. Geehrte Widerstandsbewegung,

    zunächst möchte ich meinen tiefen Dank für Eure unermüdliche Hingabe und Tatkraft im planetaren Befreiungsprozess zum Ausdruck bringen.
    Herzlichen und tiefen Dank dafür!

    Ich bin ein Lichtarbeiter, so glaube ich zumindest. An dieser Formulierung erkennt Ihr schon die Existenz eines Zweifels. Ich bin ein 52 Jahre alter Mann und hier und da frage ich mich selbst, ob ich geisteskrank bin. Ich hoffe, dass Cobras Informationen wahr sind und unser Planet und die gesamte Oberflächenpopulation „bald“ befreit sein werden. Ich glaube an die Existenz der wohlwollenden Sternengeschwister, die sich in einer großen Konföderation zur Befreiung der Erde verbunden haben und in Kooperation mit anderen „positiven“ Fraktionen an der Beendigung der zur Zeit auf unserem Planeten herrschenden
    Machtverhältnisse zum Wohle des Planeten und zum Wohle der gesamten Wesen auf der Oberfläche und unterhalb davon arbeiten.

    Ich hätte schon längst meinen Glauben verloren, wenn wir nicht seit gut 4 Jahren einen persönlichen und regelmäßigen Kontakt zu „Verwandten von den Sternen“ hätten. Sie zeigen sich regelmäßig durch Vorbeiflüge an unserem Wohnort oder auch an anderen Aufenthaltsorten.
    Wir fühlen uns beobachtet und unter ihrem Schutz stehend. Dies bedeutet uns (mir und meiner Frau) sehr viel und „hält uns bei der Stange“.

    Ich bin nicht in vollem Umfang in meine Lichtarbeiterrolle erwacht. Zweifel plagen mich zeitweise und lähmen mich. Ich stufe meinen persönlichen Beitrag zu den Befreiungsschritten als nicht erwähnenswert ein. Ich habe Angst offensiver zu agieren. Zum Beispiel durch einen eigenen Blog, oder durch Vorträge. Mein Wissen zu den Geschehnissen ist mangelhaft. Mein gesamtes „Wissen“ habe ich nur aus zweiter Hand, dem Internet. Dies lässt mich hier und da an meinem Geisteszustand zweifeln und ich frage mich selbst, ob ich lediglich einer Gruppe von fehlgeleiteten Idioten angehöre. Und wären da nicht unsere regelmäßigen Besuche unserer Verwandten von den Sternen, hätte
    ich mich schon längst komplett, aus Selbstschutzgründen, von meinem Glauben an den laufenden Befreiungsprozess abgewandt.
    Doch unsere Freunde im Lichtschiff sind da, seit mehreren Jahren, und das ist gut und wir sind hierfür äußerst dankbar.

    Ich verstehe, das die Widerstandsbewegung und alle Alliierten sehr vorsichtig vorgehen müssen, da die Gefahr der totalen Vernichtung noch als Damoklesschwert über unseren Köpfen hängt.
    Ich verstehe auch, dass wir „Lichtarbeiter“ nicht an direkten Aktionen beteiligt werden, beziehungsweise noch nicht einmal in direkter Weise in Kenntnis gesetzt werden. Wir sind
    aus mehreren Gründen tatsächlich ungeeignet dafür.

    Doch genau hier liegt eines der Probleme.

    Wären wir in den gesamten Befreiungsprozess tiefer integriert, durch direkte Interaktion, durch direkte Briefings, durch direkte Zusammenarbeit, wären viele Lichtarbeiter vielleicht mit mehr Hingabe am Werk und wären eine größere Hilfe?

    Doch wahrscheinlich geht dies nicht aufgrund des Damoklesschwertes?

    Nun, meine Frau und ich halten weiterhin unsere Vision der Zukunft, so wie wir uns diese nach der Befreiung vorstellen.
    Wir hoffen auf die zügige und gefahrlose Neutralisation der noch vorhandenen planetenzerstörenden Waffen und dem dann stattfindenden sogenannten Event mit der dann wahrscheinlich einsetzenden Bewusstseinserweiterung und Freischaltung alten Wissens, welches uns dann unmittelbar klar macht, wer wir sind und warum wir hier sind.

    Mein Name ist Jörg und ich lebe im südlichen Deutschland.

    google t – Dear Resistance Movement,

    First, I would like to express my deep thanks for your tireless dedication and energy in the planetary liberation process.
    A heartfelt thanks for this!

    I am a light worker, so I believe at least. In this formulation you recognize the existence of a doubt. I am a 52 year old man and here and there I ask myself whether I am mentally sick. I hope Cobra’s information is true and our planet and the entire surface population will be “soon” liberated. I believe in the existence of the benevolent stars who have joined in a large confederation to the liberation of the earth and in cooperation with other “positive” factions at the end of the current on our planet
    Power relations for the benefit of the planet and for the benefit of all beings on the surface and working below them.

    I would have lost my faith long ago if we had not had a personal and regular contact with “relatives of the stars” for more than 4 years. They show themselves regularly by pre-empties at our place of residence or at other places of residence.
    We feel observed and standing under their shelter. This means to us (me and my wife) very much and “holds us at the bar”.

    I have not fully awakened in my lightworker’s role. Doubts plague me temporarily and paralyze me. I regard my personal contribution to the steps of the exemption as not worth mentioning. I’m afraid to act more offensively. For example, through their own blog, or through lectures. My knowledge of the events is deficient. My entire “knowledge” I only second-hand, the Internet. This makes me doubt my state of mind here and there, and I ask myself whether I belong only to a group of misguided idiots. And if there were not our regular visits of our relatives from the stars
    I have long ago completely, for self-protection reasons, turned away from my belief in the ongoing liberation process.
    But our friends in the light ship have been there for several years and that is good and we are extremely grateful for this.

    I understand that the resistance movement and all the Allies must proceed very carefully, since the danger of total destruction still hangs as a Damocles sword over our heads.
    I also understand that we “light workers” are not involved in direct actions, or are not even directly informed. We are
    For several reasons actually unsuitable for it.

    But this is one of the problems.

    If we were more integrated in the entire process of liberation, through direct interaction, through direct briefings, through direct cooperation, many light workers would perhaps be more devoted to the work and would be a greater aid?

    But probably this is not due to Damocles sword?

    Well, my wife and I continue to keep our vision of the future, as we imagine it after liberation.
    We hope for the speedy and safe neutralization of the weapons which still exist, and the so-called event, which then takes place, and then the conscious expansion and dissemination of old knowledge, which makes us immediately clear who we are and why we are here.

    My name is Jörg and I live in southern Germany.

    • Lieber Himmelhupf, deine Name ist genau passend fur dich, weil ich deiner Brief lese an RM gerichtet.
      Ich bin Hollandisch und Deutsch ist nicht sehr schwierig, doch nicht so ertraut wie English. Ich wohne in Engeland – United Kingdom. Ich kann deines Argument folgen, uber die zweispalt mit Lichtarbeiter an eine seite gehullt im Tuche und Lappen (the veil) unmachtig klahrheit zu finden und stufe zum erleuchtung, weil die andere Seite voll ist mit Fakte rundum “Wie, warum, wann, wieso, wo und wer soll?”

      Manchmal, in meiner klare Momente, sehe ich die Zweispalt wie eines Instrument zum Transformation des Unvereinigbarkeit, mit dem Potenz zu erwachen in unserem inneren Welt, vergleichbar mit Lebensumstandigkeiten im Natur, die organisch bewegen nach Losungen (solutions) immer im Bewegung und Anpassung (adjustment), mit Schopfung-energie wie einen Kompaan (buddy).

      In andere Worte, wie Buddha es sagt “Es ist der Weg, nicht das Ende der Weg, wo das Ziel ist”
      Weil es nicht einfach ist Worte zu finden auf Deutsch, lass ich diese Worte sprechen zu dir, fur dich. Wohlan, halt Mut.

      Gedicht von Hermann Hesse
      “Wie jede Blüte welkt und jede Jugend
      Dem Alter weicht, blüht jede Lebenstufe
      Blüht jede Weisheit auch und jede Tugend
      Zu ihrer Zeit und darf nicht ewig dauern

      Es muss das Herz bei jedem Lebenstufe
      Bereit zum Abschied sein und Neubeginne
      Um sich in Tapferkeit und ohne Trauern
      In andre, neue Bindungen zu begeben
      Und jedem Anfang wohn ein Zauber inne
      Der uns beschützt und der uns hilft, zu leben

      Wir sollen heiter Raum um Raum durchschreiten
      An keinem wie an einer Heimat hängen
      Der Weltgeist will nich fesseln und uns engen
      Er will uns Stuf um Stufe heben, weiten

      Kaum sind wir heimisch einem Lebenskreise
      Und traulich eingewohnt, so droht Erschlaffen
      Nur wer bereit zu Aufbruch ist und Reise
      Mag lähme der Gewöhnung sich entraffen
      Es wird vielleicht auch noch die Todesstunde
      Uns neuen Räume jung entgegen senden
      Des Lebens Ruf an uns wird niemals enden
      Wohlan denn, Herz, nimm Abschied und gesunde!”

      Poem by Hermann Hesse
      As every flower fades and as all youth
      Retract from old age, each life phase flourishes
      Blooms every wisdom and virtue
      In their own time and may not last forever

      It must be the heart at each life stage
      Be ready for parting and start anew
      To enroll in bravery and without remorse
      To enter into other new bonds
      And every beginning holds a charm
      Which protects us and helps us to live

      We will walk cheerful from room to room
      Unattached to none as if it’s a Home.
      The cosmic spirit won’t bind us or keep us small
      He wants to lift us step by step, expanding

      As soon as we are indigenous to a life-circle
      And have grown homely, weakness will threaten us
      Only those who are willing to pack and travel

      Like the crippling addiction to desire
      It may be that even the hour of death
      Will send us new rooms in youthful engagement
      The call of life to us will never end
      Well, my heart, bid farewell and become whole!

      Frieden sei mit Ihr und mit Planet Erde. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  76. I love you all! Thank you for your dedication and Service to enslaved humanity on our imprisoned planet, earth.
    I dream of meeting myriad star beings. I dream of being freed from my ego-self. I dream of my DNA strands being re-activated, and feeling the results. I dream of remembering my star name & meeting my star family. I dream of feeling like I belong. I dream of true independence & living in a world free from duality. I dream of communicating telepathically. I dream of learning about my full potential. I dream of possibilities. I dream of possibilities. I dream of a world of peace, love & harmony. I D r e a m.
    I Dream. I DREAM………..


  77. Cobra has brought to our attention the genuine confusion the RM has towards not understanding why Lightworkers / healers / positive contributors of all types fight with each other rather than supporting each other. This is the result of two sets of circumstances.

    First, lightworkers / healers / positive contributors of all types have to, within their current lifespan, break free (or overcome to some degree the influence of) amnesia, the veil, media/advertising programming, society/cultural stifling expectations. This means there is, at a minimum, 10-15 years of languishing under these roadblocks before they recall or become motivated by their true calling/purpose. 10-15 years is minimum, in many cases there are several decades of overcoming the said roadblocks.

    Second, due to the amnesia/memory wiping, one of the most heinous crimes that it is possible to inflict on us is the installment of the idea that there is no life after death and “this one is it”. Thus you have people, with a long distant recollection of blissful connection to source, trying to achieve that state of happiness using only what’s immediately available in this 3rd density and level of consciousness. Aside from being a large factor in the rampancy of hierarchical mentality and overindulgent materialism, the belief that “this one life is it” leads us to try to achieve the sought state of happiness as fast as possible. If you believe a handful of decades is all you have, then you are going to be very focused, close minded and not wanting to fall prey to distraction; much information gets labeled as extraneous, and you feel justified in clearing dissenting voices/opinions out of the way.

    So, even though lightworkers / healers / positive contributors of all types want to help, they were at one point within their current lifespan stuck “in the matrix” and still have functioning in the background of their thinking this idea of “shoot down the dissenting opinion/ideology that doesn’t align to mine” because there’s only a handful of years available here to complete the mission/ reach my desired goal.

    Surface populations are already familiar with the notion of life containing phases and steps that go into preparing for an upcoming phase. (Getting driver’s license, graduation from school, job promotion, moving to a new house) If more information can be given surrounding how multiple lifespans are daisy-chain linked, separated by review & transmutation, and that the end of one’s current lifespan is not a hard stop, I think more of the surface population would be less inclined to cling to materialistic & ideological comfort-zone artifices.

  78. Dearest Resistance Movement thank you for you have done, are doing and will do to help bring about the freedom of humanity. I appreciate being able to communicate this way and hope it helps you to understand a bit better the ways of this crazy world behind the veil. Cobra has stated that you really need help understanding why we attack each other instead of coming together as a unified force. Here is my perspective.

    Humans have been taught, ingrained and probably programmed since entering this realm that we are separate. Yes, separate from Source, but that also mean separate from each other. Competition, feelings of better than, less than, us against them, me against you, you against me. Over and over and over again. Even when we are in teams it is us against them. It comes at us from all directions. It is pervasive. And it is easier for the dark to control us this way.

    We also lose our willingness to trust that anyone else would really truly want what is best for us as individuals. Parents, teachers, religious leaders, governments, etc. that should be looking out for us and protecting us, abuse us on all levels. Do understand I am not saying all and everyone, but we have had enough wrong done in our lives to us that trust is not a good survival tool. So even when we start to “awaken” it is hard to changes all these ways of believing and behaving to go to a place where “we are all One”. Yes, we talk about it, but deep within we are still afraid of being hurt, used, tricked, etc. I believe that as we begin to awaken more to our True Selves we are also being attacked even more mentally and emotionally by those who do not want our Light to shine brighter. When one is still being attacked is seems impossible to to make that shift to Unity consciousness completely 24/7.

    It seems to always come down to fear or love. We have been separated from the Love and are living in the world of fear. Learning about the RM, the Event, what it might be like on the other side of the veil gives me hope. I try to bless all, to forgive all, to ask for the highest good for all. But even I know that I am not consistent in that. It is interesting to know that we can hold multiple beliefs that contradict each other. Maybe that is not something that happens on the other side. What helps me is shifting to a bigger view that can include all. We could use help with this.

    I hope that this will help in some small way. This next heartfelt statement shows clearly how I am not yet there (all are One) but it also points to the differences of our perspectives. I thank you for helping us when you admit that you really don’t understand us. That is so unlike our world.

    From one of my Sufi prayers (Hazrat Inayat Khan) – Raise us above the distinctions and differences that divide. And unite us all in Thy Perfect Being. Amen

  79. Liebe Freunde, ihr habt gefragt, warum wir unter uns Lichtarbeiter nicht einig sind. Ein großes Problem ist unsere Sprache, denn auch diese ist 3 D. Wir sprechen nicht von Kopf zu Kopf und Herz zu Herz. Auch wenn wir die gleichen Worte benutzen, ist es nicht unbedingt unsere individuelle Sprache des Herzens, die so unterschiedlich wie wir Menschen sein kann. So kommen Mißverständnisse zustande. Es ist eine Kunst, die Sprache des Herzens in einem anderen zu entdecken und noch eine größere, sie auch noch zu verstehen. Selbst wenn wir über die gleichen Dinge sprechen, heißt das nicht dass wir auch verstehen, was der andere meint. Wir fühlen uns nicht nur von der Quelle getrennt, sondern auch von Mensch zu Mensch. So kommt es, dass wir uns auch unter vielen Menschen sehr alleine fühlen können und auch, wenn wir über die gleichen Dinge reden, aneinander vorbeireden können. Das macht die Dinge so schwer und kompliziert. Die heiligen Dinge möchte man schützen. Es ist nicht einfach über den Aufstieg zu sprechen. Noch ist man relativ alleine damit und versucht seine Überzeugung wie ein kostbares Gut zu schützen, damit es nicht zerredet wird von Leuten, die es noch nicht ernst nehmen können. Wir erleben diese Zeit alle ganz individuell mit der eigenen inneren Führung auf unterschiedlichen Entwicklungswegen. Aber ich habe auch gesehen, dass der Moment kommen wird, dass wir wieder eine Sprache des Herzens teilen werden. So wie es früher einmal war. Die Ur Aborigenes nennen uns Menschen der industriealisierten Welt, die Veränderten. Die Sprache des Herzens wird keine Sprache mit Worten sein. Sie wird von Herz zu Herz von ganzer Seele erfasst werden unabhängig von der Herkunft. Niemand wird dem anderen etwas vorspielen, was nicht ist, weil jeder erfasst wird wie er ist, was er fühlt, wie er denkt. Und bei allem, was durch das Herz fließt, wird die Liebe mitschwingen, so wie der Wind ein Weizenfeld bewegt. So sei es!

    google t – Dear friends, you asked why we do not agree among us workers. A big problem is our language, because this is also 3 D. We do not talk from head to head and heart to heart. Even if we use the same words, it is not necessarily our individual language of the heart that can be as different as we humans. Thus misunderstandings arise. It is an art to discover the language of the heart in another and even a greater one to understand it as well. Even if we talk about the same things, it does not mean that we understand what others mean. We feel separated not only from the source but also from person to person. So it is that we can also feel very lonely among many people, and also when we are talking about the same things, can pretend to each other. This makes things so difficult and complicated. The sacred things should be protected. It is not easy to talk about the rise. You are still relatively alone with it, trying to protect your conviction as a precious asset, so that it is not discredited by people who can not take it seriously yet. We all experience this time individually with our own inner guidance on different developmental paths. But I also saw that the moment will come that we will again share a language of the heart. Just as it once was. The Ur Aborigenes call us humans of the industrialized world, the altered. The language of the heart will not be a language with words. It will be captured from heart to heart by all the soul regardless of the origin. No one will play the other for what is not, because everyone is grasped as he is, what he feels as he thinks. And with all that flows through the heart, love will resonate as the wind moves a wheat field. So be it!

  80. Réponse à la Résistance Mondiale
    Puisque vous nous demandez pourquoi les travailleurs de lumière s’attaquent mutuellement, voici un point de vue, subjectif.

    Depuis l’enfance nous vivons tous dans le mensonge permanent et omniprésent. Il a fallu l’avènement d’internet (et pour ma part le 11 septembre 2001) pour commencer à se débrancher de l’information délivrée par la TV. Avant internet, il n’y avait pas d’autre vérité que celle diffusée par la TV : elle était simple, courte et monolithique. Et même si quelques fois, certaines infos pouvaient susciter quelques doutes, on restait totalement ignorant de ce qui pouvait réellement se passer.

    L’arrivée d’internet a fait naitre non pas une, mais des “vérités” alternatives. Internet, ce sont des milliers de sites, de blogs, de chaines Youtube… des millions d’informations qui partent dans tous les sens, jusqu’au n’importe quoi. Combien prennent la parole, même quand ils ne savent rien ? Combien veulent expliquer aux autres ce qu’ils ne comprennent pas eux-même ? Combien rajoutent leurs propres interprétations erronées à des informations reprises à d’autres ? Combien canalise leur propre ego en prétendant (peut-être de bonne foi) qu’il communique avec un maitre de sagesse ? Internet est le reflet du chaos mental généralisé, c’est une zone de guerre, une guerre des infos. Une guerre qui contraint chacun à cultiver discernement et détachement, à trouver la juste distance avec chaque article, avec chaque source… Mais cela consomme du temps et beaucoup d’énergie.

    Nous sommes passé de l’ère du mensonge officiel diffusé par la TV, qui induisait de notre part une passivité confortable, à la recherche individuelle de vérités, qui implique une démarche active reflétant notre compréhension plus ou moins avancée de la situation. C’est comme si nous avions grandi dans une cave obscure avant de devoir monter un escalier pour aller chercher la lumière au grenier. Et chaque individu monte son propre escalier à sa propre vitesse. Et chaque étage comporte son lot d’infos, d’interprétations, d’erreurs, d’intox,… bref, de confusion. Certains s’arrêtent au premier étage, l’argent-dette. D’autres acceptent de monter au deuxième, les sociétés secrètes et le satanisme. D’autres encore arrivent au troisième, le réalité ET. Il y en a même qui sont arrivés à l’étage de la spiritualité sans rien savoir ou comprendre des étages du dessous. Certains deviennent spécialistes d’un seul étage et restent parfaitement ignorants de celui du dessous ou du dessus. Ce qui crée encore plus d’incompréhension entre nous… et de divisions. Mais la résistance ici est faite de tout ça, et nombre d’entre nous ne sont pas nécessairement des travailleurs (conscients) de lumière.

    Et puis il y a la lassitude, l’impatience, le doute, la fatigue de ne pas voir les choses émerger, la tristesse de voir nos proches s’accrocher à ce monde de mensonge (par peur de l’inconnu ?), l’agacement de constater l’incroyable efficacité du système de contrôle mental, l’impression de tourner en rond dans un bocal, l’impuissance… le FRUSTRATION. Alors les vieux schémas mentaux ressortent à notre insu : on nous a appris à aimer la dualité, à fonctionner avec les querelles. C’est inscrit dans notre cerveau reptilien, au plus profond de notre psychisme. Le mental lui-même est largement occupé par la querelle conscience vs ego. Les travailleurs de lumière n’y échappent pas !

    Néanmoins, il me semble que vous ne devriez pas trop accorder d’importance à ces querelles, elles ne sont que transitoires. Ce sont les vieux fonds de poubelle inconscients de nos psychismes encore très embrouillés. Les travailleurs de lumière sont comme des chats, avec l’avancée du nettoyage et les ajustements nécessaires, tout le monde finira par retomber sur ses pattes. Qu’aucun travailleur de lumière “attaqué” ne prenne ces attaques personnellement, elles ne sont que l’expression de notre immaturité individuelle et collective amplifiée par les différentes frustrations du jour.

    Le principal problème vient de l’attente. L’attente est bien trop longue sans avancée décisive visible…
    “La révolution est comme une bicyclette, quand elle n’avance pas elle tombe” Ché Guevara. Nous avons besoin de VOIR que les choses avancent… Il faut sortir du flou des témoignages et passer au choc des images et des films ! L’arrivée d’images et de films de votre réalité changerait la donne (bases souterraines, trains magnétiques, vaisseaux ennemis, voyages spatiaux…) Une immense controverse sans doute au début (Fake News), mais un flot toujours plus grand d’images forcera la population à s’interroger sur ces images !

    google t – Response to the World Resistance
    Since you ask us why the light workers are attacking each other, here is a subjective point of view.

    Since childhood we all live in permanent and omnipresent lies. It took the advent of the Internet (and for my part on September 11, 2001) to start disconnecting from the information delivered by the TV. Before the Internet, there was no other truth than that broadcast by TV: it was simple, short and monolithic. And even if a few times, some information could raise doubts, we were totally unaware of what could really happen.

    The arrival of the Internet has given rise not to one but to alternative “truths”. Internet, these are thousands of sites, blogs, Youtube channels … millions of information that goes in every direction, up to anything. How many speak, even when they know nothing? How many want to explain to others what they do not understand themselves? How many add their own erroneous interpretations to information taken from others? How many channels their own ego by pretending (perhaps in good faith) that it communicates with a master of wisdom? Internet is the reflection of generalized chaos mental, it is a zone of war, a war of the infos. A war that compels everyone to cultivate discernment and detachment, to find the right distance with each article, with each source … But it consumes time and a lot of energy.

    We have gone from the era of official lie spread by TV, which induced a comfortable passivity on our part, to the individual search for truths, which involves an active approach reflecting our more or less advanced understanding of the situation. It is as if we had grown up in a dark cellar before having to climb a staircase to get the light to the attic. And each individual climbs his own stairs at his own speed. And each floor has its share of information, interpretations, errors, poisoning … in short, confusion. Some stop on the first floor, the money-debt. Others agree to go up to the second, the secret societies and Satanism. Still others arrive at the third, reality AND. There are even those who have reached the floor of spirituality without knowing anything or understanding the floors below. Some become specialists of a single floor and remain perfectly ignorant of that of the bottom or the top. This creates even more incomprehension between us … and divisions. But the resistance here is made of all this, and many of us are not necessarily (conscious) workers of light.

    And then there is weariness, impatience, doubt, the fatigue of not seeing things emerge, the sadness of seeing our loved ones clinging to this world of lies (for fear of the unknown), l The annoyance of seeing the incredible effectiveness of the system of mental control, the impression of turning round in a jar, impotence … FRUSTRATION. Then the old mental schemas emerge without our knowledge: we have been taught to love duality, to work with quarrels. It is inscribed in our reptilian brain, deep within our psyche. The mind itself is largely occupied by the quarrel consciousness vs. ego. The workers of light do not escape!

    Nevertheless, it seems to me that you should not give too much importance to these quarrels, they are only transitory. These are the old unconscious trash bottoms of our still very confused psyches. The light workers are like cats, with the advanced cleaning and the necessary adjustments, everyone will eventually fall back on his paws. That no light worker “attacked” takes these attacks personally, they are only the expression of our individual and collective immaturity amplified by the different frustrations of the day.

    The main problem is waiting. The wait is far too long without visible decisive progress …
    “The revolution is like a bicycle, when it does not advance it falls” Che Guevara. We need to SEE that things are progressing … We must get out of the blur of testimonies and shift images and movies! The arrival of images and movies of your reality would change the situation (underground bases, magnetic trains, enemy ships, space travel …) An immense controversy at the beginning (Fake News), but an ever-increasing flow of images Will force the population to wonder about these images!

  81. Another answer to your question why we are attacking each other has popped up:
    It’s similar to the enneagramm answer I had yesterday, but also a different point of view:

    As we all know, we are hardly ever our true selves – even if we are mentally aware of the spiritual dimensions and who we really are and that all is one.

    We also know that we are all mind controlled to ever increasing extents.

    The mind control makes sure we are all divided about issues like global warming, who is the best president, right or left, flat earth, conspiracy theories and lots of other issues …
    even those of us who basically know we are mind controlled cannot always help to take stands and think the other side is wrong and be frustrated

    The mind-controlling force(s) know how we function extremely well – they have all the psychological and sociological research at their hands and they are aware of everything in our subconscious and which points to trigger to achieve this and that …
    Even those among us who are researchers in these fields themselves to not have the whole knowledge, because the expert fields have all been separated and divided and no-one has the broad view. The mind-controlling entity has the broad view as well as the detailed view when it comes to how we are controlled on the basis of our subconscious wirings.

    The enneagramm is one system explaining how we are wired – but our wiring can also be rendered without the enneagramm if one has all the „charts“ – which the mind-controlling force(s) have
    Cathy O’Brien says the key to programming and deprogramming us lies in NLP

    So even if we are really spiritual people, and even if we have had our peak experiences – as long as we are not constantly or more or less constantly living in this awareness from our hearts and experience (as contrasted to only knowing about it) of being one

    We are completely subject to mind control and puppets of the controlling forces pulling our strings and triggering us – with words and pictures and sounds and subliminal messages

    The first thing mind control does is putting us to sleep and lull us into consuming drugs etc. – because we are completely frustrated and hypnotized.
    And the hypnotized can be hypnotized in such a way that they only received instructions from the hypnotiseur … who is the mind-controller …

    The other thing is, that our bodies and organs are completely deteriorated by chemtrails, mobile phones, vaccines and radiation – mens sana in corpore sanus – a healthy spirit lives in a healthy body – but it’s hard to maintain healthy bodies even if we eat health food, because we are exposed to haarp and mobile phones nevertheless and the chemtrails and genetically tampered stuff make sure that even health foods are no longer that healthy
    Our nerves lay bare because heavy metals (quecksilber) have destroyed their protective coatings …
    Nature who has always been a great resource to help us come to ourselves again is deteriorated

    So even if we are no longer asleep and see to quite a large extent, what is going on, it take a lot of emotional and mental discipline to really understand how the mind control works and which are the triggers in us (NLP) in order to be able to de-control us, to get immune against mind control

    In the spiritual circles it is said we have to resist all the negative forces within us – as if they were our own – while it is really basically mind control – so we are fighting, we think, ourselves, while the source of our destructive behavior is something else – the mind control – of course this fight against seemingly ourselves only exhausts us but gives no beneficial results
    Its like fighting the fixation (from the enneagramm point of view) instead of leaving it behind

    We do not have the full manual according to which we are made puppets reacting on certain words, pictures, sounds – so we do not know how we are being turned to puppets from minute to minute and, above all, not knowing what exactly is programming us into puppets we cannot de-programm ourselves (most of us cannot, and even if we know it is challenging because the fresh programming is omnipresent) even if we yearn to be free and ourselves (all the spiritual people)

    It is the insane programming in conjunction with the daily frustration of our physical emotional and mental and immune systems, which makes us fight against each other much more than we ever would without the programming – and we have to deprogramm us first instead of fighting against our „shadows“

    According to Cathy, NLP is such a manual – NLP is used to programm us
    If we know NLP, we are able to de-programm ourselves

    The enneagramm is another such manual, slightly different
    If we know the enneagramm, we also have a manual how to deprogramm ourselves

  82. Pontokba szedve a következő dolgok miatt van ellenségeskedés a fényharcosok között.

    1. Hüllőagy, arra van programozva hogy elhitesse a személlyel hogy az irányítása a dolgoknak az ő területéhez tartozik. (területvédő ösztönből támadja meg társát)
    2. Az ego vagy a gondolkodási képesség, az archon manipulációktól tévedhetetlennek képzeli magát ezért fényharcos társát félre akarja állítani (tudatlan és meggondolatlan tetteket feltételezve)
    3. A fényharcosok között is kialakul a dualizmus rákfenéje a hierarchia szükségessége. (ebből az következik hogy maga alá próbálja társát elhelyezni a hierarchiában, ekkor a szokásos energia áramlás van a hierarchia csúcsa felé)
    4 Az archonok manipulációi minden emberi gyengeséget maximálisan kihasználnak a megosztás érdekében.

    Szóval nagy vonalakban ezek az okai amiket korlátozott tudatunkkal már felismerhetünk páran.

    A fény győzedelmeskedik !

    Pointing to the following things, there is enmity between the Light Fighters.

    1. Reptile is programmed to persuade the person that his control belongs to his area. (Invasion from a territorial instinct)
    2. The ego or the ability to think, the archon manipulates itself as untruthful, so he wants to put a light-hearted partner aside (assuming ignorant and thoughtless deeds)
    3. The role of the hierarchy also develops among the light warriors. (It follows that he tries to put his companion in the hierarchy, then the usual energy flow is towards the top of the hierarchy)
    4 The manipulation of the archons maximizes all human weaknesses in sharing.

    So these are the reasons why we are already familiar with our limited consciousness.

    Light is victorious!


  83. I write to you today to offer my help at understanding the surface human population.

    It’s an interesting task. You can read our thoughts, see all of our media, and watch our every action, but you are still puzzled by us. I, on the other hand, know almost nothing about you, yet I propose to help you, who I do not understand, to understand my species, who I barely understand.

    I love a good challenge.

    Let’s go with something fundamental to ourselves, our character, and our families: Fatherhood.

    In our religions, mythologies, and ancient stories, we find our race and culture’s history and values. They tell us about ourselves as individuals and as a culture. They provide a framework to make sense of life. They teach us wisdom and inspire us to greatness. And they inform us of “the way life is.”

    Here’s the bad news on surface human fathers: No where in our religions, our mythologies, or our ancient stories is there any mention of a good father. Not one.

    That’s not to say we don’t want to be good fathers, or that we don’t try. We do want to be better fathers than our fathers were. We give fatherhood our best, knowing how important that role is in the lives of our children. But we fail, we all fail, we frequently fail to bring good and keep harm from our children.

    A moment of adult selfishness can wound a child’s psyche in terrible ways. And we know these wounds because we bear those scars ourselves. Yet in a moment of weakness, we can’t help but wound our children the same way we were wounded ourselves. It’s all we know to do, because it’s all we’ve been shown to do.

    Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking we need to work long, hard hours to provide things for our children that we wished we had in our childhood. So we abandon our children in the effort to make money to buy things. Even when we know our children want and need our presence in their lives, we work hard at our jobs because, hey, at least we know how to do that. No one taught us how to raise children. We’re flying blind.

    Some see the responsibility of fatherhood, and know they can’t fulfill it. So they run. It’s easier to run and hide from their children than to face the pain of not knowing what to do or how to do it. Yet, the hole in their hearts is not silent, and cries out to love and be loved by their child. So they do their best to numb themselves to that pain, leaving both father and child wounded in the process.

    And some, even when they are home with their family, are “emotionally unavailable” because we are exhausted, or drained, or are afraid we don’t have enough to give to actually help.

    We lack even basic telepathy, so there are times when we have no idea what our child needs from us. We often don’t know why our child is crying. And even when they grow up, the child is not self-aware enough to know the real problem, and so can’t communicate the real problem to us. And we have no ability to understand what we must do to help our child.

    I understand that your lifespans are different from ours. You live hundreds, if not thousands of years. You probably don’t have children until you are at least one or two hundred years old. We die as spiritual children. Few of us reach 90 years of age. Most of us have our children before we turn 30. And we usually lose our fathers to death half-way through our short lives.

    We are lost children having children, doing our best to be good fathers, but lacking the tools, wisdom, and maturity to raise them. I think this is why the Bible says the sins of the father is visited on the third and fourth generation. When we make a mistake, our sons remember that mistake and do it to their children, who do it to their children. It takes generations for us to repair the errors of our ways.

    Speaking of the Bible, we are taught that God is our Father. But we are also separated from God our Father. We are separated from the One Creator and the Source. We are a wounded race, abandoned by our Good Father, with no real idea how to be adequate fathers to our children.

    If the negative races could only choose one way to make our race generate loosh, there are few better ways than to keep us ignorant of how to be good fathers.

    I hope this helps you understand us.

    This is not to say that our fathers do not have good traits, or that they do not do good things for us and with us. Most of us have good stories of our fathers that inspire us to grow and to be better humans. I know I have some great stories about my dad.

    I look forward to the day we can meet, face to face, and share stories of the fathers we love.


    – Roy

  84. Greetings from Holland, maybe i’m imagining it,but something strange is happening to me ,my hair is growing back brown again ,my skin om my arms en hands beginning to appear less wrinkled,it looks more like a skin of a 35 year old rather than a 66 year old as iam, i did always look younger but this with my hair is strange, also a few hours sleep is enough. this is going on for at least a year maybe more.Is this all coincidence or are we changing already? I hope so..

  85. Liebes RM,
    lieber Cobra,

    das Grundproblem der Menschen scheint mir, dass wir mit vielerlei Programmen, Implantaten
    und Gehirnwäsche daran gehindert werden, aus der Kraft unserer Herzen zu leben.
    wer es dennoch schafft, erlebt es als sehr mühsam…

    das geht seid Generationen so und wird damit automatisch an die Kinder und Jugendlichen
    weitergegeben. hier scheint mir ein zentraler Ansatzpunkt zu sein! neben der Widerherstellung von Recht und Gerechtigkeit sind dies die Dinge, die die Menschen hoffnungslos machen und in ihrem “ganz persönlichem Hamsterrad” laufen lassen. Die Kinder und vorallem die Heranwachsenden sind länderübergreifend überwiegend perspektivlos, leben eine Maske, dröhnen sich mit Filmen, Alkohol und Drogen zu! es kann Ihnen niemand wirklich eine Antwort auf die Frage geben: wozu bin ich hier auf der Erde, was ist meine Aufgabe? Allein diese Frage beantworten zu können, wird sehr viel bewegen! viele werden nach diesem Strohhalm greifen, es ist ja sonsts nichts da. Am Zufluss der internationalen Jugend beim IS sieht man das Negativbeispiel und wie leicht die Masse zu motivieren ist…!

    wie genial ist da das Beispiel vorallem der Jugend das Gefühl von Freude und geliebt sein wieder im Kollektiv zurück zu geben? Wer wieder Freude und Liebe spüren kann ( für viele wohl das erste mal in diesem Leben), der bündelt auch seine Kräfte und ist motiviert an der Neugestaltung der Erde mit zu wirken.
    IndigioKinder haben ein gewaltiges Potential, das es zu erwecken und lenken gilt – zum Wohle aller!

    Derzeit werden sie in den Schulen nur klein und dumm gehalten, verbogen und gedemütigt. sie stumpfen ab und versuchen so gut es geht zu funktionieren – leben und lieben ist etwas anderes!!!
    an den Eltern geht das nicht spurlos vorbei, sie werden darüber krank, haben keine Zeit mehr für sich, da sich die Schulthemen über allem ausbreiten. nicht mal in den Ferien ist Ruhe, da wird gepaukt, eine neue Schule gesucht etc. wer die Schetinin Schulen kennt, wünscht sich das sehnlichst auch nach

    lieber Cobra, seit der letzten Konferenz in der Schweiz ist einige Zeit vergangen. Du hast uns damals viel Mut gemacht, auch Hoffnung auf baldige Änderung. Die Menschen sind müde geworden. das war schon mit 2012 so. ein Dank an Dich für Deine immerwährenden Bemühungen zu erklären weshalb etwas doch nicht so schnell geht, wie gewünscht.

    für mich liegt der Ansatzpunkt vorallem im Informationsfeld unserer Länder. es gibt kleine etwas abseits
    gelegene Länder, die auch für die große Manipulation uninteressant sind. dort ist das Informationsfeld
    völlig offen und es sind die planetaren Kräfte von Venus, AlphaCentauri, Pleyaden etc deutlich zu spüren. da ist 1 Woche wesentlich erholsamer als 3 Wochen anderswo, durchaus auch in der Natur!
    kehrt man von so einem freien Informationsfeld zurück, sind mindestens 3 Tage Eingewöhnung nötig um mit der hiesigen Realität wieder zurecht zu kommen.

    durch die Cintamani-Setzungen habe ich da auch einen anderen Bezug und spüre die jeweilige
    planetare Kraft sehr gut. wenn es den Lichtkräften gelingt, diese völlig überlagernden, krankmachenden Informationsfelder zu entwirren und zu durchlichten ist m.E. schon sehr viel gewonnen auf dem Weg zum Erwachen aus eigener Kraft. Viele Menschen, egal welchen Alters sind kurz vor dem Erwachen, es fehlt nur der berühmte Strohhalm, ein globaler Fingerzeig genügt schon…

    ich freue mich ganz besonders, dass es jetzt über Sprachbarrieren hinweg die Möglichkeit gibt direkten
    Kontakt aufzunehmen. Der Planet X hat mich schon immer fasziniert und ich hatte auf dem Weg nach
    München ja schon öfters Gäste im Auto, die sich über dieses Steinzeitgefährt lustig gemacht haben.
    das waren immer sehr erheiternde Besuche…

    ich freue mich darauf Euch X`ler und andere persönlich kennen zu lernen
    alles Liebe und gebt bitte Gas…

    google t – Love RM,
    Dear Cobra,

    The basic problem of people seems to me is that we are using many different programs, implants
    And brainwashing are prevented from living out of the power of our hearts.
    Whoever creates it nevertheless, experiences it as very laborious …

    This is the way generations will be and will automatically be sent to children and adolescents
    passed. Here seems to me a central starting point! In addition to the repression of justice and justice, these are the things that make people hopeless and run in their “very personal hamster wheel”. The children and, above all, the newcomers are transnationally predominantly perspectiveless, live a mask, drone with films, alcohol and drugs! No one can really give you an answer to the question: why am I here on earth, what is my job? Just answering this question will move a lot! Many will reach for this straw, there is nothing else. At the inflow of the international youth to the IS one sees the negative example and how easily the mass is motivated …!

    How brilliant is the example, especially the youth, the feeling of joy and loved being back in the collective back? Those who can feel joy and love again (for many, perhaps, the first time in this life) also bundles their forces and is motivated to contribute to the new design of the earth.
    Indigio children have a huge potential that must be awakened and directed – for the sake of all!

    At the present time, they are only small, stupid, bent, and humiliated. They dull off and try to function as best as they can – living and loving is something different !!!
    This is not without a trace to the parents, they become sick about it, they have no time for themselves, as the burial sciences spread over everything. Not even in the holidays is peace, there is policed, a new school searched etc. who knows the Schetininschulen, wishes the longingly also after

    Dear Cobra, since the last conference in Switzerland some time has passed. You gave us a lot of courage at the time, and hope for an early change. People have become tired. That was already with 2012 so. A thanks to you for your everlasting efforts to explain why something is not as fast as desired.

    For me, the starting point is above all in the information field of our countries. There is little off the beaten track
    Countries, which are also uninteresting for the great manipulation. There is the information field
    Completely open and the planetary forces of Venus, AlphaCentauri, Pleyaden etc are clearly felt. Since 1 week is much more relaxing than 3 weeks elsewhere, and also in nature!
    If you return from such a free information field, at least 3 days of habitation are necessary to get on with the local reality.

    Because of the Cintamani settlements I have a different reference and feel the respective
    Planetary power very good. When the powers of light are able to unravel and to translate these completely superimposing, anemic information fields. Already gained a great deal on the way to awakening from his own strength. Many people, no matter what age, are just before the awakening, only the famous straw is missing, a global fingerprint already suffices …

    I am particularly pleased that there is now over language barriers the possibility directly
    Get in touch with. The Planet X has always fascinated me and I had on the way
    Munich yes already guests in the car, who have made fun of this Steinzeitgefährt.
    These were always very amusing visits …

    I am looking forward to meeting you personally
    All love and please gas …


    Les temps actuels sont extrêmement difficiles. Une sorte de croisement qui se rétricis en tête d’épingles. Nous essayons de rester connectés au centre et au sceau qui nous protège … mais les attaques sont de plus en plus violentes. Pourquoi ne pas ouvrir des portails de sécurités, des sortes de SAS intermédiaires où nous pourrions nous reposer et où vous ne seriez pas mis en danger … Les enfants sont en grand danger aussi. Leurs énergies se “fânnent” plus rapidement … Accéleration qui demande des pauses mais beaucoup sont coincés dans des engrenages … Nous sommes coincés comme sur une autoroute en spirale dont nous louperions toutes les sorties. Au passage et message personnel à celui qui peut comprendre : Cartes intérieures de Amadéo toujours valables sur demande à qui cela interresse. Merci de votre expansion. Naebre, Nina.

    google t – TO THE RESISTANCE,

    The present times are extremely difficult. A kind of crossover which is retracted at the head of pins. We try to stay connected to the center and to the seal that protects us … but the attacks are increasingly violent. Why not open security portals, intermediate SAS kinds where we could rest and where you would not be endangered … The children are in great danger too. Their energies “fade” faster … Acceleration that demands breaks but many are stuck in gears … We are stuck like on a spiral highway from which we would miss all the exits. In passing and personal message to the one who can understand: Interior maps of Amadéo always valid on request to which it interferes. Thank you for your expansion. Naebre, Nina.

  87. Liebende Widerstandsbewegung

    Seit Kindheit an habe ich das Gefühl hier auf Erden stimmt etwas Grundsätzliches nicht
    Lange habe ich geforscht und schon früh von den Sternenbrüdern vernommen
    Oft wähnte ich nur ich sei krank alle anderen Menschen finden alles ganz normal und seien gesund

    Heute sehe ich das Implantat der Angst mit allen Facetten und Folgen als das zu heilende
    größte Um- und Innenweltgift

    Ich bin Sprach- und Kommunikationforscher weil ich das Gesprochene körperlich fühle
    und bin meinen Mitmenschen ein Wahrheitsspiegel soweit ich selbst klar und wahr bin

    Das Schuld Erbsünde und Strafimplantat zu heilen ist mir Aufgabe

    Den Menschen die Freiheit der Wahl zwischen Angst oder Lieben in jedem heiligen Augenblick
    zu erinnern mein tägliches Brot

    Als Lyriker darf ich einen Blog hier unterhalten den derzeit etwa 128 Seelen lesen
    Angst in das Licht des Liebens zu überführen ist meine Berufung

    Im Bayerischen Rundfunk bin ich jahrelang in der Anrufersendung “Tagesgespräch” regelmäßig
    in die Sendung genommen worden
    Seit ich zu dem Ukrainememorandum umfassend heilsam sprach bin ich gesperrt bis auf zwei Beiträge

    Im Deutschland Radio Kultur “Im Gespräch” darf ich weiter anrufen jedoch auf einmal im Monat begrenzt

    Ständig allüberall dunkle Gedanken und finstere Emotionen zu transzendieren ist meine Arbeit

    Ich liebe die Kornkreise und die Fluchtiere Pferd sind meine jüngeren Brüder mir helfend ihre und
    meine Angst in Vertrauen und Hingabe zu verwandeln

    Abends verehre ich die untergehende Sonne und in der Nacht sehe ich bei freiem Himmel die Sterne an und bin staunend ergriffen
    Zweimal sah ich dabei eines Euerer Flugobjekte…

    Ich danke Euch und segne Euere Arbeit

    Joachim von Herzen

    google t – Loving Resistance Movement

    Since childhood I have the feeling here on earth is not something fundamental
    For a long time I researched and heard early about the star brothers
    Often I thought I was sick all other people find everything normal and healthy

    Today I see the implant of fear with all facets and consequences as the healing
    Largest indoor and outdoor poison

    I am a language and communication researcher because I feel the spoken physically
    And I am a mirror of truth to my fellow human beings as far as I am clear and true

    It is my task to heal the sin of sin and the punishment

    Give people the freedom to choose between fear or love at any sacred moment
    To remember my daily bread

    As a lyricist, I am allowed to have a blog here, which currently reads about 128 souls
    Putting fear into the light of loving is my calling

    In the Bavarian Radio, I have been regularly in the call sending “Tagesgespräch” regularly
    Has been taken to the consignment
    Since I spoke to the Ukraemememandum comprehensive salutary I am locked up on two contributions

    In the German radio culture “In the conversation” I may continue to call however limited once a month

    Constantly transcending all dark thoughts and dark emotions is my work

    I love the crop circles and the escape horse are my younger brothers helping me and theirs
    To transform my fear into trust and devotion

    In the evening I adore the setting sun and at night I see the stars in the open sky and am amazed
    Twice I saw one of your flying objects …

    I thank you and bless your work

    Joachim from the heart

  88. Dear Resistance Movement,
    The skeptic is a part of me. It keeps me from behaving in cult-like behavior toward any group or entity. If you are indeed doing all the activities that are chronicled in Cobra’s writings then I thank you, for this world is truly at a turning point in its evolution. My sense is that Earth’s evolution WILL occur no matter what we do or don’t do and we, the inhabitants, are just along for the ride. My sense is that we cannot stop evolution but we can influence if we have a rough or smooth ride. So you, the Resistance Movement, ask why the Lightworkers/Lightwarriors attack each other and do not work together? Well, here is my question to you: There appears to be many different kinds of RM’s on this Earth facilitated by many people and groups. Why are those people not working together???? Why does Cobra not work with the Sphere Being Alliance, or any other benevolent off world or inner world groups? Why do I not see collaborations among Cobra, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Alex Jones, the SSP Alliance, etc. It would seem that you would all be better protected if you worked together. And it would instill more trust in the information. There seems to be a lot of disagreement among them and different intel. So please don’t put a guilt trip on us about why can’t we get along and work together when it appears that those of a supposed higher dimensional consciousness have their flaws, too. As always, I use my higher discernment when coming into contact with any so-called healer/lightworker, whistleblower, blogger of higher consciousness info and will associate and work with only those who pass my inner litmus test of being of the Very Highest of Love, Light and Divinity, even you.


  89. Open letter to all light workers.

    Dear Resistance Movement,

    I am writing to you to inform you about the information war that is taking place on planet Earth(Gaia/Terra). In the past year millions of people are being awoken to many of the terrible and horrifying hidden truths that the cabal has been behind for decades maybe even centuries. Awareness about big issues such as false flags(9/11)ect, the massive paedophile accultist rings that include human sacrifice and human organ trafficking, and the awareness that all our governments across the globe are controlled by the 1% global elite no matter who the people vote for and the false wars of profit and mass destabilisation(Syria)+ the mass forced migration of Arabic people into Europe is making waves across the internet and alternative media.

    But in spite of this the cabal is now being even more aggressive and getting away with anything they want, murder, blackmail, human trafficking, fake news propaganda, mind control the list goes on and on. The oppression by those who want to keep humanity enslaved is getting so intense that its causing mass distress and confusion to those who are awake to the truth and those getting to that point. I also think this is one of the primary reasons that light workers are also fighting amongst each other because the disinformation and mental abuse that the cabal inflict on us is so overwhelming that people get caught up in their own fear and hatred of this “hidden” abuse.

    In informing you of this information I am trying to get the message out to all those being of the light that are trying to help save this planet and the beings living on it, that humanity is now at a huge tipping point from the information that was revealed last year through Wikileaks Clinton and Podesta emails and countless other leaks that took place. The United States FBI and NYPD still has access to the thousands of emails from Anthony Weiner’s laptop that allegedly contains so much information on the hidden truths I have described that if it was released to the public, all the people fighting for humanity in the authorities and governments would have to act and arrest these dark people that have committed the worst crimes against humanity imaginable.

    It is of the up most importance that information like this and many other suppressed knowledge need to be disclosed now before it is to late. With each passing week more and more people that are trying to disclose the truth are being murdered one by one with no consequence what so ever. I have very good reason to believe that someone very dear to my heart personally was murdered Chester Bennington the lead singer of Linkin Park because he had to much knowledge of the human trafficking that has been going on linked to Haiti and his close friend Chris Cornell which evidence suggests he was going to disclose information about this atrocity. I would be forever grateful if people in the resistance could disclose accurate information on all the recent celebrity deaths that have been occurring and if they are in fact connected directly to the cabal.

    I am personally quite shaken about these current events and I am opening all my being and soul to try and receive some guidance and help from those in the resistance. I pray that the evil that is taking place all over the planet will start receding over the rest of the year because I do not know how much more we can take at this point. I am also writing this knowing full well that there are people far worst off then me, but I can no longer sit by and watch these heinous crimes take place and not feel helpless and that I can almost do nothing about it.

    Love and light to all those fighting for the light and fighting for peace prosperity and freedom to all beings throughout the cosmos.

    David W

  90. Dear members of the Resistance Movement.
    First, I want to express my GIANT gratitude to everyone who is working to help us. I look forward to the Event coming soon. I want to live to see a Planet free from wars, from hunger, from diseases, animals being slaughtered, from rivers and seas being polluted, from forests being destroyed, I want to live long enough to cry with joy and not with sadness to see my Planet Earth , So beautiful, being annihilated day by day, as it has been billions of years. I am in great need of help since, a year and two months ago, since I awoke to what has been happening with our Home, when I began to receive revelations about the existence of all this, I began to have many health problems, such as high blood pressure , Too much trouble breathing and headache every night and this is getting worse. I went to the doctor, but no health problems were found. I feel that the more I dig into the information, the more it increases my breathing difficulty, it’s like I’m always drowning, a sense of death sometimes. Talking to others, no one reports feeling the same symptoms. Thank you in advance for listening. It’s wonderful to know that I was wrong, that there is yes who cares about us. Light and peace.

  91. So the LF/RM want to understand why there is infighting among us Lightworker/warriors …

    Wellsir …. there are a lot of reasons many I’m sure you are aware of. Many before me have posted good info about why this is happening … on this site and the official RM/LF site so please look at the comments there are well it will help you greatly in understanding.

    I’m sure you are aware of the many obstacles we on the surface face. The veil … the implants … the feeling of disconnect with the Source. You know about the programing through the media and in the education system. You know about the financial system we have to deal with. Force to focus on putting a roof over our heads … and those of us with family having to face the problems or raising one. Many of us have to deal with illness as well as poverty which makes it ten time harder to cope.

    The fear and uncertainty plays a big part too. If you check the official site you will find some posters telling us we are fools to believe this “nonsense”, it is so easy to create doubt due to all the programing and conditioning from the time we were born. For many of us your official site is the LAST HOPE and there would be no point in living if it were not true about The Event coming.

    Other have mentioned about the lack of tangible evidence of your existence, and lack of contact that would not set off any bombs. We would like to see as many visible signs that you are with us as you possibly can without causing any violations to the treaty you have. I’m sure you could think of some clever way of accomplishing this.

    Seeing the suffering of not only the innocent people around the world but some of our animals friends are in very bad situations as well. That has an enormous impact on us.

    It is extremely difficult to break the programing. I will follow the instructions Cobra put out and do the writing exercise that was described. I will do everything in my power to honor my contract with you when given the opportunity to do so.

    I hope this information will help you to better understand us. Thank you for reading my letter.
    Victory of the Light!
    Deborah Dickson
    22Aug55 03:38 Cleveland Ohio
    41*55’35.2″N 80*37’11.4″W Stop by and say hello 🙂

  92. The “Us vs Them” programming is strong, but I think can be quickly dissipated with the right event(s). One of my major frustrations is seeing my most intelligent and alert friends who eat up corporate news without question. The long-time traps of left vs right, black vs white, and religion vs religion, for example, are so ingrained that the “most educated” never even consider the thought that there is a third-party stoking the conflict for their own gain.

    We need at least one event that reveals the third party/false flagger pattern, beyond any doubt, and in a way that mainstream media have no choice but to report it honestly. Or, at least, their methods of obfuscation are become obvious enough for the headstrong to start questioning what they’ve been told for years.

  93. Dear members of the Resistance Movement,

    you asked, why we can’t just unite our forces. My thoughts are: We are trained to live on our own and very limited in our ressources (even if we have some ressources like money or just some free time, we are trained to waste it).
    It all starts with parents, who are not aware of the true needs of their children, not able to give unconditional love (because they never learned it). This continues at school, a system of competition, survival of the fittest. And because nobody knows better, we think, this is normality. Anyone with different thoughts is considered crazy. I think, the truth was held back for so long, we cannot remember it and therefore live in a nightmare – and think, it is the only truth existing.

    Without you we are not able to break free. We need you and I thank you for trying to save us. I really wish, we could do more, but all we can do, is to inform people – and this is not enough. In order to change their lifes, people need to experience some eye-opener, and because mass-landings are not an option, I think about “mass-dreaming”. I feel: People are so embedded in a conservative system, they cannot cause major changes (even if we start a protest movement, it will be stopped by the police and either ignored or discredited by the mass media). So what people like most is to talk about nonsense – like strange dreams. So what if we suddenly all have the same dream? Could this change some lifes to the better?

    Namaste, dear friends!

  94. Thank you to all those that have played a part in creating the RESISTANCE movement to our Systemic Corruption that is currently being seen on vast levels in our modern day infrastructures.

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    I am here to serve –
    in strength
    in the love of CREATION and CREATOR
    in the knowing we are ALL ONE
    in grounding and re-enforcing the MISSION.

    A🦌 loving doe 🦌 a graceful fawn, a gentle deer!

  95. Dear RM.

    This is a reply from me on the subject of why the surface Lightworkers and Lightwariors tend to attack each other, instead of uniting against the common enemy.
    From my perspective the main reason is doubt… The cabal are especially good at disseminating dissinfo and FUD(Fear Uncertainty and Doubt). So when a prominent public figure shares some information from their own perspective, every attempt is made (and often successfully) to spin that information as complete dissinformation, that supposedly serves the cabal themselves.

    Lightworkers and warriors are divided by the constant doubt that every other supposedly awakened being they meet or have contact with or even just consume information from, might actually be a dark agent in disguise trying to steer them in the wrong direction.
    That is how good the cabal is at seeding doubt. Every little wrinkle of the information that online truth websites and blogs provide is closely scrutinized and examined and everything that does not fully align with one’s own perspective on things is cause for more doubt…

    Cobra has said many times to use discernment and how to do that but my observation is that too many of the supposedly awakened individuals that attack each other simply try to rationalize the information they receive with their conscious mind and don’t actually go within to try and receive the higher perspective their own Higher self can provide…

    Basically what I’m trying to say is that a big part of the surface “awakened” people are not as awakened as they should or want to be… They do not truly have a good connection with their Higher selves and don’t use that as often as they should. They try to only use their rational mind on information that is simply beyond that. This in turn creates the FUD I spoke of…

    I hope I was able to communicate my perspective on this subject in a good way.


  96. Over the last couple of days I’ve been realizing what has been done to me with the forced reincarnation process. The agreements I’ve made that shouldn’t have happen, the suffering that’s been forced on me and the suffering I’ve forced on others because of this bullshit process. Lies that continue now because of lack of contact with my true self. Today’s meditation was impossible. I’ll get through this but still feel how unfair and physically and emotionally painful this is getting. When is this going to let up?

  97. Hello RM first off I’m so grateful for all you are doing, many of us may not be awake yet to understand this but the ones of us that are know the love, time and resources you are putting in to helping us and our planet I am beyond grateful for the help you are sending us. This place has never made sense to me even when I was a little boy. Going through my life I’ve endured soul crushing depression, drug abuse, victim of criminal acts, poverty, half my family who I grew up with got rich and suddenly we weren’t good enough anymore I was destroyed by that as well. But instead of falling victim to this, I let it put steel in my blood. I’ve let all these things strengthen my resolve, I have grown so much down here and made a great life for my wife, myself, my parents and I run a business as well. Also I have found great passions in this life snowboarding, camping, dirt biking and nature hikes among others, this planet is astonishingly beautiful. Now if I came here for a challenge and growth then this life has provided a ton of it. I feel something now everyday not just an awakening but I have gained a inner strength from these experiences, control over myself, my emotions, my thoughts I have gained focus and perspective. It makes me curious about something, is the cosmic creator allowing this evil to exist (cabal, lack etc) in order to teach us lessons/fast track our evolution? Is evil simply a tool that allows us to shine brighter? I feel like a candle in a dark room. I can’t wait to meet you star sisters and brothers and share with you some genuine ground crew tales from being on the front lines. I feel I have overcome the “dark night of the soul” time in my life and as strange as this sounds, I’m grateful to have gone through all this, how else would I have grown so much? Though if we ascend and this changes I am ready for anything. Much love to you all and can’t wait to meet you.


  98. Kedves Ellenállási Mozgalom!

    Magyarországról ìrom a levelem.
    Nem olyan règen akadtam rá Cobra blogjára, mondhatnám,hogy véletlenül, de nem hiszek a vèletlenekben. Tavaly ősszel kezdődött el az èletemben az ébredés. Nem akkor szólìtottak meg először plejádi testvèreim,de akkor voltam hajlandó először válaszolni a megkeresèsükre és nem bántam meg, mert megváltozott az életem, sokat tanultam és fejlődtem azóta ( persze ez még csekély tudás) .
    Sok mindenben hittem már azelőtt, csatlakoztam csoportokhoz, de nem találtam meg akit kerestem: Istent. Viszont elhitetèst és elmeprogramozást láttam eleget. Hamis isteni csodákat karizmatikus keresztény gyülekezetekben, agymosott tömegeket, akik prèdikátorokat imádnak. A lényeg mindig az volt: ne légy kíváncsi, ne kérdezz, ne hagyatkozz a belső hangodra és persze fizess. A belső hangomat sosem tudtam és nem is akartam elfolytani, mert mindig rávilágított arra,hogy mi is lakozik az emberekben. Sokan lemondanak róla és bábokká válnak. A vallások ebben partnerei a sötét oldalnak.
    Itt,ahol élek,az emberekben rengeteg a bizalmatlanság, csalódottság, előítélet. Félnek bízni, félnek hinni. Rengeteg az alkohol függő, menekülő ember. Nagy a szakadék a szegények és a gazdagok között. Ha megkérdezel az utcán egy ismerőst: hogy vagy? Panaszkodni fog az anyagi helyzetére, családi életére, munkahelyi problémáira. Annyi gyönyörű dolog van ezen a világon, itt ebben az országban is, de valahogy az emberek többsége nem veszi ezt észre. Sokuknak van munkájuk, fizetèsük, otthonuk, családjuk, a lelkük mégis romokban van és az egészségük is kárát látja ennek. Az embereket félelemben ès depresszióban tartják, hogy ne remènykedjenek, ne higyjenek, és ne tudjanak pozitív életet teremteni maguk körül. A mèdia sok hazugsága, rèmhíre pedig “segít”nekik abban, hogy ez az állapot elmèlyülhessen. A vallásokkal bekódolt bűnössèg tudatról már nem is beszélve.
    Nincs egyensúlyban a női és férfi energia. A női energia túlságosan is le van folytva, a férfi energia pedig túlzottan erőszakos és agresszív a női energia nélkül. Szomorúan látom, amikor a férfiak félnek férfiként viselkedni, a nők pedig a közönségessèg oldalára átlendülve átveszik a kezdeményező szerepet.
    Amikor ez a sok torzítás megszűnik végre az egy igazán gyönyörű vilagkorszak kezdete lesz majd. Gyönyörű új Atlantisz. Bármennyi rosszat is látunk most, az el fog múlni.
    Fel kell ébredniük végre az embereknek, hogy tudják kik is ők valójában, miért is vannak itt ezen a bolygón, és hogy meg tudják védeni magukat a sötét oldal támadásaival szemben. Fel kell ismerni az ellenséget, hogy le lehessen győzni. Tudom, hogy nem szabad félni és tudom, bizonyosság van bennem afelől, hogy a lèlek halhatatlan és a fizikai halál csak egy állapot, nem a vèg. Kicsi gyermek korom óta érnek támadások,fenyegetèsek lelki és szellemi síkon, álomban és ébren is, ennek ellenére biztos vagyok benne, hogy védelem alatt állok, ahogy abban is, hogy segítő feladattal érkeztem a Földre,ahogy sokan mások is. Szeretnék segíteni az embereknek, abban, hogy felébredjenek és kezükbe vegyèk a sorsuk irányítását, hogy sokan együtt összefogva lerombolhassuk a fennálló rendszert a Fèny erejèvel. Ehhez szükség van arra is, hogy a Fény oldalán állók ne viszálykodjanak, ne bizalmatlankodjanak egymással, hogy ne legyen irigység és versengés egymás között. Minèl inkább levetkőzzük a félelmet, előítèleteket, annál inkább kiszorítja a Fény a sötétséget.
    Nagyon sok èrtèkes ember èl ezen a bolygón, akiknek szükségük van a segítségre és itt van ez a csodálatosan sokszínű élővilág, amely annyit szenved a gonoszság ámokfutása miatt és rajta keresztül a Föld bolygó maga is szenved. Hiányzik a Fèny mindennek ami él!
    A Forrást nem kívül kell keresni, hanem magunkban, mert egyek vagyunk vele. A szeretet pedig a kulcs,ami kinyitja azt a bizonyos portált a lélekben, ami megmutatja Őt. Aztán csak sugározni kell kifelé…

    Örülök, hogy velünk vagytok!
    Remélem hamarosan személyesen is találkozhatunk majd!

    Dear Resistance Movement!

    I have my letter from Hungary.
    I did not catch it on Cobra’s blog, I could say that by accident, but I do not believe in the uninitiated. Last night, my awakening started in the fall. It was not the first time I pleaded with my bodyguard, but then I was willing to respond to their inquiries for the first time and I did not regret it because my life changed, I have learned and developed a lot since then (this is still a bit of knowledge).
    I’ve believed in many things before I joined groups, but I did not find anyone I was looking for: God. However, I have seen eloquence and sympathy. False divine miracles in charismatic Christian churches, brain-massed masses, who worship pre-dictators. The point was always: do not be curious, do not ask, do not rely on your inner voice and of course pay. I never knew my inner voice, and I did not even want to run it because it always made it clear what people were doing. Many will renounce it and become puppets. Religions are partners to the dark side.
    Here, where I live, people have a lot of mistrust, frustration, and prejudice. They fear to trust, they fear to believe. There are plenty of alcohol-dependent, fleeting people. There is a great gap between the poor and the rich. If you ask a friend on the street, how are you? He will complain about his financial situation, his family life, his workplace problems. There are so many beautiful things in this world, here also in this country, but somehow most people will not notice it. Many have their jobs, their pay, their homes, their families, their souls still in ruins, and their health is damaging to that. People are kept in fear and depression so as not to stray, to believe and to create a positive life around them. The many lies of mèdia and rèmhíre “help” them to make this state obsolete. Not to mention the guilty conscience blended with religions.
    There is no balance between female and male energy. Women’s energy is too much, and man’s energy is excessively violent and aggressive without women’s energy. I see sadly when men are afraid of behaving like a man, and women turn to the audience as they take over the initiating role.
    When this many distortions cease to exist, it will be the beginning of a truly beautiful world. Beautiful New Atlantis. No matter how bad we see it now, it will pass.
    People have to wake up to know who they really are, why they are here on this planet and to defend themselves against the attacks of the dark side. You need to recognize the enemy to be defeated. I know I should not be afraid and I know, I have the assurance that lèlek are immortal and physical death is just a state, not a vèg. Since my childhood I have been subjected to attacks and threats on the spiritual and spiritual plane, dreams and wonders, I am sure I am protected, as well as helping others with the help of Earth. I would like to help people to wake up and take control of their destiny so that many can join together to destroy the existing system with Fèny’s strength. To do so, there is a need for those on the side of the Light not to quarrel, not to distrust one another, so that there is no envy or rivalry between them. Instead, we tend to undo the fear and the prejudices, the more the Light expels the darkness.
    There are many criminals on this planet who need help and here is this wonderfully diverse wildlife that suffers from the outbreak of wickedness, and through it the Planet Earth itself suffers. The Fèny misses everything that lives!
    The Source should not look outside, but in ourselves because we are one with her. Love is the key that opens that particular portal in the soul that shows Him. Then it just needs to be broadcast out …

    I’m glad you’re with us!
    I hope we will meet you personally soon.

  99. RM,

    It goes without saying that we the people are restless. Many of us intuitively know that something is just not quite right here, but we do not know what to do about it. We know our governments corrupt beyond repair. We know that our planet is being irreparably destroyed by those who rule over us. We know our food is poisoned, our air is poisoned, and our bodies are over weakened with medication meant to hold us back from our potential.

    We know all this and try to tell our friends, families, and peers, but our words fall on deaf ears. The majority of people we tell know something is wrong but are complacent and jaded due to years of lies from leaders who promise hope and change but never deliver. Many others are skeptical of what we say because of the repetitive programming telling them everything is fine and not to listen to “conspiracy theories” and don’t dare look into something for yourself because on crazy conspiracy theorists do that. Others hold onto religious beliefs that have been used to divide us for centuries and dare not believe that their holy books have been altered and to suggest otherwise is blasphemy. Those who are interested in what we are saying are scared that they are falling for the great deception warned of in the Bible.

    What can we do to help the people we love break out of this false paradigm if they don’t believe us or think we need medication?


  100. Dear RM,

    My best greetings.
    My awakening process has been amazing and not ease by all means. I am just one out of so many that decided to leave their country seeking for better opportunities and somehow were never able to come back. to the family. It has passed seventeen years that I’ve been separated from my mommy, brothers and sisters.
    But ironically, I feel that the love and respect just grew among each one of us.That is a reward!
    The internet in that case has worked like a glue as I talk to them twice on a weekly base. I have made sure that I am always there to help and our God Creator has blessing me amazingly.
    For quite awhile, or I may say since childhood, I carry this deep desire to serve people and specially children.
    I am constantly asking myself, searching for ways to make this wish come true, than I will know I found my happiness. Even though it all has taking too long, I choose to believe that a solution is near and soon I will be serving my purpose here on our Loving Mother Earth.
    Thank you for listening.

    Love and Light to all.


  101. Dearest Family of Light,

    Please protect us from the evil bombardments we endure each day. Please help to steady Earth as Nibiru makes it’s closest pass. Please help the many who are dying and afraid. Please send positive energies more frequently. And most of all, Please, please help us trigger the EVENT. So Be It. Much LOVE! Thank You.

  102. I have one thing to add to my post, if an implant is hijacking our free will then that it isn’t freewill. That is coercion. If prayers can’t be answered because something is twisting my freewill around that is plain not fair. People aren’t even aware of this problem and with clear intent are asking for help. So why can’t the intent of the people be observed and followed and not the version that is being twisted by the implant?

  103. dear resistance movement
    wir haben alle dieses sogenannte ego, das unsere persönlichkeitsstruktur bestimmt, in der wir denken, fühlen und handeln. vielen menschen ist gar nicht bewußt, von welchen mechanismen sie geleitet werden. das bewegt sich viel im unterbewusstsein. es bedarf vieler kleinarbeit sich selbst zu erkennen
    in dem, was einen bewegt. viele von uns handeln “wie Kinder” aus mustern der Kindheit heraus und reifen nicht wirklich zu einer humanistischen Wesenheit. dies passiert auch wieder auf diese Arzt und weise um inneren schmerzen auszuweichen.
    komme gerade von einem gemeinschaftkaffeetrinken: die meisten lassen den andern nicht ausreden,
    unterbrechen, hören nicht zu, reden durcheinander, wenige sind achtsam und aufmerksam im Umgang mit dem anderen. jeder möchte wichtig sein, was gutes sagen, den anderen zurück drängen, weil er zu stark erscheint etc.
    ich leide sehr unter diesen Mechanismen und bin dann gerne auch allein oder mit einer Person.
    und ich weiß wir brauchen mehr Teamarbeit und Gemeinschaft.
    liebe frieden freiheit für mich und alle menschen und die erde

    google translate – Dear resistance movement
    We all have this so-called ego, which determines our personality structure, in which we think, feel and act. Many people are unaware of the mechanisms they are guided by. That moves a lot in the subconscious. It takes a lot of work to recognize itself
    In what is moving. Many of us act “as children” out of childhood patterns and do not really mature into a humanistic entity. This also happens again to this doctor and wise to avoid internal pain.
    Just come from a communal coffee shop: most do not let the others excuse,
    Interrupt, do not listen, talk together, few are careful and attentive in dealing with the other. Everyone wants to be important, what good say, push the other back, because it appears too strong etc.
    I suffer a lot from these mechanisms and am happy to be alone or with one person.
    And I know we need more teamwork and fellowship.
    Love peace for me and all people and the earth

  104. Dear RM,

    I am in deep gratitude, for all that you are doing, and have done for humanity. I’m sure it has not been an easy mission for you, just as it has not been for us.
    I have read most of the posts and do not feel as if I can add anything more to what has been said about the lack of unity of the surface light workers. I must agree with the general consensus that has been expressed.
    The recent experience, I would like to add, is of a positive nature. I have had extended moments, and sometimes several days of complete joy and light. There is an ebb and flow to the experience and it is very real. When I am out in the public feeling this joy, it has been my observation, that others are very responsive to the light they see. I feel something very positive has recently transpired.
    I will use the exercises and suggestions you have passed along.

    Thank you again.

    Victory to the Light!


  105. Dear, dear Resistance Movement!

    Knowing you here by our side gives us so much strenght and assurance that we can make it!
    This cleaning/ elevation process, though difficult at times and quiet long, gives us a glimpse of our reconnection to the universal love and we truly can’t wait to be reunited again with your folks and our galactic brothers. We know it takes a honest and true work on ourselves, needing a face to face with our own shadows.
    We do really not have an idea at which level our good will is affecting the whole situation and as though we still are not able to connect with our true abilities, our hearts are filled with an expanding joy and a power ready to break through. We can feel our hearts thriving!
    We, after centuries of disconnected lifetimes, feel for the first time again the glimpse of eternal love so great.
    I long for home; a little thought tells me though I’m eager to take part as a transformer of conscious systems in the free will universe. I do whinge a lot during this lifetime because it is so hard to be limited by a closed down and poisended 3D body and facing all the horrors made on sacred living beings here; I somehow fear I would jump with a big shout right in again for the next battle! OMG! What a tough job!!
    We love you so much! Thanks for your support!

  106. desoler et/ou desolant comme vous voulez. j’espere ne pas etre trop derengeant.

    google t – Desolate and / or desolate as you want. I hope not to be too deranged.

  107. Thank you all of you for your work. The thing I want the most is that all beings on eath to be free and happy. I work for that on my level. Peacefully, but firmly. Somewhat like Gandhi. It needs dedication and sacrifice. But it’s the most important thing for me : a free earth. Just like for you I guess. I just have the narrow view of the surface. You have the big picture. I hope my wish will come reality soon.


  108. Cobra,

    Is it possible for ine to be informed, yet still asleep? In other words, intellect and intuition have validated much of the truth, however spiritually there has been no connection or awakening experience. Is it premature? Does the individual hold themselves back vibrationally due to their health, diet, and consumption of alcohol? When one wants to help, but does not understand how, is that indicative of a larger problem, or is this individual too much STS to do any good? Asking for a friend.


  109. Our deepest gratitude to you our sisters and brothers of the RM! Thank you so much for helping humanity awaken and for our liberation. If I can further help, please let me know. Love to all, Steve at www.stone-light.net

  110. Dear brothers and sisters of the Light,

    Our situation here on Earth is very complicated and the magnitude of duality here reflects that. Famine and obesity epidemics exist concurrently, the divide of nearly all economic aspects follows the Parteo Principle which I can only assume is deeply embedded in the Tablets of Destiny supercomputers OS. The tides have shifted and the break of a new dawn has begun, however too many remain asleep. I implore you to ask your superiors for permission to ramp up the awakening process and begin direct contacts with a wider field of range. We have been so patient, and the beast has nearly exhausted all of it’s influence on society but what is needed now more than ever is an alternative to be shown to the people of our world. Lift the Veil and reveal to the world a reality that has been hidden for far too long. It is high time this planet needs to be utilized for the true purpose it was made for and ascend to the planes of existence that we and our Father have waited for, for so long.

    Liber Secundus is near,


  111. Dear Resistance Movement,

    First I want to start off by thanking you for all of your hard work and service to humanity. We are the last planet in this galaxy to be liberated and without your dedication and support in making a difference, we would be worse off than we are now.

    Let me give you a little perspective of what I see from our point of view. The elite scumbags see us nothing but “useless eaters” and take pride and pleasure in watching humanity suffer. Only you guys truly know the evils they really do behind closed doors, we hear bits and pieces of a lot of information, but I’m sure it’s 1000x worse.

    They have created this slavery system that unfortunately, we no choice but to live by. The idea of a perfect life is to make a “living” slaving away at some job for 8+ hours a day, then going home and rinse and repeat the next day. This isn’t what life is meant to be about, and I’m sure you know that as well. Making slave wages where people and their families can barley afford to pay bills and put food one the table. One should be able to express themselves how they want and experience what they want. Instead, we’re all fed lies every single day of what the ideal should be. They’re poisoning our food, putting toxins in the sky, lying to us every single day and planning for continued mass murder. And that’s the tip of the iceberg, you know what else they’re doing to us. It doesn’t need to be said.They need to be stopped and humanity needs to be liberated.

    It’s true that most of humanity is still asleep, but for those who are awake and see what the world truly is, it’s a sobering thing. Why can’t the rest of humanity wake up and see that we’re all being played? We’re all being lied too? No, because people are not open to accepting the truth and they don’t want to shatter their little bubbles of reality that they live in.

    This is why we need your help, because the awake people here can’t clean up this mess without your support. There are too many still asleep and we don’t have all the time in the world now if we hope to have a future where we’re free. This ain’t living and although people think they’re free, they’re truly not.

    I only dream of one day where we get to meet you and our galactic family, free from the clutches of the dark. Maybe it won’t happen in my lifetime, but I truly hope it does. Who knows how long really this will take. Full disclose 100%, do not buy their sales job about partial. Nothing will even get accomplished, they are just buying time and master deceivers.


    With love and gratitude!

  112. dear resistance,
    es ist der Mangel an liebe in uns seit der Kindheit, seit mehreren leben, der zu viel neid, eifersucht, hass wut, rache und konkurrenz führt. bei anderen wiederum angst und mißtrauen hervorruft, jeder ist vor jedem etwas krass gesagt auf der Hut und will sich schützen, sich nicht verlassen fühlen, sich nicht minderwertig zu fühlen, sich einigermaßen gut fühlen, sich nicht unterlegen fühlen, scheinbar geliebt fühlen. wenig kommt aus reinem herzen, da eigentlich kaum einer ein wirklich offenes, reines herz hat.
    jeder fühlt er braucht liebe, bekommt sie aber nicht, kann sie nicht geben und wenn er sie gibt, bekommt er nichts zurück.
    der selbsterhaltungstrieb, die angst zu sterben treibt jeden menschen zu kämpfen um seine eigene haut.
    das geht durch alle schichten.
    ich selbst arbeite schon lange an diesen negativen Gefühlen, wenn ich mich verletzt fühle. sie lassen mich jedoch am ende mir selbst gegenüber wieder schlecht fühlen. es ist ein Kreislauf und automatismus.
    ich habe eine große Sehnsucht, dass diese Verhaltensmuster sich transformieren mögen in Verbundenheit, vertrauen, teamarbeit und dass sich mein herz und aller herzen wirklich rein öffnen können.
    in liebe licht frieden freiheit getaucht für alle menschen und die erde
    danke – danke – danke

    google t – Dear resistance,
    It is the lack of love in us since childhood, for several lives, which leads to much envy, jealousy, hate, revenge and competition. In others, fear and distrust, everyone is in the least shocked, and wants to protect themselves, not to feel abandoned, not to feel inferior, feel good, not feel subdued, seem to feel loved. Little comes from pure heart, since hardly anyone has a really open, pure heart.
    Everyone feels he needs love, but does not get it, can not give it and if he gives it, he gets nothing back.
    The self-esteem drive, the fear of dying drives every man to fight for his own skin.
    This goes through all layers.
    I myself have long been working on these negative feelings when I feel hurt. But they make me feel bad at the end of myself. It is a cycle and automatism.
    I have a great longing that these patterns of behavior may transform into bondage, trust, teamwork and that my heart and all my heart can really open purely.
    In love light peace freedom dipped for all people and the earth
    thank you thank you thank you

  113. Liebes RM,

    eine harte zeit bricht an für mich, nach 25 jahren des zusammenseins geht jetzt meine beziehung auseinander, was ich lange schon fühlte. ich wusste, es passt nicht mehr, doch jetzt ist es sozusagen unabwendbar.
    lange zeit wollte ich es nicht wahrhaben, nun ist es soweit.

    noch ist alles ungewiss, aber ich weiß, wenn ich durch die dunklen täler gegangen bin, erwartet mich das licht und die befreiung.

    danke dass ihr euch um unsere belange kümmert, dass ihr uns helft, denn ohne eure hilfe wären wir verloren und das event würde noch einmal tausend ewigkeiten auf sich warten lassen.

    sieg dem licht – dank euch lichtkräften…

    Love RM,

    google translate – A hard time is breaking for me, after 25 years of being together now my relationship goes apart, which I have long felt already. I knew it did not fit anymore, but now it is so to speak inevitable.
    For a long time I did not want to believe it, now it is time.

    Still everything is uncertain, but I know when I have gone through the dark valleys, the light and liberation await me.

    Thank you for your concern that you help us, because without your help we would be lost and the event would be a thousand eternities in itself.

    Win the light – thanks to you light powers …

  114. Beloved RM. First, thank you for all that you do! I am eternally grateful.

    I believe a core issue, if not “the” core issue, for the in fighting is scarcity.

    The public light warriors income (literal survival for them and their family) literally depends upon their credibility or the pubic will not follow/listen to them, period. Lack of credibility means no income over time.

    Anyone or thing that threatens credibility, threatens their livelihood at least to a certain degree. I cannot stress this enough. Lightwarriors have endured tremendous emotional pain. Pain does not feel good as you know. It’s a very effective deterrent.

    Scarcity leads to extremely painful realities. Homelessness is real. Divorce over finances is real. You could loose family, children… the list goes on. Scarcity or not being able to provide for your children will make any loving being extremely protective of their income source/credibility. Scarcity = PAIN.

    The facts mentioned above bring tremendous stress… that a being who does not or is not experiencing that reality may not comprehend. I can personally tell you scarcity is sever emotional torture.

    So, when trying to fight a war while blind folded with essentially your hands tied behind your back, the love in your heart and your courage as your weapon, one must be very “causious” to protect any asset (income) that furthers the warriors progress. Boy, talk about potential to create havoc by the dark forces as our vulnerabilities are easily exploited and manipulated in many if not most circumstances.

    Now imagine, you can not see what your colleague can see, you’re not exerpiencing all of the same things, but you need to blindly trust that the warrior by your side has not been manipulated by the dark forces.

    Yes, great trust. Now you may say, well go inside the truth will be shown/ become known to you. Yes, but remember we are blind folded. We cannot see it. We cannot touch it. We must have complete faith in another being who may or may not have been tricked/ manipulated. That is a great deal of trust in our higher knowing which we are clearly disconnected from to a large degree.

    So, I feel you have done the right thing by asking cobra to release manifestation tools and by giving us a tool to dissolve the implant. If we had money, no scarcity, so many more would attend cobras conferences! I would personally love to!

    Without scarcity the tension associated with potentially having to say, i was wrong publicly, becomes less about survival and more about emotional maturity.

    Without scarcity we can afford to come together thereby grow together in unity and consciousness.

    Without scarcity… the dark cannot force fear on us unless we are in a physical war zone.

    Without scarcity… they become the ones with the blind fold as light warriors will no longer worry about loss of credibility but embrace our fellow light warriors and stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder as we move forward to eradicate the dark forces on the ground. The dark forces cannot comprehend our love! If they could, they would be terrified as we are much stronger and as we unite they got NOthing on us!

    I believe this with all my heart! We are courageous! We are loving! We will fight if we have to and like I say, don’t make me be a mean mom because I will fight to the death for whom and what I love. I don’t just mean fight physically. I mean I will love and expand my ability to love beyond what darkness believes is a potential to exist. I will SHINE and the dark will collapse to the love that I am so honored to represent, Source.

    End scarcity and trust and emotional maturity will begin to flourish and ground firmly, then the rest will be galactic history.

    Beloved RM, with your assistance all things are possible. Your leadership and love continues to shine through our blind folds, continues to inspire, and continues to teach humanity emotional maturity and most importantly, consciously and unconsciously reminds us how to love. For that, I wish to thank you.

    May your smiles soon be seen by all of humanity.

    All my love to you…


  115. Hi everyone
    I want to explain different points
    I hope that my English language is understandable
    My words are addressed to everyone. Not just for resistance

    I have removed one of the implants. in my life
    It was a very strange feeling
    They have been removed. Because of raising Consciousness

    Awakening / Mind Cleaning / Awareness Raising / Looking at the higher perspective / Different views / Trying to understand people’s land situation.
    A lot of things help clean the mind and body
    In order to raise Consciousness. To remove the implants

    The difference of thought is based on changing customs, traditions and behaviors. When all those behaviors change. The person’s life response changes. What I mean here is that it is a complete reprogramming of the person.

    If you want to hate someone. Do it completely.
    In order to remove all the hatred from within you. Then ask yourself a question. Why you hate him.
    Then when you want to hate someone. But you can not. For here you have cleansed the hatred from within you.

    Maybe we talk about love a lot. But we do not know about the amount of hatred hidden inside us.

    I want to speak little to the resistance movement. About people, lightworkers and light warriors
    in the beginning,
    Life here is full of chaos. And within that mess. Love, beauty and talent. From the outside the chaos and the inside balance. This chaos is what makes this balance from within.

    What I mean here is: the fish can not see the ocean inside it. When the fish becomes outside the ocean you will see it.

    Here we are out of the light. A lot of mess a lot of grief a lot of darkness.
    People here act based on what is inside their minds
    Many customs, traditions and negatives planted inside. And various software implanted inside her mind
    All these details control life here.

    Everyone here defends himself for what he wants for himself. He does not care about anyone else
    All those small details inside. Is what makes him do these things.

    He is not really aware of what he is doing
    Just like a little child. He wants everything for himself only. All this because he lost everything.

    For lightworkers and light warriors
    They are most exposed to many positions in her life. Especially childhood. More than other people.
    Here I am not talking about the suffering people experience.

    It’s a different suffering. Reality is different. Life is different. People are different. The behavior is different. The reality here on the ground is different from what we were used to in our original home.

    No matter what is inside us, great and important. Here it is our reality that controls us (I am talking about lightworkers and light warriors).

    But actually why are they fighting each other ??
    They really do not really know what’s going on inside them. They are still asleep. Not awake.
    They read a lot of articles that talk about what’s happening now
    They read Cobra articles. They read many, many of these articles on the Internet. They talk a lot about love, wonderful life, beauty and meditation.
    But they do not really know what these details mean. They are like parrots.

    I’m not talking about all the lightworkers and light warriors.

    Consciousness is what binds us together
    Speak unconsciously. It makes us fight each other. We fight each other for the same cause we fight for.

    I think this explanation is enough for me
    Thank you for listening to me.

  116. Back in 1991 Ken Kerry, acting as scribe, published the third book in his now famous trilogy, The Star Seed Transmissions. This third book in the series called “The Third Millennium, Living in the prehistoric world” gives a wonderfully poetic and lyrical description of what we are at the very precipice of experiencing and are today calling “The Event”.
    Back then this information being delivered to an ill prepared human race was so new that it seemed like science fiction and only the most intuitive among us could grasp some of its breathtaking implications.
    Today, 25 years later, our spiritual (Divine Spirit) and emotional (Divine Will) bodies and their development as experienced within the Heart, has brought us forward in evolution so much so that when you read this now a far bigger picture of what is about to happen brings an enormous breathtaking depth to our understanding.
    Here is some of what Ken Kerry described 25 years ago as humanities “Moment of Quantum Awakening”.
    “At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly rippling across the terrestrial surface like a wave. Everything in the earth’s gravity field will be affected in some way. This will be a time of massive change, of change on a scale that has no historical president.
    Regardless of whether one accepts this change or attempts to back away from it, THIS EVENT WILL BE OF GREATER POWER THAN ANYTHING THE EARTH HAS EVER SEEN. More energy will be released in a very few moments than is typically released upon the surface of the earth in many years. This energy will take the form of heightened perception and deepened emotional connection, rejoining the individual and God.
    At the moment when Creator’s luminous field comes into perfect alignment with the Earth Mother, all illusion of a destructive nature will be dissolved. Though there have been many centuries leading up to this moment when the moment comes IT WILL BE DECISIVE.
    There will be a great shift then, a single moment of quantum awakening. In this moment, the smallest interval of time measured in these dimensions – the interval that occurs in every atom between each of its billions of oscillations per second – will be lengthened into infinity. An interval of NONTIME will expand. Through that expansion, eternity will flow. Some will experience this moment as minutes or hours, others as a life time. Still, others will experience this flash of NONTIME as a succession of many lives. And some few will, in the moment, know the NAGUAL itself the great Nameless Presence that exists before and after all these worlds.
    In the expanse of the NONTIME interval, human beings will have all the time they will require to realize, experience and remember the full consciousness of their eternal spirits and to recall the origins of their individuality in the primordial fields of being. All will have ample time to recharge their form identity and its biological projection with the awareness of who they are, why they have individualized, and why they have chosen to associate with this planet’s human expression. Each one will have the choice to return to biological form or to remain in the fields of discarnate awareness.
    Those who choose to return to human form will do so fully aware of who they are. No longer will they be but partially incarnate; they will resume biological residence with the full memory and consciousness of their eternal natures SHARING the creative capacities of the Star Maker, whose reflective cells they will then know themselves to be.”

  117. Dear RM’s,

    …Why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal…
    The way I would understand this behaviour among lightworkers is twofold:
    1. Most -if not al-l lightworkers have a higher automatic empathy than the average population. This makes them VERY aware of the suffering of fellow souls, humans, animals, plants and Gaia. This sharing of that suffering makes them in turn very sad but especially VERY angry at the perceived guilty evil ones. If any other truthseeker/lightworker than lightworker nr 1 spreads a slightly different explanation for what is going on, the gigantic-almost immeasurable anger in lightworker 1 about the worldwide inflicted suffering prevents him from seeing the possibility that the other one (LW2) spreading his own message is a LW as well; they can only see someone sabotageing their effort to fight evil. The despair shows then up that this sabotage will prevent evil from ever being defeated. Which is enough to be angry enough to attack LW2.
    2. Whenever one’s monthly salary/income/spendable money/survival needs are under threat by losing audience to a newcomer, the negative emotions of fear, despair, anger, etc will so strong as to prevent logical thinking and seeing the truth. The neg emotions in LW1 will create the conviction that the other one (LW2) is wrong and is attacking oneself thus attacking LW1’s message and work, and thus is attacking the whole Earth and thus LW2 must be evil or a tool for evil.

    I hope this helps,

    Thanks, and please try to see we have no chance whatsoever of beating the might of this interfering evil without same level of intervention of the benevolent side. I suspect that for many millennia, the benevolent have strongly understimated the manipulative destructive evil side. The evil ones are FAR better at lying and deceiving than you are, admit it! 😉


  118. Dear RM. It is great to have an opportunity to tell you what and how we experience life on earth. Why light workers attack each other……? There is a ton of reasons for that. Growing up in a world where you are subjected to all the enslavement and abuse, you are prone to be emotionally wounded and badly damaged in your psyche. Life on earth forces you to grow up with a distorted perception. Every persons circumstance differs and therefore every persons perspective differs. You see life through the glasses of your own perceptions. One single word uttered can mean a hundred different things to a hundred different people. It just depends on your perception! Sometimes the intention behind the words spoken can be misinterpreted. That once again happens, because of the other persons perceptions. This can cause a lot of disharmony and misunderstanding. People read things in situations that is not necessarily the truth. Misunderstandings, mistrust and fear, causes people to feel vulnerable. When feeling vulnerable they tend to defend. When defending they tend to attack.
    With all the info and dis-info going around nobody feels safe. With all the deceit and lies going around nobody feels loved. This makes people feel vulnerable and the cycle begins again….when feeling vulnerable they defend and when defending they attack. It is the way we have been programmed… and its hard to get out from under that programming. The damage in the psych of a human can sometimes be so big that they can not free themselves from the pain. They need help.
    No human being in their rightful mind can hurt another wilfully! You have to be mind controlled (and reacting to something) or possessed or forced. No human being in their rightful mind will purposefully attack another just for the fun of it. You attack because you perceive danger. And once again danger is perceived through your perception thereof.
    Each and every human being on earth has their own perceptions which has been shaped by the control, programming, enslavement and lies we have been drilled with.
    Does that make sense to you? Because honestly…..life on earth does not always makes sense to us????

  119. At the last of Twelve should be occured was not happened.
    Their adult ritual was not held.
    They are fully agree with their role.
    They are experienced children.
    They are Live in fear.
    All of them.
    All of us.

  120. Dear Resistence Movement,

    I want to Thank you for all that you are doing for our beautiful Planet, and for all the Creatures big and small living here!
    Maybe this has already been said many times in all these letters, but I do want to add my voice. What I find so very frustrating at times, is that all the techniques and the (money) abundance is waiting to be received. I know many people who are suffering from cancer and other diseases. People are dying from useles Wars, No food, no water and No hygiene. A few people have billions of dollars (euro’s) ruling our entire World and billions of people have NOTHING, while Everything is already there!
    I know we all have to wake up, and we are trying to help people to become aware, But I believe we could use a huge push from our Dear Friends to get us through these very intense times!
    I am full of Hope and Faith that Everything will be Allright and I pray that together we can make all our dreams come true, not in the near Future, but in the NOW moment!

    It is no longer a wish , or our dream , It is our Reality.

    Lots of love Lia Wijnbergen

  121. Dear Resistance Operatives,

    I’ve been extremely pleased to ‘ tape into your flow ‘ in the past where I found the inspiration for a video about your organization. The density at the surface almost made me forgot this – that gives you an overview of Life at the surface. You were all so physically real to me and then you have ‘ ceased to exist ‘ in my reality due to some reinforcement of ‘ the veil of forget-fullness’ .

    At the surface each success & achievement seem to be followed by a deep regression / atrophy along with an increase of attacks. You innocently begin your journey by thinking you just need to shine as bright as possible, then you realize this very light gathers all the negativity around you. Thanks to Cobra we were made aware of the need for Self-Protection and to avoid taking projections personnaly.

    Still, the awaken population is tired of this. The bodisattva vows, this willingness to suffer on the behalf of an inconscious collective is an old ideas – we do no longer want to obide by it. Enough. As commited as we are to Planetary Liberation, loving beings on the verge of the Ascension Process now need a safe and healthy environment where they may proceed with the ultimate phase of their transition. In some cases it’s really an emergency.

    You know, here one cannot transfer his consciousness into a cloned body whenever it becomes ill or is subject to internal disfunctions. We’re all incarnated into one single same body made of earthly elements – thus corrupted and highly subject to entropy. We then receive a limiting ‘ label ‘ by Society based on physical criterias and we have to carry for the rest of your life ( Tall, Small, Strong, Weak, Beautifull, Uggly, White, Black, , etc… ) Even by working on/owning our own Belief Systems we’ll still be subject to the related collective ignorance to a certain degree.

    For sensitive beings this is very hard to deal with. I myself feel very close to the Galactic Commands, which represent my ‘ first identification substrate ‘. Some lightworkers/warriors have nothing to do with earthly cultural backgrounds and yet they are caught in collective dramas and become the first ‘ casualties ‘ of the delays. For occult transmutation purposes, I agree, but even dedication has its limits !

    Some of us try to’ shift to parallel realites ‘ where no human suffering exist ‘ but I came to the conclusion that the mass of Mankind are – unconsciously – anchor points for lower frequencies. For a long time I nurrished the ideal – and still do – of freeing them all from their invisible shackles. But confronted to the day-to-day reality and people here, even the stellar councils could wonder if everybody will awake. As long as we all share a common reality we’ll still be subject to our ( ” own ! ” ) co-creations.

    Traumas are exploited again & again by the archons so that no matter what activity you’re engaged in, you’ll have to deal endlessly with nasty thoughts. It’s like if the rewards for having awaken were nothing more than stigmatization, isolation and an invasion of darkness in our lives. I don’t say ‘ lonelyness ‘ because I forgot such feeling thanks to ‘ higher connection ‘. With relationship it’s another story, it’s so hard to deal with people – the spectrum of awareness available here is so wide !

    The connection to the mighty I AM presence realigns all of this instantly and brings much needed relief but it is always quickly ‘ hijacked ‘ either in dream or day time. It cannot fully compensate the inherent limitations of the flesh at our present degree of evolution. Unity Consciousness is slowly beginning to heal yet the depths of what has been inflicted to humanity is still affecting us all.

    At times we’re not even sure who ” our fellows ” are ! I thought life would become more pleasant as we were reaching the Event Horizon but it’s quite the opposite. We can maintain an ” island of peace ” within our lifes but frankly, that’s all we feel like doing at times when we look at the bigger picture.

    I know how complicated the earth situation is, and I surely don’t want to point fingers at you for the delays. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to have made earth your next destination right after the liberation of your own planet. Surely you could have enjoyed the ‘ times of reconstruction ‘ with your fellow on Planet X yet you chose to come and give a hand with this hellish planetary quarantine.

    For this, Bro’s & Sista’s, you have my deepest gratitude ♥ Loving thoughts.
    Looking forward to meet you face to face in the near future dear Mickey 🙂

    These words were written from a state of mind I’m not usually in and I think they are reflective of what the Lightworkers are enduring. End of the doleance session, back to active duty.

    I also look forward to further cooperation in the service of the Light !

    Ps : you rock 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVkuTBTz0Fc

    Arbre Solaire

  122. Though English is not my native I think I express myself better with it.

    So here I am, Ece.. who has named herself Vera in her childhood. 

    Just like my inspirational knowing childhood… Spinning, crystals, colors, animals, plants, concepts and listening to my inner being are amongst my daily interactions with Gaia. Don’t know what is happening in my dreams most of the time, but wake up with a sense of glory and joy usually.. Just cannot explain any to any earthlings 🙂

    My answer to your question would be “lack of trust”. In this illusionary game like experience, the definition of success has been told far different here, and when we seem not to have enough while trying to maintain our earthly accepted features, we kinda feel “not good enough”. And this affects a lot. Even though light beings know that material world cannot satisfy us completely and thus we know that all we look for is those perfect moments when we are in the bliss.. in meditation, an intense affection, uniting with nature… Still we want to have those moments in a very nice house, with expensive garments and designed furnitures around 🙂 And if we don’t have this kinda financials and conditions, we sometimes feel like failing. 

    And I guess everyone here would agree on the difficulty to talk about the divine and cosmic truth in their reality. I am loving all the things that I have learned within the last years.. from my I am presence, the beloved angels, masters and light beings, So many wonderful things to contemplate on, so marvelous feelings and experiences for me to share.. But for a really good reason I suppose, I just do not have anyone to share all with, yet. This also brings the feeling of “lack of trust”. While the world game is out there, my main focuses are being seen “odd”, no one is a bit interested..  after sometime it is way better to stay alone to find the time to deal with the really interesting matter. Such as writing a letter to the Resistance Movement 🙂

    I love and appreciate every being that involves in the ascension of Earth. Would really be wonderful to connect with you in a more direct way soon, meanwhile we the light workers will keep on lighting the free world and focusing on the oneness of all creation.


  123. Hallo lieber Cobra und ALLE von der Widerstandsbewegung

    Ein ganz herzliches DANKESCHÖN von Herz zu Herz euch ALLEN für eure Hilfe! 🙂

    Dafür danke ich von ganzem Herzen!!!

    Liebe Herzensgrüße Ingrid :star:
    ICH BIN DAS LICHT! <3 <3 <3

  124. cari amici e fratelli della resistenza vi ringrazio di cuore per il lavoro che svolgete per l umanità,sapere che è in atto un aiuto da parte delle forze della luce è a dir poco confortevole.infatti la forte dualità ti trasporta sempre in un stato di abbandono dello spirito questo è causato dal fatto che non riusciamo a percepire i nostri corpi eterici ma percepiamo in maniera molto pesante le varie forme che l ego ci propone distraendoci dal pensare chi veramente siamo.io voglio emergere dall oscurità ma quando vedi che hai fatto un passo avanti subito ti ritrovi con tre passi indietro,eppure la differenza è notevole,infatti quando mi trovo a vivere magari per una settimana nella luce io sto benissimo mi sento forte di poter affrontare qualsiasi situazione,ma poi ecco che l oscurità ti prende e ti fa stare male.vi dico che quando si ha un attacco dall oscurità è molto difficile opporsi e poi col senno del poi e facendo un autoanalisi si riesce ad uscirne ma con molta sofferenza almeno per me.nelle 3D la vita è difficile ci sono sempre problemi che ti attanagliano uno in particolare è la situazione economica bisogna lavorare e nel mio caso( operaio edile)sono schiavizzato non abbiamo diritti solo doveri e alla fine del mese ci si arriva sempre senza soldi il lavoro è da come lo vedo io solo schiavitù,e la cosa più brutta è che io sono consapevole di questa situazione.insomma cari fratelli vivere qua nelle 3D è TERRIBILE SOPRATUTTO PER I RISVEGLIATI.io vi chiedo un aiuto perche il mio libero arbitrio non è affato come lo voglio io,io non ho deciso di vivere cosi io si ho scelto di venire qua ma non in questa maniera senza poter ancorare la luce,in piu sono anche malato(sindrome mieloprofilerativa philadelfia negatif)che viene dalla bassa autostima che tutti questi disagi provocano in noi la somatizazione.io voglio vivere nell ,unicità non nella dualità non cè la faccio più a sopportare questo.fratelli della forza della luce posso parlare con voi?io vi do il permesso vi prego anche solo telepaticamente mi basta ad aver forza per affrontare la vita fino a l evento,che spero di poter restare a lungo su gaia per poter vedere il cambiamento.una domanda ma appellandomi al libero arbitrio io posso cambiare la mia situazione?vi ringrazio e vi benedico per la vostra collaborazione.
    vittoria della luce
    ps:potete parlare con me anche con lo smart fone

  125. Hello, blessing Cosmic light.

    Is it efficient and useful for resistance movement, to promote the descriptions and hierarchies mentioned by the Melchisédeks and the others mesagers of the “Book of Urantia”?

    Infinite thanks,

    Love for all


  126. Thank you to all at RM,

    I’ve been selecting a few of my more openminded family and friends to explain truths and guage receptiveness to these truths that we face.

    My observations tell me that most are receptive to many of our concepts, but have become complacent in using common sense and logic. They have tremendous curiosity. However, instead of analyzing a situation objectively and using facts at hand they tend to default to waiting for the “media ” to report a story before they will act on information. I think that prominent members of civilization are going to need to step up (Or out..grin..) and begin to wake up the masses to the facts at hand and explain the deception that’s permeated their “reality ” for so long. The curiosity is strong but the programming stops them from making sensible analysis.

    Thank you for your time and Cheers!🍻


  127. Apologies, correction for this paragraph, which should read as follows:

    “Almost 20 years ago, LW-A (who already had a big network of followers) launched a vicious attack on LW-B, who was a newcomer to the scene. LW-A practically said that LW-B was channeling evil. I know about this because I was in contact with LW-B, and he graciously said that he won’t take action, because that was the BEST course of action ~ no action. LW-B told me that LW-A felt threatened because many of LW-A’s followers started attending LW-B’s meetings. Today, both are very successful in the LW field.”

  128. Viele Lichtarbeiter/innen sprechen dass sie angegriffen werden. Für einen dunklen Energieangriff, braucht man selbst dafür seine eigene Tür aufzumachen dass der Angriff durch sein eigenes Energiefeld hinein dringt. Wenn man im Gleichgewicht lebt, kommen auch keine Angriffe durch sein eigenes Energiefeld. Ich selbst war an einem Ort wo es sehr viel dunkle Energie hatte und hatte dort Cintamani Steine eingepflanzt. Kein einziger Angriff hatte ich gefühlt.

    Auf seine eigene schöne Gefühle einzugehen ist der beste Schutz. Alle Menschen haben ein Energiefeld um sich, den Torus oder mit anderen Worten seine Aura. Sollte ein Angriff dennoch stattfinden kann er bei einem Menschen wo in seinem Herzen, dem inneren Licht zentriert ist, nicht durch sein Energiefeld durchdringen. Der Angriff geht dann sofort wieder auf den Angreifer zurück. Auf seine eigene schöne Gefühle einzugehen ist der beste Schutz. Denn das innere Licht/ Liebe, Quelle, ist als erstes mit dem Gefühl verbunden.

  129. Dear RM,

    Once again, heartfelt and deep gratitude to all of you in service to liberation of Earth and her Humanity/all beings upon her. As you know, words alone are limited, so please accept my sincere thanks in energy.

    This time, I will focus on the infighting in the LW community, as per Cobra’s latest update of 21 July 2017. And I will make it personal, from my own experiences.

    Almost 20 years ago, LW-A (who already had a big network of followers) launched a vicious attack on LW-B, who was a newcomer to the scene. LW-A practically said that LW-B was channeling evil. I know about this because I was in contact with LW-B, and he graciously said that he won’t take action, because that was the BEST course of action ~ no action. LW-B told me that LW-A felt threatened because many of LW-B’s followers started attending LW-A’s meetings. Today, both are very successful in the LW field.

    Major LWs with large following sometimes end up attacking each other because they don’t want to lose their “members”. Especially if their information differs from another. This, to them, is a threatening situation. I have lost count of how many times I’ve written to major LWs to get them to feature Cobra’s meditations, but they are not interested because they don’t want to lose their following. This is an example of “large” vs “large”.

    I have a very small blog, and I have encountered instances where popular LWs with large following who use my materials without crediting me, or even cropping off my blog name at the the bottom of images that I create. This is “large” preying on the “small”.

    Then we also have the situation where major LWs and their “members” cannot accept a situation (or information) that puts their belief at risk. This would refer to things like the RV….. VERY MANY LWs have invested in this. They either have put in large sums of money, or are depending on the promised prosperity. So when someone like Cobra comes along and says much of this is untrue, then….well, it won’t sit well with them at all. We are talking about MONEY……a huge huge huge issue with Humanity, as you well know.

    As I have mentioned in my previous letter, almost all of the problems can be attributed to two main areas, the first of which are the control systems in place (programming, implants, conditioning, Psyop/Psywar, deceptions, manipulations etc.)

    The second area is our inauthentic “nature”. This means that much of what we do is out of ego or fear. As you know, it is said that we have a reptilian brain because of how the medulla oblongata functions. The survival and fight-or-flight instincts kick in whenever we feel threatened in ANY way, big or small. This makes us competitive, have the need to be right, and our drive to “survive” is strong.

    We are conditioned to be competitive socially (through mass media, peer pressure, institutions, family etc) all the time. We are even taught that evolution (and therefore, “existence”) is dependent upon survival of the fittest.

    We are also conditioned in scarcity. We are conditioned to believe that there’s “not enough”, so we have to fight for our share, of everything! If we attack another LW who is threatening our survival (for money, fame, popularity, etc) and we “remove” the “threat”, then we have one less competitor/threat to worry about.

    If LW-1 says this, and this is different from what LW-2 says, then of course we have the situation where people will ask, “Who is right”? So….a “war” starts.

    I hope this helps in some way. Thank you for continuing to listen to us, it is indeed a very brave and compassionate thing to do, in itself. You have waded into a very deep and dark pit, but it is where we are at the moment. We REALLY need all the help we can get, even though some major LWs are “teaching” their members that we don’t need help from anyone at all because we can do it all by ourselves.

    You are trying to understand something that has been our operating system for eons of time, and you (and all the other Light Forces) are trying to reverse a situation that’s taken so long to fester. It’s like trying to completely rehabilitate a hard-core drug addict overnight.

    BUT…..we really need to be completely rehabilitated asap, because with each passing moment, some Human life or condition is in danger. In addition to all that control systems, our Pineal glands are calcified and our bodies are sick through dark agendas. We are being impacted from every aspect of “life”.

    I fully understand your predicament, I truly do. May you and all the other Light Forces find some solution to help our situation asap. If you have the positive version of StarDust, then please by all means stardust us liberally so we can all step up our Consciousness and step into our own Light.

    Much Love and Namaste 🙂

  130. To the Resistance Movement,

    I can only say that I cannot say enough how thankful I am to enter into a new chapter in the story of Humanity, you are the catalyst we need, and we are ready for you.
    All the thanks in the world would not be enough for you and yours, but I’ll toss one grain of sand on that beach. Thank you.

    May love and light be with us all.

  131. Wie man bei einigen Briefen sieht, schreiben viele Menschen gleich für alle Menschen.
    Nicht alle Menschen sind gleich. Verwechselt nicht Meinungsverschiedenheit mit Ehrlichkeit.
    Ehrlichkeit im Denken, Aufrichtigkeit im Herzen und innere Zufriedenheit ist ganz etwas anderes als Meinungsverschiedenheiten. Es kann verschiedene Meinungen geben, dann ist es Zeit darüber zu sprechen . Man kann darüber diskutieren und akzeptieren. Wenn man aber bewusst lügt, spüren einige Menschen dass man sie anlügt und es entsteht Konflikt und Misstrauen. Es kann für einige Menschen verletzend sein. Einige Menschen merken aber nicht dass andere sie anlügen, die sind sehr leicht beeinflussbar, und werden meist von anderen Menschen ausgenutzt. Diejenigen wo in einer finanziellen Notlage sind, ist es wichtig das ihr ein erfülltes Lebens lebt. Seid ihr am verhungern, oder am verdursten, oder seid ihr Obdachlos…? Das kann man alles ändern. Es ist mit nicht egal wie es den anderen geht, deshalb mache ich jeden Sonntag, die Aufstiegsmeditation, pflanze Cintamani Steine ein helfe gerne anderen Menschen, wo es die Hilfe auch schätzen und lebe ein erfülltes Leben. Das macht mir grosse Freude. Es ist so wichtig, dass man auf seine eigenen Gefühle eingeht und alles loslässt, was gegen das eigene innere schöne Gefühl ist. Zum Beispiel, wenn man sich wohl fühlt, ist es wie, wenn man eine schöne farbige blumige Blumenwiese anschaut und wie sie duftet und sich schön anfühlt.

    Du fühlst dich nicht wohl ?
    Du kannst dich in diesem Moment fragen, was würde die Liebe jetzt tun ?

  132. We have also to understand what do they mean by lightworkers attacking one another:

    Is it the case, let’s say, Alfred Webre attacking (time ago) Kevin Annett? or is it the case of ‘laymen’ lightworkers attacking one another, i.e. 2 neighbors in a discussion about Cobra,
    or, is it the case that us, we, attacking a top lightworker speaking intensively about karma, which we know that is an arcohonic invention.

    In order to have a comprehensive answer from us, we have to know what they mean by this attack.

    • Whatever is meant by the question, I think we can only answer and think about and for our own inner en outer behavior and be honest as honest can be..
      Writing a letter like the ones down here in my opinion is very very private and should maybe not even be read by us. Than even seeing people reacting on certain letters is above my comprehension and sense of independance. (can’t think of the word I mean)
      This COULD be a place where we are fully safe and sacred .

  133. I can not lift my head because I always stumble with the same stone, the black stone, the truth I am not happy on this earth. I pretend to be happy. My nerves sweat pain and fear every day , we are one ?

  134. You profess concern over LW’s infighting. Well, Exactly who are these LightWorker’s. LW’s seem to pop up and start “preaching the word”, then we are asked to use discernment. Too many unknowing people simply “hang up a shingle” and start business. Then they ask for donations and create memberships to support themselves and charge for “seminars or webinars to share their “truths”.The only way we can “use discernment is to compare information and use our imaginative gifts to tell whether we should believe them or not. And they live better lives than we are able to do through those funds. They travel to places we cannot afford to go, and have a lifestyle we can never afford. Then, they disagree….. so who’s right? You want to know about our suffering. Most of our suffering is not having enough to live on and be happy, Yet, we can always just decide to BE happy and we generally are. I think one of the problems out there is the constant guessing who to believe. I meditate long and often and receive many, many messages that I have to sort out and classify as to what I think it may mean. I have found out a lot of truth, but would I swear to any of it? No. We form “beliefs” and these take on a life of their own. Each is for us alone, it may not relate to others. Does this make them True? Not necessarily. The biggest problem is ego or narcissism. We become attached to our beliefs and screen out the saying of others. Yet, what if they are correct. Given enough work, it is not hard to find out many things that make perfect sense, but we don’t Really KNOW. The only true source is within, but we know that the military has “The voice of God Technology”. We know there are implants and we have been hardwired from birth to forget our true origins. How can we believe channelings, no matter how “nice” they may sound, or from how “High” a source it purportedly comes from. David Wilcock has done a marvelous job of collecting information, but he is releasing it at a pace that is “Partial discernment..” Is it because he is trying to keep the money flow coming? Kauilapele is an empath like me, so he releases things that resonate with his inner sense, but it’s not his information. Corey Goode keeps telling us dribs and drabs, but, also, keeps telling us he can’t tell us things. Slow partial disclosure, again. Sheldon Nidel tells us certain things should have already happened and whoever he is in contact with has been saying “it” should be Soon, or “it’s on the verge”. What is the definition of these phrases?. Jerzy Babcock (Zap) Keeps saying “it’s happened”, then he does another report to say Well, no it hasn’t. He has announced the arrival of the “funds” at least several hundred times, but they are still not present. There are people on the RV/Intel site that say their intel is spot on, but “you can’t foresee changes that cause it to be miraculously “delayed” And so it goes.Where are “the arrests” that have been promised by so many, so many times?? This situation is reaching critical mass, which is probably why you have asked for commentary. Judge Anna is “working on a Republic”. HATJ and Terran are working on the OPPT. Donald Trump is doing some good things in a very convoluted way, but is still labeled as as part of the Cabal. Pattie Brassard and Karen Lucyk are the most credible people I’ve found, and what a tale they tell. Even my friend Aug Tellez has incredible insight. I am simply spending my time assimilating as much information as I can handle and looking within, and living. Now that the Sphere Beings have quit blocking or filtering the Cosmic Love light from the Source through the “black sun”, things are going to start popping, but I don’t know how fast. Be patient everyone, and loving and look within; it will all come in “all ways, always”. Give forgiveness, and send out love in each meditation. It will come when it comes. Ms. Lee

  135. “The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind. From the perspective of the Resistance, they would never attack their fellow that is fighting for the same cause and they genuinely do not understand why the surface population keeps doing that.”

    At an overview of this question, a short answer may be:

    The surface population does not know who is a genuine lightworker, and who is not, or who does a genuine lightworking or not. While the RM members know most likely one another, and what each of them have to do or to work.

    On an other hand, for here, there might be that all who distanced themselves from Cobra, or are not believing in a sudden Event which will change the world, but are believing in a smooth decade long transition might be not genuine lightworkers and might be misguidind the collective consciousness of humanity,
    so might they be worth to get an attack in order to become more grounded or to come back on track…

    Should RM study this cases, give out their point of view, and we will give other of our opinion, as case may be.

  136. We may need your assistance in this collective action:

    August 21st – Total Eclipse of the Sun – Join Forces to Align Our Future with the Planetary Liberation Program!

    July 19, 2017 by Ada Shaw

    It is time to prepare for the next big Prepare For Change mass meditation Event!

    ….and this time we will be gathering together physically…it is finally time to meet the rest of the 144,000….

    ….this promises to be a BIG one!

    On Monday, AUGUST 21st, 2017 … a mere 5 weeks from now…there will be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE over the USA.

    We will be gathering together all along the ECLIPSE PATH which goes from OREGON through NEBRASKA and KANSAS and ends in SOUTH CAROLINA.

    The eclipse starts at 10:16 AM in Oregon and ends 90 minutes later at 2:48 PM in South Carolina. (Different timezone – 3 hours later in the day)

    Prepare For Change is organizing a physical mass meditation event to declare our decision to trigger the Event and bring back Light to our planet.
    We will be holding physical meetups along the eclipse path, and planting cintamanis and special free will crystals to amplify our intention.

    If you are able to organize an IN PERSON MEETUP along the Eclipse path on this date, or if you are able to help with the placement of stones and crystals, please send us an email:

    To volunteer for this project: Email ada@prepareforchange.net .



  137. As long as there exist any form of outside influence, manipulation or control in how humanity perceive its reality, particularly in the astral/plasma or etheric planes in conjunction or independent of the physical/mental and emotional planes, humanity cannot truly exercise free will. The illusion was not initiated or created by humanity itself but is a result of cumulative influence of outside (dark) forces. The resultant ‘reality’ or perception of it, then, was a byproduct of continued manipulation by the dark. As long as an outside dark force has influence or control over humanity, its state of wakefulness will be limited. There are of course, those who are aware, but who are not truly free from the influence in the astral, plasma or etheric planes, thus, it’s judgement could become clouded. Humanity needs to be freed from any form of manipulation. When you are presented with lies upon lies, but was told it is the whole truth, then humanity’s choices are constricted to what is known.

    Our recommendation is for the complete and full removal of outside dark influence (especially in how humanity perceive its reality) and their technologies in all planes that it exists as well as full unrestricted disclosure of what is TRUE. Only then can humanity exercise free will. Ascension too will be swift.

    • I, through my Mighty I AM Presence and It’s Oneness with the Collective Mighty I AM Presences of All of Humanity and All of Gaia’s Kingdoms and Elementals, IMPLORE All of Light, Love and Truth and all that is Divine from the 5th Dimension and Higher, to freely anchor within our world, every available Cintamani Stone, linking all grids, vortices, gateways and stargates and points of interconnectedness of the Flower of Life at the planetary level and in all planes, creating a vast ENERGY of protection, cleansing, purification, healing, transformation and restoration of our True Divine Origin, and transmutation of all that is discordant and not in alignment with Humanity’s Ascension in the Present Now.


  138. Dear brothers and sisters of the Resistance.

    I am Jorge. I start by thanking you deeply, from my heart, for all your efforts.
    Currently being a human living in this beautiful planet, I have been witness of the great potential for positive/negative actions of the human race. Most of our human brothers and sisters are still asleep and under the influence of the illusion, as you well know, and thanks to your work this number is diminishing. As someone who has loved/hated humanity over the course of my short years here, I would like to point out that the conditions which keeps us in a state of apparent separation (not only from source but from our own people) makes difficult to deal with ourselves, as our social complex is very primitive and ignorant. We have been taught to harden our hearts and to live in an environment where the “strongest” survives and the corrupt thrives. Everything is upside-down here, and most would prefer a new vehicle or a bigger house given the choice between that and enlightenment.

    As the event draws in closer, it is evident the majority of the planet lives in constant fear and preoccupation of hunger, poverty, sickness and war. It is time for all of this to end. We need to take accountability and responsibility of our actions, as individuals and as a collective. But for this to happen we need the current paradigm to be destroyed, for knowledge to be spread massively about the crimes and acts done against us, in order to start the healing process. Our free will has been hijacked under penalty of becoming cannon fodder, since that happens to anyone brave/foolish enough that defies the current controllers. We have no means of defense, as most of us are as children due to our ignorance and any change brought about by violence will only replace a bad with a worse.

    Expressing myself and for many of my acquaintances, we request of you a more direct intervention. The conditions imposed on us have been generated by abuse of knowledge and technology from negative beings, and all we ask is a balanced situation where we can actually make a difference, for all of those unaware of the reality and for the awakened. Let us have a chance to win by ourselves by leveling the terrain. Give us the chance for a fair fight and we will do the rest. For that is the spirit of the human race.

    Thank you for your service.

    Adonai vasu borragus.

  139. Greetings to the Brothers and Sisters of the Resistance Movement 🙂

    Thank you for all the work you do for the liberation of the beings on this planet! It is much appreciated 😀

    I would love to try to help share some perspective on how my personal journey has shaped my experience and how I would describe the situation for the surface population of the planet based on it. I can’t say this applies to anyone else, but it does help paint part of the big picture!

    For me personally, the hardest part of being part of the surface population before times of being ‘awakened’ was the complete disconnection from source. For those of us without a strong family or community connection, growing up could be a very disconnected time. There was a part of me growing up that felt abandoned. The amount of division and separation ingrained into us through society and culture growing up genuinely made me question whether the universe was a loving place. And this kind of personal questioning of a core part of existence makes it difficult to connect with others and also my true nature. It felt like a vicious cycle. It took a lot of personal work and resolve just to reach the point of awakening and remembering that the universe was a loving place. And while that realization was an important first step, it doesn’t really start to bring all of the elements together enough to see this world as the kind of loving place I know the universe is. It was like all of a sudden now I had the faith that the universe was a loving place and everything was all right, but still living in a world that doesn’t act that way makes it very hard to integrate certain truths like that.

    Feeling alone and abandoned by the universe growing up in my view also makes it difficult for anyone on the surface to connect with each other in a full way. I have realized that many trust issues that I had could all be traced back to a general distrust that the universe was a loving place. Many do not do enough introspection to realize that distrust that the universe is a loving place is a major influence on all aspects of personality, communication, and many other things. Issues of trust in personal relationships don’t always have logical reasons and many times I find that interpersonal trust issues stemmed from not trusting that the universe was a loving place. If it was a loving place, how could there be so much suffering? This is a rhetorical question as I now understand answers to this, but this very basic question seems to be a root cause of lack of faith which also seeps into all areas of relationships between individuals on the surface as well. It is not recognized as such, so what happens is people get carried away in their emotions and make it difficult to confront these root psychological issues.

    This helps lay the basis for addressing a point COBRA brought up about how many the Resistance Movement find it difficult to understand how light workers could attack each other. It brings to mind the Bible verse Luke 23:34 “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.” To me this is still what’s going on. Even after being “awakened” to more of the true nature of the universe, the division created by design in all areas of life on the surface of this planet makes it very difficult for people to feel connected to each other even after having moments of divine truth revealed to them. While we do in a way have an external enemy in the cabal, the major blockages are all within and can be worked on from there. The first moments of awakening and connection to source give us a glimpse of the true nature of reality but then going back to the divisive society and culture we live it it is extremely difficult to hold that understanding of the divinity in everything and we tend to externalize our issues and fight amongst ourselves rather than take responsibility, accept our shortcomings AND others, and put down our egos to work together. Even after seeing the truth, there is so little of that truth flowing freely in this world that we quickly forget and once again “know not what [we] do.”

    There really needs to be a long period of consistent loving communication and care between the people of the surface population (and others as well) before this trust in each other – and even more importantly – the loving nature of the universe can be restored. Those lightworkers arguing amongst themselves still don’t trust that the universe is a loving enough place for these differences of opinion to all make sense and be part of a divine plan. Certain programs are still running strong convincing individuals that some ideas are to be feared and that we should struggle to avoid these things we are afraid of, which unfortunately prolongs suffering.

    I hope this is a helpful perspective in understanding some of the behaviors of the surface population! At this point after living this life on the surface of Earth it’s crazy to try and put ourselves in the mindset of someone of the Resistance Movement that may not have received some of the programming and living circumstances that encourages behavior of not working together. I look forward to sharing perspective and experiences with you all once we can freely have contact 🙂

    I love you all!

  140. Let’s just realize you don’t understand what’s going on down here. You’re not faced with all the oppression and resistance that we are. You’re not poisoned constantly, like we are – food, air, water, medicine, chemtrails, et al.

    We’ve heard about groups helping us for 20+ years, yet things only get worse – and you wonder WHY we question what’s happening?

    I’m sure you mean well, but that isn’t helping. Too much talk – too many messages – too much advice – How about you finish what you came hear to do and worry about yourselves – not anybody else…

  141. Since december 10 2008 8 years of nonstop maximum emotional energy suppression now sexual energy suppressed as well coming from etheric computer mainframe please make it stop!

  142. This is a re-post. Maybe you will be brave enough to post it this time…….

    Cobra’s latest comment:
    “The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind. From the perspective of the Resistance, they would never attack their fellow that is fighting for the same cause and they genuinely do not understand why the surface population keeps doing that. They are inviting the surface population to share their perspective of that situation here:”
    It is very simple: Every single light worker/warrior is targeted since before initial “birth” – and I mean initial as in thousands of lifetimes ago for many – for severe torture from birth and in the womb, brain control implants, demon (aliens like you) possession/oppression/influence trauma based mind control and soul shattering technologies you apparently claim to have no clue about. They are all born into Draconian AI controlled “families” and tracked life long. If you try to break free, you die or worse. Every single light whatever is severely compromised through these unhealed (by design, by intent) wounds and the AI Dracs and their Luciferian minions use them to infiltrate and take over/influence/deceive until the desired outcome occurs. Every movement any make, any thought or feeling we have is tracked and responded to. How stupid are you? You are looking more and more like an A.I. honeypot than anything true.
    You can watch Corey Goode on Cosmic Disclosure say a similar whitewashed version of this. You tell us you “monitor” all surface communications. Apparently, not so much.
    You are blaming the victims here. Damn you too. Damn you too for being cowards and claiming to be ignorant. That is all on you. You are in league with the enemy, believing projections and lies and relying on them too.
    I have been DECREEING vaporization while you try to love A.I. machines to death. All of that carnage and time lost you will be held accountable for. And you will pay in kind if I have my say.
    I was just up before the “authentic God” and a Cobra light worker as guide and as witness dealing with this very thing (infiltration due to unhealed wounds being used for attack against yourself and your fellow light-workers and husbands and wives, whatever is close to you) for the millionth time and you don’t know? We’ve heard that before from A.I. Drac-holes.
    Shame and guilt eternal is now all over you with your admission of lack of preparation or more likely lack of concern. That is NOT loving nor kind nor true!
    Humans are well aware you are not here for “us” but to save your own skins from a multi-verse wide Drac A.I. borg take over. Now you have made it crystal clear. How are you any different then they are?
    And I know why this “dialogue” appeared. As do you. It was not your choice – it was by human force on you.
    Now do your JOB and STFU. We’re tired of your excuses and when that fails blaming us. Save your own skins if you can.
    And giving A.I. MACHINES more chances than those who by your own admission are Light WARRIORS! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU FOLLOWING? As in ass raping children who the fuck…..uncaring machines rank higher than us. Wow. Just wow, that you have admitted it publicly wow. Not surprised really,.. you shall know them by their fruit or lack there of.

  143. People here on earth today are born into a harsh reality that is completely orthogonal to how things should be. They don’t remember anything and have to learn how to deal with the progressively distorted ways of their parents and their grandparents before them. Like how much they are loved and how it will all be ok.

    The learning process for a young child can easily be described as trauma, a formatting to a way of coping with what is expected henceforth from agent Smith in everyone.

    Growing up in an environment so separated from the idea of source does not allow much of that vision to develop innately. It’s felt as a niggling inexplicable hope and desire for something better, whatever that might look like with so many distorted visions provided containing singular elements of truth resonating with your inner self only to lure you in to waste your time and distract you with needless work. A savior, that sounds easy.

    It requires full time study to achieve a clear vision, but that is only permitted in your ‘spare time’ which gets smaller with each generation and has become little more than a cool off period before one is expected to get back out there and perform more menial brain numbing tasks for ungrateful faceless companies just so you can satisfy the agent Smith in every one of the conformist Nazis you may meet that you are a productive member of society that is worthy of their time to talk about the meaningless approved list of politically correct talking points, the weather, obvious to all.

    By the time you have started to figure it out, got angry, fought the system and inevitably lost you are only just starting to figure out that correcting others and fighting with them desperately for any small victory allowing you to prove to yourself once and for all that you are the winner you always knew you were because you helped in some misguided way, brainwashed into you by society abroad…then you have finally started to wake up, again, to the realization that waking up might never stop and then the niggling fear sets in that all the new age hope, propaganda in the world, the truth about Extra Terrestrial life, the coming revolution, might all just be another lie designed to keep you living, toiling in hope until you are too trapped to care.

    I can’t, I don’t believe that, I’ve had…experiences… Even if it was all just some military program designed to mess with my sanity it still proves the existence of a certain technological feat. But the illusion around me is constant and my experiences, just memory…

    You numb out to the world around you, escaping from it through drugs, alcohol, whatever you can get your hands on, knowing, remembering, being reminded constantly that they don’t help. They are just your misguided attempts to sate the insatiable longing for a better world.

    How can somebody outside that environment ever claim to understand it when we can only ever see things from our own perspective, fueled by whatever emotions we have left to offer.

    Spark, fizzle, pop, my inspiration comes to a close…that will be $12.99

  144. pozdrav RM ze srdce Evropy,
    čtu už Cobrovy stránky několik let, a to množství informací je ohromné, nicméně lidé v 3d světě mají rádi hmatatelné důkazy a osobně musím konstatovat, že mé oči zatím žádný takový důkaz neviděly, ovšem je možné že se neumím dívat, ale například informace že pod Tajwanem je obří základna pro 5 miliard bytostí? kolik m2 plochy vychází na 1 bytost? nebo že Cobra hledal vynálezce zařízení na volnou energii? vyspělé bytosti z jiných planet určitě mají své vlastní technologie, Cobrovi jsem psal email ale samozřejmě nikdy nepřišla žádná odpověď,
    ale nevadí dál budu věřit ovšem ne slepě věřit
    ať bytosti všech světů jsou šťastné
    a ať už brzy všichni pracovníci světla uvidí plody své práce
    nic jiného si nepřeji


  145. Dear RM,
    I understand that it is difficult to understand why people on earth are making so much trouble together.
    As far as I understand it and survive in those troubles, I mostly handle those conflicts as misinterpretations of the messages that people give to each other by means of verbal language and body language.
    When people wants to create harmony in their communication, they have to agree on four levels in that communication, and most people don’t know, or they are not capable to distinguish those levels. when there is misunderstanding, they fight for their “rightness”, but don’t see that they are fighting on different levels and never can come to agreement.
    The lowest level is fighting for the truth, and often people don’t see that the truth is only connected to our senses: see. hear, taste, smell and sense of touch. So to agree, you have to use your senses to agree about what you both perceive and don’t use words anymore. Fighting for the truth is senseless, because you have to search and perceive.
    The second level of agreement is the level of rules and conventions. A lot of people use the word “truth” on this level, but that gives only more misunderstanding and trouble. You cannot agree whether a rule or norm is true or false. You have to make an agreement whether a rule does count or do not count in a certain situation. If you disagree you don’t have to use your senses, but you have to negotiate about the validity of the rule in certain situations, and make appointments about the validity of the (new) rule.
    The third level is the level of feelings and emotions. Every situation evokes certain feelings and reactions, which are stored in our unconcious memory in the form of “emotions”. So when you grow older and have more and more life experience, all situations and communications are emotional. When a situations evokes different emotions in communicating people, they don’t understand each other and react somtimes in totally different and opposite ways. To understand each other and create mutual understanding, people have to be open for the different experiences they have had in the past, and the different emotions that are connected to those situations, and show each other that they recognize each others emotions. That is also called “empathy”.
    The fourth level is the level of values and intentions. Each communication has an intention. People that communicate have a reason, wants to achieve something, and mostly they want to creeate a situation that is valuable for them. In different social groups however, people differ in their system of values, and fight for what they think what is valuable and what they have to reach. So when there is no agreement about the intentions and the values behind that intentions, there is no mutual understanding and no harmony.
    You see, to prevent conflicts in communication is very difficult, because communication is complex. You have to agree on four different levels in four different ways to create mutual understanding and harmony.
    What I do in my dayly life is creating a fifth level above the values and intentions to overcome the differences, and that is pointing on one common value for all people: love and harmony to feel happy. That’s what everybody wants on earth.
    I hope this will throw lom light on our difficult way of creating trouble on earth.
    Kindly regards

  146. Merci infiniment pour votre aide frère et soeurs des étoiles ainsi que la résistance, que la lumière vous protège et vous guide. Nous cotoyons la douleur, la souffrance, la haine chaque jours depuis notre naissance. L’humanité a besoin d’aide car les forces negatives sont trop puissante. Il ne se passe pas un jour sans que je souhaite guérir ou aider un frère ou une soeur et sans pouvoir vraiment résoudre completement le problème. Même ceux et celles qui veulent aider son malade et impuissant et affaiblie par le systeme dans lequel nous vivons. Beaucoup d’humains sont endormis et ne se rendent même pas compte qu’ils sont a la merci des force obsure tellement ces force son puissante. Que la lumière éclaire les plus faible pour qu’a leurs tour ils puissent éclairer autrui. Paix et amour a tous les êtres de cette planet. merci, merci merci Victoire à la lumiere! Translation English:
    Thank you so much for your help brother and sisters of the stars as well as resistance, may the light protects you and guides you. We see pain, suffering, hatred every day since we were born. Humanity needs help because the negative forces are too powerful. I don’t go through one day without wanting to heal or help a brother or a sister as I am not able to really solve the problem completely. Even those who want to help are sick and helpless and weakened by the system in which we live. Many humans are asleep and do not even realize that they are at the mercy of the darkness these forces are too powerful. Let the light illuminate the weak so that in turn they can illuminate others. Thank you, thank Victory of the light!

  147. To the RM and all my brothers and sisters from this planet and beyond…
    I am now a 33 year old imperfect human being. I say imperfect because even though I have had a profound spiritual awakening I still struggle with all the daily constructs put in place to veer me from my path. I know I still have a long spiritual journey ahead but everyday, even in the midst of all the obscene tyranny and heartless acts people perform on each other, I STILL HAVE FAITH. I believe not only that there are positive factions out there to help and assist us, but I truly believe that all beings on this planet can come together and rise up against the forces that are too easily tearing us apart. I have read most of these posts and many resonate with me… I too have seen beautiful things in my life and also many times have fallen momentarily into the darkness. Yet, even with the continuous attacks upon my energy and psyche, I’m still here… standing tall… saying I will devote myself to do whatever part (big or small) to assist in taking down the deep state.
    From a young age I struggled with the construct. I was an adopted child into a large country family in a small town, strictly Roman Catholic teachings… like many others. My adoptive family taught me lots about love and kindness, but as the years went on I realized how brainwashed and covered in fear they truly were. Next followed almost 20 years with little guidance in the right direction and so my frustrations, fears, and confusions led me on a life of many tough lessons submerged in drugs, alcohol, unhealthy sexual desires, jail time, massive depression, and suicide attempts. Years and years passed with no direction or hope until about 7 years ago when I started asking myself the right questions… and slowly the world began to open up. As it opened, all I saw was negativity and that affected me even more with no direction in hand. It wasn’t until just 2 years ago, when I truly stepped into the first real transition of my spiritual awakening as I witnessed the birth of my son. It was that moment that things began to come together; mind, body, and soul.. and I knew I would never let this beautiful child walk through his life as another zombie.
    In the last 2 years I have experienced many things. Meditation and nature has become a staple and I feel I am being fed knowledge I have asked for all the time. But as all the fear and stress that falls with really being open to the real construct, it is also very hard and lonely. My desires have changed, I love my family, but witnessing them as they are, so lost, so broken, and really not being able to articulate what is going on in a way to reach them has me keeping a little distance. I struggle everyday in how I should be approached such relationships in my life so that I can continue my growth.
    I have been shown many things in a short amount of time. When I meditate, I honestly understand how important it is to give gratitude for what you have and also state your intentions. I love to create, I consider myself an artist, but until recently did not know how I would use that to reach the masses. Now I do and I have consciously decided to aggressively pursue my passions in film so that I can create projects that will instill hope in many people, positively reaching them with subliminal messages to awaken them in a positive manner, until the deep state who uses negative reinforcement and fear tactics. IAM NOT motivated by fame, greed, or or material gain… I just sadly believe that with my skill set this is the only way to trick the system and reach millions of lost souls. Opportunities are coming my way and I want everyone to know that I will be entering the layer of the beast… If I lose my physical life on this journey it will be for the greater good and light. I want to enjoy my life, but I care first about creating my projects to TRIGGER something profound inside people. I will follow my intuition and rigorously keep asking for the universe to send me the right people and/or circumstances. Think of me as an Undercover Artist of the light, deciding to step into a world that COULD BE BEAUTIFUL and fulfilling, but instead is a ocean filled with Satanists, pedeofiles, mind control, material greed, and military propaganda.
    In closing, we here on earth all have different perspectives in life,. I just want to teach people that they have to begin focusing on themselves and tuning into their higher self for guidance if they want to snap out of this zombie infested deep state matrix. I ask my higher self, the RM, Galactic Federation, and all positive factions here on planet earth and beyond to send me love, guidance, knowledge, and protection as I move into an important and possibly dangerous phase of my life.
    Again I am an imperfect human, but I strive everyday to be a better leader and better father for my son. I humbly thank all positive factions for their ongoing participation in the liberation of this beautiful planet. It is my hope that your intentions are pure as mine are and that you truly walk in the light and are not just another diversion… That being said, my intuition tells my the latter.

    Peace, Love, Knowledge, Unity, and Spiritual Harmony to all.

    You can call me… Skye.

  148. As this shift of the ages forces more and more negativity to the surface from the overall environment, we lightworkers / lightwarriors are literally working overtime processing heavy, dark and sticky energies that seem to be unending. The work load is not only VERY stressful but many of us also labor alone. This means that a goodly percentage of lightworkers / lightwarriors out there literally have no significant other in their lives with whom they can talk things out with, which also means that many of them are highly dependent on OTHER lightworkers / lightwarriors to be their restorative sounding boards.

    Under these conditions it is inevitable that arguments and disagreements will occur — this should not be viewed as a bad thing, not really. The reality is that despite what looks on the surface to be unpleasant is actually confirmation that the overall processing of negativity is taking place and everyone is doing their part. The truth is that oftentimes what is really needed by those who labor alone, is real genuine human interaction where their emotions can find a realistic outlet. After all, even in the best of marriages there are times when push back and antagonism help to establish the parameters of a new equilibrium. That’s what’s going on here. I would suggest that we need to be more understanding and give more credit where credit is due rather than stressing out over how stressed someone or other is, or has been.

  149. Hello RM and all others who are here in humanity’s best interest. I wrote in yesterday but did not address one of the issues asked. I feel lightworkers argue or battle each other sometimes because there are egos at play, there’s also a lot of opinions and I feel there’s a lot of false Intel out there and for some reason it creates an emotional reaction. I feel the biggest aspect of why this happens is because there’s not enough truthful and concrete information out there and there’s also a lot of scam artists out there and it seems to be revolved around making money off of the ones searching, how unfortunate. This needs to be delbt with, the effect it’s had has devided many good hearted people, it’s created the I’m right and your wrong scenarios depending on where one received their information. People are basically fed up with the nonsense, The lack of truth, the scam artists out there trying to rack in money, and just the flat out lies put out by some infiltrators purposely put into the spiritual and truther movement. I full heartedly believe that we need Full Disclosure, all in, full balls no holds bar. This would dispel the vast majority of this issue. If some people wish to continue their nonsense and drama after, then it would be their own choice to do so. The vast majority of us lightworkers and light warriors are pure of heart and only want the very best for all of us. There is a famous saying here, that it only takes a few to screw it up for the rest. And so it seems to have happened and my hopes are that this prospective helps you better understand your query. I also believe that we all need to have a more open channel to communicate with each other, as this open channel has proven that there are many misunderstandings and a dialogue would be most helpful in a better repor between us all. We all should work much more closely with each other as I’ve felt for some time now that it’s long overdue. I hope that my aspect was helpful in information being sought. I am eternal essence embodied in human form. In gratitude and in service of Light. Me ✌🏻

  150. forced reincarnation.
    chemtrails – haarp.
    fda – robbing our health and life itself.
    banking system – keeps us in debt.
    no free/cheap energy allowed to replace oil.
    vaccines poisoning our children.
    etheric and plasma implants.

    • That pretty well sums it up and once we awaken we must still try to remain positive and express love all the while knowing the truth of our situation and how we are their cattle.

  151. Okay RM, so y’all don’t quite understand just how bad it is on the surface of this planet. Well, aside from all of the in fighting and drama laden alternative info did you know that our life’s blood, or our WATER has been hijacked by the dark. Most of our water systems, food containing water, and drink containing water has been contaminated, on purpose with fluoride and other harmful additives. This info is well known in the awakening communities for some time now. I understand that source is the collective and will not free us until we collective agree to it, yet fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, or third eye, which is a very important physical aspect of awakening the rest of humanity. So you see, the rest of humanity is in a rather big pickle when it comes to awakening. Wouldn’t you agree that the dark has definitely broken many rules here. Some would say that humanity allowed this to happen, well I sure don’t remember anything negative about fluoride until after I luckily started awakening. The rest of humanity has been told by very truth worthy institutions, such as dentist and doctors that fluoride fights cavities and adding to our food and drinks is a good thing. Now, would you say that the collective part of source here on earth is trapped within their cells, or selves due to the dark breaking all of the rules governing the universe? Enough is enough and it’s time to get it done. You may ask why we need your help, well that is because we have been programmed far worse than you have. Sure, we will be liberated one day, yet the pain and suffering will continue until that day.
    Love and gratitude ❤️!

  152. Letter to RM

    Beloved RM,

    THANK YOU a million times for your bravery, selflessness and all the sacrifices you’ve made to plunge into this realm and help liberate Mother Earth.

    There is soo much to share with you from where we, the surface Light workers/Light warriors currently live

    Since we were children, perhaps going back incarnations ago, our spirits have constantly been subjected to traumas, through acts of physical violence and mental, emotional torment and traumas, through society, school systems and many times unsuspecting, well intended parents and families…

    By the time we reach our teens, our free spirit and free will struggles for air…

    It takes an ongoing monumental work to keep existing, functioning at minimal levels without going insane, living in a completely out of control world…

    As we’ve started to awaken and desperately attempted to shake everyone up around us, we’ve foud ourselves being attacked on an ongoing basis…verbally, emotionally, mentally from all sides, 24/7, starting with those around us and also extending to the non physical lower realms forces, using their negative technologies to fragment and control our mental emotional physical fields

    Our energy fields feel like they are punctured by invisible bulets and through it all negative entities enter and exit in and out at leisure, 24/7, manipulating our thoughts, words and actions

    It takes a super human to become aware and resist and protect ourselves from all of it

    we are merciless attacked from endless directions and the very minute we manage to raise our vibrations even a little bit, they take notice as you know and they tripple their efforts

    IF we resist them, then they go after our loved ones…
    in many ways
    one way or another they manage to make your life an ongoing struggle to survive…

    Light workers/warriors attack eachother because their minds and emotions are manipulated by parasitical entities who take over their bodies, their minds and emotions on an ongoing basis…harvesting us and the millions of sentient beings killed for food and other many uses every day
    they also attack eachother because many times everyone seems a threat and so in self defense we start to attack eachother…
    our age old crystalized beliefs, egos, survival fear, temporary possession makes it extremely hard to remain unaffected…

    We start to lose trust in eachother, we isolate from one another, even when we try to unite, many prominent light workers have refused to let their consciousness to trust and instead we’ve been ignored and avoided…then we sometimes lash at eachother our of eons accumulated frustration…

    but at least the good side is that with enough self awarenes, we realize that all the negativity we’ve inflicted on ourselves and to eachother did not truly belong to us but was carefully engineered by the dark minions with their legions of slaves and advanced negative tech…

    it is almost an act of mad courage to project in this dimension not knowing WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE, ONCE HERE, when everything changes from where the initial plan was made…
    from the outside everything seems and feels different
    once here, a star seed become desperate and alsmost suicidal…

    we are not designed or trained enough to face the ongoing nighytmares going on here, where we only operate with 5 limited senses, when our 6th or more senses attempt to reactivate we get massively attacked and we have no support because the DIVIDE AND CONQUER was perfectly masterminded right here in such way that we have countless different beliefs, views, perceptions of even among those whom we should resonate most with…

    with no spiritual, social, familial and financial, technological support we only rely on a very thin thread of Light and Hope and it is a miracle that we can wake up another day in this asylum of the universe…

    going on a freeway driving our 4 wheels old fashion vehicles is an act of bravery in itself because any moment our life could end through many types of accidents

    slaving our lives away for a mere roof, some food and transportation takes away from the energetic resources which we should use for spiritual purposes

    once we become aware that EACH SINGLE MINUTE 200,000 sentient beings are killed for food and other uses, even as a vegan, your senses almost shut down, unable to process the interminable amount of suffering, feeling it each moment, so heavy and depressing and hope/helpless…making you wanna get outta here each moment…

    we feel like we swim against an enormous wave every minute almost, being constantly pushed under the water, hardly able to come out for a bit of air…

    we’ve been attacked by those we’ve tried to wake up and those we’ve helped…besides the ongoing negative attacks and their weapons…

    we feel forgotten even by the Source and only after we’ve learned about the big picture of this grand cosmic mess we’re emerging out of, we are able to come back even slightly to our old senses and surrender and cooperate as much as we can to speed up planetary liberation…

    there is tons more we could share but trying to offer a tiny glimpse of what is like to live down under, pressured by the enormous weight of the lower astral realms under which we’ve lived for far too long…

    we are exhausted, we don’t have much more to live for except the planetary liberation for all living beings…

    freedom cannot come too soon…


  153. The one and only reason we are fighting with each other is because there is not enough pure, unconditioned, spiritual energy – loving light from Source – accessible to us. If there were, we would be in unity consciousness, not duality. The lack of this primordial, unconditioned energy, which is the balancing agent for the duality of yin and yang activity, keeps us from thinking, feeling, and responding properly, from our natural state of love and unity.

    And the cause of this lack is precisely what Cobra says it is, except that I would call it “programming” not “implant”, because we have more to say about it than what the term “implant” implies:

    “…the vast majority of suffering has its root cause in the so-called primary implant… that…has the primary message that we are separated from the Source / Love / Light. This primary disconnection from the Source then attracts situations that reflect that disconnection and create more suffering. Since our free will then aligns with the implant, the Light forces cannot intervene …”.

    Again, the reason that we “attract situations that reflect that disconnection and create more suffering. Since our free will then aligns with the implant…” is the lack of primordial loving light energy which would keep us in unity consciousness.

    Yes, we are being interfered with, BUT, we can heal this because we can generate this primordial unconditioned energy by concentrating on having a clear, empty, central, or core, channel, (not the spine, but the actual center of the body from crown-point to perineum) and connecting it infinitely above and below. The emptiness energy is what balances the yin and yang forces within us and on the planet, and then they harmonize and there is unity.

  154. To the Resistance Movement:

    First, I wish to say that WE LOVE YOU, and we are immensely grateful for your efforts, your sacrifices, and your focus for the good of us all. The service you give is beyond all efforts to praise, but we shall praise you nonetheless, regardless of how inadequate that praise may be. Thank you.

    Second, let me offer a statement of our perspective now. We are tired. We are frustrated that we cannot do more to bring about the changes we know are needed and desired throughout the world. We struggle with feelings of powerlessness, even though we acknowledge what the prophets say, that we are powerful creators. Why then can we not create the desired conditions? Who stole our magic wands?
    We are in pain physically. Old age and osteoarthritis are damned painful. I am crippled by it in the sense I cannot walk unaided; I use a walker and canes. The cervical spine is collapsing and pinches the nerves to the arms and hands. Hips, knees, shoulders: all are affected. I suppose I can be thankful that the condition isn’t worse. At least, it’s not rheumatic arthritis. We wonder, where is the healing technology that is said to exist? Where is the proof? When will we experience true healing? Or will these bodies die before that comes to pass? I sometimes think that would be desirable. Perhaps then I can return to my Pleiadian body. Is that the “light at the end of the tunnel”?

    We (my wife and I, along with others) taught meditation and offered spiritual counseling for 15 years. We exhausted and impoverished ourselves in the process and had to give it up. Now, we do what we can to maintain a high vibration in our own consciousness, we explore every shred of seemingly relevant information that we can find, such as following Cobra’s blog as well as others, and we join in the weekly and other group meditations. That’s about all we can do at present. We would like to do more, but what would that be? I don’t know, all things considered.

    We want the Veil lifted. If nothing else happens – no healing, no financial relief, no world peace – that alone would be deeply, deeply appreciated. So many questions exist in this world, questions to which we have no answers, only guesses and intuitions. We want to KNOW the truth, not as an idea in the mind or an intuition of the heart, but as an actual experience of REALITY. This is the greatest frustration. We try to avoid giving in to anger or depression, but those states are always lurking about the fringes of consciousness. This is like a heavy weight we must carry each and every moment of each and every day. The Myth of Sisyphus seems only too apt a metaphor for this life. We pray that the Veil of illusion may be shattered forever!

    Third, I have a personal request, a favor to ask. In my nighttime travels – which I seem to be able to remember less and less as time goes on – I met a Pleiadian woman who showed me, in no uncertain terms, that Pleiadian women are every bit as real and feminine and beautiful as Earth women, and even more. She is tall and slender, as most Pleiadian women are, I think. She moves with grace. Her hair is a reddish blonde, almost tawny like a lion, shoulder length at that time. Her eyes are alive with Light and intelligence.

    If you can locate her – I don’t know how, but probably on a ship in this solar system – please say hello for me. Tell her I remember her, but not as much as I would like. Ask her to contact me again if she can, if I can, if it is permitted. Ask her to tell me her name. Thank her for me, for giving a vision and a memory that gives me hope of a better life. Who is she in relation to me? Who am I in relation to her? Is she a higher dimensional persona of my earthly wife? That would be interesting.

    Anyway, that’s enough. We are ready to break the “loop” we’re in here. We came to serve, but it feels like we’re trapped here. I want to go home. I want to be free. We know you, the Resistance Movement, will keep working on your goals, and we stand ready to assist when it becomes clear whether we can be of any use. Until then, we continue to put one foot in front of another, live the lives we have in front of us to live, and pray for the day when the negativity is defeated. Then, perhaps, we can take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and say to ourselves, “It is finished.” May that day come as soon as possible!

    Forgive me for writing such a long letter. I look forward to the day when we can speak face to face – mind to mind? – instead.

    Thank you,
    Benjamin and Joanne
    Pecos, New Mexico

    • @Benjamin Harris I recommend visiting one of Cobra’s Tachyon Healing Chambers for your health issues, listed here: http://tachyonis.org/

      I also recommend getting in touch with the Biocharger company to help locate someone who owns one and offers sessions to the public in your area: https://biocharger.com/

      I am broke and unable to afford healing for myself, but I have tried the Biocharger once, and can guarantee, it’s the real deal. I also look forward to the Tachyon Healing Chamber when I can afford to visit one.

  155. Dear RM and Cobra, thank you on behalf of Planet Earth.
    Even light workers and light worriers have limited psychic abilities on this planet, unlike in the rest of the Universe where everyone knows what other ‘thinks’ and feels and where they are coming from, – we don’t, we are only going by what they say. And if it does not fit into our own world’s perception, then it feels like a threat to us and to the planet and attacking the ‘threat’ feels like the way to liberation. It’s a fight for followers by discrediting the opposite.
    I believe, that the way to liberation is unlocking psychic abilities to full extent in general population, or at least in light workers. Because logical fights are no use in the universe that makes everyone right even if just temporary. There is no way to prove anything through logic when logic is adaptive to believer and depends on perspective, on point of view, on how you look at it.
    I know that is what you are doing, by removing the blinders (plasma metrix around the planet). If you can help individuals as well through removing our primary implant. It’s seem like there is limited effect in doing it yourself, or our approach is not the useful one.
    If we could see the truth, instead of try to figure it out logically, that’s what’s needed.

  156. Dear Resistance Movement,

    Thank you so much for all the love and support! Thank you for all of your help during my missions, thank you for the protection, thank you for your kindness in helping to free lovely Gaia and all the beings on her. I love you and am grateful beyond words. Sometimes I look around at the life that exists on the planet now, trees/flowers/etc. and I’m shocked that so much life can still exist in such an anti-life, anti-love paradigm and I’m so grateful to you, the agarthans and all beings holding light here to make life and the event possible.

    Why is there infighting among light workers?

    I think this needs a basic understanding on how pain is used on the surface paradigm. I believe that pain is used by the dark for food (old news) and also used to enforce programming that is based in isolation. In group settings, we are trained to compete, judge, and fear because not being considered smart, beautiful, popular or strong by others means that you’re not worthy of love. We are taught to exernalize our self worth and the consequential self loathing is very very painful. Isolation is the next option which leads us to no longer fight, but the wounds from interacting with others don’t really get healed because we don’t remember how. Once we’re isolated, we are more easy to control and hurt more. Until very recently, I didn’t remember my soul, soul family, source, anything. I honestly think a very large number of people do not remember what love feels like in any sense of the word. We go numb trying to run from pain and are offered “escapes” that only drag us deeper into pain (alcohol, drugs, brainwashing movies, etc) Even the good advice of discernment by trusting what makes you know/feel good, is very hard initially because we don’t remember what good is… even dreaming of a world without pain goes far against the initial programming from school/society. The idea of feeling genuine peace was initially very very foreign after many years of emotional suffering.

    So why all the pain? Specifically to get us to not trust people, beings, our own soul essence, anything. Wounds are exploited to create conflict and further isolate us. Hell is both collective and individually tailored to minimize the chances of people being a threat to the matrix system. The horrifying efficiency of it all is pretty astounding. And as lightworkers/warriors, the specific targeting is quite intense. When people are numb and in scarcity all sorts of awful things become possible…

    So how have I personally been able to get out of the emotional snowball of pain-numbing-pain-numbing? By facing it. You’ve gotta look at something that is less preferable than not existing. Face everything that hurt so bad it made you go numb. The more we feel, the more teamwork and emotional understanding becomes possible. When pain is faced and emotional wounds become more healed, we become less reactinary and more apt to teamwork. I deal with potential triggers by working on healing/facing what I am aware of. Each time I heal, I learn more about potential wounds that could trigger other people and how to avoid/heal them.

    Even still it can be hard. There are many wounds, many of which we are unaware of. These are the tricky ones. During a mission, I personally have been weaponized against someone I’m working with and love, by saying something I thought was very nice but instead it stabbed her deep in an unhealed wound. We talked though it with extreme honesty about the wound itself and my effect on it. In the end, it was a positive learning experience which led to a deeper appreciation and understanding of her. In the very least, my awareness ensures that I will not be manipulated to trigger that particular wound again. If people are extremely honest about their emotional wounds to themselves and to their teammates (even though it’s uncomfortable to say the least) I think this can be extremely effective in minimizing dark attacks that are meant to cause infighting/resentment (at least in small groups).

    Sorry that this post isn’t on a more pleasant topic, I would rather say “everything’s great” and easily dissolve all the toplet bombs haha. But the event would surely have happened already if it were that easy. One day maybe I can hug you guys and we can make some music together once all the tough stuff is dealt with.

    I think things will get better as more awareness is spread. Honestly, I’m happy that you guys can’t relate to infighting because I hope it means that the emotional attack campaign against you was less effective or less intense. The idea that relief is coming with the event is so exciting. I think I’ll just collapse with tears of relief. The situation is already improving a bit from my point of view. I’m happy that there’s enough light now to communicate with you in this way. Hopefully, it can make healing easier for people (: You’ve done such an amazing job for so long. Thank you for holding the light even through all the darkness! I love my higher self and source now, I love all the wonderful beings helping us, I love finding peace and bringing light/healing to places that need it. I’m so grateful to be a part of this big beautiful team working towards the event. I’m grateful to remember my purpose and to be able to do it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping heal us! May the most benevolent and expedited version of the event grace us with peace! Victory of the light! Much love!

  157. Resistance movement,
    First thank you for all your efforts in helping humanity and planet earth. I for one am eternally grateful. Next, life here is very complex in that things are not what they seem at first glance, as you may have noticed. Hypocracy reigns. I don’t like this aspect much at all because truth and integrity seem much easier to understand and are much more straight forward. But truth and integrity and generally not wanted, and least not too much at once, say it might hurt ones feelings or be bad for business etc., so just busy or go away or what have you.
    This type of behavior goes on in almost every aspect of life as far as I can tell; business, family, social, love, etc. An example: recycle materials like iron and copper, rubber, and brass and aluminum. You are helping to clean up the environment when doing such things. Yes indeed. You help clean up an old farm that been abandoned with old cars and equipment and take it to a recycler business. Before you turn in the scrap iron and other materials you break them down to the individual metals because you receive better prices for turning them in to the recycler. However, to break them down you burn the coating off of the copper wire and smelt the aluminum into ingots and remove the freon from the radiators into the atmosphere. This is not good for the environment. But it is recycling. This is the way most all things are on planet earth. Not what they seem. If you think you are doing good you really aren’t.
    This is what makes life on this planet so draining for me personally in every way. Mentally emotionally, physically and spiritually. Eventually you just want to not do anything so that way at least you are not draining yourself physically .
    I ask that you try to understand how difficult it is to have your parents look at you and stare blankly at you and you know that there is no way you can begin to try and explain what you believe in your heart to be true. No one to talk to about core beliefs. Its hard to know what’s good or bad your own self from time to time due to the information being put out to the public.

    In short, I am open and ready to receive love and light and guidance from the benevolent forces and divine source. Resistance movement forces I thank you and pray your continued success. I hope my words give guidance to those who read them to help understand the chaos which continues on the ground here on planet earth.



  158. Greetings RM!

    In my opinion people fight each other because some don’t know for sure what is real and what is not. One moment we read through Cobra’s updates, do some inner work, some meditation and we feel so UPLIFTED in the spiritual world that we’ve created. But then, we interact with parents, go in the classroom/work, talk and observe people and all that PEACE is gone. Is like we live in 2 separate worlds, and unfortunately we get to spend more time in the one that is NOT that SERENE. And this roller coaster goes on and on, again and again (uplifted and then miserable/lost/depressed, uplifted and then miserable/lost/depressed, repeat).

    I believe some of us need some “extra proof” of the side we are fighting for, something more palpable, 3D-like, even thow we know (inner voice/instinct) in our heart and all our body that this thing is real, but there are moments we feel so lost and it is nice to have something to cling on to.

    Thank you so much for your “time” (well, time is an illusion but anyway 😄) and lots of love from planet Earth! ❤️

  159. Tout d’abord un énorme “Merci” à tous nos frères et sœurs du Mouvement de la Résistance où qu’ils se trouvent. De les savoir là à œuvrer pour nous, moralement cela nous aide énormément car nous savons que nous ne sommes plus seuls et que vous êtes en train de faire tout ce que vous pouvez pour nous sortir de là bien souvent à vos risques et périls. Nous en sommes pleinement conscients.

    J’ai été aussi bien surprise de me rendre compte que des personnes s’investissant, travaillant sur les groupes tournés vers la lumière, la libération, même chez Prepare for Change -pas Cobra-, étaient encore très dirigistes, donnaient des ordres même au niveau de ce que vous deviez faire, de votre participation financière, voire des insultes et des menaces de la justice divine si vous ne faites pas ce que eux ont décidés, etc. Ils interprètent à leur façon ce qui est dit par Cobra ou d’autres et s’en font les champions.

    J’ai aussi réfléchi là-dessus et j’en suis arrivée à la conclusion que si vous donnez le moindre semblant de pouvoir à quelqu’un, ou si une personne se donne l’impression de prendre la tête de quelque chose comme en organisant un groupement, une diffusion de pierres citamani, alors le petit chef se réveille en lui. Pourquoi ? Parce que il pense qu’il peu faire mieux que tout le monde, il veut faire ce que Cobra ou un autre a souhaité pour le bien de tous et lui le fait en secouant les autres. La volonté de départ est bonne, c’est après que cela dévie. Pour moi c’est l’ego. Ce qui nous influence aussi c’est que nous avons tous et toutes, à un degré divers, une part de lignée reptilienne, que nous sommes issus de milieux différents mais où le clivage noblesse, bourgeoisie, commerçant, paysan tout du moins en France se ressent encore dans les villes et villages, que nous avons reçu notre éducation dans des milieux défavorisés ou dans des milieux rigides, religieux ou pas, etc. L’autre est encore perçu à travers sa propre projection, à travers son propre vécu et il peut très vite devenir l’ennemi à abattre quant il n’est pas perçu comme étant comme vous, ou bien qu’il est ressenti comme étant mieux que vous.

    Actuellement, la prise de conscience de qui nous sommes, de vers quoi nous allons vraiment, n’est pas encore faite par beaucoup. C’est vrai aussi que nous avons tous des implants qui nous bloquent au niveau de notre relation à la Source et que sans eux nous pourrions être reliés directement à la Source; c’est d’ailleurs la raison pour laquelle on nous les a mis. Mais s’ils étaient enlevés, alors l’ego n’aurait pas un aspect aussi négatif et il y n’y aurait plus ses attaques entre gens du même bord. C’est mon sentiment.

    google t – First of all a huge “Thank You” to all our brothers and sisters of the Resistance Movement wherever they are. To know them there to work for us morally helps us enormously because we know that we are no longer alone and that you are doing everything you can to get us out of there very often at your own risk. We are fully aware of this.

    I was also surprised to find that people who were involved, working on light-oriented groups, liberation, even at Prepare for Change-not Cobra-, were still very dirigistes, gave orders even at Level of what you have to do, your financial participation, even insults and threats of divine justice if you do not do what they have decided, etc. They interpret in their own way what is said by Cobra or others and champion them.

    I also thought about it, and I came to the conclusion that if you give any semblance of power to someone, or if someone seems to take the lead in something like organizing A grouping, a diffusion of stones citamani, then the small chief wakes up in him. Why ? Because he thinks he can do better than everyone else, he wants to do what Cobra or another wished for the good of all and he does it by shaking others. The starting will is good, it is after that deviates. For me it is the ego. What also influences us is that we all have, to a certain extent, a part of the reptilian lineage, that we come from different backgrounds, but in which the nobility, the bourgeoisie, the tradesmen, the peasants, at least in France, Still feel in towns and villages, that we have received our education in disadvantaged areas or in rigid, religious or non-religious environments. The other is still perceived through his own projection, through his own experience and he can very quickly become the enemy to be defeated when he is not perceived as being like you or he is felt to be better that you.

    Currently, the awareness of who we are, from where we are really going, is not yet made by many. It is also true that we all have implants that block us in our relationship to the Source and that without them we could be connected directly to the Source; That is the reason why we were given them. But if they were removed, then the ego would not look so negative and there would be no more attacks between people on the same side. That’s my feeling.

  160. Resistance Movement… My thoughts for your consideration… Being newly awakened I have observed this…Unity can only happen when the implants are gone.

    Unfortunately, according to Cobra, the imp!ants are interfering with our connection to Source…

    So..unity can only happen when the implants are gone.

    Peace, love, abundance and happiness!
    Victory of the Light!


  161. I just want to say to the resistance, that I am very proud of all of you. It is a great comfort to know that you are here, risking all to help us achieve the liberation of our planet, and ourselves. I am confident that the mission will be accomplished. The best I can do is face each day with love and forgiveness for my fellow man. If there is more that is required of me, please let me know. I salute you.
    Mark Lavely

  162. Why do light workers and light warriors attack each other?

    I posted my thoughts late last night, but my post was deleted. So I contacted Cobra and he responded to me. He told me to post again if what I posted was deleted. So I will try again and hope that this second one will not be deleted.
    I began walking my spiritual path in the early 1980’s. It began with me doing what is known today as light worker work. The terms light warrior and light worker did not exist in the 1980’s. So those of us who were on our spiritual path called ourselves the sons and daughters of light. And I still like that term-a daughter of light. As time when on, and the dark entities started coming at me, I learned how to fight them by trial and error. I also had ancient memories coming forward to help me to either fight them or send them to the light. So what I learned in those past lifetimes came forward at the most opportune time.
    Even in the 1980’s, there were people who fought each other. This is when the New Age Movement started. I witnessed the egos clashing, those who wanted to be boss, those who thought they knew more than everyone else, or they claimed to know everything and then those who resorted to psychically attacking each other. My response? I turned my back, walked away and continued on my path alone. I was guided to the right books and continued learning on my own. Along the way, I met other people and we learned from each other. And I spent time teaching others, one and one. But I did stress that we are all equal. No one is higher than anyone else.
    It was last year when I found out that the fighting continues. I am a light warrior and a light worker. When I “know” that a dark one can be reasoned with and sent home, I work with them and they went home to the light. But when a pure evil one comes my way to attack, and I know that there is no reasoning with them, that is when I fight them.
    When I became aware of the fighting last year, it surprised me. The problem stems from the light workers becoming angry and self righteous against light warriors. Myself and other light warriors have tried to explain to the light workers why we are warriors. It does not do any good. The light workers are convinced that the only way to defeat the dark is to send them love and light. The light warriors are attacked because we fight, and this is why the light workers attack. They believe that what we are doing is wrong. That is not true. They do not understand and so the light warriors response is to just walk away. We are not interested in fighting or arguing because we know that we are all in this together, we are on the same side. So once again, I am walking my path alone. Not much has changed since the 1980’s! How to end the attacks? I do not know. Divide by conquering seems to be the game plan here. And I will not allow anyone to divide and conquer me.
    I still do the light worker work, and I still fight the dark ones when they attack. But I still consider myself to be a daughter of the light. Regardless of this problem of infighting and attacking, I know that we are winning against the dark and that is all that really matters to me.

  163. Saluti a tutti del Movimento di Resistenza.
    Sono molto felice di potervi scrivere e farvi sapere com’è la situazione qui in Italia. Qui la situazione è drammatica a dire poco. Lo scorso anno mi sono risvegliata, piano piano sono più consapevole della mia forza interiore ma gli attacchi sono quotidiani, molti riesco a sventarli sul nascere soprattutto quelli energetici, ma a volte è davvero difficile seguire il cammino. La maggioranza delle persone non solo dorme ma è totalmente ipnotizzata dalla realtà di basse frequenze in cui viviamo, e quelli che sono risvegliati vengono attaccati su molti fronti, soprattutto quello economico che ti toglie la serenità di poter proseguire il cammino nel campo della consapevolezza e del servizio verso gli altri. Io sono una persona fortunata, passo molto tempo nella natura, ascolto musica, pratico meditazione e reiki, e cerco di vedere solo la bellezza che c’è intorno a me e questo mi fa davvero bene all’Anima, ma non basta, questo aiuta sì, e spero che l’ Evento arrivi al più presto, vedo dei segnali di disclosure molto soft, ma è un buon segno di miglioramento, le cose stanno cambiando inizia ad essere evidente ma scusate se ve lo dico è ancora poco. Io sono onorata di essermi risvegliata lo scorso anno, e di fare parte di questo gruppo di persone che stanno cercando di cambiare le cose in questo momento epocale, ma quando dico che è ancora poco parlo dei tanti Lightworkers che invece bersagliati quotidianamente non ce la fanno.E non solo stanno avvelenando e distruggendo il Pianeta, facendo del male agli animali. Ve lo chiedo anche per loro di fare presto, tutti noi risvegliati siamo bombardati per tirarci giù verso il basso, e sono convinta che bisogni fare di più soprattutto per loro, perchè è importante non lasciare indietro nessuno. Credetemi il nostro risveglio, almeno per molti è stato un cammino davvero sofferto, io come tanti voglio vivere in pace e serenità, con amore e gioia, su questo Pianeta meraviglioso.
    Victory Of The Light !!!

    google t – Greetings to everyone of the Resistance Movement.
    I am very happy to be able to write to you and let you know what the situation here is in Italy. Here the situation is dramatic to say a little. Last year I was awakened, slowly I am more aware of my inner strength, but the attacks are daily, and many of them are able to overwhelm them, especially energy ones, but sometimes it is really difficult to follow the road. Most people not only sleep but are totally hypnotized by the low frequencies we live in, and those who are awakened are attacked on many fronts, especially the economic one that takes away the serenity of being able to continue the journey in the field of awareness and Service to others. I am a lucky person, a long time in nature, listening to music, practicing meditation and reiki, and I try to see only the beauty around me and this really makes me feel good to the Soul, but that’s not enough, this helps Yes, and I hope the Event will arrive as soon as possible, I see very soft disclosure signals, but it is a good sign of improvement, things are changing, it starts to be obvious but sorry if I tell you it is still a little. I am honored to have been awakened last year, and to be part of this group of people who are trying to change things at this time of the day, but when I say that it is still little talk about the many Lightworkers who instead target daily do not do it And they are not only poisoning and destroying the planet, hurting animals. I also ask them to do it soon, all of us awakened are bombarded to pull us down, and I’m convinced that we need to do more especially for them, because it’s important not to leave anyone behind. Believe in our awakening, at least for many, it has been a really bad journey, I like so many I want to live in peace and serenity, with love and joy, on this wonderful planet.
    Victory Of The Light !!!

  164. Thank you for asking the question why do Lightworks still fight each other. From my perspective it is because of fear and the way we have been trained from birth to adult. For a lack of a better term the “us” vs “them” game is the way we are trained. The new game is “empowerment” which is NOT taught. This is how the psychological triggers happen.

    Lightworkers Jane and Bob have fear that is not resolved. When they end up in a confrontation about anything and are exhausted, they both revert back to their base of fear and insecurities. To legitimize the fear they try to prove their idea/concept/way of living is better. It justifies their existence because we have been taught EVERYWHERE that is the WAY. Their energy gets diverted from sending love and light to one of negativity. It is a distraction and a diversion. And it justifies the fear inside them that they are RIGHT. Gives them power. However this is not sustainable.

    To some it becomes an addiction. Wanting to be in the spot light by creating drama around them, people who buy into their version of the story lifts the person who create the drama up. However that takes energy that can’t be kept up. People wander away to something else. The person that has created the drama then falls into despair until a new “us” vs “them” event comes their way.

    Instead the “empowerment” game cuts through all the fear and mind programming we have been bombarded with since birth. When Lightworker Jane tells Lightworker Bob that she has found a great new system/way/belief that has assisted her, Bob goes wow GREAT. How can I empower you with this choice you are making? Jane has no room to bring up a debate because Bob says he supports her. If Jane says you have to do it MY WAY and your way is wrong. Bob simply says, I don’t need to follow your path to give you power. I can empower you with what you choose. What is the best way I can do this for you?

    I have watched people of all ages play the “us” vs “them” game. I watch myself get caught up sometimes and step back. The “us” vs “them” game means I am trying to put my choice on someone else. I don’t need to do that. I need to empower their choice. Empowerment works but it isn’t being taught. There is no paradigm to support this type of thinking.

    Cutting through the programming is hard. The way to do is to meet people at the level where they can consume it easily. This is in paths that already make sense like YouTube, TV Shows, etc. People are stuck in a loop of programming that is super hard to break. The “us” vs. “them” game is the default so to speak. Lightworkers are being asked to stretch themselves thin with ascension as well also trying to help others rise up. Sometimes it is just to much and the default sets in instead of “empowerment”. We have been worn to the bone with promises of “soon” and various dates. Psychologically it is hard to hold on when you don’t know the end date. It seems endless. We keep trying however.

    Thank you for all your help. There is absolutely no way boots on the ground could do it without a full team approach.

  165. Why can’t we seem to work together? Because we constantly get distracted by thinking there is a Resistance Movement who will “save us”, that if only we can communicate to them, convince them, explain to them, that they will suddenly change their minds and DO SOMETHING to “liberate us”. Channellers and “wise ones”, spokespersons for the Galactic this or the Cosmic that, the Pleadians, the Arcuturians, the pink elephants or the blue avians are always telling us that we have so much “work” to do, that we aren’t yet sufficiently for them to be able to help us, for the Event to happen, for help to arrive. We’re never QUITE ready, supposedly. The reality is, people, that we are sovereign creator beings, completely perfect, completely “worthy”, ready in this very moment of Now for ANYthing. We don’t need “help”. we just need to know who we really are. As soon as we KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that we have all the power we need to end this: it is done.

  166. One aspect that in my observation and experience has a major influence in disagreements is the third-dimensional mind-focused consciousness we live in here on Earth. What I mean by that is that most of us and the way society is structured are very much focused on constant mind activity, reality is perceived through the mind and mental processes mostly and not through Being itself, awareness itself. There is an over-identification with mental forms and thoughts.

    Connected to this is the affliction of the mind to get identified with ideas or perceived “facts” and also be focused on details and on being right. This leads to disagreements even with people that are doing lightwork I think.

    In my experience it is very difficult here on Earth to stay connected to a deeper place than the mind, even with daily practice. Especially when living in a city. The power of the density of the people and society around you is very strong and keeping your light aflame often seems like running against water mills. Never ending and difficult while constant progress seems rare with setbacks around seemingly every corner.

    When I was a child I regularly experienced the oneness of me with the universe which were magical moments that sparkled and were without time. Even as a child I somehow knew this was “god” or the higher truthm of reality. When I was a teenager and started to become more self-aware these moments became less and eventually stopped. I started searching for this state of awareness which lead me to drugs and psychedelics at age 15 (which went horribly wrong and set me off my path), then in my late teens it lead me to yoga and meditation.

    Even after now 20 years and having lived in an ashram for 2 years I still have to say this process is so often difficult and exhausting as there is little guidance and inspiration to be found in day-to-day life. On the contrary, in my perception going out into the world, and be it only to go to the supermarket, is always a challenge on some level as the density and consciousness of people is affecting my own state of mind. The challenge is to stay connected to awareness and to build it up. To be able to see and observe what is the mind and what is really me, the awareness.

    If it was less difficult to rest outside of the mind and its constant activity I believe more people would be able to have more awareness moments where they can dis-identify from their mental ideas and beliefs and in that way be more at peace and be more connected and accepting to others whom may have different views.

    I feel there is a gigantic need for humanity and our society to slow down, to become quietly aware, to decelerate the constant stream of thoughts and start to perceive there is a deeper reality outside of the mind. When I was young I often had this image in my head that there was a global event, an awakening, where suddenly everyone became quiet and aware of each other, everyone on the planet, the planet itself and the deeper reality in which we are connected to everything. Maybe I was imagining what The Event will be like. Hopefully it will have an effect like this and come soon.

    I think for the meantime it would help us greatly if the Resistance has ways to further improve the situation so that there is less mind activity in people and more draw to the within.

    Thank you everyone for you work and help!

    Love and Light

  167. Dear Resistence Movement,

    As a Lightwarrior I allow myself to share my point of view based on my experience in these topic: Why we all Lighworkers and Lightwarriors on the surface of planet earth don’t work together aside our differences, views, opinions and instead we attack, boycott and even discredit, disrespect each other in our life missions creating nothing productive but just discouraging each other and worse disempowering ourselves.

    As I said I just can share my prospective based on my own experience now in this timeline as a earthling, so I don’t want to offend or disrespect any one reading these lines which could have a different point of view.

    There are basically two mayor factors i.e. programs that suffocate light and positive co-creation which are FEAR and lack of Self-Responsability even due we have listening those words many times, and we know the current situation of planet earth with all the exotic toys they are using again us. The majority of us don’t put in practice utterly these energies which are: to be in primary trust (Urvertrauen) and to have Self-Responsability.

    But how it happens that it is so difficult to apply both energies? Well, based on my own experience there is multiple layers of disturbance that apply here knows as the matrix, veil, anomalies etc… But to simplify it I will put it like this:

    As an earthling here on gettho Earth, you are traumatized from the beginning… as a Lightworker or Lightwarrior even worse. Many times coming in difficult places, with difficult families and situations, but we know this already, so I won’t elaborate more there. So, after we realized that we have been all the time drunk, even if we were thought from our family, system, community, etc. that we were sober, many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors started a healing process or simply looking for answers trying to rise their vibration in the best of their ways and possibilities. On their path many get sticked with many programs not just based on personal traumata but rather on collective traumata. So we have a lot of victimhood, drama, and most of lightworkers and lightwarriors have as well a generous portion of helper syndrome and self-sacrifice i.e. martyrdom, those connected with misconceptions of Karma instead of Law of resonance.

    Meanwhile without assurance of the outcome many of them are already from 5 to even 30 years or more in duty, trying hard to get a breakthrough. Many of them started when almost no information were in the field without regarding Internet at all. Thus many of them carried a program of „Lone Wolf“ (Einzelgänger) because they are used to fight alone, losing on their path maybe everything, and I don’t speak about the other part who were murdered, commited suicided, got problems with alcohol and drugs or even didn’t wake up to their call. So the portion of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that got so far (I don’t speak here about misinformation agents and false gurus who play their role here as well) manage somehow to get a picture of the situation based on their knowledge and self experience. Sometimes this knowledge were/is compartmentalized, sometimes it was/is just dis-information, sometimes it is/was just misinformation, sometimes their level of awareness or consciousness allowed them just limited level of understanding. But in any case these knowledge or experience created their basic fundament of how their reality work and many times unfortunately these reality is still based on a duality paradigm instead on an unity consciousness. I don’t blame them, I don’t judge them. A this point I want to express my highest respect a gratitude to all of them because if you are longer on that path (which was a lonely path) without any sustancial change or event till now, it can get pretty tiring and discouraging, even sometimes it might seem hopeless.

    As far the whole experience were made while navigating with the Ego in these Dual-Reality. The Ego if not proper healed or integrated is pretty easy to hitjack and manipulate.

    The best analogy I can offer is:

    “It is like been a Monkey riding a bike over a rope while trying to keep the balance with piled plates on both hands and an umbrella in the mouth; on the one side of you have a new paradigma: the spirituality and your call to your life mission trying to bring and anker as much possible light on the surface of the planet, sometimes having from time to time a really good connection with the I AM present, the galactic being, Mother Gaia, giving you a glimpse of the reality that is hiding from us. On the other side have the Old Paradigma, were you have your daily business, a “routine day” where you have to pay your bills, go to work, if you have one, respond for family, cope with the „System”or any other duty while dealing with a sleeping world and sometimes resisting the pain and pressure which is surrounding you. This experience let you feel completely disconnected and alone, even sometimes it seems everything you know, don’t work at all.“

    Besides in this case I want to mention that many lightworkers or lightwarriors out there in this life even with many years in duty haven’t been in a physical Fliying Disk, or had ever a physical conversation with other star races, without mentioning going to a physical underground basis, cities, or to the moon, mars, etc.Sso many of them might have other kind of experiences in different levels of reality sometimes even fuzzy, which means many of them have somehow a mixture between believe system and following their inner guidance, which means we have pretty much still a lot of duality, judgment and prejudices in the field. Many groups started now forming depending on their energy and resonance as well as on their “believe system“.

    Now in our current times we have a lot of new Intel coming in, a lot of upheaval, new emissaries and a bunch of new lightworkers/lightwarriors and false gurus around the world offering different quality of timelines or outcomes to the Change/ Golden Age/ Event and we have a lot of attacks at the same time. So at once your are not any more an “Lone Wolf“ or segregate group. You have a lot of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors there with many different Life missions and different perspectives of reality, many life experiences, many information, exercises and the list goes on. However still many are staying in the dual reality where judgment and classification prevails. (these concept not to be mixed with polarity) Please don’t misunderstand me at these point. This doesn’t mean we don’t need to have a statement about what we are having now on earth, indeed the entropy and chaos requires an end without compromises. Enough is enough.

    Other factor playing a role is the fact that many of the new Intel coming forward are pretty nasty or not so „nice“ as we expect, showing us how deep we are in this rabbit whole as humanity. Many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors have a hard time digesting that one, other ones just want to be pick it up from earth ASAP others just give up, other ones have a lot of victimhood waiting for the saivor to come up and rescue them. And again with a lot of respect I don’t judge them because I understand how hard is to be here.

    Due to the factors mentioned above many of them didn’t learn what is eclecticism , unity consciousness, self-responsability (which is essential when working in groups) this means everything what happens in my reality is part from my conscious or unconscious creation and co-creation as bitter as these might be to accept. So everyone tends to go along with the information, emissary or group which reflects better their believe system, conform zone or level of awareness. As I said before many of them are just tired, traumatized, lost their hope or are just mislead from their level of awareness

    Since their thinking and handle is based on duality and not in unity consciousness they are inclined based on their believe system to attack some lightworker or lightwarrior with a different perspective as theirs( because their believe System has been working for them from 5 to 30 years or even more) which could challenge their comfort zone or believe system. The new idea or message challenges their reality so they put it in a classification “dual box”

    This is just fear based and shows a weak connection of primary trust (Urvertrauen) or Self. I don’t blame it I don’t judge it, I understand it because in this WAR ZONE the conditions to stay in your middle are pretty hard (remember the monkey) and even if you are in Fear you new a good portion of courage to still do the right thing even if the whole world seems to be agains you.

    That said, I might elaborate more about many things but it would get too large. I hop I could give some understanding now from the current situation here, meanwhile I will keep doing my life mission on the best of my capabilities.

    Victory of the light!

  168. A Letter to the Resistance

    “why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind”

    Almost all of us are grown and brought up in an environment that pits each of us against everyone and ourselves in one way or an another.

    The places where you start to find and get these kind of information’s have different ways of presenting information with varying levels of truth. The soup to attack each other is now ready. Add some spices of different manipulation schemes and not our best interests in mind nudges and OOOOOH BOIIII the soup is tastily boiling in favour of that whoever is liking to do this.

    When one starts to be aware of this learned behaviour AND FINDS IT TO BE quite not the best way of doing these things, then one can do stuff in another ways.

    Making these points work in favour of uniting might not still be enough to unite but I’d say it is a step. The thing what makes it hard to accept mistakes and other stuff that’s making changes is how much emotion one is also invested in things that one has thought. These don’t have to be rational or make sense at all, from any perspective.

    We can rationalise and make sense of anything that is irrational and obvious lies. I mean that sentence in a way that if one thinks that potato is centre of all creation and then we can “rationalise” it by example saying that atoms are potatoes. “Time is now banana!” “Makes sense. I eat bananas.” Seriously. Free will is a thing. Since we seriously don’t know/feel any better or even if we do know better, one can choose real crazy shite. I really want to stress, highlight, accent and accentuate this. Being separated for so long makes any reality, truth, dimension, vibration, plane or even existence itself SEEM REALLY MODIFIABLE. Just pull any kind of reason out of your arse so to speak and it might be a reason that someone believes in or is in the way of your goals or anything really.

    Just don’t go into some kind of weird emotion purge mode RM and others.

    Regards, Respectfully, Respectfully yours, Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Thank you, Thank you for your assistance in this matter, Thank you for your consideration, Thank you for your recommendation, Thank you for your time, Warm regards, Warm wishes, Warmly, With appreciation, With deepest sympathy, With gratitude, With sincere thanks, With sympathy, Your help is greatly appreciated, Yours cordially, Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely, Yours truly, Lovingly, An insane neighbour.

  169. Pace a voi membri della RM qui la situazione è molto pesante da sopportare ,io voglio vivere bene non ho chiesto a le forze dell’Ombra di vivere così il mio libero arbitrio. E vedete forse per voi è più facile vivere vin questo mondo ma per me no,vorrei tanto un aiuto per eliminare queste pressioni,vorrei tanto trovare la pace dentro di me unendomi con la sorgente e ancorare la luce. Vi prego vorrei parlare con uno di voi se volete potete anche farlo telepaticamente vi autorizzò a farlo. vi saluto con la speranza che il mio libero arbitrio un giorno molto presto si adempi, vi ringrazio tutti per il vostro lavoro che fate per noi umani

    google t- Peace to you members of the RM here the situation is very heavy to bear, I want to live well I did not ask the forces of Shadow to live so my free will. And you see it maybe for you it’s easier to live this world but for me no, I would like so much help in eliminating these pressures, I would love to find peace inside me by joining the spring and anchoring the light. Please I would like to talk to one of you if you want you can also do it telepathically authorizing you to do so. I greet you with the hope that my free will one day very soon will be fulfilled, thank you all for your work that you do for us humans

  170. Teil 2

    Hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung und eine super Übung von dem Büchlein:
    Die Gesetze des Denkens und Fühlens
    vom Saint Germain Verlag
    Das ewige Gesetz des Lebens lautet: Das was du fühlst und denkst bringst du in Form. Du bist dort wo deine Gefühle und Gedanken weilen. Da alle Dinge vom Licht herkommen, ist Licht die höchste Vollendung. und die Beherrschung aller Dinge. Die Nachsinnende Betrachtung und Verehrung des Lichtes, bringt unweigerlich dem Geiste Erleuchtung, dem Körper Gesundheit, Kraft und Ordnung den Tätigkeiten jedes Einzelnen, der sich dem Licht wirklich hingibt. Daraus entstehen Frieden, Harmonie und Erfolg. Eine Übung ist jeden Tag für 5bis 30 Minuten jeden an Zeit aufzubringen, wo er ungestört nachfolgende Übung von Saint Germain durchführen kann.
    Sorge dafür dass du nicht gestört werden kannst. Werde ganz still und stelle dir vor und fühle, wie dein Körper in ein strahlendes weises Licht eingehüllt ist. Halte während der ersten 5 Minuten dieses Bild fest. Erkenne und fühle die Verbindung zwischen dem äusseren Selbst und der mächtigen Kraft in dir. Richte deine Aufmerksamkeit den Mittelpunkt des Herzens und stelle und ihn dir als Goldene Sonne vor. Fühle dein goldenes Licht . Das ist die ICH BIN Gegenwart. Dann kann man seine Aufmerksamkeit auf das schöne richten und sehen wie es sich verwirklicht.
    Zusammenfassung Ende

    google t – Part 2

    Here is a brief summary and a super exercise from the booklet:
    The laws of thought and feeling
    From Saint Germain Verlag
    The eternal law of life is: What you feel and think you bring into shape. You’re where your feelings and thoughts are. Since all things come from light, light is the highest perfection. And the mastery of all things. The contemplative contemplation and worship of light inevitably brings to mind the enlightenment, the body of health, power, and order, the activities of each individual who truly surrenders to the light. This results in peace, harmony and success. An exercise is to be done every day for 5 to 30 minutes each time, where he can perform undisturbed subsequent exercise of Saint Germain.
    Make sure that you can not be disturbed. Be quite still, and imagine yourself as your body is wrapped in a radiant light. Hold this picture for the first 5 minutes. Recognize and feel the connection between the external self and the powerful force within you. Focus your attention on the center of the heart and imagine it as a golden sun. Feel your golden light. This is the I AM Presence. Then you can focus your attention on the beautiful and see how it is realized.
    Summary end

  171. Hello RM,

    I’m very happy you started a dialogue with Humanity, Blessings to all of you. As you can see the situation on Earth is much worse than you previously imagined. Also many messages are being denied access to you. I have written you two other messages which were never posted after I sent them. So this is my third attempt to make first contact with you, I’m not sure if this one will be blocked from you or actually posted, for you to read it.

    We who are paying attention are humbled and enthusiastic to get the opportunity to meet with you and have a open communication format with you. Welcome to Earth, we hope to share knowledge openly together with you and to establish a charished friendship. Love and safe travels to all of you.

    I welcome open contact between you and I when you feel comfortable with that. I love you all, Victory To The Light.

  172. Teil 1

    Danke für alle Wesen wo an der Befreiung der Erde arbeiten. Mit vereinter Zusammenarbeit schaffen wir es. Doch zuerst, brauchen sich einige Lichtarbeiter/innen sich selbst zu befreien. Für die Zusammenarbeit ist Vertrauen die Voraussetzung. Damit man sich Vertrauen kann, ist Ehrlichkeit das Wichtigste. Es gibt Licharbeiter/innen, wo nicht ehrlich sind mit anderen Licharbeiter/innen. Daraus kann Konflikt entstehen und die Lichtarbeiter/innen greifen sich gegenseitig an. Es gibt auch ehrliche Licharbeiter/innen. Mit denen funktioniert Teamarbeit wunderbar. Alles beginnt bei einem selbst. Wenn man ehrlich ist zu sich selbst, dann ist man das auch mit anderen Menschen. Die Menschen wo ehrlich zu sich selbst sind, gehen auch auf ihre Gefühle des eigenen inneren Licht ein, die Quelle / die Liebe/ . Das innere Licht kommuniziert als erstes mit den Gefühlen, dann mit den Gedanken. Alles beginnt bei den Gefühlen und Gedanken, bevor es in die Tat umgesetzt wird. Lichtvolle Gefühle und Gedanken erzeugen das Gleichgewicht. Zusammenarbeit ist der Schlüssel für Zukunft. Das kann nur durch Ehrlichkeit enstehen. Durch Ehrlichkeit entsteht auch Klarheit und wenn die Dinge klar sind dann versteht man die Dinge auch leicht. Wenn einige Lichtarbeiter/innen beginnen an sich zu arbeiten, gibt es viel weniger Missverständnis und somit auch viel weniger Angriffe unteren einigen Lichtarbeiter/innen. Denn Unwissenheit ist die Ursache allen Übels. Bitte verbreitet dies.

    google t – Part 1

    Thank you for all beings working on the liberation of the earth. We work together to achieve this. But first, some light workers need to free themselves. Trust is the prerequisite for cooperation. To be trusted, honesty is the most important thing. There are light workers who are not honest with other light workers. This can lead to a conflict and the light workers are interfering. There are also honest workers. With them teamwork works wonderfully. It all starts with yourself. If you are honest with yourself, then you are also with other people. People who are honest with themselves are also concerned about their feelings of their own inner light, the source / love. The inner light communicates first with the feelings, then with the thoughts. Everything begins with the feelings and thoughts, before it is put into action. Light feelings and thoughts generate the balance. Collaboration is the key to the future. This can only be achieved through honesty. Honesty also creates clarity, and when things are clear, things are easy to understand. When some workmen start working on themselves, there is much less misunderstanding and thus also fewer attacks lower some light workers. For ignorance is the cause of all evil. Please spread this.

  173. Dear resistance movement

    pertaining to your question, why we lightworkers are attacking each other all the time, altough we want the same, I have an answer (one point of view of many):

    This mutual attacking of each other is very frustrating for all of us, and its hard to help it, although possible to reduce it to frustration

    If you look at the enneagramm you will find that on a very deep level there are nine different „fixations“ in people which are very deepset and cannot be overcome before we know of them. In the Enneagramm, they are numbered fixation 1 – 9. And when we have come to know of our own fixation, which acts from our subconscious, and start to observe it, which is challenging, we find how were are acting out of our respective fixation nearly minute by minute – the fixation is like a veil that is between me and reality.

    The fixation is what is the only thing between me and enlightenment/waking up to reality, but at the same time this very fixation tells me in a very persuasive way, that other things and people with different values are in the way.
    The fixations make sure that our values are very different, and that makes us struggle.

    The enneagramm books of Sandra Maitry for instance describe the dilemma

    For example, when we are in a group of spiritually more or less practiced people, even when we have no agenda (the community building process according to scott peck) it is hard to become one.
    For everyone, becoming one seems to be something different.
    Some want to do everything together, others prefer to be free and go and come as they wish. For some, being one means (from the fixated point of view) not to have special relationships in dyades among the group, for others, being one means a network of dyades …. and on and on

    It’s hard to describe in some words, especially, why the fixations are so fixed, but if one studies the enneagramm deeper, it becomes all very clear, at least that was so for me, and for many other, the whole human dilemma

    The only way out, according to the enneagramm, and also in my perspective, is to turn one’s back to the fixation, while the fixation is constantly nagging at one to improve this, or that …

    The web of different fixations make sure, that there are enough values that are in each others way — for example, many think, out of their fixation: if they were all like me, we could do this so well ! why aren’t they?
    But others are fixated in another point and have completely different reactions, and so it is ensured that everyone is frustrated and therefore sometimes fighting against each other
    If you are aware of the enneagramm types, you can even predict who is going to fight against what with whom and when

    It is even hard to prevent fighting even if one is aware of ones fixation and sees through what is happening when two fixations start to be involved in a fight, but if we do not even know that there are these specific types and how their dynamics is, it is next to impossible …

    Many people try to better their fixation, but it is not about to better the fixation but to turn ones back to it

    The enneagramm, these nine fixations, or the nine wholy ideas, who appear if the fixations are no longer active appear to stem from a very deed existential level, because there is a sequence, if we divide the numbers from 1 – 6 and 8 to 9 by 7 (the figure that is not from earth), the resulting numbers contain a certain sequence, which is always the same:
    its very magical:
    1:7 = 0.142 857
    2:7 = 0.285 714
    3:7 = 0.428 571
    4:7 = 0.571 428

    if you look closer, you can see that the sequence of numbers is always the same, only just starting with a different number after the point – …142857…

    This is already magical in itself, but it gets more magical, if one knows the enneagramm, because in the enneagramm, there are very special dynamics between the 9 types – and these dynamics are: 1 – 4 – 2 – 8 – 5 – 7 …

    To me, this shows that the dynamics of the fixation follows are universal pattern and must (?) therefore be something very existential.
    Beyond the 9 fixations, there are the 9 wholy views (everything is ok as it is; everything is one; everything flows; etc – nine of such views …
    The nine fixations came into existence because these views were clouded – I sometimes think that the primary anomaly consists in veiling the wholistic views so that the nine fixations came about …

    What is more magical is that a mathematician named marko rodin recently found a formula for free energy which is based on the same sequence of numbers – or quite, the are only exchanged a little bit, but very slightly – so this also appears to have to do with the enneagramm …

    all this just to say that the nine fixations are obviously wired into our existance quite hard and not just on the surface – it is said they have nothing to do with character – and hardly any one knows of them – and among the people who do know of them, there an even fewer who know that the fixation is something that we can only turn our back to, they mostly see it as a character type and give advice how to improve your actions if you are this or that fixation – which does not solve the problem …

    This is what I know as an answer to your question why we fight so much …

    Lots of love and my heartfelt thanks that you’re assisting us
    paradise on earth very soon!!!!!


  174. Dear RM – One of the reasons we “fight” amongst ourselves is because we have all experienced “lightworkers” who a.) have not done their own inner work b.) purposefully and with dark magic trick us and mess us up. c.) accidentally mess us up. d.) do good work. It’s been hard for us to discern which is which from an ad in the paper – and it takes time – years even, after having dark magic used on us – (in the name of light worker) to overcome that betrayal and the darkness and ever trust again. We end up being suspicious of everyone. We engage in “my spirituality is better than yours” or “you’re not as evolved as you think you are” kind of BS. We are lacking any real, usable road-maps and people who can show us the way. We are flailing about down here. Sometimes we go from guru to guru seeking that someone – and yes, we meditate and go within too. 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. And because of the scarcity and lack of funds – we are competing with each other for business. It’s still divide and conquer for lightworkers/warriors. This must stop.

    What would really help is a road-map of how to get out of our own way – get rid of our implants and have a list of activities that would actually get us ahead. Most of this does require a huge amount of inner work – and too many humans don’t do enough inner work. Give us more clear guidance on inner work. Get us more healing technology to heal our soul and actually make a difference – and of course, it can’t cost a fortune – for we are lightworkers/warriors.

    Could one of the RM produce a how-to video – step by step – put it on youtube – have Prepareforchange.net and Cobra promote a series of video’s to get actual truth out – on how to heal ourselves, how to go through this period – and have one place or one cause to unite with. The dark forces have purposefully kept us all separate and fighting.

  175. Hello dear Cobra and Resistance Movement, I am so grateful for you and for everything you have done and will do. Lots of necessary tasks need to be done and resolved , especially toplet bombs and Black stone anomalies on Long Island. We know that we need to be patient, we don’t push you 😊💜. We just want you to know that we love you and support you with our weekly meditations and high vibes. We can’t wait Event to come and Peace and Love will prevail upon beautiful Mother Earth 🌏, Lady Gaia🙏🏻💜🌏🍀🦄. Hope to see you and meet you in person as soon as possible 👍😊💜🤗. Greetings from Amsterdam, Zdenek Maranius Rhys

  176. People are so confused right now, the reason we continue to attack each other is this dimension, realm is a gigantic psyop filled with tricks and dis-info. There is so much darkness in the form of ignorance and brainwashing. We need to have some sort of moment where everyone on the planet pays attention and is given the message of love to strong and unifying that it cannot be denied. We are a physical 3D construct, we need a physical 3D moment of truth with our galactic family to understand. Very few people understand something is wrong but they don’t have the ability to see the forest through the trees. People who are starving, sick and homeless have a hard time feeling like they are universally loved in divine light. The last time I checked people are still starving, drinking toxic chemicals and being programmed with mind control, even in the USA which has the highest living standards among super powers. Do you really think people with these kind of predicaments can align and join the light when they feel so lost and forgotten? More than half the planet is actively in survival mode, even in 1st world countries, millionaires are in the control system. There is an incredible amount of mind control and false narratives at every single level of our existence. I do feel like many people are victims on this planet, the control system is strong and most people don’t know the first thing about how to escape yet. Let’s get this show on the road!!!

  177. I think we are still too far away from actual civility on Earth to worry too much about truth seekers infighting – probably just ego based silliness
    look at what still happens here
    (video of man drowning)

    kids watch a man drown and use their phones to film it rather than call for help
    I mean…..lets start at the beginning of the problem….

  178. Dear Michael, I would like to thank you so very much for all your hard work in bringing to light events and information as it unfolds. I walk a line in my own development that focuses on protecting those under attack and if you are aware of persons suffering from energetic abuse, please email there name to me at gunnerfan@live.ca I will go to there higher, self seek permission and if it’s granted I will help them. The only exception to this is when a being is completely surrounded and shut off by demonic force, as was the case with a well known figure. I will in that situation adopt a different approach. Unity and community amplifies our strength. I wield a hammer and it grows daily in strength. We are not meek, we are not mild, as we create we bring light, it is vital now that we join together set specific objectives and carry these out. Together we can shatter the veil with massive hammer blows. We must never underestimate our strength and power. This is not in any way about ego and I feel that so many hold back as they misconstrue personal power and ego. Power can be silent listening to the wind talk through the trees, it can be a smile and it can be a tidal wave of love and light sweeping everything away and leaving nothing but a pristine beach. With love, Andrew.

  179. I believe the question asked was, “Why do the human light workers continue to attack each other instead of setting any differences aside and cooperating to get the job done?” My considered opinion is that these ones are still in the grip of their egos, and want to be the one who is “right” and the one that others look to for guidance; they get hung up on insignificant details and loose sight of the goal. I think it’s a human ego thing.

  180. Mon coeur vous envoie un message d’Amour, et de reconnaissance; vous êtes tellement magnifiques de faire tout ce que vous faites, et avec tellement d’intelligence; nous sommes bénis de vous avoir; MERCI
    google – My heart sends you a message of love and gratitude; You are so magnificent to do all that you do, and with so much intelligence; We are blessed to have you; THANK YOU

  181. Dear Members of the Resistance Movement,

    Thank you for your work in liberating Planet Earth and humanity. It is very difficult here on the surface to be in the light. It is a daily practice to even stay positive and connected to the truth that I am one with Source. Even to know what the truth is and to share it because there is so few intel resources available and sources of intel often conflict, so that even the most awakened believe very different things about our situation, thereby making it hard to create consensus about what to do to affect change. All this with the few most awakened and aware individuals. The vast majority of people don’t even know that they aren’t free, and would label me a crazy person and lock me away if I spoke the truth fully and seriously to them about this. This is the social environment that we work in. At least we won’t be burnt at the stake though…

    Interpersonal conflict consistently arrises in any groups doing something positive because of the energetic pressure of the implants and dark energies that put pressure on our unhealed traumas to split us away from each other. How can I even prove the implants exist, let alone convince another that it is affecting our relationships? How can I prove ET’s exist and are helping to liberate Earth without solid evidence? How can I prove that Cobra is telling the truth about you? What evidence do I have that the Resistance is even real??

    On the physical level the energy of money is constantly drained by the parasitism of the cabal, who hold the keys to government and banks, and many light workers have been programmed not to like money and therefor not have much of it to fund positive initiatives. Also, whenever I am doing something towards liberation of Earth I feel the pull of bad habits and the desire to numb the pain I feel. A pain that intensifies the closer I get to my goal. I do my best to resist this Pavlovian conditioning technique by the Archons and stay focused on my mission.

    I wish for it to be better. I wish to be better. But it is what it is and one way or another I won’t give up working towards liberation of the Planet and humanity until we are free and I am reunited with my Star family. I have planted many cintamani stones across the globe. I have gone to the darkest areas and cleared them. I have put my money, energy, time and life into liberation and even death won’t stop me from my goal.

    Victory of the Light now!

  182. Genesis 11: 1-9 records the story of “Babel”.
    At that time the people on the ground say the same language,
    When people left the East, they came to the land of Shir.
    over there,
    People trying to burn the brick so that they can create a city and a towering tower to spread their own reputation,
    So that they are scattered all over the world.
    God came to earth and saw the city and the tower,
    That a group of people who speak only one language will not do what they can not do;
    So God disrupts their language,
    So they can not understand what the other side,
    But also spread them to the rest of the world,
    The city also stopped construction.
    The city is called “Babel”.
    Mutual discourse,
    Mind can not communicate,
    Is that people can not match the reasons for cooperation;
    Many times,
    Discourse seems to hear the sentence,
    But did not mind to express it inside,
    So the speaker and the listener can not communicate with each other.
    People rely on to maintain interpersonal language, both by the chaos,
    No wonder the world is full of “you guess I bogey” situation.

  183. Dear Resistance Movement,

    I am Sreelaxmi from INDIA. We are the 2nd largest populated country. Area wise 7th largest country. But stands at best place in mind controlled programming level, superstitious beliefs level, feminine energies suppression/sacrifice level etc.,

    Most of my country people are not interested in leaving their comfort [they think they are in comfortable position] zone. I Explain to them regarding implants, matrix, mind programming, unwanted contracts in the soul contract etc., They listen to everything in a very sincere way like watching a fictitious movie. After stepping outside the door, they fall in their routine life. Doesn’t want to think outside the box. Most of them don’t even know that they are in the box. As a result, very few of us are burdened with HEAVIEST WORKLOADS.

    As we do this work with all our heart and soul, we are becoming the victims of electronic warfare by dark beings, even though many protection meditation protocols are followed. Most of my team members, including me [As I notice, the dark beings doesn’t want some things to happen, then I become very stern and I complete that work only first 🙂 but many of my country people may not be like that] are cornered from all sides, like health, emotion, money etc., If my team mates are not able to balance it means, I am actually keeping them aside for some time. Meanwhile I am adding up new members into my team, so as to complete the work. But One thing, keep in mind, my family is always a part of the team 🙂 In other terms, we are permanent victims 🙁

    I can’t even share my suffering, pain, tears with any of the team members, as they will be upset. I share my things with galactic beings only:) First time I am sharing with many fellow beings on this platform and especially with you, RM. Now a days I am not feeling pain, no tears, no sadness. Don’t know why? We work and walk towards THE EVENT. Personally I don’t want to sacrifice [One of my team member died recently due to electronic warfare] any of my country people/humans of the world, even though they don’t want to wake up. I feel they are innocent/exploiting us. No clue.

    Eagerly waiting to meet you all soon and NOW

  184. Liebe Mitglieder der Resistance Movement,
    ich habe lange Zeit unbewusst gelebt. Kindheit und Jugend verbrachte ich im ehemaligen sozialistisch geprägten Lager in Ostdeutschland und wurde dort nach den materialistisch-leninistischen Doktrin erzogen und irregeführt. Für mich hat es sehr lange gedauert, bis ich halbwegs erwachen konnte. Ich sehe nicht nur die Geschichte dieser Erde und dessen Menschheit, sondern auch meine eigene kleine Lebensgeschichte als sehr tragisch und dunkel an. In meiner Kindheit und Jugend sowie die unbewusste Zeit danach sah ich mich ständigen Angriffen aus meiner unmittelbaren Umgebung ausgesetzt. Trotz meiner Unwissenheit habe ich dies niemals als normal hingenommen. Ich habe meine Umgebung sehr genau beobachtet, habe mich mit philosophischen Prinzipien beschäftigt und Ahnungen in mir reifen lassen, die damals natürlich durch nichts und niemanden bestätigt wurden. Ich war aber immer auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit und durfte schließlich fündig werden. Nach einem schweren Schicksalstag im Jahre 2002, als ich meine schwangere Frau durch einen Verkehrsunfall verlor, blieb mir meine damals 1 Jahr und 5 Monate alte Tochter erhalten, wofür ich sehr dankbar bin. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt half mir mein Bruder mit vielen ausgedruckten Seiten aus dem Internet, dies waren Texte und Durchgaben höherer Meister, von Kryon, der Santiener und höherer Engelwesen, kosmische Gesetze und Abhandlungen. Ich vertiefte mich in Bücher unter anderem von Armin Risi, Jim Marrs, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Dr. med. Eben Alexander, Eileen Elias Freeman, Beat Imhof, Zecharia Sitchin, Klaus Jebens, Holger Erutan, Charles Berlitz, Erich von Däniken. Eines der ersten Bücher über Nahtoderfahrungen war eines von Dr. Raymond A. Moody. Ein Buch, nach dem ich endlich anfing aufzuwachen, nach einer Zeit, in der ich nicht einmal an unsere Urquelle und das geistige Reich glaubte oder das was ich im Grunde selbst bin. Inzwischen bin ich regelmäßig auf der Internetseite www.transinformation.net und anderer sehr informativer und engagierter Seiten und lese wie gebannt die neuesten Informationen von Cobra. Ich bin all den Lichtarbeitern und engagierten Buchautoren sehr dankbar, dass sie unsere Teilhabe an den wirklichen Ereignissen auf der Erde und Aufklärungen sowie Hilfestellungen für unsere eigene Unterstützung am Sieg des Lichtes ermöglichen.
    Vor allem möchte ich Euch, liebe Brüder und Schwestern, für Eure für uns Oberflächenmenschen unglaublichen Befreiungsleistungen und Euren liebevollen selbstlosen Einsatz über alle Maßen danken!
    Ich sinke auf die Knie voller Dankbarkeit für die wunderbare lichte Erschaffung einer reinen, mannigfachen, unfassbaren schönen und genialen Welt der Liebe, des Friedens und unerreichbaren Kraft durch unseren einzigen Schöpfer aus der Urquelle des Lichtes und der Liebe.
    So werde ich selbst immer weiter suchen und mich für die Beschleunigung einer Befreiung unserer Erde und dessen Bewohner in Gebeten, Meditationen und meinem gesamten Lebenswandel einsetzen.

    Von ganzem Herzen und in Liebe,
    niedergeschrieben von Eurem Bruder

    google – Dear members of the Resistance Movement,
    I have lived unconsciously for a long time. Childhood and youth, I spent in the former socialist-influenced camp in East Germany and was educated and persecuted after the materialist-Leninist doctrine. It took me a long time to wake up halfway through. I see not only the history of this earth and its humanity, but also my own little life story as very tragic and dark. In my childhood and youth, as well as the unconscious time after that, I was exposed to constant attacks from my immediate surroundings. In spite of my ignorance, I have never taken this as normal. I have closely watched my environment, worked with philosophical principles, and had matured in me suspicions, which were then, of course, confirmed by nothing and no one. But I was always looking for the truth and was finally able to find something. After a hard day of fate in 2002, when I lost my pregnant wife through a traffic accident, I was given my daughter, who was 1 year and 5 months old, and I am very grateful for that. From this point, my brother helped me with many printed pages from the Internet, these were texts and passages of higher masters, of Kryon, the Santiener and higher angels, cosmic laws and treatises. I deepened myself into books by, among others, Armin Risi, Jim Marrs, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Dr. med. Eben Alexander, Eileen Elias Freeman, Beat Imhof, Zecharia Sitchin, Klaus Jebens, Holger Erutan, Charles Berlitz, Erich von Däniken. One of the first books on Nahtoderfahrungen was one of Dr. Raymond A. Moody. A book after which I finally began to wake up after a time when I did not even believe in our original source and the spiritual realm or what I am basically myself. Meanwhile I am regularly on the website www.transinformation.net and other very informative and dedicated sites and read how banned the latest information from Cobra. I am very grateful to all the lightworkers and committed authors that they will be able to participate in the real events on earth and to enlighten us, as well as help for our own support in the victory of light.
    Above all, I would like to thank you, dear brothers and sisters, for your unbelievable liberation efforts and your loving selfless commitment!
    I sink to my knees full of gratitude for the wonderful light creation of a pure, manifold, incomprehensible beautiful and ingenious world of love, peace and unattainable power through our only Creator from the primordial source of Light and Love.
    So I will continue to search for myself and use myself to accelerate the liberation of our earth and its inhabitants in prayers, meditations and all my life.

    With all your heart and in love,
    Written down by your brother
    Karsten Bierstedt
    Karsten Bierstedt

  185. Dear RM,

    Thank you for working on the deliberation of the earth. It’s an honor for me to join the mission.

    I really want to do more light works everyday, however, my ex-wife treates me really bad and shared no resource to me. I worked very hard last 2 years both mentally and physically to conquer her challenge. I doubt that she is not only evil but also interfered by the dark forces.

    Could you help me out of this situation? I am really looking forward to see a brighter future and do more on the mission to deliberate this planet.

    Best Wishes,
    Jason Chen

  186. bjr a tous j aimerai savoir ou en et la resistance en europe je c que est et ouest ce libere mais je voie des gros danger iminant vaccin bébé et puce ext en eu je suis avec un mouvemant groupe de personne qui monte une resistance qui essais de reveillé et informer le peuple france difficilement pour ma part je recuille enormemant d info 16H par jours en gros perso je n ai pas de vie comme beaucoup suis agé et vie decalé plutot bizard depuis petit 2 fois horphelin pas de vrais nom des chose mystick a certain moment de ma vie je vie seul retiré depuis 18 ans sur une iles aimerai bien avoir un contact qui me dit qui je suis d ou je vient ext ^^ merci amour liberté et verité

    google – Bjr has all i would like to know or in and the resistance in europe i c that is and west this libere but i see great danger iminant vaccine baby and chip ext in i am with a moving group of person who rises a resistance that tests Waking up and informing the france people hardly for my part I recoil enormous d info 16H per day big fat person I do not have life as much am aged and life shifted rather bizard since small 2 times horphelin no real name mystick thing has certain Moment of my life i alone life retired for 18 years on an islands will like to have a contact that tells me who I am d or i come ext ^^ thank you love freedom and truth

  187. From a perspective of Buddhaism, the reason why light members cannot work coherently is that some of us still remain strong sins, such as greed, anger, dumb, pride and untrust. (English as my second language, the word that I use may not accurate)

    I hope everyone of us can understand our group needs to find its balance and harmony. In that way, the reunion of galatic family will appear ASAP. Besides, I appreciate people who share love messages to the world.

    Love peace!

  188. Hello my friends. I’m very happy and excited to have the opportunity to communicate with all of you. I’ve been waiting a lifetime to make this kind of connection simply because from a very early age I knew I was here for a different reason… a very profound one that was world changing. From perhaps the age of 5 or 6 I knew I was here on a very special and divine mission… but was unclear what it was due to the conditioning of this world I had already been subject to since I arrived here… Lol! I’m 49 now and have been through quite the roller coaster of experiences and emotions that have been extremely overwhelming at times… even to the point of almost forgetting myself… my true self and mission. However, my angelic guides and own higher self kept me from giving in and giving up. In the last seven years I have made quite the comeback unto a full awakening to my mission and purpose and have done much to sharpen my intuition and discernment in order to be ready for THE EVENT and fulfill my mission as a true ambassador of the light… a mentor. I have been in training for this for a very long time and am Excited to finally and fully without any interference AWAKEN, HEAL, and UPLIFT humanity to their fullest potential… to inspire and uplift… to inspire and uplift! I have a true knack and gift for this and can’t wait to offer this on a global scale. I am very much about equality and justice. I believe that all should be treated as equal and with respect… this is VERY important to me. I have been following your progress for the last 5 years and can definitely see we are at the threshold of this divine global awakening for ALL via THE EVENT and have nothing but praise and infinite gratitude for all of you helping us with this fight for liberation. I know that there have been many casualties through this intervention and my heart goes out to the fallen as well. I understand that the dark are putting up quite the fight because they are so used to having their way as well as being quite arrogant and unfortunately very imbalanced and lost. However, they’ve had more than enough time to do the right thing and come back to the light and perhaps after THE EVENT and they are finally rounded up and isolated from the rest of us, some may have a real change of heart. However, it is VERY IMPORTANT that they are held accountable for all of their crimes against humanity and the Galactic Codex. The rest of humanity needs them to be held accountable publicly to truly begin our healing process… and that’s where the 144,000 come in which I believe I am apart of and to do our part to help with this healing process. Anyway, I think you’re doing a wonderful job and understand how delicate this all really is in order to protect all of us… so thank you… infinitely thank you! I would like to close by saying that if I can be any assistance to you before or after THE EVENT please let me know in the best and safest way possible. My children are ready to do their part after The Event as well speaking on behalf of their own age groups and are very excited to begin. I’m sure my daughter will be contacting you soon because she is very much in line with this global liberation and awakening and is going to be an AMAZING mentor herself. Thank you again and look forward to working along side of all of you one day soon. Victory Of The Light!!! Troy Leiker

    This message begins with a quotation from Cobra dated July 21, 2017, as follows:
    “The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind. From the perspective of the Resistance, they would never attack their fellow that is fighting for the same cause and they genuinely do not understand why the surface population keeps doing that. They are inviting the surface population to share their perspective of that situation here:

    The idea that many who are working to awaken others are fighting and attacking one another must seem quite confusing and perplexing to those who view this world from the “outside.”
    When I am saying “outside” I am saying that we here on the surface of our planet, are not yet able to view our world as you can. That is, in order to even be born on to this planet, over and over as I believe I have chosen to do, I was apparently REQUIRED to submit to incarnating with a certain type of what I am calling a “frequency fence” in place all around me. That is, I KNEW before incarnating, that as clearly as I could see when I am not on this planet, that clarity would disappear and I would not be able to see things clearly once I came on to the surface of this planet.
    The reason I keep coming back and coming back is because I am here to assist in liberating this planet. I have kept my faith, my belief, that I would somehow be able to remember my Higher Self; and thus, be able to assist in the liberation of this planet.
    Now, here on the surface, things are VERY different. People say this is a Free Will Universe. But, is it, really for those of us who came here knowing we are required to accept these mind-numbing implants?
    Also removed from our consciousness are what other Beings must take for granted: the ability to SEE clearly, and thus, DISCERN what is actually taking place in the world around us. Therefore, what you may see so easily is almost undistinguishable to us who have “agreed” to this “frequency fence.”
    It is not that we cannot, at some point, and with great and persistent focus, LEARN to discern, it is that, even with this great and persistent focus, we can, apparently, be easily distracted from clear discernment.
    In short, many times, maybe even MOST times, we are unable to clearly distinguish and discern just who is on our side.
    This may sound implausible to one who can see this clearly. I assure you, we who are at least partially awake, find this to be quite complicated and quite frustrating!
    There are those on this planet who are 100% aware of the implants we have and who have become particularly skillful at the fine points of deceiving us. These beings willfully place information that is almost correct; then, when we feel we can trust them, they bring out the disinformation.
    It is a war! It is a mental war.
    These deceitful beings, the cabal, or whatever one chooses to call them, have ALL of the technology to keep Humans as their slaves.
    We who are even partially awake, often see exactly what these deceitful beings are doing. Then we go to our Brothers and Sisters, who may not just be asleep, but may literally be in a coma in terms of knowing what is happening on this planet; and we try to help them understand.
    So many of our Brothers and Sisters then, not only ridicule us, but then seem to choose to believe exactly the opposite (that is, the lies of the cabal) even more fervently.
    Massively frustrating at times!
    Yet, I can understand. They remain asleep. They remain brainwashed. They remain fearful of the enormous power which most Humans have chosen to give to the cabal. This is the fear that has been programmed incessantly, day and night, 24/7, since our birth.
    From my perspective, this so called free will universe, is free will ONLY to those in power. Thus, the dar beings are apparently given free will to give to us 100% lies and give us those lies 100% of the time. So, can you possibly imagine if every piece of information I am given about a subject is 100% lies, and has always been so, how challenging it is to DISCERN WHAT IS TRUE?
    And, to add insult to injury, so to speak, the beautiful Beings who are assisting us look at us and say to us, WHY ARE YOU NOT ABLE TO FIGURE THIS OUT? Why are you attacking each other when you are working toward the same goals?
    Well, I will explain: it is because YOUR ARE ABLE TO SEE.
    We are NOT ALLOWED to see what you see … not yet!
    And, yes, we can LEARN to see. And I speak for myself. I see much more clearly than I have in the past. And I feel each day I get better at this.
    Yet, this is a GARGANTUAN task for a Human Being! Not impossible, certainly!
    The cabal has, with their “free will” to step on Humans, to lie, deceive and cheat and, apparently, have no consequences that any of us can see … this cabal has MADE ALL THE RULES.
    We do not even know what the rules are!
    We are told how violent we are; how stupid we are for not seeing what is actually going on!
    We are told that we Humans have “agreed” to all this violence, torture, war, poverty.
    If that is how it appears to you, then I must encourage you to re-read what has poured from my heart in this letter.
    We are NOT helpless! Yet, under the current conditions, when every single rule of “law” has been established by those who would choose to make All Humans into slaves in this “free will” universe, I am asking for your able assistance.
    And I do feel you have All been involved in assisting our liberation.
    Many seem to be asking us to run a race with a 100 pound ball chained to our ankle, to climb a pole with bags of rocks on our shoulders.
    Humans are loving and kind people who really desire to work with each other. This is truly our nature.
    When a Human is programmed, even while still in the womb of the Mother, to NOT find out what the real rules are, it is quite challenging to break free.
    The “rulers” of this world right now are psycopaths and pedophiles and they are the ones whose free will apparently prevails.
    This state of affairs MUST end!
    If these dark beings who are so fond of causing harm to others are all put on to another world, let them carry out their desires among like beings.
    Now, I must say as well, I am so GRATEFUL for the information given in this Cobra update, which will allow us to begin to dissolve the implants! Thank you!
    And May God Bless You All!

  190. Witajcie 😉
    Dziękuje za wszystko to co z Miłością czynione i braterstwem.
    Dziękuje ze jesteście.

    google – Hello 😉
    Thank you for everything that is done with love and brotherhood.
    Thank you for being here.
    Thank you

  191. Greetings to all the members of the Resistance. I am connected with the international group of the lightworkers. We follow all the Cobra news since years.
    We would ask you to intervene. We will help with all our powers. We are sick to observe the unneeded suffering all around us, all over the world….people suffer to keep their families going, the cruelity to children and harmless animals. Children wandering on the streets looking for foood and shelters, deprived of their childhood because of the greed ones who instigated wars to gain more money, the dogs and cats meet festivals in Asia with unbelievable cruelity towards harmless peaceful animals, animals moredred daily for food industry, igrowing indiference of tired foooled people, to the other ones….It is torture to us, the awaken ones!
    We are all of our group are constantly under attack from the dark ones, we are constantly deprived of all resources of our very hard work, we are attack by the our closest ones….we are starving too, we are tired.
    We want to help people to understant how the matrix runs…and we are under constatnt attack.
    Please, help us before we all die and the Archons , again force us to incarnate in the pathological families.We are prepared, ready to help tranform this world, before the Bad ones will delate our memory again.
    The people of the world are ready for tghe transormation, we are witnessing this, they don’t know the truth but they are tired untill their limits and all know something is wrong. We are sure they invite the New World with the open arms. Always there will be fanatics who never accept the truth, but the majority of the humankin WILL!!!!
    believe us, we are here , we know!

    With love and light,
    maryla and the group

  192. With great gratitude for all your endeavors to assist us, I am honored to be able to address you during this important time.Most of the responses written in speak of the same experiences I’ve had. Myself and those around me that are aware of the Event and the state of our government in the USA, frequently lose heart when hearing about delay after delay. We ask for contact with our galactic family for those of us who are trying to change and aren’t sure which is the best direction. We know there is contact between government and extraterrestials, but why can’t there be contact with more of us in safe place, to PROVE to families and others we’re telling the truth. The majority of people think we’re crazy or misinformed at least. Contact would greatly reassure and inspire us even more. As it is now, all we have- for sure -are Cobra’s words and our inner knowingness. This is difficult to hold onto, with all the contradictory and mis-information abounding, as well as all the secrecy going on behind the scenes, so we are told. Again, I’m asking on behalf of myself and all my like-minded friends , for contact .

  193. Greetings to my sisters and brothers of the Resistance Movement,

    I wish to thank you, again, for your involvement in the liberation of our beloved Mother Earth and her children…and I also wish to convey to you my deep concern regarding information that has recently been posted by the YouTube website, “Event Is Coming Soon” towards the end of their video entitled, “(6) The Major Events in the Galaxy Which Have Shaped Mankind’s History” at the following link:


    At approximately 29:03 this video tells us that HUMAN ABDUCTIONS ARE SUPPORTED BY THE COSMIC HIERARCHY so that the Greys can develop a new human / reptilian hybrid with a soul matrix for them to embody into…provided free will is not violated ?!!!

    The very definition of Abduction is: “The action of forcibly taking someone away against their will”.

    In other words, an abduction IS a violation of free will…therefore these abductions of humans (Homo sapiens) by the Greys (past, present and future) ARE A VIOLATION OF THE FREE WILL of the ABDUCTED human who is a free, sovereign soul and divine spirit.

    Additionally, these HUMAN ABDUCTIONS AND THE THEFT AND MANIPULATION OF HUMAN DNA VIOLATE THE COLLECTIVE FREE WILL OF OUR ENTIRE SOVEREIGN HUMAN (Homo sapiens) SPECIES because via our human (Homo sapiens) DNA we share a collective, free, sovereign human soul matrix that is connected to Mother Earth and to all other indigenous species here on Mother Earth.
    We humans as a collective species, have NOT been fully informed regarding the existence and purpose of these human abductions…nor of the potential future dangers posed by this genetic manipulation to our collective Homo sapiens DNA / divine soul matrix.
    Therefore, we humans as a collective, free, sovereign species, have NOT consented of our own free will to these human abductions and the theft and manipulation of our human DNA.

    These human abductions and genetic manipulation of our human DNA by the Greys so that the Greys can develop a new human / reptilian hybrid with a soul matrix for them to embody into…are a clear violation of the free will of BOTH the ABDUCTED human who is a free, sovereign soul and divine spirit and ADDITIONALLY is a violation of the collective free will of our entire human (Homo sapien) species…and therefore HUMAN ABDUCTIONS SHOULD NOT BE SUPPORTED OR ALLOWED BY THE COSMIC HIERARCHY regardless of whose agenda this may serve.

    What will the repercussions be for the future of our species – Homo sapiens – if the Greys are allowed to develop a new human / reptilian hybrid with a soul matrix for them to embody into…using our DNA so that like a virus, their billions of hybrid souls will then become part of and effect changes to our collective Homo sapiens DNA / divine soul matrix ?

    What will the repercussions be for the future of our species – Homo sapiens – if the Greys are allowed to develop a new human / reptilian hybrid with a soul matrix for them to embody into…using our DNA so that their billions of hybrid souls will then be able to incarnate here on Mother Earth as an invasive species displacing humans (Homo sapiens) and lacking the full measure of our indigenous genetic connections to Mother Earth and All of our fellow Earthlings ?

    As a free, sovereign soul and divine spirit and as a member of the Homo sapiens species, I DO NOT CONSENT TO THE ABDUCTIONS OF HUMANS AND THE THEFT AND MANIPULATION OF HUMAN DNA by the Greys or any other species.
    Furthermore, I respectfully request that the Cosmic Hierarchy Cease and Desist their support of this clear violation of the collective free will of our sovereign Homo sapiens species and a violation of the free will of the abducted individuals who are a free, sovereign soul and divine spirit.

    The end does not justify the means…rather, the means BECOME the end…just as a fractal is a little piece of the whole. When One is harmed, all are harmed. That is why free will must not be violated.


    Sisters and brothers of the Resistance Movement, I do not know whether or not you are aware of the information contained in the above mentioned YouTube “Event Is Coming Soon” video…or if you are in contact with the Cosmic Hierarchy…but I am hoping that you may be able to please let them know that human abductions and the theft and manipulation of human DNA is a violation of BOTH the free will of the ABDUCTED human who is a free, sovereign soul and divine spirit and ADDITIONALLY is a violation of the collective free will of our entire sovereign human (Homo sapiens) species.

    Thank you so very much.

    May all love surround you.

    May you always be blessed.

  194. Javított verzió! Kedves moderátorok, ezt tegyétek ki : )

    Kedves Ellenállási mozgalom!

    Köszönöm hogy eljöttetek ide erre a karantén bolygóra az elveszett testvéreitekért.

    Sajnos ezen világ nagy része elveszíttette a kapcsolatot a belső isteni Énjükkel.
    Érzik ugyan hogy kell legyen egy felsőbb hatalom ami irányíthatja életüket, aki megadhatja az elveszett belső békéjüket, de a formák világában ragadtak, és ebből kiindulva a formában keresik Isten minőségeit. A tökéletest keresik minden egyes formában, azt ami nem ott van.
    A vallásaink egytől-egyig dogmákra, rituálékra és a forma által kifejezhető adományokra épülnek, amikre semmi szükség sincsen. Olyan törvényeket követnek ami sohasem volt az egység szolgálatában. Mivel spirituális ,,vezetőink” – et is az elkülönült én képzete vezeti, ezért sajnos csak ezen tévképzeteiket adhatják tovább jó esetben egy kis Isteni fénnyel megfűszerezve.
    A felemelkedett mesterek tanítják ugyan a Belső Isteni ÉN életről szóló törvényeit, de ezen tanítások olyan messzire vannak az alap gondolkozási rendszertől, hogy még a magukat spirituálisan felébredtnek valló emberek többsége is elutasítja ezen tanításokat. Nem értik még azt az alapvető fogalmi különbséget sem, hogy az Isteni szeretet és az emberi szeretet fogalma alatt értett minőség nem egy és ugyanaz. Sokszor amit mi felszíni emberek,,szeretet” címszó alatt teszünk az a legkevésbé sem nevezhető annak. Teljesen feje tetejére van állítva a valódi Spiritualitás.

    A spirituális csoportok sem kivételek sajnos ezen formai mintáktól.
    A csoporttagok elkülönült énjüket követve egy külső emberi lényt és annak spirituális tanait teszik meg követendő példának. Ezen elkülönült emberi lény erényeit szeretnék magukévá tenni, ebben látják a teljességükhöz vezető utat. Belső iránymutatás hiányában a spirituális csoportok tagjai a csoportvezetőktől várják akár a cél és akár még a cél eléréséhez szükségesnek ítélt eszközök meghatározását is. Teljesen átadhatják az irányítást mindaddig amíg komfortosnak érzik a helyzetet.
    Még az olyan csoportokban is ahol szellemi vezető fogja össze a csoportot és mindenkinek egyenrangúnak kellene lennie kialakulhat egyfajta hierarchia. A csatornázó társukat teszik meg vezetőnek mivel azon képessége, hogy egy magasabb dimenziós szellemi létezővel kommunikál csodálatosnak tűnik a szemükben. És összekeverik az üzenetet és tartalmának tiszteletét a tanítás vagy útmutatás csatornázójának tiszteletével. Rosszabb esetekben akár a csatornázó teljesen különlegesnek ítéli meg magát és kierőszakolja a csoportvezető szerepét, más hangját és véleményét nem tűrve meg maga mellett.Ilyen esetekben diktatúra alakul ki, és akinek ez nem tetszik annak mennie kell, vagy belső iránymutatását követve a csoport vélt érdekével azonosulva felveszi a harcot a csoport érdekében, újdonsült vezetője ellen. Az ami az elkülönült elmétől származik mindig rombolással fog véget érni. Mindig lesz egy akarat aki mást akar. Az Őrület csak őrületet szülhet.
    Sokan a lelki vagy testi sérüléseik miatt fordultak el a hagyományosabb társadalmi rendszertől, de nem vették észre, hogy csak a formát cserélték le nem a rendszert. A külső világ káosza a spirtuális csoportokban is tükröződik, megannyi irányzat, és útkeresési forma által. Ki-ki a maga sérülési rendszere alapján keresi meg a neki megfelelő csoportot, attól függően, hogy éppen melyik irányzatot ítéli meg úgy, hogy az segíthet neki megtalálni a lelki békéjét.
    Mivel az Ego a változatlan fogalmát nem ismeri, ezért az egyénben aki megtalálni vélte a lelki békéjét az adott irányzatban, újra felüti fejét a hiány érzete.
    Onnantól már nem fog neki megfelelni az adott irányzat és annak rendszere sem. Elsőkén magában keresi a hibát ugyan, de eljut arra a következtetésre, hogy a hiba nem benne van, a hiba kintről jön, a hiba másban van. Ebben a tévedésében felébred ősi megoldási eszköze és támadásba kezd a külvilág ellen. Megtámadhatja a ,,vezetőjét” , a társait, akik továbbra is elfogadják a tanítót és annak tanításait. Ezek járnak a fejében: hát nem látják a balgák, hogy a vezetőnknek mennyi rossz szokása van, valamiért nem működik a rendszer, még mindig nem találtam meg a békémet, nem érzem jól magamat a csoportban.
    Megpróbálja megváltoztatni külső világát, követőket gyűjt, tábort szervez maga köré. Az egységet és mindent ami összetartja a csoportot lerombolni vágyik. Legjobb esetben egy ilyen ember keres egy másik csoportot, egy másik eszmét, de előfordulhat hogy ott maradva a csoportban szétszakít minden kapcsolatot. EGY ember is elég a teljes csoport szétszedéséhez a belső viszály által amit keltett.

    Amíg a Belső Isteni Énjükhöz nem kacsolódnak egyenként a csoporttagok sajnos addig mindig felüti a fejét az EGO ármánykodása. Az elkülönült én belső nyugtalansága és békétlensége fog tükröződni a csoportokon belül is a Belső Vezettetés hiányában.
    Ez elkerülhetetlen mivel a rész nem láthatja az egészt.Rossz döntéseket hoznak az egyének mert nem látják át, hogy az egészhez a részek egysége kell.
    Egy cél, amit együtt határoznak meg belső késztetésből belső vezettetéssel, csak ez hozhat egységet egy csoportba. Ezen együttes elme kapcsolódással érhetik el azt a tudást amire egyenként képtelenek lennének. A szentlélek megadja a közös nyelvet és fogalomtárt, már csak a hajlandóság kell, hogy összekapcsolódjunk vele. Ezért kérlek titeket, hogy alakítsunk ki egy közös fogalomtárt itt a honlapon, hogy az elhangzott szavak mindenkinek ugyanazt jelentsék. Csak úgy érhetünk el eredményeket, hogy a fogalmakat nem keverjük és egységes nyelvre törekszünk. A szeretet tiszta nyelvezetét használjuk hogy legalább a fogalmak terén ne legyen összecserélődés, keveredés.

    A bennem is lévő Atya üzenete számotokra:

    Csak az egységből születhet meg a megoldás és ehhez fel kell vállalni elveszett testvéreiteket is, nekik is van szerepük a felszabadulás tervében. A belső istennel együtt elérhetitek őket. Kérjétek a belső isteni éneteket és megadja nektek a segítséget. A felszínen is vannak emberek kik elérték az Isteni Énjüket és ők látják ki az aki segíthet nektek. Kérjétek a segítségüket. Elvezetem őket hozzátok, hogy segítsék a felvállalt munkátok. Ne féljetek kérni gyermekeim. A menyország bennetek is ott vár, és ÉN Egységre törekszem minden gyermekemmel ki elveszett egyszer. Elvétettétek ugyan az irányt, de szeretetem nem feledtétek.Elvezetlek benneteket vissza magamhoz. Ehhez megkaptok minden segítséget csak kérjetek és higgyetek benne, Bennem, hogy megkapjátok. Legyen Hitetek szerint, azt mondtam egyszer. Ezt szó szerit értettem. A Belső Isten ott vár bennetek, ezt ne feledjétek. Egyetlen vágyam, hogy ismét egy legyek veletek és ehhez az eszközöket is megtermtettem. Kérjétek hát a bennetek lévő szentlélek segítségét és hangja megjelenik bennetek. Őt szántam vezetőtöknek ki látja az Igazságot és a ti világotokat is. Ő az ki visszavezethet hozzám szeretett teremtményeim. A terv nála létezik. Tisztán, s egységben látja azt.
    Mindenkit a maga egyéni útján vezetek vissza, mert ez a módszer amivel az elkülönültség különlegességtudata átlényegíthető.A tervből mindenki kiveszi részét senki nem hiányozhat. Mindenki a belső vezettetésem által vissza tér hozzám, az Egységbe.
    Az egó nem állhatja útját igaz kéréseteknek. A szívből jövő kérés mindig teljesül, mivel akkor akaratod egy a teremtődével. Az pedig csak az egység felé vezethet. Bízzatok hát embertársaitokban, akkor is ha eltévedtek. Lássátok tisztán a célt, hogy egységben éltek, és akkor úgy is lesz. Hitetek az ami kirángathat e mocsárból, még ha nem is látjátok a világban tapasztalatként megnyilvánulni vágyatokat. Vágyatokat ami egy az enyémmel, csak tartsátok tisztán a fejetekben képként, a szívetek segítségével és megtörténik a teremtésem. Még itt is hová kezem nehezebben ér el, a ti erőtökkel melyet egykor adtam minden teremtményemnek megtörténté tehetitek az akaratommal egyező kívánságotokat. Bár az erőt én adtam elméteknek, de akaratom meg nem kerülhető, szeretetem el nem vehető. Legyen hát egy az akarat miképpen rendeltem azt. Szeretett gyermekeimnek ne keljen többet szenvedniük, a sötétség e fellegében. Úgy legyen.

    Egységem legyen veletek.

    google – Fixed version! Dear moderators, do this:)

    Dear Resistance Movement!

    Thank you for coming to this quarantine planet for your lost brothers.

    Unfortunately, most of this world has lost contact with their divine Divinity.
    They feel that there must be a higher power that can guide their lives who can give up their lost inner peace, but they are stuck in the world of forms and from this they seek God’s qualities in form. They seek the perfect in every form what is not there.
    Our religions are based on dogmas, rituals, and donations that can be expressed formally, and there is no need for it. They follow laws that were never in the service of the unity. Since our spiritual “leaders” are also guided by the idea of ​​a separate self, they can only pass on these false ideas in a good case with a small Divine light.
    Rising masters teach the laws of the Inner Divine Life, but these teachings are so far from the basic thinking system that even most of the people who are spiritually awakened reject these teachings. They do not even understand the fundamental conceptual distinction that the quality understood in Divine Love and the concept of human love is not one and the same. Many times what we are doing under the surface people “love” is not the least it can be called. True Spirituality is completely at the top of the head.

    Spiritual groups are no exception, unfortunately, from these formal patterns.
    Group members follow their own separate self to make an external human being and its spiritual tana an example to follow. I would like to embrace the virtues of this distinct human being, in this they see the path leading to their fullness. In the absence of an internal guideline, members of the spiritual groups expect the group leaders to determine the means they consider necessary for achieving the goal or even the goal. They can completely give you control as long as you feel comfortable.
    Even in groups where a spiritual leader joins the group, and a hierarchy of people must be equal. Their channeling partners make it a leader because their ability to communicate with a higher dimensional intellectual entity seems wonderful in their eyes. And confuse the message and respect for its contents in the respect of the channeler of teaching or guidance. In even worse cases, the canalizer judges himself as completely special and hears the role of the leader of the group, with no other voices and opinions. In such cases, dictatorships develop and those who do not like it must go or follow their internal guidance identifying the group’s well-known interests He takes up the fight for the group in favor of his newcomer leader. What comes from a separate mind will always end with destruction. There will always be a will who wants something else. Crazy can only be crazy.
    Many people turned away from the more traditional social system due to their mental or bodily harm, but did not realize that only the form was replaced by the system. The chaos of the outer world is also reflected in the spirited groups, with many trends and a way of searching. Who, based on your injury system, is looking for a suitable group of people depending on which pattern you think it can help him find his peace of mind.
    Since the ego does not know the unchanged concept, so in the individual who finds his or her spiritual peace in that trend, the feeling of shortage shakes again.
    From now on he will not be able to meet that trend and its system. First of all, he is looking for a mistake, but he comes to the conclusion that the bug is not there, the error comes from outside, the error is different. In this mistake, he wakes up as an ancient means of resolution and attacks against the outside world. He can attack his “leader”, his associates, who continue to accept the teacher and his teachings. These are in the minds of us: so do not see the bald, how bad our guides are, the system does not work, I still can not find the peace, I do not feel well in the group.
    She tries to change her outer world, collects followers, organizes camps around her. The unity and everything that keeps the group from wanting to demolish. In the best case, such a person is looking for another group, another idea, but it may be that while remaining in the group, they break all links. One man is enough to disarm the entire group by the inner quarrel that he has created.

    As long as the members of the group do not associate with their Inner Divine Mind, unfortunately, the EGO is always knocked out by the EGO. The inner innocence and unrest of the separate self will be reflected within the groups even in the absence of the Inner Leadership.
    This is inevitable since the part can not see the whole thing. Wrong decisions are made by individuals because they do not see it as a whole.
    For a c

  195. Dear Resistance Movement and other beings of light currently hanging out,
    The Journey of awareness began for me on June 26, 2012. I was alone in my awareness for 3 years with the only proof that I hadn’t gone insane was the others I saw blogging and writing online. My husband at the time thought I was crazy and eventually it led to a very sad divorce. I’m just now coming back to my senses and am able to feel hopeful again thanks to a rogue band of healers who brought me into their lives and have given me so much support. The situation on this planet in my area is really crazy. People work jobs that are unfullfilling only to pay for things that are equally unfullfilling. Because of things and beings we can’t even see we have these holes in our energy fields from trauma and shock that we have experienced. The energetic trama presents as physical problems. Then when you go to the medical doctor they will prescribe whatever will make them the most money usually a surgery or a drug. The doctor, the patient and everyone else accepts this as standard procedure. Real knowledge has been stifled and blocked and replaced with only more layers of dysfunction. To wake up from this illusion is both a blessing and a curse. Suddenly you know it’s an illusion and your alone amongst everyone you care about. So we worry and mourn the loss of this state of mind that made it possible to maintain intimate relationships with our close friends and family. Suddenly we have secrets and a depth of understanding that feels isolating. If we are lucky we will find others who understand fairly quickly and if not we can spend years in mental isolation. I have found my stride working both with my galactic understanding and my 3d knowledge. I work to heal others and myself.
    It’s time to change what’s happening. There are good souls that are brilliant that are still living deep in the illusion. The US medical system is drugging and operating on people for profit. People are getting buried under depression and despair. Please understand the feeling here. People drink, do drugs, gamble and a gammit of other addictions just to feel okay for a few moments before they go back to their unfullfilling lives. Out of anger and stress we abuse eachother and ourselves physically and emotionally. This has to stop. Humans have to be allowed to go through their natural state of evolution without hindrance.
    Please Help.

  196. I believe the problem with infighting in the lightworker/warriors is the deep devision between male and female. I believe good love between two individuals is attacked as hard as possible in this community. If you can not find trust and love with that special someone in a reasonable time in life it leads to distrust in friends and people in general. We go so long with out it, our only hope becomes the event/disclosure, and when we encountered methods or philosophies that would seem to slow this process we have a knee jerk “your cheating on me” response.

  197. Dearest RM and dearest LW and Starsisters and Brothers,

    wir bitten die Geistigen LIchtgeschwister hiermit um generallhilfe und generalbeistand für die befreiung der menschheit aus der versklavung durch die elite und dem satanicvatikan !!!!

    der SATANICVATIKAN MUSS WEG !!!!!! der Papst hat gerade vor JESUS CHRISTUS gewarnt !!! der muss vernichtet werden !!!!!
    wir wissen ,dass wir durch die Geburtsurkunde als tote Sache erklärt wurden. wir haben uns davon distanziert !!!! wir haben viel BefreiungsVerfügungen und Heilarbeit deswegen gemacht.
    Wir lösen und distanzieren und hiermit ausdrücklich von allen bisherigen Unterschriebenen weltlichen Verträgen die wir bewußt oder unbewußt mit der Kabale unterzeichnet haben!!!!!!!!!
    viele von uns haben kein Girokonto mehr , viele Deutsche leben auf der Strasse genauso weltweit !!!
    das ist Menschenunwürdig !




    google – Dearest RM and dearest, LW and Starsisters and Brothers,

    We ask the Spiritual Livers to provide general help and general assistance for the liberation of humanity from the enslavement by the elite and the satanicvatican !!!!

    The SATANICVATIKAN MUSS WEG !!!!!! The Pope has just warned of JESUS ​​CHRIST !!! The must be destroyed !!!!!
    We know that we were declared dead by the birth certificate. We have distanced ourselves from it !!!! We have done a great deal of liberation and healing work.
    We hereby resolve and dissociate ourselves expressly from all previous treaties of worldly treaties which we have consciously or unconsciously signed with the Kabale !!!!!!!!!
    Many of us have no Girokonto more, many Germans live on the street just as world-wide!
    This is a man’s fault.




  198. To the Resistance Movement,
    There are no words to express how much gratitude and respect I have for all you have done and are doing to help us here on earth.

    All humans experience pain, trauma and troubling situations which make our lives difficult. Most of us try to do the best we can. Our governments are suppose to be of service to us but we see very little of that and it is frightening. Money, food, medicine and technology should be used to help us but instead we are affected in a negative way by all.

    Its an exhausting journey here on earth. Your kindness, love and hard work is being noticed everyday and is very much appreciated. THANK YOU!!!

    In Light,

  199. Hello
    Cobra has asked that an explanation be made for the reason that light workers and light warriors fight amongst themselves.
    It would seem that this is largely a cause of conditioning.
    For thousands of years our stories on Earth have always involved a hero character. One single savior figure that rescues a much larger group of relatively helpless individuals.
    This prevalence of stories where only a hero can make a difference has lead people to the beliefs that either they are the hero or they are not and must wait for the hero to save them.
    In the case of light workers and light warriors, many believe they are the hero of this story and therefore other light workers and warriors can’t be.

  200. hello!!
    since Chinese Traditional isn’t allowed on this site, i can only use En. to comment.
    this is tacohead from Taiwan and…and…nothing but just saying ‘hello’.

  201. IN REFERENCE TO: “The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind. From the perspective of the Resistance, they would never attack their fellow that is fighting for the same cause and they genuinely do not understand why the surface population keeps doing that. They are inviting the surface population to share their perspective of that situation here:”
    – I believe we are afraid of being hurt by becoming vulnerable in front of another person no matter who. We are afraid of being disappointed in not receiving what we hope for, what others promise, a better life, financial security, health, etc… It is to us a ‘Miracle’ should one thing happen. So having many Miracles all at once would be unimaginable, unbelievable. Unless one gives himself/herself up completely to what is to come/to Source, whatever is to come, one will resist until all answers are clear to them. So many questions, still some wont believe and then we question ourselves/the Lightworkers, are we doing a good enough job. We have been crushed so many times, stepped on often, so our ego have a fun time with us while we fight for what we believe in.
    I suppose I Am answering my own questions:
    . People will ask questions until they are ready to give themselves completely to Source/abandon themselves for what they believe in. So we must keep answering their questions.
    . As Lightworkers we are still human and need support from one another to fight off ego. We need more than that too, as you say, we sometimes work agains each other in fear. So what is the solution there? We need your support, support from the Resistance. I see you have offered us ways to clear our implants. Is that all that is needed for us to become true Lightworkers, awake and on mission? I will try your way. I know many others will as well. I will tell the others, spread the news so we can ascend as quickly as possible into our new lives.

  202. Chers, très Chers,
    Certaines des lettres (en français) qui précèdent la mienne m’ont ému aux larmes. Combien d’histoires analogues ?
    Par pure intuition d’abord, par réflexion ensuite, j’ai mis au point une technique de management qui fait du projet un outil d’épanouissement individuel et collectif. Suite à une enfance aussi violente que malheureuse, j’ai consacré presque 30 ans de ma vie à cette quête. J’ai compris il y a quelques mois que finalement, je cherchais à retrouver la voie du cœur. Voie individuelle et collective. Ne soyez pas étonnés de voir des chercheurs se combattre, la division est reine, même pour les causes les plus nobles. Après coup, j’ai découvert que mes essais convergent avec les travaux de nombreux chercheurs, quelques soient leurs origines dans le temps et le lieu. Maintenant, mes travaux croisent les conclusions de scientifiques, leur donnent un sens supplémentaire et une confirmation que je ne me suis pas trop trompé. Terrible ce doute de soi !
    Dans vos derniers messages, il est conseillé de se donner du temps … Mes deux alternatives sont montagne et musique. Je dois vous dire que ces deux éléments me sauvent du suicide et de la maladie depuis mon adolescence. Mais je suis las … très las …
    Évidemment, je passe pour un extra-terrestre auprès de mes contemporains. Même avec des mots simples, on me dit « C’est simple quand il parle, je ne comprends pas ! ». Ou bien encore, « la réunion était intéressante, sauf quand il parle, il me donne mal à la tête » …
    Dans ma propre famille biologique, je suis isolé de tout et tous, accusé d’être dans une secte …
    Professionnellement, je ne travaille évidemment plus depuis 6 ans … J’ai fui la dictature de mon dernier patron, je ne pouvais plus. L’an dernier, j’ai assuré 75 heures de cours dans un établissement où je me suis fait harcelé au dernier degré. Lorsque les étudiants ont compris ce que je leur apportais, ils sont venus s’excuser : ils étaient manipulés au dernier degré … Choqué, je suis rentré chez moi et j’ai dormi 12 heures d’affilée … Depuis je n’ai plus retrouvé d’emploi salarié … et mes économies, même dépensées au compte-goutte arrivent à leur fin …
    Bref, il est temps que l’évènement ait lieu … Tous les jours, je me sens dans mes derniers retranchements, tous les jours, je me dis que ça ne peut pas durer, tous les jours, je crois encore au lendemain et à votre aide … Mais combien de temps encore ?
    Quoiqu’il arrive, soyez assuré de ma gratitude.
    Merci, mille mercis à vous …

    google – Dear, very dear,
    Some of the letters (in French) that preceded mine moved me to tears. How many similar stories?
    By intuition first, by reflection, I developed a management technique that makes the project a tool for individual and collective fulfillment. After a childhood as violent as unhappy, I devoted nearly 30 years of my life to this quest. I understood a few months ago that finally, I was trying to find the way of the heart. Individual and collective. Do not be surprised to see researchers fighting, division is queen, even for the noblest causes. Afterwards, I discovered that my essays converge with the work of many researchers, whatever their origins in time and place. Now, my work crosses the conclusions of scientists, give them an additional meaning and confirmation that I have not been too wrong. Terrible this self-doubt!
    In your last messages, it is advisable to give yourself time … My two alternatives are mountain and music. I must tell you that these two elements save me from suicide and illness since I was a teenager. But I’m tired … very tired …
    Obviously, I pass for an alien to my contemporaries. Even with simple words, I am told “It’s simple when he speaks, I do not understand! “. Or else, “the meeting was interesting, except when he speaks, he gives me a headache” …
    In my own biological family, I am isolated from everything and all, accused of being in a sect …
    Professionally, I obviously no longer work for 6 years … I fled the dictatorship of my last boss, I could not anymore. Last year, I took 75 hours of instruction in an institution where I was harassed to the last degree. When the students understood what I was bringing to them, they came to apologize: they were manipulated to the last degree … Shocked, I went home and I slept 12 hours in a row … Since then I have not found Of salaried employment … and my savings, even spent on the dribs come to an end …
    In short, it is time for the event to take place … Every day, I feel in my last entrenchments, every day, I think that it can not last, every day, I still believe the next day and your Help … But how much longer?
    Whatever happens, rest assured of my gratitude.
    Thank you, a thousand thanks …

  203. Anch’io vi benedico per le informazioni e per l’impegno massiccio di questo meraviglioso Movimento di Resistenza! Scrivo dall’Italia dove l’ombra tenta si è estesa sotto il peso di governanti senza scrupoii. E’ ora di tornare all’origine della nostra bellezza, a ritrovare la pace e ritornare a casa, a riveder le stelle.

    Continuerò a seguirvi con la passione e la gioia di condividere ogni successo del Luce.
    Un grazie immenso a voi e un abbraccio a tutti i fratelli e le sorelle che sono qui con lo stesso desiderio di Amore.


    google – I too bless you for the information and for the massive commitment of this wonderful Resistance Movement! I write from Italy where the shadow tentative has extended under the weight of unscrupulous rulers. It is time to return to the origin of our beauty, to find peace and return home, to see the stars again.

    I will continue to follow you with the passion and joy of sharing every success of the Light.
    Great thanks to you and a hug to all the brothers and sisters who are here with the same desire for Love.


  204. Cari Fratelli della Resistenza,

    La situazione in Italia, ma credo anche in tutto il Mondo, è drammatica, la popolzione non si rende conto della realtà continuando a vivere nell’illusione, e le cose continuano a peggiorare nell’incoscienza generale.

    Purtroppo in molti ci troviamo in una condizione di estremo disagio, insostenibile. In questa condizione è facile abbandonale la Luce, è facie scegliere il volto che ci viene offerto dall’Oscuro, è facile tornare allo stato in cui abbiamo vissuto prima del nostro risveglio.

    Molti si rendono certamente conto che il processo di Liberazione del Pianeta Terra ha richiesto decine di migliaia di anni, innumerevoli incarnazioni, e credo che una parte di questi molti siano sulla strada della rassegnazione verso un’altro ciclo di schiavitù per potersi risvegliare e ricominciare questo ciclo che sembra apparentemente infinito.

    Purtroppo viviamo ancora in un mondo di dualità all’eccesso, è richiesto del denaro per sopravvivere, per potersi dedicare alla cura del Se Superiore, del Corpo/Anima/Spirito… le basse vibrazioni delle bollette, dei debiti, della sussistenza di base hanno molto più potere della Luce in questa realtà/densità, chi lo nega mente spudoratamente o ha un livello di consapevolezza che è fuori dalla statistica e non ha mai fame, nessuno è nato senza un impianto primario quindi nessuno, o se mi sbagliassi, tutti tranne pochissimi, sostanzialmente è collegato naturalmente alla Sorgente.

    La mia richiesta, e sono convinto di parlare a nome di moltissimi, sia che siano consapevoli o no dell’esistenza della Luce ma che comunque fanno parte a pieno diritto della Famiglia Galattica e indipendentemente dalle loro scelte vanno rispettati, la mia richiesta, è che sia messa una parola FINE, ADESSO, SUBITO, NOW, a questa schiavitù del denaro.

    Il rischio per la Luce è troppo grande per poterlo correre, il rischio è la perdita di un numero di risvegliati, forse anche molti, e forse sta già accadendo da tempo, ma che se dovesse iniziare ora e se anche fossero solo 3 sarebbe troppo. Se questi fanno parte dei danni collaterali ed è un problema insormontabile da risolvere allora aspettiamoci molte defezioni e dei probabili ritardi verso il Cambiamento, verso l’Evento.

    Personalmente mi sento attaccato costantemente, tutti i giorni, senza sosta. Sto resistendo ma non è semplice, e credo che siano in tanti in una condizione simile, l’autonomia di resistenza è arrivata al capolinea, le forze oramai sono allo stremo, la pressione dovuta alle necessità della sopravvivenza è immensa, probabilmente il mio livello di consapevolezza non è sufficiente a superare tutto e combattere contro tutti per il discreto tempo che sembra ci sia ancora da battagliare prima dell’Evento.

    Questo è un requisito primario, è, a mio avviso, uno dei motivi per cui le cose sono come sono.

    Vorrei concludere esprimendo il mio punto di vista sul perché i Lighworkers si attaccano fra loro; è proprio quello che ho descritto sin’ora il motivo, la mancanza si serenità, serenità che inizia uscendo dalla schiavitù del denaro, la causa primaria delle basse vibrazioni. Forse voi, Fratelli della Resistenza, vivete in un mondo senza denaro, per questo probabilmente non riuscite a vedere il quadro generale della situazione e di quanto il denaro rappresenti una morsa serratissima sull’Anima della popolazione di superficie.

    google – Dear Brothers of Resistance,

    The situation in Italy, but I also believe in the whole world, is dramatic, the population does not realize reality while continuing to live in illusion, and things are getting worse in general unconsciousness.

    Unfortunately, in many, we are in a state of extreme unease, unsustainable. In this condition it is easy to abandon the Light, it is facial to choose the face that is offered to us by the Dark, it is easy to return to the state we lived before our awakening.

    Many realize that the Earth’s Earth Liberation process has taken tens of thousands of years, countless incarnations, and I believe that some of these are on the road to resignation to another cycle of slavery in order to awaken and start over this Cycle that seems seemingly infinite.

    Unfortunately, we still live in a world of duality to excess, money is required to survive, to be devoted to the care of the Se Superiore, the Body / Soul / Spirit … the low vibrations of bills, debts, and subsistence base have much The more power of Light in this reality / density, those who denyly disagree with mind or have a level of awareness that is out of the statistics and is never hungry, no one was born without a primary plant so no one, or if I was wrong, all except very few , Is basically naturally connected to the Source.

    My request, and I am convinced of speaking in the name of many, whether they are aware of the existence of the Light but who, however, are part of the Galactic Family’s full right and regardless of their choices must be respected, my request is that Be put a word END, NOW, NOW, NOW, to this slavery of money.

    The risk for the Light is too big for it to run, the risk is the loss of a number of awakened, perhaps even many, and perhaps it is already happening for a long time, but if it were to start now, and even if they were only 3, it would be too much. If these are part of the collateral damage and is an insurmountable problem to be solved then expect many defects and probable delays towards the Change to the Event.

    Personally I feel stuck constantly, every day, without stopping. I’m resisting but not simple, and I think they are so many in a similar condition, the resistance autonomy has come to the end, the forces I’m losing now, the pressure due to the survival needs is immense, probably my level of Awareness is not enough to overcome everything and fight against everyone for the time that seems to be still to be fought before the Event.

    This is a primary requirement, it is, in my opinion, one of the reasons why things are the way they are.

    I would like to conclude by expressing my point of view on why Lighworkers stick to each other; It is precisely what I have described at this juncture, the lack of serenity, serenity that starts out of the bondage of money, the primary cause of low vibrations. Perhaps you, Resistance Brethren, live in a world without money, for this reason you probably can not see the general picture of the situation and how much money is a vague clenched on the surface population’s soul.

  205. Danke Cobra für diese Möglichkeit……ich war schon 2 x bei Dir/Euch in D und der Schweiz. Ich wirke jeden Tag für den Sieg und den Aufstieg mit meinem ganzen Herzblut. Mein Mann ist schwer krank und erhält öfters Angriffe bzgl. meines Tuns. Ich bin stark, da mir die Familie immer wieder durch Traumbotschaften beisteht. Doch finanziell geht es nicht mehr…… wie lange noch? Auch hier sind die Botschaften die ich erhalte positiv………doch wie lange in unserer Zeitlinie bis endlich die Fülle in jeder Facette uns allen zur Verfügung steht, gemäß unseres göttlichen Geburtsrechtes.
    In Liebe
    Gabi Lara

    google – Thank you Cobra for this possibility …… I was already 2 x with you / you in D and Switzerland. I work every day for the victory and the rise with all my heart blood. My husband is seriously ill and receives attacks on my actions. I am strong, because the family always helps me by dreamy. But financially it does not matter anymore … how long? Also here are the messages that I receive positively ……… how long in our time line until finally the abundance in every facet is available to all of us, according to our divine right of birth.
    In love
    Gabi Lara

  206. Kedves Ellenállási mozgalom!

    Köszönöm hogy eljöttetek ide erre a karantén bolygóra az elveszett testvéreitekért.

    Sajnos ezen világ nagy része elveszíttette a kapcsolatot a belső isteni Énjükkel.
    Érzik ugyan hogy kell legyen egy felsőbb hatalom ami irányíthatja életüket, aki megadhatja az elveszett belső békéjüket, de a formák világában ragadtak és ebből kiindulva a formában keresik Isten minőségeit.A tökéletest keresik minden egyes formában.A formában keresik azt ami nem ott van. A vallásaink egytől-egyig dogmákra, rituálékra és a forma által kifejezhető adományokra épülnek, amikre semmi szükség sincsen.Olyan törvényeket követnek ami sohasem volt az egység szolgálatában.
    Mivel spirituális ,,vezetőink” – et is az elkülönült én képzete vezeti ezért sajnos csak ezen tévképzeteiket adhatják tovább jó esetben egy kis Isteni fénnyel megfűszerezve.A felemelkedett mesterek tanítják ugyan a Belső Isteni ÉN életről szóló törvényeit, de ezen tanítások olyan messzire vannak az alap gondolkozási rendszertől, hogy még a magukat spirituálisan felébredt valló emberek többsége is elutasítja ezen tanításokat. Nem értik még azt az alapvető fogalmi különbséget sem azt hogy az Isteni szeretet és az emberi szeretet fogalma alatt értett minőség nem egy és ugyanaz. Sokszor amit mi felszíni emberek,,szeretet” címszó alatt teszünk az a legkevésbé sem nevezhető annak. Teljesen feje tetejére van állítva a valódi Spiritualitás.

    A spirituális csoportok sem kivételek sajnos ezen formai mintáktól.
    Az csoporttagok elkülönült énjüket követve egy külső emberi lényt és annak spirituális tanait teszik meg követendő példának. Ezen elkülönült emberi lény erényeit szeretnék magukévá tenni, ebben látják a teljességükhöz vezető utat. Belső iránymutatás hiányában a spirituális csoportok tagjai a csoportvezetőktől várják akár a cél és akár még a cél eléréséhez szükségesnek ítélt eszközök meghatározását is.Teljesen átadhatják az irányítást mindaddig amíg komfortosnak érzik a helyzetet.
    Még az olyan csoportokban is ahol szellemi vezető fogja össze a csoportot és mindenkinek egyenrangúnak kellene lennie kialakulhat egyfajta hierarchia. A csatornázó társukat teszik meg vezetőnek mivel azon képessége, hogy egy magasabb dimenziós szellemi létezővel kommunikál csodálatosnak tűnik a szemükben.És összekeverik az üzenetet és tartalmának tiszteletét a tanítás vagy útmutatás csatornázójának tiszteletével. Rosszabb esetekben akár a csatornázó teljesen különlegesnek ítéli meg magát és kierőszakolja a csoportvezető szerepét, más hangját és véleményét nem tűrve meg maga mellett.Ilyen esetekben diktatúra alakul ki, és akinek ez nem tetszik annak mennie kell, vagy belső iránymutatását követve a csoport vélt érdekével azonosulva felveszi a harcot a csoport érdekében újdonsült vezetője ellen. Az ami az elkülönült elmétől származik mindig rombolással fog véget érni. Mindig lesz egy akarat aki mást akar. Az Őrület csak őrületet szülhet.
    Sokan a lelki vagy testi sérüléseik miatt fordultak el a hagyományosabb társadalmi rendszertől, de nem vették észre, hogy csak a formát cserélték le nem a rendszert. A külső világ káosza a spirtuális csoportokban is tükröződik, megannyi irányzat, és útkeresési forma által. Ki-ki a maga sérülési rendszere alapján keresi meg a neki megfelelő csoportot, attól függően, hogy éppen melyik irányzatot ítéli meg úgy hogy az segíthet neki megtalálni a lelki békéjét.
    Mivel az Ego a változatlan fogalmát nem ismeri, ezért az egyénben aki megtalálni vélte a lelki békéjét az adott irányzatban, újra felüti fejét a hiány érzete.
    Onnantól már nem fog neki megfelelni az adott irányzat és annak rendszere sem. Elsőkén magában keresi a hibát ugyan, de eljut arra a következtetésre hogy a hiba nem benne van, a hiba kintről jön, a hiba másban van. Ebben a tévedésében felébred ősi megoldási eszköze és támadásba kezd a külvilág ellen. Megtámadhatja a ,,vezetőjét” ,a társait, akik továbbra is elfogadják a tanítót és annak tanításait. Ezek járnak a fejében: hát nem látják a balgák hogy a vezetőnknek mennyi rossz szokása van, valamiért nem működik a rendszer, még mindig nem találtam meg a békémet, nem érzem jól magamat a csoportban.
    Megpróbálja megváltoztatni külső világát, követőket gyűjt, tábort szervez maga köré. Az egységet és mindent ami összetartja a csoportot lerombolni vágyik. Legjobb esetben egy ilyen ember keres egy másik csoportot egy másik eszmét, de előfordulhat ott maradva a csoportban szétszakít minden kapcsolatot. EGY ember is elég a teljes csoport szétszedéséhez a belső viszály által amit keltett.

    Amíg a Belső Isteni Énjükhöz nem kacsolódnak egyenként a csoporttagok sajnos addig mindig felüti a fejét az EGO ármánykodása. Az elkülönült én belső nyugtalansága és békétlensége fog tükröződni a csoportokon belül is a Belső Vezettetés hiányában.
    Ez elkerülhetetlen mivel a rész nem láthatja az egészt.Rossz döntéseket hoznak az egyének mert nem látják át hogy az egészhez a részek egysége kell.

    Egy cél amit együtt határoznak meg belső késztetésből belső vezettetéssel, csak ez hozhat egységet egy csoportba.Ezen együttes elme kapcsolódással érhetik el azt a tudás amire egyenként képtelenek lennének. A szentlélek megadja a közös nyelvet és fogalomtárt, már csak a hajlandóság kell hogy összekapcsolódjunk vele. Ezért kérlek hogy alakítsunk ki egy közös fogalomtárt itt a honlapon, hogy az elhangzott szavak mindenkinek ugyanazt jelentsék. Csak így érhetünk el eredményeket, hogy a fogalmakat nem keverjük és egységes nyelvre törekszünk. A szeretet tiszta nyelvezetét használjuk és legalább a fogalmak terén ne legyen összecserélődés,keveredés.

    A bennem is lévő Atya üzenete számotokra:

    Csak az egységből születhet meg a megoldás és ehhez fel kell vállalni elveszett testvéreiteket is, nekik is van szerepük a felszabadulás tervében. A belső istennel együtt elérhetitek őket. Kérjétek a belső isteni éneteket és megadja nektek a segítséget. A felszínen is vannak emberek kik elérték az Isteni Énjüket és ők látják ki az aki segíthet nektek. Kérjétek a segítségüket. Elvezetem őket hozzátok, hogy segítsék a felvállalt munkátok. Ne féljetek kérni gyermekeim. A menyország bennetek is ott vár, és ÉN Egységre törekszem minden gyermekemmel ki elveszett egyszer. Elvétettétek ugyan az irányt, de szeretetem nem feledtétek.Elvezetlek benneteket vissza magamhoz. Ehhez megkaptok minden segítséget csak kérjetek és higgyetek benne, Bennem, hogy megkapjátok. Legyen Hitetek szerint, azt mondtam egyszer. Ezt szó szerit értettem. A Belső Isten ott vár bennetek, ezt ne feledjétek. Egyetlen vágyam, hogy ismét egy legyek veletek és ehhez az eszközöket is megteremtettem. Kérjétek hát a bennetek lévő szentlélek segítségét és hangja megjelenik bennetek. Őt szántam vezetőtöknek ki látja az Igazságot és a ti világotokat is.Ő az ki visszavezethet hozzám szeretett teremtményeim. A terv nála létezik. Tisztán, s egységben látja azt.
    Mindenkit a maga egyéni útján vezetek vissza, mert ez a módszer amivel az elkülönültség különlegességtudata átlényegíthető.A tervből mindenki kiveszi részét senki nem hiányozhat. Mindenki a belső vezettetésem által vissza tér hozzám,az Egységbe.
    Az egó nem állhatja útját igaz kéréseteknek. A szívből jövő kérés mindig teljesül. Mivel akkor akaratod egy a teremtődével. Az pedig csak az egység felé vezethet. Bízzatok hát embertársaitokban akkor is ha eltévedtek. Lássátok tisztán a célt, hogy egységben éltek, és akkor úgy is lesz. Hitetek az ami kirángathat e mocsárból, még ha nem is látjátok a világban tapasztalatként megnyilvánulni vágyatokat.Vágyatokat ami egy az enyémmel, csak tartsátok tisztán a fejetekben képként, a szívetek segítségével és megtörténik a teremtésem. Még itt is hová kezem nehezebben ér el, a ti erőtökkel melyet egykor adtam minden teremtményemnek megtörténté tehetitek az akaratommal egyező kívánságotokat. Bár az erőt én adtam elméteknek, de akaratom meg nem kerülhető, szeretetem el nem vehető. Legyen hát egy az akarat miképpen rendeltem azt. Szeretett gyermekeimnek ne keljen többet szenvedniük, a sötétség e fellegében. Úgy legyen.

    Egységem legyen veletek.

    google – Dear Resistance Movement!

    Thank you for coming to this quarantine planet for your lost brothers.

    Unfortunately, most of this world has lost contact with their divine Divinity.
    They feel that there must be a higher power that can direct their lives, who can give their lost inner peace, but they are stuck in the world of forms, and from that point they seek God’s qualities in form. They seek the perfect in every form. They look for what is not there. Our religions are based on dogmas, rituals, and donations that can be expressed by form, and there is no need for it. They follow laws that never existed in the service of the unity.
    Since our spiritual “leaders” are also guided by the idea of ​​a separate self, they can only pass on these misconceptions in a good case with a small Divine light. The raised masters teach the laws of the Divine Divine Life, but these teachings are so far from the foundation Thinking that even most of the people who have been spiritually awakened are rejecting these teachings. They do not understand the fundamental conceptual difference either that the quality understood in Divine love and the concept of human love is not one and the same. Many times what we are doing under the surface people “love” is not the least it can be called. True Spirituality is completely at the top of the head.

    Spiritual groups are no exception, unfortunately, from these formal patterns.
    The members of the group, following their separate self, make an external human being and its spiritual tana an example to follow. I would like to embrace the virtues of this distinct human being, in this they see the path leading to their fullness. In the absence of internal guidance, members of the spiritual groups expect the leaders to identify the goals they consider necessary for achieving the goal or even the goal. You can pass control as long as you feel comfortable.
    Even in groups where a spiritual leader joins the group, and a hierarchy of people must be equal. Their channeling partners make it a leader because their ability to communicate with a higher dimensional intellectual entity seems wonderful in their eyes. And they confuse the message and respect for its content in the respect of the channeler of teaching or guidance. In even worse cases, the canalizer judges himself as completely special and hears the role of the leader of the group, with no other voices and opinions. In such cases, dictatorships develop and those who do not like it must go or follow their internal guidelines identifying the group’s well-known interests He will fight for the new leader of the group. What comes from a separate mind will always end with destruction. There will always be a will who wants something else. Crazy can only be crazy.
    Many people turned away from the more traditional social system due to their mental or bodily harm, but did not realize that only the form was replaced by the system. The chaos of the outer world is also reflected in the spirited groups, with many trends and a way of searching. Who’s out of your injury system is looking for a suitable group, depending on which order you think it can help him find his peace of mind.
    Since the ego does not know the unchanged concept, so in the individual who finds his or her spiritual peace in that trend, the feeling of shortage shakes again.
    From now on he will not be able to meet that trend and its system. First of all, he is looking for a mistake, but he comes to the conclusion that the bug is not in, the error comes from outside, the error is different. In this mistake, he wakes up as an ancient means of resolution and attacks against the outside world. He can attack his “leader”, his associates, who continue to accept the teacher and his teachings. These are in my mind: so do not see the bad guys how badly our leader has, the system does not work, I still can not find the peace, I do not feel good about the group.
    She tries to change her outer world, collects followers, organizes camps around her. The unity and everything that keeps the group from wanting to demolish. In the best case, such a person is looking for another group for another idea, but it may still remain in the group disconnecting all connections. One man is enough to disarm the entire group by the inner quarrel that he has created.

    As long as the members of the group do not associate with their Inner Divine Mind, unfortunately, the EGO is always knocked out by the EGO. The inner innocence and unrest of the separate self will be reflected within the groups even in the absence of the Inner Leadership.
    This is inevitable since the part can not see the whole. Wrong decisions are made by individuals because they do not see that the whole unit has to be part of it.

    A goal that is determined together with inner urge internally

  207. I am a warrior. This first off needs to be said, as I do not mince words, nor do I use the soft deceptive language of the diplomat, no do I use flowery meaningless language, mine is a language of action, I speak, and I act. As such, I hold a warrior’s view. In as to this, I must add I neither consider myself a light warrior, nor a light worker. I simply see myself as one who is trying to make this shithole planet a better place for my nieces and nephews, but sometimes wonder why I even bother. In this incarnation, the warrior has softened, and the moniker of warrior philosopher is more appropriate.

    In the operational capacity, I think you guys really need to examine your intelligence apparatus. How could it, or you for that matter, have missed the gross clue ins to how bad the suffering is up here? That has to be an abject failure on the magnitude of the Hindenburg crashing into the Titanic. To not understand why lightworkers up here attack one another, that is yet another major failure of your intelligence systems, which in of the word intelligence, one has to question if your organization’s intelligence services is even functioning, or to question to what degree you yourselves or you IS has been infiltrated/hoodwinked/influenced, or to whether or not they are purposefully feeding you a lot of rubbish. It sounds as though there is much housecleaning that needs to be done, as to miss something that should be so blatantly obvious, as plain as the nose on your face, or the air that you breathe, let alone the sun that comes up in the morning sky. So, in this regard, I would even question your ability to wage a war, let alone win one, as if you cannot understand your opponent and what he is capable of, how can you possibly fight that which you do not understand? That is one of the most basic rules of war, as told to us via Sun Tzu, and many others.
    Your enemy is a dark and ancient enemy. Dark and insidious, ruthless. It knows war, it perpetuates war and suffering, and has mastered these arts. Your failures become its successes, as you have failed to turn the surface to your cause, it has taken this failure on your part, and turned it to their success. This is doubly so with the light community. It and its entities and organizations attack humanity every minute of every hour, of every day, since forever.
    We fight amongst ourselves, because we are infiltrated at all levels. We are compromised at all levels. You remove one implant, another just takes its place. We are suffering from the voice of god technology, whereas voices tell us to kill ourselves and so on and so forth. I have a strong sense of self, so it thus far has failed miserably, but that very thing keeps trying to get me to kill myself, how worthless we are. We a subject to electromagnetic attacks, directed energy weapons as well. Ringing in the ears, pressure in the head, that sort of thing. I don’t remember experience these things before I turned on this path, and in some regards, it is working, as there are times that I wish to return to the comforting bosom of ignorance, and merely being an ignorant cog within the machine of capitalism. The fact that we are even able to reach a consensus on the color of shit is nothing short of a small miracle, with all this shit that is going on. Even as I write this now, it takes a herculean effort to do so. I have been under duress all morning, and have tried avoiding to write it. These voices and these attacks, they violate my own free will, as I no longer want them/nor desire them, and have verbal and mentally expressed this to these entities multiple times, as well as declaring these contracts null and void, but again, to no avail. They depart, only to return. Despite endless attempts at implant removal (and it is a given that those may not have been entirely successful, nor were those who advertised them as such could have very well not been competent) they return, against my wishes. How can I exercise my freewill, if I am influenced at multiple levels? Short answer, I can’t.
    Ego is another large part of it, our egos, despite our (my) best efforts, seems to swell and come to the forefront of any issue. Things that should not, but do, set us off. We are under attack from every angle, a barrage of never ending, never ceasing filth, materialism, religion, multiple avenues of approach, to force this filth into our bodies. No wonder we are all fighting one another.

  208. Hello, my entire life so far has been dominated by feeling overwhelmed on various levels. On the physical level this has showed up mainly as digestive problems. I nearly died because of that about 20 years ago. My condition was diagnosed as “malabsorption syndome”, the inability to adequately absorb nutrients which leads to many other complications. On the emotional and psychological level, I feel very sensitive and not made for this harsh world. I struggle to live which is a contradiction. I can’t be who I feel I am. At night I toss and turn a lot rather than regenerate. My entire life I have not been able to generate enough finances. I am heavily relying on others’ ability to generate money in this world. That doesn’t feel right and good. I could go on and on describing my experience. Yet I have also always felt a knowing of a deeper truth that the world I have been perceiving is “upside down” and I have been searching for health and balance with almost super-human determination and insistence to keep going until things get better. I have been asking for and receiving help all along the way. I have at times experienced very strong energies flowing to and through me. This makes me believe that something better is possible. However, in general, I feel that I am barely surviving, not living! Many times I feel so drained that even my soul seems exhausted. I can’t break through this no matter how hard I try. I have to focus so much on myself that I feel bad about not contributing more positive and not being able to help others more. I can’t discern enough to really know who is truly good and who is not so I feel suspicious of more powerful forces and their intent. Many times I have felt used by others.
    Since I have felt at least a glimpse of the sincerity of the beneficial forces behind this platform, I am asking for your help for all of us. I am grateful for the work the good forces seem to be doing. I would be very happy to experience and to contribute to a reality in which love and light will dominate!

  209. I believe the primary barrier to us having a connection with positive and supportive energies is the utter lack of certainty that these energies exist. It’s incredibly difficult to feel that your efforts are worthwhile because, in my experience, there seems to be overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The distractions in this illusion are endless. They sap our attention and energy in an unrelenting, parasitic fashion.

    I also believe that faith, prayer and meditation are the conduits to positive energies. I have incorporated these into my life and have found solace. However, in the beginning especially, it often seems that those paths are the most rocky and overgrown and the least likely to lead to a positive place.

    Please be patient and don’t give up on us. We desperately need your love and light. I truly believe every human being does the best that he or she can and every soul contains infinite potential.

    May whatever merit that comes from this comment go toward the enlightenment of all beings and may all praise and thanks go to the One Infinite Creator. Amen.

    Thank you

  210. I read “THE RETURN OF LIGHT” by Elora Gabriel and Karen Kirschbaum.
    In 2005,the light force also said that the amount of suffering of the surface population is even greater than they imagined.
    What were you doing till now 2017!?
    Are you really up for helping people!?

  211. Dear RM. We can not thank you enough for the assistance that you bring. We continue to ask that all the plans of the dark forces be revealed to you, in order for you to be able to assist us more in freeing planet earth.

    Humanity have been lied to for such a long time that we do not know where to turn to for truth. Now that we have become aware of all the lies (upon which all of our beliefs, lives, outlooks, hopes, dreams and decisions where made), we became aware of the fact that we now have to question everything! Everything we have been told is a lie! We do not even know who is human and who not! We think we now know (or do we?) to what extent our minds have been manipulated and used (without our knowledge and consent)….. and this makes us now question our total reality. Every word another person speaks is put under a magnifying glass. Is he/she speaking the truth? Can we now trust him/her? Is it not just another scam trying to get us to believe something else while cunning is into yet another scam full of half- and un-truths? How will we know when we see the truth? If we have been fooled for such a long time, what is preventing that from happening again? Our whole foundation has been ripped from under us and now the whole building is collapsing. We are trying to find our way in all the rubble.
    This is the reason why light workers are attacking each other. We dissect every thing to find any evidence to suggest the opposite. Is this a friend or a foe? Is this my brother or another delusion? We just want to make absolutely sure that what we are now hearing is definitely the truth. We need to make sure its not just another scam. We need to prove to ourselves that we can think for ourselves – weather there is proof or not. We thought we had proof…. and then it turned out to be a pile of rubbish. We may be working for the same cause – or we may not? (How will we know for sure?) Is the other person not being used to direct you once again into another rabbit hole? What is his/her motive behind what he/she is saying? We thought that our so called leaders had our best interest at heart. (That is what they told and promised us) We thought that we could trust them. What about the people that was supposed to teach us about the spiritual side of life? We trusted them! We could even sense their sincerity. I was one of them! In my sincerity I taught other people about God! Taught them to walk in a personal relationship…. only to find out that we are connecting to false gods. Even my own sincerity in seeking the truth did not prevent me from being misled. Can I ever trust myself again? Stay heart centred they say…..does that mean that I did not stay in my heart? Use your discernment they say …. does that mean that I never used my discernment? I thought I did. So how do we trust another person – even if we feel their sincerity. Even if we see them honestly trying to work towards the light? How far can you trust them? How far can you follow? How far can you believe? How far can you go? How far can you work together if you do not know the real purpose or motive? We need evidence…. and even then we will be questioning the evidence?
    When trust is broken, nothing can put that back again! It is shattered. You have to start all over… but at the moment we do not have anything to start all over with. There is no proof. There is no evidence. There is no change. There is nothing to confirm anything. It is yet another following blindly along another dark corridor that leads to another opening, that you do not know what will be at the end of that tunnel? Have you taken the right rout this time? Have you heard right this time? Have you not learned your lesson? Are you again not seeing the obvious? Why didn’t you ask more questions? Why didn’t you see the signs? Why did you trust? Why did you not question the things you saw? Sounds like paranoia! Feels like paranoia! Are you again going to trust without questioning? Are you again going to be misled – with eyes wide shut -and open at the same time? Wilfully trying to rip everything up to see if there is anything that maybe looks or hints at deceit. We need to start building again – but where is the foundation?
    That is also the reason why FULL DISCLOSURE needs to happen. No partial disclosure can or will make any difference. We need to know the WHOLE truth. We need to have all our questions answered properly and truthfully. We need to heal before we can move forward. We need to have a firm foundation from where we can start building again. And that foundation will be tested to the limit to make sure that it is solid this time!!!!!
    I hope this will help you to understand our situation more. As much as you don’t understand why we shred each other to pieces – that much we don’t understand why you don’t assist us in more ways to finally get the whole truth out. We only have bits and pieces. We only have pieces of a puzzle. We still can not see the whole truth. There is just too much disinformation and lies still floating around and being dished out. Once the EVENT happens and the truth is finally in the open – we as a species will be able to make informed decisions and choices. That is the only way that true healing will ever take place. That is the foundation we so desperately need in order to start building in truth again.

    We do need your assistance more than you realize. Know that we do appreciate and welcome your help.

    Much love.
    Victory to the light!

  212. Warum greifen wir (Oberflächenmenschen) uns ständig gegenseitig an?

    trennung – divide et impera.
    das alte spiel – wenn ich im innersten der überzeugung bin, dass ich in der trennung lebe, nicht genug für alle da ist, meine erziehung und sozialisation mir immer den mangel vor augen führt – keine bedingungslose liebe, sondern ich muss irgendwie funktionieren, um angenommen zu werden, ich muss was darstellen, bedingungen erfüllen, vorgaben entsprechen, um akzeptiert zu werden, ständig zu erfahren, nicht gut genug zu sein, um einfach so geliebt zu werden:
    dann betrachte ich im innersten jeden anderen menschen als konkurrenten, als gefährdung.
    ich mag zu beginn voller begeisterung mich engagiert haben in einem projekt, einer gruppe, erfahre auch anerkennung – doch dann treffen defizite auf defizite. eine andere person mag sich vordrängen (auch wenn es mir bloß so erscheint), vielleicht beliebter werden, mehr anerkennung und aufmerksamkeit bekommen – und wir wissen, dass aufmerksamkeit überlebenswichtig ist. das verbindende verschwindet aus meiner aufmerksamkeit, die gefährdung meiner position, meiner existentiellen sicherheit rückt in den vordergrund.
    menschen funktionieren nur, statt zu leben, indem sie verzweifelt diese sicherheit im außen suchen, statt im inneren.
    entfremdet sich selbst, einsam auch in partnerschaften, egoistisch aus angst werden sie bombardiert
    mit negativbotschaften und -mustern.
    wenn wir getrennt von der quelle sind, müssen wir uns unsere energie von den nächsten holen – und sind uns dessen meist gar nicht bewusst.
    nach 50 jahren bewusster auseinandersetzung mit den themen ich, die anderen etc. steck ich oft immer noch in zweifeln, überrollt mich mutlosigkeit, müdigkeit, das gefühl, festzustecken. lange, nachdem ich mir sicher war, gewisse gschichten, programme und muster überwunden zu haben, tauchen sie wieder auf.
    welchen informationen kann man trauen? welchen tipps und vorschlägen? was dient wirklich meinem höchsten wohle und dem höchsten wohle aller?
    sowenige wirklich klare kanäle, unsichere kommunikation.
    kein wunder, dass die meisten menschen lieber weiterschlafen wollen – wie depressive – statt sich den anforderungen zu stellen.
    soviel angst – anscheinend die vorherrschende emotion auf diesem planeten – sowenig möglichkeit, einfach und wahrhaft zu vertrauen.
    gruß reinhard

    google – Why do we (surface people) constantly attack each other?

    Separation – divide et impera.
    The old game – when I am in the deepest conviction that I am living in the separation, not enough for all, my education and socialization always leads me to the lack – no unconditional love, but I have to somehow work to accept To be, to be, to be accepted, to be accepted, not to be good enough to be simply loved:
    Then I consider in the innermost every other person as an opponent, as a threat.
    I like to start full of enthusiasm i have engaged in a project, a group, also experience recognition – but then meet deficit on deficit. Another person may prevail (even if it seems so to me), perhaps become more popular, get more recognition and attention, and we know that attention is vital to survival. The connecting disappears from my attention, the danger of my position, my existential security moves into the foreground.
    People only work instead of living, desperately seeking this security in the outside rather than inside.
    Alienates itself, lonely also in partnerships, selfish for fear they are bombed
    With negative messages and patterns.
    When we are separated from the source, we have to get our energy from the next – and we are mostly not aware of it.
    After fifty years of conscious discussion with the themes I, the others, etc., I often get into doubt, I am overwhelmed by the feeling of being discouraged, tired, and feeling. Long, after I was certain of having overcome certain gaps, programs and patterns, they reappeared.
    What information can you trust? What tips and suggestions? What really serves my highest well and the highest well of all?
    Few really clear channels, unsafe communication.
    No wonder most people prefer to go to sleep – as depressed – instead of meeting the requirements.
    So much fear – apparently the prevailing emotion on this planet – little chance to trust simply and truly.
    Greeting reinhard

  213. Kära Cobra och motståndsrörelsen (RM) !
    Tack för allt hopp ni har givit mig och alla andra på denna jord genom att kommunicera med oss, och hålla oss uppdaterad på var som sker i det fördolda, något som aldrig rapporteras i vanlig media, i varje fall inte i Sverige.
    Det bråk som förekommer på nätet där olika ljusarbetare attackerar varandra tror jag beror på att det finns en del människor som tror att de sitter inne med den enda sanningen. Vilket är lite löjeväckande eftersom det finns lika många sanningar som människor på denna jord. Vidare tror jag att det även kan vara så att en del personer som ger sig ut för att vara ljusarbetare faktiskt inte är det. Utan tvärtom antingen arbetar för mörkret eller så är de så förvirrade att de inte kan vare sig tänka eller känna klart. Tråkigt !
    Tack för att vi har en gemensam global meditation, denna tidpunkt är för de flesta av oss helig.
    Nu längtar vi efter the event !
    Seger åt ljuset !
    Kärlek till er alla !


    google – Dear Cobra and the Resistance Movement (RM)!
    Thank you for all the hope you’ve given me and everyone else on this earth by communicating with us, and keeping up to date on what’s happening in the hidden, something that’s never reported in the regular media, at least not in Sweden.
    The noise that occurs on the network where different light workers attack each other, I think, is because there are a lot of people who think they are inside the only truth. Which is a little ridiculous because there are as many truths as people on this earth. Furthermore, I think it may also be that some people who pretend to be a light worker are not actually. On the contrary, either working for the dark or they are so confused that they can not think or feel clear. Sadly!
    Thank you for having a common global meditation, this time is for most of us holy.
    Now we long for the event!
    Win the light!
    Love to you all !


  214. Comment faire pour attaquer cette cabbale justement a part sur les plans plasmatiques en appotant un maximum de lumiere en meditation.? La permaculture, vivre hors systemes , l’energie libre.
    Comment trouver des plans de machine a energie libre, plasmatiques ?
    En ce qui concerne #la resistance ne comprend pas pourquoi les guerriers et travailleurs de lumieres en attaques d’autres, certaines personnes n’ontplus de reperes , comme moi de temps en temps se sentir perdu, s’exclure nous meme.
    je ne pense pas que c’est meme travailleurs de lumiere veulent blesser intentionellement, peut etre justement des troubles du a cette environnement. Parce que c’est travailleur ont ete blesse eux meme et plus d’une. peut un manque de confiance en soi qui fait que nous nous sommes poser des questions sur nous meme et sur le monde exterieur. Ces memes faiblesse sont porteuses de salut. Pour ma part j’ai utiliser cela pour faire parler de sspiritualite, extra-terrestre, energie libre, etc. mais comme toutes medaille, elles a sont revers. Puisque chaque individus est createur et que chaques mots et idees sont creatrices et que les gens ne se rendent pas comptent meme les pires choses negatives peuvent avoir une influence sur nous. D’ou surmonter nos peurs. peut etre ai-je blesser aussi les autres sansm’en rendre compte. Ainsi va la vie , c’est la vie.
    peut- on aussi avoir quelques explications surle plasma, les quelques quelques regles elementaires, si possible.?
    Ne demandez pas a comprendre les gens cela impliquerait de devenir comme eux.

    google – How to attack this cabbale precisely on the plasma plans by applaying a maximum of light in meditation. Permaculture, living outside systems, free energy.
    How to find Plans for Free Energy, Plasma?
    As for the resistance does not understand why the warriors and light workers in other attacks, some people no longer have any benchmarks, as I occasionally feel lost, excludes us even.
    I do not think it is even light workers want to intentionally hurt, maybe just being disturbed by this environment. Because it’s hard worker have been hurt themselves and more than one. Can have a lack of self-confidence that makes us wonder about ourselves and the outside world. These same weaknesses bear salvation. For my part I use this to make talk about sspirituality, extraterrestrial, free energy, etc. But like all medals, they have setbacks. Since every individual is creative and every word and idea is creative and people do not realize even the worst negative things can have an influence on us. To overcome our fears. Maybe I hurt others too without reporting it to me. So life goes, it’s life.
    Can we also have some explanations on the plasma, the few elementary rules, if possible?
    Do not ask to understand people that would imply becoming like them

  215. Dear Resistance Movement, first of all thanks for all your help to the humans of this planet. I do not know if we as a species have willfuly decided to experience such an extreme state of separation, perhaps in order to learn the lessons, from a spiritual point of view, or if as Cobra and others believe, we have been forced to experience this rather difficult situation. Ultimately it doesn’t matter, we are here and now living it and I feel deep down that it will have an end, as nothing is permanent in our current reality.

    I would simply like to share my experience and in this way maybe help you understand how I have lived and experienced this state of separation. Although every individual’s experience is unique, I know many human beings who have had similar experiences.

    As a child I could still feel a connection with Life or Source; joy and curiosity was natural and being alive was a magical experience. When I was around ten or twelve years old (in 1995) I started to loose this connection, my mind was starting to believe in the materialist dogma that everyone around me believed in. This, coupled with the effect of the implants, which I can clearly feel today, began to make me question the nature of my reality. Having learnt everything from older humans, I thought adults had the answer and were simply waiting for me to mature, to be able to understand the true nature of ourselves and our reality.

    How huge was my deception when I started to understand that they were as lost as I was! That’s when everything fell appart. Being faced with the apparent non sense of existence, I started using substances to try to get back the feeling of being a child, of feeling this connection, and it lead me down a path of self-destruction for many years. But, even during the hardest of my experiences I always knew and felt deep down that something bigger was in me, trying to speak to me and somehow I always believed in the life that I am. That’s what kept me going and what made me look for answers.

    So I started meditating, reading many books and it did a lot of good. I now have a personnal conception of reality that obviously I can’t prove to anyone, but in which I believe faithfully and this brings me an inner tranquility that makes today’s hardships easier to deal with.

    In conclusion, I guess in my case, the connection was never completely severed and this is what kept me going. I also believe that this experience of extreme separation has brought a lot to my understanding of reality, from a spiritual point of view, although at times it felt as if I couldn’t go on…

    Finally, regarding the in figthing between lightworkers, in my point of view, this is nothing more than another indirect consequence of our intense state of separation. We not only feel apart from the source, but separated from one another. So, the human ego, in order to preserve itself, will only admit one truth, hence the necessity to prove others wrong. You have to understand that the current human population is highly “insane”, from a cosmic point of view, perhaps we have been cut from Source for too long and this is one of the effect. Healing from such a profound wound takes time and we can’t judge individuals who are still stuck in this “self preservation mind set”. It is an enormous leap to go from a materialistic dogma where only one truth can be accepted, to the idea of a co-creating consciousness that can ultimately have an infinite amount of experiences, hence the plural nature of truth.

  216. Hermanos y hermanas de la resistencia, yo sólo les escribo para agradecerles infinitamente por su amor, compasión y misericordia con nosotros humanos y quiero ponerme a su servicio para seguir ayudando a la humanidad cuando sea oportuno. Pido su ayuda para México, la gente sufre mucho a manos del gobierno, la mafia y la iglesia. Mucha gente esta desesperada. Pido su ayuda para Inglaterra para que me ayuden a que la gente despierte y a cumplir mi misión. Yo estoy muy feliz de darme cuenta, de despertar una vez mas y de cada día tratar de ser mejor aun con todas mis limitaciones. Pido a mi creador que me ilumine, me guíe y me ayude a dominar mi mente negativa y pido su ayuda para mi y mis hermanos humanos para que nos liberen y podamos crear el mundo de amor y de unidad que tanto deseamos todos. Tengo mucha fe y confianza que pronto será. He tenido hermosas visiones de lo que pasará con la ola bendita de energía que viene. Me pongo a su servicio para cualquier ayuda que pueda yo prestar aquí donde estoy. Su humilde trabajadora de la luz y el amor que en nombre de Cristo, Saint Germain y Metatron les mando mucho amor y gracias! Aho’o. Sikutama.

    google – Brothers and sisters of the resistance, I only write to thank you infinitely for your love, compassion and mercy with us humans and I want to put myself at your service to continue helping humanity when it is opportune. I ask for your help for Mexico, people suffer a lot at the hands of the government, the mafia and the church. Many people are desperate. I ask for your help for England to help me to awaken people and fulfill my mission. I am very happy to realize, to wake up once more and every day try to be better even with all my limitations. I ask my creator to enlighten me, guide me and help me to dominate my negative mind and ask for his help for me and my human brothers to liberate us and we can create the world of love and unity that we all want so much. I have a lot of faith and trust that will soon be. I have had beautiful visions of what will happen with the blessed wave of energy coming. I am at your service for any help I can render here where I am. Your humble worker of the light and the love that in the name of Christ, Saint Germain and Metatron I send you much love and thanks! Aho’o. Sikutama.

  217. Namaste! Dear Ones, it´s really hard here on the surface. It seems, that my Neighbors are only here to make me and my Family live strictly hard. Their Dog is permanently barking, and i am triggered by this Noise. I can’t find any positive thought and i´m going to get crazy. To find a good and helpful contact with them is not possible. Please help me and my Family to get rid of this problem, so i can do my Lightwork here! You know where me and my Family is living. Thank You so much for Your great work. I am open for personal Contact with You! Blessings and victory to the light!

  218. Kedves Testvéreim!

    Cobra blogjában elhangzott egy kérdés, ill. kérés:
    „A legfontosabb dolog, amit az Ellenállás NEM ért meg teljes egészében az, hogy a Fénymunkások és Fényharcosok miért támadják egymást folyamatosan ahelyett, hogy egyesítenék erőiket a cabal ellen, akiknek egyértelműen nem a legjobb érdekek járnak a fejükben. Az Ellenállás szemszögéből nézve, ők soha nem támadnák meg azt a társukat, aki ugyanazért a célért küzd és őszintén nem értik, hogy a felszíni lakosság miért teszi ezt folyamatosan. Arra kérik a felszíni lakosságot, hogy itt osszák meg ezzel a helyzettel kapcsolatos meglátásaikat:”

    Egy lehetséges válasz:
    Egyszerű. Bizalmatlanság van. Az önmagunkba vetett és a mások iránti bizalom hiányáról van szó.
    Az emberek hallgatnának a saját intuíciójukra, belső útmutatásukra, de aki kicsit is képben van az tudja, hogy elmeprogramozás alatt áll a felszíni lakosság. Aki ezt tudja, emiatt (és e mellett ezer és egy másik ok miatt) nem bízik eléggé a belső útmutatásában. Ez az egyik ok.
    A másik az EGO. Csupa nagybetűvel. Mindenki azt hiszi, majd ő lesz az aki megmenti a világot és nem akarja átadni ezt a lehetőséget. Egyénieskednek.
    Nagyon nehezen megy be az emberek, főleg a szellemi vezetők tudatába, hogy közösen kell cselekedni, együtt. Sok a kókler, a hazug is ezek között a vezetők vagy inkább „vezetők” között.
    A bizalmatlanság szinte mérhetetlen. Ki az IGAZ, ki az aki IGAZAT mond, ki az aki IGAZUL cselekszik? Senki nem tudja, csak próbál tartozni egy közösséghez és igyekszik hinni abban, hogy annak a közösségnek a szellemi vezetője jó és igaz ember, tiszta lélek. Egy kis kétség mindig van, vagy ha nincs akkor a sötét oldal tesz róla, hogy legyen. A közösségekből mindig van valaki aki megbántódik és továbbáll egy másik csoportba. A kialakult sérelmek miatt a szellemi vezetők képtelenek egy térben és egy időben együtt lenni. Ha erre mégis van némi remény, akkor a sötét oldal azonnal betámad. Nagyon résen vannak, hogy a kis közösségek kicsik is maradjanak. Nemrég személyesen is tapasztaltam, hogy meddig képesek elmenni, de nem jártak sikerrel (Magyarország. Bócsa 2017.06.19-20.).
    Nehezítő tényező még, hogy a fókuszpontról könnyen elterelődik a figyelmünk. Nehéz koncentrálni.
    Ennek a nagyfokú bizalmatlanságnak a feloldására nagyon gyorsan megoldást kell találnunk. A másik kihívás az EGO csillapítása a „majd ÉN mentem meg a világot” tévképzettel kapcsolatos.
    Várjuk az Ellenállás segítő útmutatását, mert a jelen helyzet nem csak az Ellenállás tagjait zavarja, hanem néhányunkat a felszínen is. Mi is dolgozunk raja, és sokszor elhangzik, hogy együtt és hogy össze kell fogni, hogy felül kell emelkedni a személyes okokon, de a bizalmatlanságot ennyivel nem lehet legyőzni.
    Köszönöm az Ellenállás áldozatos munkáját!
    A Fény Győzelme!

    Dear Brothers and Sisters

    Cobra’s blog is about a question or a question. look for:
    “The most important thing the Resistance did not fully understand is why Lightworkers and Lighteners attack each other continually instead of joining forces against the cabal who clearly do not have the best interests in their heads. From the point of view of Resistance, they would never attack their fellow who struggles for the same purpose and honestly do not understand why the surface population does so constantly. They are asking the surface population to share their views on this situation: ”

    One possible answer:
    Simple. There is confusion. It is about the lack of trust in ourselves and for others.
    People would listen to their own intuition, their inner guidance, but who, in a little bit of detail, know that the surface population is under programming. Anyone who knows this, for this reason (and for that, for a thousand and for another reason), does not trust enough in his inner guidance. That’s one of the reasons.
    The other is EGO. All in capital letters. Everyone thinks he will be the one who will save the world and will not give up this opportunity. Egyénieskednek.
    It is very difficult for people, especially the spiritual leaders, to act together, together. There is a lot of coffins, a liar between these leaders or rather “leaders”.
    Distrust is almost immeasurable. Who is TRUE, WHO WOULD THINK, WHO IS REALLY ACTING? No one knows you just try to belong to a community and try to believe that the spiritual leader of the community is a good and just man, a pure soul. There is always some doubt or, if not, the dark side is about to be there. There is always someone in the communities who hurt and move to another group. Due to the resulting grievances, spiritual leaders are incapable of being in one space and at the same time. If there is any hope for that, then the dark side will bet. They are very slim to keep small communities small. I recently experienced personally how long they were able to go, but they did not succeed (Hungary. Bócsa 2017.06.19-20.).
    It is also a difficult factor that the focus point is easily distracted by our attention. It’s hard to concentrate.
    To resolve this great distrust we have to find a solution very quickly. The other challenge is to dampen the EGO with the “I’m going to the world” misconception.
    We are looking forward to the Resistance Assistant guidance because the present situation is not only confusing members of the Resistance, but some of us on the surface as well. We are also working on a raja, and it is often said that together and that we must grasp that it has to be upgraded for personal reasons, but that mistrust can not be overcome.
    Thank you for the Counter-Strike Work!
    The Light of the Light!

  219. Dear RM members

    As one struggling to overcome repeated traumas, to heal, awaken and participate in my own evolvement and also try to make sense of the senselessness I experience daily, I appreciate the invitation to explain why we tend to attack one another instead of working together.

    Our ability to co-operate has atrophied in a climate of persistent stressors across all levels of our existence. I will never believe our ability to co-operate it has been destroyed entirely, so please do not give up on us!

    Our conditioning/indoctrination to competition begins immediately at birth (we compete for attention and the resources required of survival). I turn 60 years old in a few short months, and I have watched over the last half century as my culture devolved and degenerated due to it’s glorification of violence, in it’s championing of competition, in how it excessively rewards victors and callously ignores the impoverished. We appear to have lost all sense of collective well-being as a value, let alone as an actionable priority.

    Have you heard the term “zero sum game”? It means in any situation (remember all situations are competitions) there is one winner and one loser and no other outcome is possible or to be expected. The win, +1 added to the loss -1 = 0, hence, a zero sum game. Contrast that with a “win-win” situation where everyone benefits (co-operation). This is considered a radical, crazy, unsustainable and unprofitable delusion. People are surprised when co-operative ventures succeed. Some have. Others are clearly sabotaged. Such ventures are very difficult to accomplish and sustain, those that are are a rare form of inspiration when you can find them because they are rarely publicly praised or called attention to.

    We are exhausted from being kept in a state of perpetual insecurity and hopelessness. At any point many of us can and do lose our jobs, go hungry or lose our homes, we die early of preventable illnesses because our foods and water are poisoned with chemicals and drugs and in the USA heath care itself can kill you. We exist in slavery conditions that begin with false beliefs and end in loss – for which there is often either no explanation, or no accountability or responsibility taken. Our beliefs are often contradictory adding uncertainty to insecurity. Money is the only thing of value and the only measure of value and currently money is based on nothing.

    We can not remember who we are or why we are here. The sense of purposefulness beyond mere survival is itself, beyond most people. We exist in a prison of lies called laws and beliefs.

    Did we come here to contain primary anomaly, to give it a real form and substance in time and thereby with the help of elder, wiser beings and higher energy, ultimately transmute it? Is that the purpose of all this suffering and confusion? (I sure hope so) Is that why we agreed to forget because this brutal mission would have been even more impossible with our memories intact? (there’s an even scarier thought)

    In the same posting that inspired me to write this, Cobra discussed a practice that would help dissolve implants that keep us out of a direct connection to Source. I am guessing that this situation with implants is not true for you, which would explain why our inability to co-operate would mystify you. It also would explain how you could under-estimate the degree of suffering the surface population is experiencing.

    Which reveals the final point: ignorance and polarization. We have become collectively smarter and more stupid simultaneously. This particular collective polarization will not be sustainable. On mostly unconscious levels I believe most of the surface population knows this, and it only fuels individual anxiety and confusion personal isolation and defensiveness.

    So we attack each other. We judge ourselves and others (often unfairly and over-harshly), we defend and we protect what’s important to us because whether it is a thing or a person, we’re always just one breath away from losing it or them.

    Our environment and climate needs to change from persistent fear, violence, scarcity, lack, insecurity, lies and confusion, to love kindness, abundance, generosity, truth, accuracy and clarity (all of which will disappear insecurity) in order for the surface population to change. I am certain MANY if not ALL people would willingly cooperate in a different environment and climate.

    I hope The Event is real. We don’t know what’s real or what to believe, I know I don’t. I will do the practices Cobra recommends because perhaps they will provide me with the relief I seek. I don’t know how the surface population can throw off the pathology that has been bred into it without outside intervention.

    Recently, 4 people died who were very close and important loving relationships for me. Without their loving presence I am not nearly as hopeful or as buoyant a person as I used to be. I feel a kind of tiredness I have never known before. In my experience these are the perfect conditions for recognizing and releasing stuff that’s not working. It does rather feel like moving a mountain one cup at a time or pushing an elephant up the stairs…

    I feel better having written this. Thanks for asking and thanks for reading. I hope it helps you understand us better. Perhaps you will become better able to assist us more accurately with the healing we require.

    Christen Grace

  220. Regarding Light Workers attacking each other.

    Some of these attacks are purposely sponsored by the cabal to create confusion, which is easy to do because we cannot feel our true guidance from source very easily through the static created by the main implant.

    Others attacks between actual Light Workers are based in fear because the flight or flight, feed or fornicate programming coming from the reptilian brain stem tends to over ride the higher impulses of even some of the most dedicated and well intentioned Light Workers.

    The reptilian brain stem is driven only by the need to ensure survival at any cost and feels that it has to depend on itself to survive because we feel so alone when we have no awareness of our connection to source.

    Most people are walking around in a black box that blinds them to the truth of who they really are and they are simply ignorant of any higher reality other than the false narratives fed to them by organized religion. And the reptilian brain stem is the guardian of the black box. Its job is to keep us locked in this black box of fear based frustration, anger, sorrow, suffering and limitation, make us think it is normal – just human nature.

    Even though I know these things, I find myself constantly under compulsion to do exactly the opposite of what is most beneficial for me. Sometimes I will do or say something and a split second later realize that I just sabotaged myself again! Even when I knew better from prior experience, let alone when dealing with an unfamiliar situation.

    From a very young age, I knew things were not right and that there had to be a better way and I have spent most of my life seeking out the truth. But, the density here and the constant struggle to survive in the face of the relentless resistance to my expression of a higher vibration has worn me down.

    It used to energize me to know that I was here helping the planet and humanity, but I have developed PTSD from having most of my best efforts sabotaged over and over again, either from the outside or the inside or a combination of both.

    One thing that I feel causes confusion among Light Workers is when the term Light Warrior is used to describe what we do. Any thing that has to do with WAR is based in conflict, so we fight amongst ourselves while we fight the cabal. AND, nothing can be resolved through WAR. It has to be transmuted through UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which stays compassionately neutral and passes no judgement.

    It’s like the song WAR says: “War, huh, yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.”

    Judgement automatically creates the right/wrong polarity and two sides that each feel they need to defend them selves at any cost. Being Neutral allows one to see to the core of any issue very quickly and take the appropriate steps to resolve the polarity and dissolve the problem. Being Neutral does not mean continuing to allow those who insist on creating conflict to continue to do so to the detriment of the majority.

    Walking The Middle Way keeps us out of polarity and able to clearly see both sides of the issue. Then we can take the best of both sides and combine them to create a whole new set of benevolent solutions that allow both sides to coexist with harmony and a minimum of conflict that is easily resolved through open minded negotiation that flows organically and bypasses any fear based ego issues.

    Thank you for listening to our concerns and thank you for all you are doing to free the planet and her many beings. Many Blessings on all our efforts.

  221. The following letter to the Resistance has been published on June 7, 2017 in the Dutch blog eventnl.info with the invitation to the readers to give their thoughts, which I have added below the letter.

    Boodschap aan de Resistance Movement; hoe het is om op de oppervlakte van de Aarde te leven

    Ik voel dat het is bedoeld dat wij leven in liefde, dat ons hoogste zelf liefde is.
    Ik voel dat ik in vrede en respect met de mensen om mij heen wil leven en samenwerken, vanuit positiviteit.

    Ik kies ervoor om mij niet te laten provoceren door negatieve energieën. Maar toch gebeurt dat. De kracht van de negatieve energie om mij heen is vaak zo groot dat het mij toch te pakken neemt, hoezeer ik ook probeer om mijzelf ervoor af te sluiten. Dan wordt ik overspoeld door boosheid en irritatie. Gevoelens die niet bij mij horen, maar die toch naar boven komen.

    Op andere momenten kan ik worden overspoeld door moedeloosheid, als ik zie hoe de wereld om mij heen is gevuld met oorlog, agressie, onmenselijkheid, armoede, en dat het gros van de mensheid gewoon doorgaat met leven alsof er niets aan de hand is. Ik heb vertrouwen dat wij uiteindelijk die betere wereld zullen hebben, maar op zulke momenten wordt mijn vertrouwen zwaar op de proef gesteld.

    En dan realiseer ik mij dat ‘het’ mij weer te pakken heeft; matrix, sluier, archons, black goo, AI, implantaten, noem ze maar op. Het slurpt mijn energie op, totdat ik in staat ben om bewust de keuze te maken dit niet toe te laten.

    Maar deze bewuste keuze kun je alleen maken als men zich bewust is van wat er gaande is. En het overgrote deel van de oppervlaktebevolking heeft zijn ogen en oren gesloten, luistert niet naar zijn gevoel maar vertrouwt alleen op het hoofd en de ‘wetenschap’, noemt ons complottheorie samenzweerders, alu hoedjes, enz., en heeft er geen flauw idee van aan wat voor negativiteit ze worden blootgesteld. En als je dit niet weet, dan kun je het ook niet vanuit je eigen vrije wil stoppen.

    Je kunt het ze eigenlijk niet kwalijk nemen, dit overgrote onbewuste deel van de wereldbevolking, want hun levens staan vaak in het teken van overleven. Overleven, zowel letterlijk – om niet dood te gaan van de honger, als figuurlijk – er hangt zoveel af van jouw slagen – partner – gezin – enz. dat je jezelf gewoon de tijd en de ruimte niet geeft om naar je diepere gevoelens te gaan, om je spiritueel te ontwikkelen. Deze mensen blijven hangen in het materiële en zijn daar zo afhankelijk van dat het ze bijna dag en nacht bezig houdt. Ze zitten in de tang van de banen, de banken, bezittingen, overheden, en hebben geen energie over om zichzelf open te stellen voor een andere kijk op de wereld om ons heen.

    Resistance Movement, ik hoop dat ik met deze beschrijving een bijdrage heb kunnen leveren aan jullie begrip van wat het is om op dit moment als mens op de oppervlakte van de planeet Aarde te leven. Van de druk en negativiteit waarmee wij te kampen hebben, zowel het bewuste deel als het onbewuste deel van de bevolking.
    Wij als Lichtwerkers hebben vertrouwen dat die verandering komt, maar als je onder zo’n zware druk staat duurt het echt wel heel erg lang. En sommige mensen houden dit niet vol, haken af, besluiten soms om eruit te stappen of om terug te keren naar het leven dat in het teken staat van materie, want dat lijkt veel makkelijker vol te houden.

    Resistance Movement, wij zijn jullie heel erg dankbaar dat jullie zo’n enorme taak op jullie hebben genomen om de planeet Aarde uit zijn slavernijbestaan te bevrijden!
    En wij kijken vol spanning uit naar het moment dat alles in de openbaarheid is, dat de ogen van de volledige mensheid zijn geopend, en dat wij openlijk contact kunnen hebben met onze buitenaardse en binnenaarde familie.

    Overwinning van het Licht!


    7 juni 2017 at 18:51
    wat hierboven beschreven herken ik mij zo in! ik ben af en toe zo moe van alles wat er om mij heen en in de wereld gebeurt. ik weet ook dat de meeste mensen zwaar vergiftigd zijn, zowel fysiek door de vergiftigde voeding, chemtrails etc. als geestelijk door de media, de collectieven en alles wat mensen weg houdt van de waarheid. dan zak ik ook in de moedeloosheid en vraag ik mij af wat ik hier op aarde doe en waarom in deze tijd! daarom ben ik zo blij met cobra en deze website! daardoor voel ik mij verbonden met de andere lichtstrijders in de aarde, op de aarde en boven de aarde. het geeft mij moed en doorzettingsvermogen om mijn missie te leven!

    8 juni 2017 at 01:54
    Prachtig Veronica. Hier is de mijne:
    Aan de Resistence Movement
    Veronica volgend over een beschrijving van onze levens in deze tijd wil ik een en ander toevoegen na nadrukkelijk bevestigen wat zij al heeft geschreven, in alle opzichten.
    Ik kwam al een keer tegen in een bericht van Jezus geloof ik, dat er momenten zullen zijn dat we denken dat we gek worden. We hebben twee dingen geleerd hier: aan de ene kant het geloof / religie, dat we zonder bewijs moeten aanvaarden en het andere uiteinde (de wetenschap): bewijs leveren want anders exit.
    En toen kwam Cobra met de boodschap van de eindtijd, waarin we leerden dat we in een spiegelrealiteit leven waarin alles illusie is.
    Nu moeten we geloven dat er een Resistance Movement bestaat en we op weg zijn naar de Gouden Eeuw…….
    Ik geloof het omdat het niet anders kan, en ik geloof het omdat de boodschappers betrouwbaar lijken. Als je ontdekt wat dit aardse leven werkelijk inhoudt, met eigenlijk alleen maar misbruik, in alle denkbare vormen, kan dat geen eeuwigheidswaarde hebben.
    Ik veronderstel dat jullie je best doen om de aarde te bevrijden. Het zal geen makkelijke klus zijn, waar alles wat geen misbruik is wordt tegengewerkt. De planeet van de slapers, las ik
    in een hypnoseverslag.
    Ik las in een artikel van Kevin Annett zoiets prachtigs dat ik dat ook met jullie wil delen:
    I looked for healing, but healing escaped me. I sought after God, and I searched for love, but neither could I see. I found myself, and I discovered all three.
    Vertaling: Ik zocht genezing, maar genezing ontsnapte me. Ik zocht naar God, en ik zocht liefde, maar geen van beiden kon ik zien. Toen vond ik mezelf, en ontdekte ze alle drie.
    Laat liefde, na ego en geld, ons nieuwe bloed zijn.
    Dank Resistance movement, dank dank dank, Maria

    9 juni 2017 at 13:28
    Lieve allemaal laten we met ze n allen zo veel mogelijk Liefde en Licht sturen en vooral blijven vertrouwen samen staan we sterk .en dank aan jullie dat jullie zo je best doen om de AARDE te bevrijden ik blijf er in geloven .
    Dank Resistance movement liefs Trudi

    Winfried Meier
    8 juni 2017 at 11:49
    Van Winfried aan R.M.
    Mij wens is: begin