Project Description Form

To all Prepare for Change Members

The Prepare for Change Network and the Nova Gaia Foundation are pleased to be part of Humanitarian Projects program. We  are among the entities who will be soliciting funding requests and channeling funds to those who qualify.

Please use the Project Description Form to provide a brief description of the Humanitarian Project that you want funded. These funds are intended to fight poverty and save the environment, so please address these topics with your request for funding. It is important for us to know the amount of your funding needs for the first three years of operations, the totals for initial startup and operations so that we can plan our activities.

Complete the Project Description Form, to the best of your ability and we will contact you for further discussion about funding.

Project Description Form

Use the Project Description Form to quickly explain your project and how it will benefit humanity. It is meant to be an overview that will enable it to be considered within the context of the requirements for funding. Please review the brief description above for more details about what is needed to meet these criteria.
  • Choose from the dropdown menu the one that best describes the focus of your Humanitarian Project.
  • Explain your Humanitarian Project and how it will reduce poverty or heal the Earth. Below there is a field for you to add a website and upload a file with additional information. Use this field to express your passion about why this is important.
  • Please estimate the amount of money you will need in the first three years budget. This will be revised during the actual application to reflect insights that emerge from research during that process. Just do your best. Please use numbers, periods and commas only.
  • If you have a website about or related to your project, please put it in this field.
  • If you have a proposal already written about your project, please upload it here.
  • Please provide an email you check everyday. When we receive this form you will receive an email providing more details on this process.
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