Cobra and the Resistance Movement


This Cobra and the Resistance Movement section is dedicated to the global movement working for freedom and truth and against oppression and slavery.

During 2012 a specific group was created to inform the people about the approaching Event and help coordinate the many Resistance members dedicating themselves to it.  Their anonymous messenger, code named “Cobra”, opened an informational website, in March of 2012 . This group grew out of agents within governmental and military organizations from this planet, who realized that this world was being largely manipulated and controlled by sociopaths and realized that they had to stop them. They were attacked and forced to take refuge in underground tunnels under New York in 1975. From there they have organized a worldwide network of underground bases and are now working tirelessly to take this criminal cabal down, arrest them, give them fair trials and the healing they need.

The mission of the Resistance Movement’s blog is to inform the population of the spiritual and operational activities initiated for the liberation and protection of this planet.  Their spokesman, whose codename Cobra is derived from the two words “compression” and “breakthrough”, also in contact with off world groups such as the Pleiadians, but his information is not channeled, it is received through direct physical contact.

The Resistance Movement is based in cities in the inner Earth. They are a different group than the Agarthan network, but they work together very closely. Click here to learn more about them.

Since the inception of their website, the voice of the Resistance has gained a widespread following across many countries and different cultures. As of June 2016 there have been over 28 million page views to the website, plus numerous listeners to Cobra’s radio interviews on many websites all over the web. Many of these are available on this website, under this menu button. See the Cobra RM Resources page for summaries and links to much of this information.

This Resistance group is not directly connected and not to be confused with the various groups and individuals working for the liberation that we have also included in this menu. However, in the big picture, we are all working together and for the same goal : the final breakthrough in this liberation, called The Event.

63 thoughts on “Cobra and the Resistance Movement

  1. Is Adele of the light and did her unexpected wins (best song, best album) over Beyonce at the Grammys subtly signifying the changing of the tide?

  2. Physical proof that the event is in progress…. Google Mandela effect! Your minds will be blown …

    Did you guys know that the line “hello Clarice” in silence of the lambs has been removed from every copy and replaced with “good evening”

    Go and see for yourself…. it’s as though it never existed… there are over 100 more examples of things that have suddenly changed or no longer exist in this reality!!!!! You tube has many examples for you to see yourself !!!

  3. Hi Cobra,

    Is the significance of the 144,000 people needed to meditate in order to trigger the Event related to the fact that there are 12 notes in an octave and 12 overtones between each note, 12 x 12 = 144 which is related to the number of major and minor dimensions? Thank you.

  4. Asking othets to liberate you is literally “you failed- cuase you acknowlege you want somebody to do it all for you” . IT IS YOUR JOB TO DO IT. SHAME ON YOU

  5. Daily I invoke the light and ask that the company of heaven and all benevolent ET light forces fully intervene on my behalf to liberate me and this planet. What more, if anything, would you recommend that we do to maximize the assistance that the light forces can give without violating the universal law of non-intervention against free will which would lead to negative consequences?

  6. Can the cabal use plasma scalar technology to create disease signatures, such as fast acting cancers, to bring down light workers? How do we protect ourselves from this?

  7. On Sept 8th in Montreal I was guided outside to see a UFO lightshow (which of course was not covered by mainstream media). I felt that this was benevolent ETs informing me of their presence. Not long after that, i believe i was targeted by the cabal in an underhanded attempt to secretly attempt to get me to open myself up to being contacted my negative Reptilian ETs. Their attempt failed. Is the cabal trying to set up light workers to open themselves to contact with negative ETs?

  8. I agree with New Age Biscuit’s assessment of Alex Jones and David Icke. I felt that way too. David Icke is still reaching the young people and others new to this field. Alex Jones, I gave him the boot. Too much fear porn. Discernment is key.

  9. michael here…ive spent the last 15 years programing musik for the event…my latest few track have cobra, ark angel michael and various other well know voices feature in the musik…here is my latest work heres cobras tune and here is a link to 475 free peices of musik to play. ..15 years work and will play for about 2 days solid if you need a long time out…they are all free to download…but if you want a full quality wav file send me a message…musik for the resistance…by covert23 aka dr voodoo….

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  11. So where is your evidence because so far everything said is just theory and seems very much like the religions of old asking me to believe on faith. None of you seem to understand the natural order of life. We are all animals and there is nothing special or different about us. You all need to relax and try to understand real science, not fear and shun it because you struggle with understanding it. I mean do any of you understand for example biological chemistry and the need for GM crops. No! You hear one person say something bad about it and fall into line without considering to research all angles of a subject. And as for the inner earth…. Go back to studying science before believing something you don’t uunderstand. It simply is not possible.

    • You are a moron if you cannot see that we are here by design with that being said their has to be a designer and don’t tell me it was a big bang that brought us into being, that’s like saying a bicycle lying in pieces got hit with a stick of dynamite and was put together perfectly in working order, it could not now nor could it ever happen. We have a creator and you must be a fool to even doubt it.

      • We are the creator! We are not a separate by product from a man with a big old gray beard in a toga that they say made humans from the dirt. You my brother need to learn about the oneness of universal consciousness in all things that is the infinite we, one, unity, mind. And if you ever learned anything about acceptance of all, then all duality would not be made present, just understanding and learning instead of arguing. That is the catalyst for self growth.

        Love to you my friend.

    • Space man they’re not paying you enough to infiltrate positive websites. Ask for more money! And when you come back have something contsuctive and positive to add, because everything you say forward will be watched and your negative attempts with create a boomerang effect. Because the ones paying you are the ones that’s going to take you down the HOLE with them when the event take precedence.

      See the light in yourself.

    • Hi Space-man.

      You have kind of hit the nail on the head for me. Why do we need GM crops? Because with HAARP in working order I don’t understand why we can’t produce the perfect environment for growth of normal, healthy crops the world over. And they would be able to stop the drought in every 3rd world country, stop the drought that has apparently been sweeping America for the last 12 months at least, and just generally create the perfect climate for everybody to live comfortably in, without the need for the use of the (money making) fossil fuels that we are heavily dependent on. Plus, it would irradicate the so called climate changed COMPLETELY. There would be no need to genetically modify any crops then because we would have perfect growing conditions for everything. And its not as though there isnt enough land, because there is actually plenty. Most countries have huge areas of land they arent allowed to build on, so agriculture can thrive in this world.

      So I’m a bit lost as to what to believe on this matter. And, as we pour billions into making war, when helping everybody to live peacefully and together costs waaay less, I can only arrive at the conclussions that others arrive at. We are put through this out of the greed and nastiness of a select few. I certainly dont know anybody who is half as bad as to do these things, so those ‘at the top’ must be especially nasty.

      I dont know about the civilizations living below the Earths surface, but I do know for a fact that it is actually possible. The reason I know this is because ANYTHING is possible. And, I for one would very much like to meet these civilizations one day if they exist, because it would be a whole new way of living down there, and hopefully we could learn to further ourselves for the good of all if they have managed to get so far ahead of us spiritually and technologically.

      So if you could possibly explain nicely why we need all these GM crops without being mean, nasty or patronizing, I would look forward to the lesson. I undestand that you are obviously an educated person to know the answers to these questions but I was brought up on a low income and therefore was only taught in state school. We were lucky if we only had thirty in a class, but normally we had more and most were disruptive. (Probably due to eating too much genetically modified food! Lol).

      Much love to you.

    • Nenad, I will give you my personal perspective, but must assure you I do not wish to speak for anyone else – lest they disagree with me.

      Although I hate using this phrase, I ‘woke up’ relatively recently, and took a period of several years from roughly 2008-2011. During this period, I always felt Alex Jones was ‘off’ somewhat – his show and Infowars is also very fear-driven. There’s never any hope for society – it’s all about save your family, save yourself…but everyone else is screwed. Oh, and buy these products which will help you survive when the N.W.O. takes over. Sadly, he is a very rich man these days, and there is evidence that he has some not-so-nice wealthy benefactors who’ve been supporting him all these years. One person I respect but is long dead is William Cooper; he did NOT have good things to say about Mr. Jones. William Cooper predicted 9/11 prior to its occurrence, and was shot dead a few months after it. Hence, I put a bit more credibility in his words and writings than AJ’s. Again, however, he was very pessimistic – but this was during an era where people were truly asleep and the more you knew about the big picture, the worse things appeared.

      Conversely, David Icke – even though he is a frequent guest of Alex Jones, I feel a bit better about him. His best work was done in the 1990’s, when he was truly a trailblazer who was subjected to intense ridicule. I believe he still does solid work these days, but much of it is a synthesis of ideas and concepts he first exposed long ago. It is much like the scientist who makes a major breakthrough in graduate school, but then spends their entire career profiting off of one major discovery instead of continuing to break new ground.

      Again, these are my opinions only. If they do not resonate with you, feel free to search elsewhere for your inner truth. I will say that many ‘awakened’ individuals have found good material from AJ and especially David Icke at various points in their lives. One can find nuggets of wisdom and pearls of truth if you keep an open mind yet have discernment.

    • Great seeing that you are a control freak and monitor and control what people are allowed to say tells me you are a liar and an enemy to freedom it is my goal to expose and put everyone of you NWO peoples names on a list complete with addresses and family members names,because there are a lot of Patriots out there who would love to pay you a visit so you better get prepared because WE ARE COMING!

      • Steve, this is meant in response to all of your posts on this page.

        Foremost, who are you writing to? If you’re going to call someone a control freak, monitor, or moron – at the very least have the awareness to state WHICH PERSON you are labeling!

        Second, your tone is very condescending and mean. Are you saying you’re coming for us – the very people working at “Prepare For Change”? Please clarify.

        Lastly, I’m aware that there are a lot of Patriots out there – believe it or not I’m in communication with some. None of those people is going after anyone affiliated with the NWO on their own.

        That would be a suicide mission at best, and at worst be used as an excuse to truly declare Martial Law and create a Police State.

        Any removal from power of these organized crime figures must be done legally and as peacefully as possible. This is the only way it can be done without creating complete chaos which would be devastating to millions of innocent people.

        Most people who are seriously involved with THE REAL PLAN are aware of these constraints and speak/write carefully and respectfully. They are not fearmongers but give solid information which ordinary people can use to help themselves and their loved ones during any disruptions.

        If you are one of the PATRIOTS as you say, please re-read what you’ve written and consider your words more carefully. I have my doubts, because most real patriots walk/talk softly but carry big sticks.

        Also, I’m a bleeding-heart liberal who actually knows how to communicate on the same level as preppers, militia members, and gun-owners. I actually know what I’m talking about, dude.

      • hey Steve, who’s paying you to threaten people. Ask for more money because your threats are not tuff enough,
        You got to put a bit of chuck Norris in your threats. clearly your anger that you don’t realize is based on your own fear that you want others to feel. sorry but you fail and every other post you make will result in nothing gained, because when hearts are fearless, the positive consciousness of good beings to post here will reign. You are free to comment whatever you like, but just know that no one gives a s$,!t what you think. But still know you are loved no matter you say, but know that no one cares to feed your energy of pettiness.

        Love and light to you

  12. I just want to clarify what this site is communicating. The resistance is a group of fellow humans/good guys working on the grand strategy for this planet. Strategy and tactics are part of the same animal. Strategy are plans and tactics are actions. Few of us get to see the strategy. The resistance is communicating a strategy that is to many of us above the level of our current understanding. If we want to understand we have to see this from a oneness/love point of view. If you have much fear and anger you will not be able to understand. It is my intention that you understand the grand strategy of the resistance. Peace to you.

  13. Ans since we are always waxing lyrical about humans and their miserable state, what about the other Creatures on this planet? What about the damn meat eaters not changing their ways./ What about Animals tortured and killed daily for food, for useless medicine and chemicals and so on? Do you all want an event? Well start putting an end to this shame!
    Screw the farmers raising living beings to staff the guts of the majority of the idiots that are populating this planet, start walking into your Doctor’s Surgeries and Hospital demanding real cures, natural cures, not Big Pharma crap.
    Start giving up all the food that hurt the Planet and other living beings,
    Start Fasting to become intelligent.
    Miss a meal to starve the bully.
    Then and only then we will start to see an “Event”!

    • I understand what you mean, but you have to really see the macro cosmic picture. After the event and with gradual time, humans will veer off of animal consumption, just be more realistic as to the human condition from centries of socioeconomic and spiritual manipulation.

    • Alex, I completely understand you’re annoyed with what goes on in the world but I usually only have one meal a day as it’s pretty much all I can afford to do. Lately I have changed my eating habits (it wasn’t an effort as I suffer from the Mandela Effect and it coincided with that – it was just something that took me over and I can’t explain it). Anyway, I try to eat raw fruit, veg and nuts, but sometimes all I can afford is a packet of crisps. My point is, I’m not sure if it has made me any wiser! Certainly there has been a big change in me. Suddenly I had this awakening within which, if anyone can explain, I’d love to know what’s going on within me. I was online and looking up videos on YouTube explaining how to make something. One video was there which had nothing to do with what I was looking for but I clicked on it as it spoke to me. That was it! So much fell into place and now I have begun this journey, fighting with words to tell people about this and everything else going on around it.
      It will happen Alex. But remember, as soon as you mention E.T.’s, etc., people get funny and scared. It shuts them down because they have been programmed that way. We need to find a way of gently getting to the subject.
      If anybody has any ideas on how to break the news gently, please share. I just steer people to this page but tell them there may be shocks in store! Sorry.

      Love to all. X

  14. Would this effect my current education in high school?
    Who exactly will die in the depopulation plans you have planned and what type of people would survive?
    Would power be shut off world wide ?
    Will people who get arrested during Marshall law die in the FEMA camps ?
    Does the goverment know about this website ?
    Why doesnt the media warn us on tv or radio now ?
    -Thank you.

    • Because these people are in control of mainstream media that’s why these are not our friends nor are the friends of Jesus, they are the enemy elite devil worshipping evil doers trying to take control of the planet and pushingnthe NWO agenda that’s why the news doesn’t say anything they are all puppets to these puppeteers.

    • Hey Adrian. Think from your heart, not too much on the minds capacity to generate pictures of negativity.
      Look deep within your self, and then focus on giving your heart to others in service, nothing too grand just simple little things. Like, a smile, or telling the garbage man thank you for all the good work you do, helping mom with simple tasks. When you learn to follow your heart you’ll see a big difference and gain so much spiritually. Because the cabal knows that when we use our heart and minds in service to each other with a unified high vibration, they can’t even touch us. But if you let your own fear over come your strength to love, then you just gave the keys to the house. So just know that being a victim is easy to be. Know you are loved by the supreme source and those who are helping this beautiful planet become truly free. But if you’re a disinformation agent than I suggest you really look deep inside your heart and say, ” must I really continue express fear?” Just making sure you’re legit on your intentions.

      Love and strength to you

  15. An “event” occurs every time one supports his or her local economy, and anytime one makes a healthy decisions for life, the present and the future. Every time we support local farmers over corporately modified foods, spend a little more money to benefit the long term, we are creating an enormous immeasurable event. It is laziness, greed, denial and lack of habituated will power which may contribute to a catastrophic event eventually, and with youth which are being raised to not even know where their food comes from, the survival wisdom is fading quickly. Blaming corporations, etc, only gives away ones power. They can only be sustained if they are supported. We do not need a lot to live wholesome lives, and the happiest people I have known are simple, yet wise, farmers. The event I would like to see daily is people supporting their local farmers rather than buying cheap, sugary, salty, low quality, imported and processed crap! I would like to see people teaching their children the importance of community, local economy, rather than how to be the most “successful” at earning the dollar. How about valuable skills like sustainability, medicinal plants, and community? We cannot sit around and wait for and event to initiate change in our lives. Act now, make an event happen every day, and spare catastrophe for our children!

    • SG,
      You make some very salient points and we are not waiting for an ‘EVENT”. The purpose of this site is to inspire ACTION. There is no more worthy goal than to pay perfect homage to the sacred temple of flesh which is our vehicle for spirit on this plane. Acting to take responsible action and NOT support the fallen foods and geneticaly altered foods and poisons is of paramount importance and we support you in your efforts to educate others to this. Please see my many Daily weekly news report posts. I think if you scroll through these thoroghly you will see we feel the same way!
      With that said there is a depopulation agenda that is purposefully creating toxic foods to lower the population and to create a manufactured health crisis. This IS being foisted on an unsuspaecting public by criminals in positions of influence. These corporations wil be ended very soon and healthy local natural organic food sources/production facitlities will be funded to see that the public can return to perfect health.
      If you have any ideas or suggestions please submit us an article through the submission process and we will publish it.
      Rob Potter

  16. Cobra seems to be a demise! Cobra says that ISON has disappeared because of exposition to the extremely high heat of the Sun as is claimed by mass media. But, you know, the Sun emits not heat but light. Accordingly water included in the possible comet cannot be evaporated by the heat emitted by the Sun. ISON must be a mothership as is told by our space families. Many small events are happening before a Big Event as has been claimed by Cobra.
    Therefore, we, PFC Japan has decided to stop using the group name Prepare For Change Japan and name our group “Pure love Full consciousness” instead. We thank Cobra for assisting formation of our group “”Pure love Full consciousness”! Taki Chino/ PFC Japan

    • Hi Taki-san,

      This is Terry from Japan.
      I am puzzled at your comment on the light and the heat logic.

      Even if Sun might emit light only without heat, the light should turn to heat upon hitting physical materials such as a “space shipt” or a comment. I believe what you are saying is that Sun is emitting only light but is generating heat when corriding with earthy atmospheric substances.

      If that is what you say, a “space ship” or a comet that gets closer to the Sun as well is projected with the Sun light causing much higher heat that in earth.

      Can you please explain why you think the sun light does not generate heat when projected to the physical sustance such as a commet?

  17. I AM all for this but getting weary and tired of continual complicated assignments. At 65 have seen the rapid changes had to leave the Gulf of Mexico when those idiots were allowed to drill in the fragile salt dome area. That was the beginning, now the Pacfic is destroyed, EMP on the horizon and the majority don’t have a clue.

    Know there will be survivors, the underground ones mother earth herself will need a long time to revive. May the Source be with us.

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