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Luke Owen ~ Image Title ~ ‘As One’ ~ www.lukeowen.com
Luke Owen ~ Image Title ~ ‘As One’ ~ www.lukeowen.com

We mainly believe that we are all from ONE Source and that each of us as divine beings create our own lives each moment each day with every decision we make. In other words, we are each of us co-creators of our united future reality on this planet. Where do we start? We should inevitably start ‘at home’ so to speak. With each forward movement in our daily lives where we ‘consciously’ choose a step to take that is consistent with the whole of who we are and where we find ourselves, whether it be going to the shop to get some food, calling a friend, exercising or whatever, we need to bring ALL of who we are into that action. If something does not feel ‘right’ to do at a particular moment in time we are inclined to do whatever that is less focused, less aware, even haphazardly and less heartfelt. We all do this on occasion because we feel that we ‘have’ to do something rather than desire to or want to. That’s part of life for everyone.

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A source accelerating Galactic cosmic rays to unprecedented energy discovered at the center of the Milky Way

The centre of our galaxy is home to many objects capable of producing cosmic rays of high energy, including, in particular, a supernova remnant, a pulsar wind nebula, and a compact cluster of massive stars. Credit: Image courtesy of CEA

For more than ten years the H.E.S.S. observatory in Namibia, run by an international collaboration of 42 institutions in 12 countries, has been mapping the centre of our galaxy in very-high-energy gamma rays. These gamma rays are produced by cosmic rays from the innermost region of the Galaxy. A detailed analysis of the latest H.E.S.S. data, published on 16th March 2016 in Nature, reveals for the first time a source of this cosmic radiation at energies never observed before in the Milky Way: the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Galaxy, likely to accelerate cosmic rays to energies 100 times larger than those achieved at the largest terrestrial particle accelerator, the LHC at CERN.

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Partial Disclosure Is NOT an Option


Anyone who follows the information provided on this website PFC and all of its affiliated websites including and not in least The Portal will be shocked by the very idea that a partial disclosure could take place and that if – according to Corey Goodes message to him from the Blue Avians – if we don’t all pull together we will have a ‘partial disclosure’ scenario and another 100 years of control by the cabal. Although I have great respect for Corey’s work and his collaboration with D Wilcock I do not accept that the Blue Avians – these Angelic higher dimensional Beings – would express themselves to us in this way. Higher Dimensional Beings do not ‘threaten’ or spread fear like this. We who collaborate here on PFC do NOT believe in any partial disclosure timeline because we believe that the Resistance Movement will never allow that to take place. Here is a short excerpt from a recent update from Cobra about our situation;

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The Ascension Plan ~ A Cobra Update (07-03-2016)

Ascended 2

Time has come to release a great portion of the Ascension Plan for this planet.

The Ascension window has opened on this planet on May 25th, 1975, had its turning point on August 11th, 1999 and will close on July 7th, 2025. It was always the plan of the Light forces to clear the primary anomaly of darkness and to trigger the Event within this time window, and that plan did not change.

This time window has its basis in the scientific fact that solstice Sun is completely aligned with the Galactic equator within the 1975-2021 timeframe, and this alignment is perfect within the 1980-2016 timeframe:

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Important Pre – Event Operations of the Light Forces Now Taking Place


Important Pre – Event Operations of the Light Forces Now Taking Place

This article touches upon the following areas:

Pre – Event Operations of the Light Forces Now Taking Place
Some facts about Syria
A Unique Operation That Has Never Happened Before
Prosperous Times Approaching Fast
Importance of Loving Communication
The New Financial System

On the 18th of February we had a new situation update from Cobra and on the very same day Rob conducted the February monthly interview with him. The news is so encouraging and exciting and I feel that it might be good to do a recap of it here now:
Firstly, we have learned that regarding the biggest hinder to the Event actually taking place i.e. the strangelet /toplet bomb situation there is now a technique available to be able to remove them bringing us close to The Event. This work is being carried out by the Galactic Confederation and United Light Forces. Cobra: “Yes, absolutely, as soon as these are removed, we’re very close to the Event. There are some other technologies, but I don’t think they’ll be much of a problem.”
Cobra said in his update that “The dark are quite bold in their actions lately and the Resistance took some action on the physical plane.” Rob asked for a clarification by asking Cobra if he could speak specifically about which dark actions are being referred to here. Rob also took up the Turkish fighting along the Syrian border and the bombing of a hospital and up to 40,00 deaths in this area. Here in Europe we have heard ongoing reports about Russian bombs claiming the lives of civilians. My heart has said “no! this is more cabal propaganda” and Cobra confirms that here:

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New Cobra Q and A with Rob Potter – January 26, 2016

Rob – OK Ladies and gentlemen.

As promised, here we are again with   Cobra and I have a couple announcements before we start. A lot of people have been sending me multiple questions. Please ladies and gentlemen. Please keep your questions to maybe 3 or 4. I would really appreciate that.

Also, if you could not ask just questions about youtubes or books or personal people. Again I have to remind you please read the book, look at your youtube and ask several specific questions. Many people are sending us very long information for us to do homework on and then to make a general comment. We tend to not prefer to comment on other’s work. Please keep that in mind.

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Prepare for Change 432Hz English & Chinese Version 準備轉變432Hz中英文版

A Counterargument For “Meditation Haters” Everywhere

This is written in response to comments I received tonight concerning “meditation haters”.

People misunderstand the purpose of the meditations all the time.  Some of the most absurd arguments I have heard are that mass organized meditations are “dark & satanic” in origin, and that we are to send love and forgiveness to the dark ones running this planet.

For starters, the above is something Cobra has never stated – that we are to “love and forgive the dark ones”?  He has stated forgiveness for all of those being forced to live under this electromagnetic dome of pain and anguish, because many of us have been programmed or even forced to hurt others simply to survive on this planet.  But there is a big difference between loving and forgiving other humans as opposed to forgiving the Cabal and their masters.  He has never stated anything to suggest we are to send love and forgiveness to the dark ones.

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PFC World Peace Meditation- You Can Help!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Please express gratitude for our success this last week! To keep the love energy high, we plan to meditate during the times below over the weekend. We are achieving our goals, so let’s keep it up!

PFC World Meditation Days

We made a huge difference last weekend with the Event Meditation and can see the outcome of our efforts in our 3D reality. We are on the cusp of the Event and need your help with an important mission that will help us manifest the Event and Disclosure.

By drawing upon the power of the Divine Feminine and Unconditional Love our victory moves closer – Please join us for 5 or more minutes each day starting Friday, November 27 through Sunday, November 29 at the times listed below. It will work best if we do meditate on the hour in order to create more a synchronous effect.

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Delays Are Creating Much Anxiety. When Is This Event Ever Going to Happen? What Responsibility Are You Taking Right Now? Feel the Magic of Synchronicity. What is the Most Important Aspect of this coming Event?

In the last post from Cobra we were reminded of the reason why people on this planet are sheeple, why they just follow along with the status quo. He gave us a short description of the functions of the implants that everyone receives before incarnating which are cleverly designed to affect a downwards spiralling of our fundamental creativity. An example: “The implants above the navel separate heaven from Earth, a man from a woman, emotions from the mind and love from sexuality. They fragment the personality and block the flow of kundalini life force. They suppress the emotions, which lower their vibrational frequency from joy into pain, then further into anger, and down into sadness, further down into fear, then apathy and finally into unconsciousness. This is the reason why many people feel nothing.”

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