The Pleiadians are regaining territory inside our Solar System fast and have already recovered to the degree that is comparable to the situation in May 2016. The Sirian and Andromedan fleet was not affected so strongly by the events in September and early October and was able to hold their positions better.

Every major setback is thus followed with a big leap forward. The Pleiadians are already setting a new Tachyon membrane positioned around the Earth at a certain distance inside the Moon orbit. This membrane is structurally similar to what some other people call the „outer barrier“. This new membrane will cut off the head of the Yaldabaoth octopus from its tentacles and drastically speed up the clearing of the Solar System.

The Pleiadians have also begun to contact non-incarnated humans in their afterlife on the higher astral plane.

The situation on the non-physical planes was quite challenging in the time frame between 1996 and 2016. After the big evacuation of the non-physical humanity in August 1999 only a few billions of non-physical humans remained on the etheric and astral planes around the Earth and many times more Reptilians. These Reptilian hordes were removed layer by layer throughout the years by the Light forces until 2015, when human race again became prevalent on the non-physical planes around the Earth.

Now the Pleiadians are reawakening the non-physical humans and training them to become spiritual guides for incarnated humans again. This process is also clearing the path for angelic beings to again inhabit the astral and etheric planes.

Next, the Pleiadians have begun to partially disable the plasma scalar weapons installed on low Earth orbit satellites. This scalar weapon dismantling process will continue.

The situation with the biochips is not improving yet.

There is a certain implants clearing protocol that can be somewhat successful in counteracting the activity of the physical biochips to a certain degree, as they are located at the same spots in the body as the plasma implants:

The main factor holding back the Event are still plasma toplet bombs.They are still spread along the plasma tentacles of the Yaldabaoth entity. In the head of the octopus around the Earth they are connected to the following:

  1. Plasma scalar weapons on the LEO satellites through plasma ultrasound technology
  1. Physical biochips inside surface humanity
  1. Infrasound plasma scalar devices in the low underground bases of the Chimera

As the Pleiadians have made those advances in the last few days, the Chimera has incited the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors against the Pleiadian race. One example are current „channelings“ of certain entities named „Stan-X“ and „Sherr-On“ that are spreading complete disinformation about the Pleiadians and the Resistance Movement.

Do not let those things distract you. The Pleiadian energetic contact with the most awakened and least programmed Lightworkers and Lighwarriors will increase. Pleiadians are beings of Love and Light without any hidden negative agenda, as anyone who has ever met them can confirm from their own experience.

The second main factor holding back the Event is the deep mind programmed state of the surface humanity which has chosen the slowest path possible towards the Event. Now a small minority of people is overperforming and carrying the load of Liberation for many, whereas the vast majority is underperforming and just complaining. Many people are asking me what to do to speed up the Event. The answer is very simple: each of you has been born with a mission. Go inside, discover that mission and carry it out. All our missions combined will create the Event.

As I have said many times before, the financial reset will NOT happen before the Event.

As I have also said before, both Trump and Hillary are puppets of the Cabal:

Banana comments and reactions to my recent posts have proven that a lot of healing work needs to be done. Facing those comments, when I have asked the Resistance why should I continue posting on my blog, they have communicated that „they need a voice of reason and sanity on the surface of the planet that can assist in the Breakthrough“.

The main problem is fear which tends to cloud people’s judgement. Some people have the tendency to deny the fear and pretend that everything is perfect and we are all one (the New Age crowd) or to project the fear and see everybody as the agent of the Cabal (the conspiracy theory crowd):

The key to true discernment is to:

  1. Acknowledge your fear and other suppressed emotions and transform them. There are many ways, approaches, healing modalities and techniques to transform emotions:

Educate yourself in basics of science, art and all other areas of human knowledge so that your mind can not be distracted with total nonsense many times appearing in alternative media (Nibiru crashing into Earth anyone?)

  1. Meditate or find any other way to connect with your higher self
  1. Free yourself from the bias and nonsense of the alternative media as you have freed yourself from the bias and nonsense of the mainstream media, and think with your own head.

There were may fear based responses to my current post about Asgardia. I am saying here again, Asgardia project is NOT connected to the Cabal and is NOT harvesting people for slave labor in space nor is it the second brain drain.

It is simply a project from a group of enthusiastic scientists that wants to start a breakaway civilization. Although there is the human factor involved with all suppressed emotions and intellectual prejudices of project founders thrown into the mix, the project has potential and the Pleiadians have communicated that they will support the project and attempt to make contact when the time is right.

In the human history there were many successful positive breakaway civilizations, among them the Grecian Hav-Musuv breakaway civilization in the 4th century BCE:

The Mayan breakaway civilization in the 9th century CE was another positive breakaway group, as was the Marconi breakaway underground city in south America in the 1930s:

and of course the Organization (the forerunner of the Resistance) in the 1970s.

If the Event happens in a few months, the Asgardia project will not have any global impact, but if the Event happens a few years from now, it might well become the trigger for the Compression Breakthrough.

The Light forces are supporting all positive timelines regardless of their time span, as they all create the magnetic pull that draws the moment of the Compression Breakthrough closer.

The Pleiadians are wishing for humanity to lift off the ground and are supporting all public space initiatives with positive potential. So they have supported the Vril girls (this project was later hijacked by the Chimera), they have supported the public NASA program to put man on the Moon as „Nordics“, according to testimony of William Tompkins:

The Pleiadians are thus also supporting the Asgardia project and they are supporting Elon Musk in his vision to create a public Mars space program.

Elon Musks’ project is another project that has a potential to act as a trigger for the Compression Breakthrough.

The Pleiadians are supporting all positive space initiatives because they make the Contact easier. When the Resistance has sent a few of their spaceships from planet X outwards beyond the heliopause to contact the Pleiadians, that contact has resulted in revolution on planet X and its subsequent liberation. When my team has made a small step towards the Pleiadians by launching StratoProbe 1 beyond the Veil, the Pleiadian ship has appeared on this photo:

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  1. Thank you Cobra! Do you have any thoughts regarding Billy Meier’s tale of there being two Civil Wars in America by 2020? I believe he has a demonstrated accuracy for true tales throughout his long life.

  2. Thanks for this great update, and the clear guidance on how we can help ourselves awaken and collectively bring the Event to fruition. Those who are recently awakened and want to make progress and change will listen and will do their work COBRA. More and more people will awaken as a result until we reach tipping point.

    For everyone inclined, watch this:

    It’s a 2 hour sit and gives a most awesome overview of us, our history, our work, where we are at present, what we need to do.. It will definately help to put a lot of dots together.

  3. Thanks Cobra! Thanks for uplifting update,it enriches knowing full well that
    everything is on track.It is inspiring to learn that the chimera hoodlums are loosing ground and the event is well on track.

    Victory to Light!

  4. You are still at work Cobra … thank you for all what you are doing and thank you the Pleiadians. It is a relieve to know that you are helping us even if we are relatively few to understand.

  5. Thank you for the update Cobra. Great news and I have to admit I was quite surprised at the negative posts I’ve seen in regard to your last update and the breakaway civilization post. I appreciate your updates and am truly grateful for all the help we have and continue to receive. Thank you!

  6. Cobra, thank you for sticking with us. Your updates are more valuable than you realize to those of us that are struggling to understand our path. We understand the situation but feel powerless to influence and expedite the process. We are reacting to what seems like an eternity of enslavement.

  7. Terrific post.
    Good news and more good news but, most of all I found the comments about not listening to some of this alternative media out there that are posting from doom gloom fear based, to just plain BS, is terrific advice. Having an open mind does not mean letting your brain fall out (Niburu to Flat Earth to Jade Helm Obama’s invading the US in 2015 -types of belief’s and fear porn, come to mind).
    I can confirm late Sept-early-Oct 2016 saw a big jump in the number of both types and frequency of my own camera catches of various types of craft/ships at high altitude. I collected at least half a diozen new types of craft in pics, posted these, as always, to my Twitter account (search my name there, to find / see). So we are being visited more, that is certain, whom is flying these craft exactly, I cannot say – they’ve not landed and no introductions,, yet…
    Pretty much all around good news from Cobra, Thank You. Very encouraging!!
    Now, May the Event Come and Come Soon to arrest these Cabal and put a stop to the corruption and misery worldwide. Victory to the Light.

  8. Thank you, Cobra. Very positive news and many sources of info with it, to freshen up and learn more, filling in the gaps. About these break away civilisations in your update, that’s very interesting for sure.

    I think you’re in a position of high knowledge and overview, showing your heart in feeling disheartened a bit, for a moment, while carrying the brunt of complains and frustration, directed at you in the comments on your blog.

    I guess that’s also part of the process of awakening, that about 95% of human civilisation can’t get it, while 5% is in the know, aware and preparing. I think it’s part of your journey to learn to live with it and still stand strong. The voice of a prophet in the desert is carried on the wind of change and reaches far distances.

    For many it’s hard to leave the toddler-state of spiritual growth and not demand and depend on a fixed outcome. I’ve noticed that to some it’s as if they’re impatiently waiting for a sweet, promised by daddy.

    It looks like we all need to grow up and act our true age, our inner knowing and skills. I struggle with my Mother Superior antics, at times, but I’m not in fear. It’s all going to be fine, because I say so ;).

    I’ve felt the heaviness of “the work” these last months, taking the brunt a little bit too, sort of. Triggered to be responsible and lead the way as an obligation and not in freedom. Like a burden. That’s an old story.

    I can feel the value of my Earth sign, holding the space in groundedness, but also the shadow side of it.
    It’s a valuable nudge and wake up call to remind me that I can only do my part and nothing more.In my way. You’re doing yours in an excellent way. Your way. Rejoice and peace of heart be with you!


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