Transition to a New Society

By Rob Potter – Head of the PFC Leadership Group,
Edited by Dr. Ilya Perlingieri (biography)

Dr. P My best friend
A Founding member of Prepare for Change, and site Editor, beloved environmental activist Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri (Dr. P) has died in a San Diego, CA hospital. She had been suffering from severe lung and heart problems. Dr. P was a gentle, warm, loving, and compassionate human being. She was also an environmental activist, a terrific researcher, lecturer and writer who detested the chemtrail spraying that is wreaking havoc around the globe.


The Prepare For Change Group is dedicated to everyone who is inspired to aid the planet in an non-violent Transition to a New Society. Our efforts are based on faith in the power of Love and an instinctive knowing that freedom from tyranny is our right as sovereign beings. We are committed to creating peace and harmony for all of humanity.

This website, Prepare for Change, is for all people of Earth, but especially for the Light Workers of the world. We hope this collaborative effort will help to heal all aspects of the world’s political and social infrastructure, during these major coming changes. The membership of this group is worldwide. We are confident that the information we are receiving from our knowing, intuition, insiders within the world’s police forces, the benevolent Extra Terrestrials, and the higher dimensional spiritual leaders of our world and galaxy is all correct.


This information indicates that we have a worldwide conspiracy of long-standing corruption and greed that must end. This information indicates imminent drastic measures that will ensure real and permanent change and healing for all life on our beleaguered planet.

These long-lasting changes will come from within the hearts and minds of individuals. Unfortunately, most people will need a kick start to realize that this change is not only possible, but is taking place daily in the lives of people all over the world. We who know, we who are awake and aware, must lead the way.

The end of the world’s current political system is not a fantasy. The end of tyranny is a divine directive instilled within our hearts and minds. Our collective spiritual will, and our firm resolve towards liberation, is being manifest daily. Spiritual forces, beyond the conception of most people, are aiding us. Divine plans are being implemented that will come to pass sometime in the near future. No dates are known and none will be given for this tremendous miracle of Love.

The time for this is now! The virus of darkness, ignorance, superstition, and fear must be exposed to the light of truth. This will ensure an allegiance to Love, forgiveness and healing; and it will give birth to a harmonious diversity never experienced before on Earth.

We all recognize the need to end the worlds current broken political systems. The process of the transition and change to building a new global society will require the full focus of the entire human race. Clearly, this will take some time. However, we are sure this will not take as much time as many might think. Though the challenges to such a change are complex, wide and far-reaching, the Group is confident this mission will not fail. Furthermore, we invite you to join our cause for Love to reign in the hearts and minds of all. We have a plan!

The changes that are now in process are deeper in scope and more profound than just our political and social institutions. This movement of the Spirit of Truth will affect all aspects of the societal infrastructure. This is particularly true of the global political corruption. The movement of spirit will also drastically alter our emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

This journey to a New Society must begin with the first step. It must be peaceful, non-threatening and born of patience and compassion. This journey of liberation and redemption for our world has been in the planning for thousands of years. The mind of creation itself has been waiting for the right moment for humanity to Re-member itself and to declare once again, We are sovereign beings of infinite Light, Love, and Power. That time is now upon us.

Despite the bleak situation in the world with wars, and rumors of wars, we are confident that positive changes can happen very quickly. Soon, the existing evil that has infiltrated itself into our world (to systematically break the will) and enslave mankind will be removed in action of just enforcement by peace officers worldwide. We are confident that, after these arrests humanity will rise to heights unseen for thousands of years. These lawfully executed arrests are called for by not only the existing laws of the worlds societies but universal laws known as the Galactic Codex.

The hand of the Divine Creator will insure this Victory of the Light upon our world. We have the power within us to bring peace to this world. Know that you also have this power within your soul and you must use it. Do not despair, do not give up hope, and do not give in to hate, violence, anger, fear, or apathy. We hope you will commit yourself to action in service to Light, Love and Truth.


29 thoughts on “Transition to a New Society

  1. Though it’s been a while that this article was published and comments were given, the return to a Golden Age after about 26.000 years, a cycle that ended on Dec. 21 2012, the alignment with Galactic Centre, is what I perceive as the trigger that will create the Event, or similar signs of awakening in a variety of forms and expressions.

    It’s a perpetual cycle of rising and falling of consciousness in sync with alternating patriarchical and matriarchical periods of about 13.000 years, where our solar system moves through. Now the pendulum swings towards matriarchy again, the more ruling quality that created many of Egypts moments of glory, in a long ago past.

    This video, with explorer Carmen Boulter, offers a beautiful insight in the time of Egypt’s rising, florishing and downfall, with somewhat similar powergames present in society, as we see now.
    With spirituality being subdued and hidden in secret initiation temples, all in a mix of survival-fear and increase of dogma, therefore easily leading the apprentice astray, decreasing the freedom of choice and expression, an increase of hierarchical and patriarchical systems, overruling a matriarchical society that prospered for a long time, in that Golden Age. Until it ended.

    • I welcome anyone else to respond here, but my understanding is that Cobra is a terrestrial human (i.e. born here of parents who were born here) who simply is quite connected both to memories of his past lives but also to the ETs and Resistance Movement members in psychic ‘attunement’.

      I have often thought of him as someone who perhaps ‘resonates’ more closely with those of more advanced civilization. In this manner, he could be considered to be an ET regarding his mentality and cognition but is still a human terrestrial in terms of appearance and lifestyle.

      I hope you appreciate how dicey this question is regarding a response. I communicate with him via email, but I respect his desires for anonymity and privacy as I also desire those things. Hence, I have never once asked him directly these questions in order to avoid being too ‘prying’ into details of his personal life. Also, I am quite unique in that I did not attend any conferences at which he was present; rather he introduced me to PFC – not the other way around.

      Hopefully this sheds a little light. I would rather not go too much further myself and would instead encourage you to submit a question to Rob Potter for the next upcoming interview. His email is and include the subject heading “Cobra Interview Questions” in any email you send.

  2. Have any of you ever heard what the Event is by the galactic historian Andrew Bartzis? He gave it in an interview with Ari Kopel and Serena on the Matrix Intervention. I can’t repeat with any sense the way Andrew mentioned it, but it will surprise the hell out of you!

  3. Some have spoken out against this process of awakening, yet not knowing may only lead to knowing. What good Christian would not confess that God works in mysterious ways? Truly, all things in their own good time…it is the way of all that we share on this planet. So, let us “be of good cheer”, and support everything that is positive, uplifting and freeing to us all!

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