Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteers are needed for these jobs:

Below are listed the volunteer jobs with needed skills and other details in bullet points below.  The job title is linked to an email account associated with the  volunteer job for your convenience. Simply click on the link and provide details about what you would like to do and hit send.  It will be forwarded to the PFC Volunteer Coordinator.

Our various volunteer jobs involve the general areas of website support, member support, and special projects and Programs.

NOTE: Prepare for Change Programs are related to the Humanitarian Programs and are intended to address broad needs and gather resources and knowledge related to their general goals and make them available within the Program’s Guidelines.  Programs are eligible for Humanitarian Funding and will assist conforming projects through the funding process. We will be soliciting projects and will need volunteers to organize applicants and facilitate their funding process. 

Website Support

PFC Internet Marketing

  • Internet marketing professionals
  • Social Media Registrations
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • WordPress plugin aware
  • Social Media – Knowledgable in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • (For PFC & Nova Gaia Foundation)

PFC Network Support

  • Expertise in software defined networks (SDN)
  • Work as a member of a team
  • provide strategic overview for security
  • Available on emergency basis for troubleshooting

PFC Website Link Exchange  (1 administrator)

  • 1 to 2 hours per week
  • Must be familiar with Event related websites
  • maintain the PFC Links page
  • build a database of Event – oriented websites

Prepare for Change Website Posting (4 WordPress Editors)

  • 2 to 8 hours per week
  • Assist other Volunteer Projects by posting their content.
  • Must be familiar with Event related websites
  • build a database of reposting sources
  • Divide the reposting source websites among team member
  • Repost the most current articles
  • Post daily on COEO
  • Proficient at writing- Write original articles when possible
  • Moderate discussion lists
  • Respond to comments on articles you post
  • We need writers for financial articles
  • Familiar with reposting articles from other web-sites, adding links, etc.
  • Help with Pages Update Project


Website Pages Update Project (2 wordpress developers, 2 graphic artists)

  • 1 to 2 hours per week
  • Must be familiar with Event related topics
  • WordPress experience a must
  • Able to select appropriate graphics for PFC topics

Prepare for Change Original Art (3 artists)

  • 1 to 8 hours per week
  • Must be familiar with Event related topics
  • Can conceptualize and complete topical art for articles
  • Can use Zoom Internet Conferencing
  • Contribute as a team member to multimedia projects
  • Own Photoshop and can use it effectively
  • Can supervise and assist artists

Prepare for Change Graphic Designers 

  • produce print-ready copy of flyers, etc.
  • Web Presentations
  • Article Illustration
  • 1 to 8 hours per week
  • Must be familiar with Event related topics
  • Can conceptualize and complete topical art for articles
  • Can use Zoom Internet Conferencing
  • Contribute as a team member to multimedia projects
  • Own Photoshop and can use it effectively

Member Support Services

PFC Volunteer Local Groups Coordinators

  • We need 220 friendly and aware volunteers for almost 10,000 local group members  
  • Role is to connect the local group members together
  • Need an outgoing personality, must thrive on social contact
  • Promote discussion and joint efforts
  • Support PFC Members using COEO and all other PFC Resources
  • Host regular Zoom Conferences,
  • Organize potluck picnic meditations in reserved public spaces
  • Other social tools can be organized by the Coordinators

Prepare for Change Communications Admin (3 administrators)

  • 1 to 8 hours per week
  • Must be familiar with Internet-related communications
  • assist email automation for Volunteers
  • Administer PFC Email accounts for Volunteers
  • WordPress administration experience
  • Develop/implement volunteer set-up program for all needed communications channels.
  • Can use Zoom Internet Conferencing
  • Proficient at writing
  • Can work with PFC IT Team

PFC Event Infographic   This is a computer project to help people “connect the dots” using “The Infographic” or flow chart.  I see 2 or 3 different uses for this project

  • Flow chart with bullet points to inform
  • The flow chart made into power point and make it alive with a narrator of how and why the flow chart flows (puzzle pieces fit).  3 – have the powerpoint pages available for others if any of us need to give a presentation.  You need to have good research and internet skills.  Writing is a bonus skill.  We are working on a flow-chart or Infographic chart showing how education, financial, history, governments, E.T.’s etc. etc. have been hijacked, hidden or kept secret and most important – how to get things back on track.  Willingness to take one subject, get basic to detailed understanding, capture good sources and footnotes, write brief synopsis – next subject.
  • Lucid Chart

“The Event” Presentation Slide Show (3 producers)

  • Extensive understanding of the Event process (see infographic text)
  • Experience creating Powerpoint or Keynote presentations

PFC Event Planners

  • Cobra Conference
  • PFC Conference in the summer of 2017

PFC Donation Thank you Messages

  • Send e-mail thank-you notes to our generous donators.
  • You will receive the donation form notifications via your PFC email account and and respond to the contributors.
  • This Donation Response volunteer  job requires using a form on the PFC website to enter the donors name and email address into our email database.
  • When the form is submitted it sends a thank you message to the donor, adds it to our form database and the newsletter list as well.


PFC Special Projects

Prepare for Change Newspaper (3 volunteer editors)

  • Configure the settings on the paper.li RSS feed
  • Optimize content to match weekly message emphasis

Prepare for Change Newsletter Team (2 editors 1 graphic artist)

  • 1 to 8 hours per week
  • Must be familiar with Event related topics
  • Produce and maintain the PFC Links page
  • build a database of Event – oriented websites

Cobra RM Support (6 researchers/team members)

  • Locate and post to PFC all Cobra Interviews
  • Cobra Interview Database Development
  • Organize search capabilities.
  • Good understanding of Cobra’s information and intel.  
Computer skills, etc.
  • Question/Answer section of Cobra’s information and intel.
  • Writing & organizing by subject to assist new members to understand Cobra’s intel.

Prepare for Change Online Store Project (2 webadmins, 3 product support, 1 manager)

  • Digital Bookstore  leader and team to run it (new addition to list)
  • To provide new and innovative books by digital download to the PFC community.
  • A percentage of the proceeds to go to PFC.
  • Healing Shop  healthful products for sale percentage going to PFC & Malawi
  • To provide healthful products to the PFC community.
  • Helpful Tools Shop  Solve financial issues, help environment heal, etc.
  • Financial products to get out of debt
  • Environmental Solutions

Prepare for Change Artists Auction Team (2 auction counselors, 2 wp developers, 2 fulfillment managers)

  • WordPress experienced developer

Orphanage in Malawi Team (4 fund raisers)

  • We need fundraising, innovative ideas
  • The purpose of this team is to support an orphanage in Malawi
  • Provide that they have food to eat while planting seeds and praying for rain,
  • To help sustain themselves and the 444 orphans in this community
  • Until we have the resources to provide more help for long term sustenance.

PFC Healing Directory Team

  • The purpose of this area is to make this site useable by those that come to our site for help in various areas that involve mental, emotional and physical.
  • Healing News Team gather information about helming and shares it with the Healing Group —contributing editors
  • To communicate with all that is interested in healing and what can be done outside the allopathic model.

PFC Radio Show Assistant Producers 

  • This group is to support all the various interviews done and posted on the website.
  • Preproduction- help prepare interview questions
  • Production – assist during the interview
  • Post production- audio editing, transcription editing for writing and content

Prepare for Change Wish List

  • Volunteer to answer some & help out with connecting to resources

Humanitarian Program Administration 

  • Organize and vet our Humanitarian funding applications.
  • We at PFC have received many requests for funding and we need those projects organized by country, priority etc.
  • Some computer and e-mail contact with the people requesting funds.
  • All Programs are funded as projects



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