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  1. Obama may also be forcing the Cabal’s hand since any aggression will bring The Event closer, as Cobra has said. In this way, Obama can now help “trigger” what we all want, by publicly pushing for war and “seemingly” being a hawk.

    • Yes..I have heard Cobra say that Obama will have an important role post Event.What that may be however I have no idea at all.

      Cobra also said that within 4 months after the reset government would be cleaned,especially Congress.

      Whether that means Obama will still be the president of the United States,or he will have another purpose remains unclear.

        • Most probably Richie, yes. I remind you that there are two opportunity windows for the event.

          The first Window of Opportunity comes within October – December timeframe. It will be triggered by the solar magnetic field reversal:

          Solar magnetic field reversal comes in 11 and 22 year cycles and it usually triggers societal changes:

          There is much more to this first Window of Opportunity and intel about this will be released in September.

          The second Window of Opportunity comes within March- April 2014 time frame. It will be triggered by the Galactic Core activation by the G2 interstellar cloud.

          • Yes..but there were windows of opportunity last year as well,yet it was not meant to be.So there’s still a chance that it will go even beyond April 2014?

            Also didn’t Cobra state in one of his newest updates that any military action against Syria might result in the event coming early?

            A lot of the other countries have backed down.But Obama is still determined to use missile strikes against Syria even without the support of congress or other allies like the UK.The US citizens clearly do not want any more wars either.

            But Obama is adamant about it no matter what we think.Why some people still think he is a good guy is beyond me.

            PS:Congress being conveniently recessed during a time our president wants to go to war is no coincidence is it?Sounds like a cabal orchestrated ‘coincidence’ to me.

          • Richie just because he is the one whom the whole world SEES doesn’t mean that he is also the one who takes the decisions of war / no war. He might be just forced in a way or another to “SAY SO” to the masses since he is the one whom people are aware of. So whether “good” or “bad” always remember that what you/we perceive and see is not always the case.

            And regarding the delays of the Event, of course nothing is written in stone, but still… i don’t believe that there will be any more of them, not in this parallel universe anyway ! ;p

            Shine Bright Richie.*~

          • Thanks for your prompt reply Mike,and answering my inquiries.

            You are undoubtedly the most dedicated mod I have seen on this blog so far.

            One more thing though if you don’t mind.If Obama insists on launching a limited missle strike or other smaller military movements against Syria as he claims,could it still possibly trigger the event early?

            Or do you guys feel the situation is contained enough now that other countries are backing out on it?

          • Thanks for your kind words Richie. If things were getting out of control that probably would trigger the EVENT, no doubt about it.

            But since British MP’s along with other countries rejected military intervention in Syria things will go smootlhly, according to the plan i guess.

            Its quite probable that it will take place between October-December 2013 (1st opportunity window according to Cobra).

          • Yeah I figured it probably wouldn’t happen yet,after I heard that Obama was going into the military campaign lone wolf now.

            Last week the MSM was painting a whole other story about how serious it was.

            Even though the resistance is going to bide their time,I still feel it sad that the people of Syria are apparently going to have to suffer even more before they get any relief.

            It was the same for Egypt.Hundreds died in the battles before it finally died down.I feel Syria will soon be grieving harder as well.Wish it didn’t have to be this way.So many people have already suffered and died already.


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