August 25, 2013 at 10:50am
Admirably Heroic Astral Bright Brothers and Sisters of ours…

We are the Aristandros and Danae Twin Flame

First of all, we want to thank you for this unbeknownst but conscious elite incarnation of yours in this vibrational heavy and dense field of matter, sending waves of Unconditional Love to each of you personally and to all collectively, as gratitude for any positive role you have contributed by any way in the Planetary Awakening and Liberation in your career so far.

ari.danaiWith a standard excuse the increasingly accelerated Light energies making the long anticipated rapid developments that the majority ignores and you realize, and of course embracing the Heavenly Mandate and the Galactic Guidance that always have a wider field of vision and the purest aspirations, we take the urgently needed initiative and bring forward a personal invitation / offer to anyone interested in attending the establishment of this “Spiritual Active Core”.

We are referring to the co-creation of a Vibrant Group that will synthesized by our brothers and sisters who primarily wish to receive a further active weekly action, through face to face interaction energy of a group intellectual collaboration that will facilitate their personal advancement, and Vibrational Collective Planetary Upgrade.

Our work as we all realize is one of Divine Essence and extreme importance, not only for ourselves and our Planet but for our Solar system, our entire Galaxy and therefore our Universe.

This highest reason is forcing us in a necessary upgrade reengineering of our previously attitude and actions aimed at achieving this Grand Plan, which is not limited to digital online communications, but requires results through face to face energy cooperation which bears maximum power especially when is coordinated and guided by the Light and is focused on a common vision and goal.

As a global benchmark of this coordinated operation has been given to our Pleiadian Brother COBRA from our Galactic Brothers and Sisters the Planetary Liberation Meditation that is already taking place for months now, by many conscious Lightworkers everywhere on the Sphere and based on this spiritual process we begin our teamwork face to face communication, but is not limited only to this.

We are going to begin our Group Light Work by inviting the Goddess as the Feminine Energy to balance with the Masculine Energy through a guided visualization / meditation process that is given to us by COBRA.

Practicaly the process we are following has been translated in Ellenics and recorded as an MP3 file with the voice of Danae and it’s free to be used by any other Ellenic (Greek) group.

The group beyond the obvious, will aim to direct further progress, information support and guidance of our non-awakened fellow Earthlings at the onset of the “Event” as a Support Group so as not to be created widespread panic during the development of any phenomena.

Basic conditions for someone to take an active part in the group are:

  1. Have realized the importance of our work.
  2. Really want to participate without immature enthusiasms.
  3. Reside for practical reasons in Attica / Athens.
  4. Not knowingly be a user of any drug / narcotic substance.
  5. Love and respect him/herself and all forms of Life.

Further issues such as sex, race, age, knowledge, intellectual level, spiritual path, religious beliefs, political beliefs, professional status, nutritional habits, sexual preferences and similar stereotypical boundaries of “identification” are not obstacles for any reason whatsoever against the Purity of the Soul that will be offered in this Light Work.

Fuller details on a practical level as location, timing etc. will be given to those who wish to take part and register.

We wish more of our Brothers and Sisters to take this initiative in the rest of Greece and the whole World, creating additional similar groups in other cities coordinated with the World Liberation Movement in order to promote Heaven’s Project more dynamically, rapidly and fully.

We send you all the Blessings of the Universes imbued with untold Unconditional Love, flood to your existence supporting the realization of your Heavenly Purpose.

We are all One – One is Love – We are all Love.

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