Leap for Love: Why We Need to Seek the Truth

The story we are revealing here may be completely made up. Or not. That is up to you alone to decide. After many months of research and study we discovered what we are writing here. But it is solely our perception. Nobody forces you to believe it. For us it is just a way to provide you with a guide to do your own research for what is hidden for most people behind the veil of normality.

We are in the center of a massive leap in evolution

Soon we will be able to experience many new stunning technologies, dramatically increase our personal abilities and our health, clean the surface and the atmosphere of our dear mother Earth, travel through (deep) space, see the birth of a new fair economical system and replace poverty and famine by wellbeing, abundance and freedom for every human on the planet. Sound pretty much like paradise, doesn’t it. Or even better like Utopia. Something that maybe will evolve over a very long period of time. You may even think you will not live to see this happen in your lifetime because history shows these things take time, a lot of time….

In a couple of years from now however you will think of the time we are living in now much like as prehistory. Free energy, flying cars, waterpowered cars, traveling in two hours from Paris to Beijing, replicators, elimination of many hardly curable diseases, longevity (over far more than hunderd years), meetings with our relatives from space and from inner earth, time travelling, telekinesis, teleportation, evolution of our double-strand DNA helixes into twelve strand helixes, peace and harmony, expanded conciousness and knowledge of who we are and where we came from. It will all be as natural and obvious as our current life seems to be now. The Jetsons revived. Star trek for real.

How do we know?

Well, many of the things just mentioned are already known and already exist, some for over a hunderd years. The internet is overflowing with movies, pictures and articles about these things. There are (and have been) many people that invented machines, mechanisms and theories that could be beneficial for all humanty. One of those was Nikola Tesla, a brilliant researcher who wrote in 1899 (!) that he knew a way two people would be able to talk with each other through a wireless device no matter how far they would be apart on earth. He also discovered free energy, a way to generate energy endelessly out of the quantum energy field without input of any other energy source. Another one is M. Keshe who recently experimented with a flying car and John Searl who invented several energy generating devices. There has been a teleprotation program in the ‘80s for traveling to planet Mars. Maglev, magnet induced propulsion is real. There are hunderds of people who have found natural cures for cancer and other seemingly uncurable diseases.


How come we do not know about this? Impossible. We would have known this a long time ago. Our media would have told and shown us. There are millions of good researchers and scientists who would have surely published articles about this. And besides, who would ever deny us these beautiful inventions? Free energy would have spared us many, many years of air pollution and many energy bills, wouldn’t it?

Well, yes, it would have. But it didn’t. So the question is: why didn’t it? It didn’t because there is a small amount of people who thaught and think it would not be a good idea to let everyone benefit from progress being made. If everyone would have access to free energy, endlessly available they would not make much money with oil and gas, would they? They would not make much money with medications for diseases if there were not many patients either, would they? You can make a lot of money however by boosting the economy and suddenly, silently retreat so it collapses leaving all smaller investors bankrupt so you can buy their property at a cent for the dollar.

You may want to stop reading here. It is getting uglier and darker by each word you read. It is not our purpose to get nauseating but the truth we see is easily capable of getting you there. You have to swallow two harsh sections before it gets better. So please stop if you feel you have already had enough of this.

Starting a couple of hunderd years ago this small amount of people started organising in secret organisations like illuminati, Bilderberg, Skull and Bones, Bohemian club, Pilgrim society, the high degree masonry or in organisations with a double face like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tavistock institute and the United Nations. All of these organisations have ties with the Vatican, high ranking Jesuits, intelligence agencies and several monarchies.

They discovered that starting a war and funding both parties is very profitable too. It solves the problem of too many people on the planet and leaves both parties indebted to the funder. A lot of money can also be made by rebuilding what has been destroyed and in this way raising the debt even further. Last but not least, every worthful asset can easily be stolen from a country that is invaded and conquered.

That is one of the reasons why an American general and top ranking 33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike worked out a military blueprint between 1859 and 1871 for three future world wars and various revolutions throughout the world which he considered would forward the ultimate goal to its final stage in the 20th Century.

So what was their ultimate goal?

The shocking truth is that it was a complete take over of the world, reduction of its populace to one tenth of its current size and to use remaining part of the people as poor, numb slaves to their exuberantly wealthy 300 family sized dominion. Nothing more, nothing less. They called it the New World Order and they were extremely good at what they were doing. They controlled our lives completely and beyond any comprehension. They controled what we eat and drink, what we breathe, what we see and hear, what we spend, our health, how we think and what we feel, how old we can be, how we live, what we are being taught, how busy we are, what laws we have to abide by, what we read, how we are entertained and much more. Every means to obtain this ultimate goal was used. To get people to work for their agenda their minions were bribed, blackmailed, terrorized, threatened, mind controlled, their loved ones killed and they were assassinated if they refused cooperation or leaked truthful information. They covertly took over all major multinational companies so as to controle all the media and entertainment(big media), the banks and the economy (big money), almost all governments and thus all laws, the energy supply (big oil), the weatherconditions, the development of medication and health programs (big pharma), the food chain (big food). While creating money out of thin air they made us believe money, precious metals and precious stones have value so they would have almost absolute power, being as wealthy as they are by making us spend 80% of our earnings to (covert) taxes.

This self acclaimed elite twisted history by feeding the media with false stories so as to hide how they gained wealth and power and how they are interconnected by family ties and ownership of every major company on earth. They ridiculed conspiracy theorists. They  traced and stored all our communications through email, telephone and social media and our wherabouts through cellphones, credit cards and RFID chips. They rigged all elections. They made us believe we elect governments and we have to be obedient to their laws and orders meanwhile obscuring the fact that governments should be obedient to the people they ought to serve. They controled the production and trade of drugs, and performed peadophile and satanic rituals worshipping Lucifer. They denied us the knowledge and technologies they gained from extraterrestrial contacts. They colonized the Moon and planet Mars. They denied us the knowledge approximately 6000 patents. They killed all inventors that created devices or methodes ordinary people could benefit from and stole their inventions. With covert programs or programs with false pretexts they were poisoning us and our animals with genetically modified foods, vaccinations, aspartame, chemtrails and fluorization with the apparent purpose of eliminating our free will. With the false flag operations like shootings (Sandy Hook), bombings (Boston Marathon, Oklahoma City), artificial tsunamis like Fukushima and staged fake terror attacks like 9/11 that they all very minutely organised they gained a state of massive public fear which allowed them to convince all a war on terror (a third world war) was inevitable.

This is utterly baffling of course.

As you may know the Mayas and Hopi predicted this world would end in the year 2012. They actually knew of the big cycles in the universe and predicted that the world as we know it would end and we would enter into a new age, a potentially golden age of happiness and prosperity. Just as we know a dark and a light periode over the day (due to the rotation of the earth) and a dark and light period over the year (as a result of the inclined evolving of our planet around our sun) there is a dark and a light period as our solar system evolves around the central galactic sun in an approximately 26.000 year cycle. This cycle called the great year is divided in 12 aeons or ages of 2.156 years and reversely named by the zodiac signs. In 2012 we left the Age of Pisces, the last dark period and we entered the Age of Aquarius, the first of six periods of light lasting 13.000 years. Believe it or not, by Divine decree this was to be the return of a loving, abundant society and a return for humans to full consciousness.

Huh? Aren’t we fully conscious then? Well, one of the major aspects that was carefully hidden for us was that we as humans originally are much more than a bag of flesh, organs and bones. We are capable of much more than we can imagine. As the smallest particle of everything only consists of energy vibrating in a certain frequency of light we must be beings of light. As beings of light we are able to direct our energy according to our free will. With our thoughts and focused attention we can litteraly ignite a piece of paper by directing energy to it. We can levitate. We can move objects without touching them. We can read other minds and we can sense someone behind us without hearing or seeing that person.

We can perceive beings that have no body like we do. We can manifest in our future what we focus upon with our minds. We can live on the energy of the light without eating anything for months.

This elite knew very well about this all. A very concious humanity would not serve their dream very well. So they frantically tried to get us numb and achieve their goal before the new age would start. They did everything in their power to divide and conquer us. And they got very, very close. But there were tiny cracks in their matrix.

Very couragous whistleblowers (Edward Snowden, Susan Lindauer, Russell Tice, Bradley Chelsea Manning, Phil Schneider, Sybil Edmonds, Kristin Meghan, Bill Brockbrader, Kay Griggs, Karen Hudes, Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III among many others), journalists / bloggers (Benjamin Fulford, Micheal Hastings, Matt Tabbi, Micheal Tsarion, Micheal More, Micheal Tellinger. Jon Rappoport, David Icke, Max Igan, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, Bill Ballard, Lucas, ‘his Poofness’ among many others) and channelers (Sheldan Nidle, Montague Keen, Katryn Day, Ron Head, Matthew Ward, John Smallman, Ronna Hermans, Linda Dillon, Méline Lafont, Mette Garvik, Helen Schucman and William Thetford among many others) started bringing out information that showed a very different image of reality than persistantly given to us by the main stream media.

Others like Neil Keenan, having discovered the existence of massive humanitarian funds started processes to relesase those funds. An organisation by the name of The One Peoples Trust managed by UCC filings, the fundamental rules by which all companies abide to formally bankrupt and cease all (company)governments, banks and internationally operating companies worldwide.

A tribunal by the name of ITCCS managed to research many atrocities and to convict Pope Benedict, Queen Elisabeth II and Stephen Harper, PM of Canada for genocide and massive child abuse to 25 years imprisonment. You see, a king, a queen and a pope do not suddenly abdicate because they are feeling old and tired.

In September 2011 a Swiss research group composed of S. Vitali, J.B. Glattfelder, and S. Battiston published a (scientific) article exposing the interconnectivity of all major internationally operating companies: “ The network of global corporate control”.

In January 2012 David Wilcock, a writer and researcher, published an article on his blog titled “ Financial tyranny; defeating the greatest cover-up of all time”, that awakened a whole lot of people to the reality.

Alternative media, through the internet, started exploring and investigating the most shocking events like 9/11 trying to find answers to poorly answered questions; How come building 7 collapsed? Did someone say it was taken down on purpose out of precaution? How could they have prepared this building for demolition in just a couple of hours while there was a major disaster happening next to it while first stating it collapse as a result of the attack? Where are the remains of the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon? And the one that supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania? How come the teacher that was shot to death at the Sandy Hook school was wounded at the Boston marathon a couple of months later? And how come three policemen interviewed at the Sandy Hook school were also present in other clothing at the finish line in Boston?

A real Resistance Movement was founded somewhere in the late ‘70s to make an end to the massive mind control, enslavement and corruption by the elite that covertly run the world. Today it consists alledgedly of Positive Military, a group called the White Hats and a good number of extraterrestrial Lightforces. Their liaison by the name of Cobra regularly reports as official communication outlet on his blog 2012portal.blogspot.com.

Other groups mentioned that seem to work for the benefit of humankind are the Asian-based White Dragon Society, the Elders, ancient Asian monarchies and Swissindo.

The goal of all these groups is to free humanity of the slavery system and to allow a new economic reality that has been in the works for years to emerge in a worldwide sudden EVENT. This will encompass mass arrests of the masters of slavery, ending of the worldwide federal reserve banking system, introduction of Basel III compliance of all banks, revaluation of most (if not all) currencies, release and redistribution of trillions of global prosperity funds (Prosperity Packages, World settlement funds, Global collateral accounts, Fines & Penalties, St Germaine trust, ect.) to every world citizen, erase most debts, disclosure of the existence and assistence of our benevolent extraterrestrial families, the establishment of a new international court of justice, removal of unjust laws and taxes that were designed to enrich only the elite and restructuring of the governments of most countries on the globe.

All reports and channeled information show that the EVENT is rapidly approaching. September 2013 started with many arrests as the messages about an imminent revaluation of currencies keep spreading. As of September 1st a Motu Proprio, a decree of Pope Francis, makes it possible to hold accountable for many crimes all officials, personnel, managers, directors and any other person holding an administrative or judicial mandate in any way connected to the Vatican. Since the Vatican secretly owns much of the world this decree has worldwide consequeces and actually allows many elite members to be arrested. Simultanously many people on the planet are awakening to the reality. Although this remains unreported by main stream media that still try to draw the attention to the elite agenda millions of people worldwide are protesting against their governments, the bankers and the slavery. The “Fix the world” project initiated by a woman that goes by the name of Hope Girl attracts very much attention and credit.It is a wonderful example of how we can work together as humans for a better world.

While whistleblowers obviously report about what their conscience urges them to expose and journalists report every snippet of real news they can find below the surface and try to find and explain connecting dots, channelers mostly help us focus our attention on Ascension. The new age of Aquarius is supposed to be the age in which we ascend from our very dense 3rd dimension reality into a much lighter, brighter 5th dimension in which we can redevelop our innate abilities as described above and regain our full consciousness. Our bodies are litterally altering from a carbon based vehicle with double helix DNA into cristalline based 12 fold – 6 double helix DNA bodies reconnecting our so called junk DNA. As our true human nature is being of light we can only ascend when we have consiously or unconsciously made the decision to be loving and to act lovingly only. Almost everyone seems to have made that decision (un)consciously. Ascension means the end of the karmic cycle and the end of polartity and duality. It means that we as humans have reached the end of the lesson and we all graduate. We are being persuaded to connect to each other, cooperate and to meditate in order to reestablish a strong connection with our higher selves, our I AM, our aspect and essence that is the true connection to ALL THAT IS. What we are about to expect is unimaginable. In our recollection nothing refers to this new state of being. Scarcity, fear, poverty, diseases, violence, anger, abuse and hatred will all disappear and be replaced by abundance, happiness, prosperity, joy, health, youthfulness, care, forgiveness and specifically love. It is hard to believe but that’s what their messages say. It’s even harder to believe that it is all very, very, very close.

So do we need to be afraid?

All groups mentioned are working and negotiating for a peaceful transition. A new international security force, the new World Court of Human Rights and a 178-nation consortium are now aligned and ready to secure this new world. The different factions of the elite are fighting each other…They are all being monitored every instant.

But the decisions have been clearly made. A critical mass of humanity has been reached. 22 % of the world population is more or less awake to the reality and is striving for a new loving and abundant society.

Can you help?

Yes, you surely can. At the time of the EVENT things may get a little chaotic although everyone is doing their best to prevent this. Banks will close a couple of days for the reset and shops may also be closed one or more days. So buy some extra food, clean water and toiletpaper. Have enough cash money in the house to buy what you need for a two week period. Get informed. You need to seek the truth. If you are well informed you can help your family and your neighbors by explaining what is going on and calming things down. Many tv programs are ready to educate humanity on what is happening and on revealing the truth.

Many beings requested to be on earth during this very special mass ascension from 3rd dimension into 5th dimension that never happened before in the universe of this scale. You have been selected to be here although you may not recall this. It is the most wonderful return to Love. The victory of the light is near.

Note: this article was written by a Prepare for Change participant who prefers to remain anonymous. I have published it with permission because it does such an nice job of presenting the story that so many of us have come to know and believe. Please comment and add your perception to this analysis.


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  1. I have read and understood most of what is written here before, but I can’t stop my heart from swelling, and tears to my eyes because my Soul knows that I have held this vision in my heart and soul for my whole life! Thank you all for being the first wayshowers. I am here and I am ready to assist–I feel so humble in light of all our brothers and sisters who have gone before and endured such consequences for their bravery based on LOVE for All that is.

    I am still not quite sure how to go about action, and I miss my soul family and want to connect in a real tangible way with everyone everywhere that I am supposed to.

    Thank you again for your courage in sharing so beautifully. No fear no more! We are free!

  2. Dane, the story that has been revealed here is 99% accurate. I know, because I’ve done my homework! But I do have one question…and that question is “how come we move from 3D to 5D and skip 4D?

  3. Dane, fabulous job of structuring this information in a positive LIGHT. I think we all know and are ready for what is to be done. Thank you for being such a beautiful HEART. Love you!

  4. Thank you, Dane for posting this.

    A very good “preparation” lesson for the NEW COMERS.
    This is how slowly we should teach and prepare them.

    The only problem I had is that the author wants to stay…. anonymous?

    Hmmmm….. WHY?
    I see nothing to be afraid of. Nor I see anything NEW.

    Cobra has been talking all about these and MORE in his interviews.

    I’d like to see more courageous, fear-LESS LIGHT WARRIORS.


    • Hello Hye Angel,
      indeed, the article is written to be a preparation for new comers. It has no name because I have had many people wanting to put me on a pedestal. I’m not interested in that. All efforts to help humanity are welcome and equally helpful. We’re all in this together.


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