Who are “WHITE HATS?”

The “White Hats” is an allegorical reference to the “good guys” taken from American movie tradition, in which the good cowboys always wore white hats and the bad guys (bandits, rustlers, land baron thugs) wore black hats.

It has been used to refer to the secret group of government and agency personnel working on behalf of the people in regard to the cabal since the late nineties. It originated in the letters written by a person then known as “the Dove” who began to make public the secret law known as NESARA, she referred  to her sources as “white hats”. NESARA was a real law created as a result of a law suit lost by the US Government and the banks in 1993, and NESARA was to resolve this legal issue. A special team of US Naval personnel were tasked with implementing it and their efforts eventually were to culminate in its announcement in September of 2001. George Bush Sr. pulled strings to set them up to be murdered and the implementation stopped.

The implementation team was set-up to be killed by having them all in one place at one time to actually implement the law. Thus gathered, the attack on 9/11/2001 was able to eliminate the entire team and cover up all their work in the aftermath using the Patriot Act, passed only a day after the events of 911.

The Naval team were in their offices at the Pentagon when it was hit by an anti-ship cruise missile designed to hit just above the waterline and penetrate to the engine before exploding. A beacon was placed in the offices to guide it. No passenger plane was involved.

The World Trade Center housed the entire operation to implement NESARA because its high level organizers,(Greenspan, Clinton) set it up that way. All the implementation functions were provided offices in the World Trade Center buildings (including Building Seven). When they were all there on the morning of 911 they were attacked by assassins who murdered everyone connected with the operation. Then all the buildings involved were demolished with preinstalled explosive charges. This work was outsourced to teams from outside the US, mostly criminals and soulless operatives within the global intelligence apparatus of the US, Israel and the USSR.

So, in one day, on September 11, 2001, the entire original team of “White Hats” were murdered and their history stricken from the records.

Now we call their current counterparts “Whit Hats” too. They have organized globally this time and involve far more people in the take-down of this band of ruthless criminals than they did the during the first try on 911. Today this group is more secretive and its members recruited from not only the honest members of law enforcement, but members of off world civilizations, and inner Earth humans, who are here to counteract the powers and abilities of the soulless criminals whose high level direction has always come from the Ancharon Alliance, an oligarchical society of galactic criminals, who have used Earth as a dumping ground for the souls of those who would not be good drones on other worlds in their multi-star societies.

The “White Hats” are the Planetary Resistance now. The widespread knowledge of what has happened and continues to happen in the present has unified honest men and women throughout the Galaxy, who are committed to end the reign of darkness that has so engulfed our planet. These “White hats” are gathered not only in the name of justice, but in the name of the Creator to use the rising frequencies for an eternal Event that will rid this planet of evil for all time. Our solar system’s passage into higher energy space makes these advances of love and truth possible now as never before.

The “black hats” are done. Their time, their purpose has come to its end. The huge population of our planet is now to enter an era of universal service to all creation. Our genetics, our spirits and our souls have been grown and tested to meet the needs of the loving light that will heal the galaxy and bring all of its beings into loving union and peace. No longer will division and strife be part of our makeup as the higher frequencies drive ignorance and fear from our presence.

Soon, we are all to be White Hats, radiating the white light of love, truth and peace to all throughout the Galaxy. It is our destiny, it has always been our destiny. We are the people of Earth.


Dane Arr

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  1. We need the white hats to step into Germany and take the current/newly "voted" in government leaders out of control or at least stop them from trying to poison and kill 99% if it's current population.

    Germany desperately needs a constitution in order to protect the rest of those who are still resisting their tyranny if taking advantage of not having a constitution.

    Please help 🙏🏽

    • You know the saying, "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself". We all need to snap out of it and combine all our strength to imprison these btards and release the innocent from jail.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that humans on planet earth think that they are the only species of life in existence. We are a small pinhead in the milky way. We are insignificant compared to the size of other planets. We live in an infinite universe and also multi-universes. I know there are other life forms and they have been protecting us for a very long time.

  3. We need the new White Hats, I pray they exist… to step in and shut this destruction of America and its humanity down now. Please rid this country of these vile Hitler and Satan worshippers. And evil billionaire mass murderers. Their executions should start soon. God help us. Save the food people of this world with Warriors for the Light.

  4. This is news to me and you had me till the Planetary Existance where it went SciFi. There is only One God that will have an “event” and it will happen by Him only during the end of days. I think some of the info is plausible but all the sites lose me every time with the aliens and the sci fi stuff.

    • the one God is made up of many, innumerable MEMBERS….according to his image, Christ…1Cor 12 and Romans 12. God has many members which are all God and have different offices, or jobs, as in this human race. so yes, God does reign over the entire universe for He created it. Yes, we will have access to the other ‘worlds’ if we live for God as He tells us to do. It is in the spirit and only by the Spirit can we understand and believe such as this.

        • Aliens are Satanic what drugs are you on. No the psychopaths who rule this world are Satanic as is Hollywood, the music industry and all governments. Before you type fake information you need to do some real research…factual information not what you've read once on snopes.

          • Thats true. Jesus is only way to the father.
            Aliens are indeed a huge deception, white hats dont realize that they also serve lucifer with great white brothrhood and their ascended masters. They all come from the same source and thats darkness

      • Sorry your claim that the members are God is not a correct interpretation of the Chapters you referred to. We are not part of God We are servants of an Almighty God. Big difference. We are parts of a body of humans that each have different spiritual gifts that support a collective group is what the message is trying to reveal.

    • So you believe in an invisible man in the sky, but not Science?? ?‍♀️ It weed would take very little effort o your part to learn this stuff os Science Fact… not Science Fiction… “Fear is the Mindkiller” ~Dune… Some y’all brainDEAD.

  5. I do hope that the White Hats if they do exist can do me one favor .Please for love of God stop the chem trails and the government, of this country from making it hard for us people in California to get rain. Because I can tell you ever day they are spraying those sky’s and putting a wall between California and any clouds of rain, from entering our state. It hurts me a lot seeing the damage they have cause. I do hope if they read this ,please get our rain back

  6. Se pregunta…será posible el arresto y/o eliminación de los “sombreros negros”, así como fueron eliminados de las bases subterráneas los
    reptiles y grises que eran el verdadero poder tras bambalinas???
    Ellos están bien identificados…es posible que
    los más poderosos sean suficiente para cortar su influencia al resto…
    Espero vuestra respuesta.
    Un fraternal abrazo

  7. Thank you. Regarding this description of the awful ‘assassination,’ are you saying that there were bad guys in the WTC buildings, perhaps ahead of time, who maybe shot or tazed or used some type of terrible weapons (other than those to demolish the buildings) on the NESARA people? I’ve never seen this information anywhere.

    • Yes, well the evidence disappeared didn’t it. There were reports from people who were in building seven that they had to climb over dead bodies to get through the building. The rest of the information is scattered among various reports. You have to think about what would it take to be sure that they would succeed in this effort and why it was so important to take down Building Seven, which housed many enforcement groups and records of investigations into the Cabal. It was not an accident that they were located there. Just like the rest of the White Hat opposition they were set up. Do you really think they would be able to walk out onto the sidewalk and watch as there records were destroyed, but not them? Then go to another office and begin to accuse the masterminds of doing what they did? NO, they made sure they would be fatalities of the WTC “box cutter terrorists”.

      The WTC event was a major fix for the cabal as they eliminated their opposition, streamlined the legal system and set the stage for their marvelous wars for profit. For them it was a win win win win win win situation on all fronts. It had been in preparation for years. After the Cabal is out of power it will be known how many things were setup to help them when it happened. We will all be amazed at how many scams were pulled off and how many people profited.


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