What to Expect: An Energetic Look at Anesthesia

So you need surgery? Not a problem. You are going to feel better  in the long run. Let’s do what I do best and take you through the steps on the day of surgery.

Waking Up and Getting to the Hospital:

Conventional Medicine Says: Do not eat or drink after midnight. If you take medication in the mornings, take it with barely enough water to get the pills down. Do not take insulin or blood sugar lowering medication. Seizure and blood pressure medication is most important not to miss. (This is to decrease risk of aspiration of gastric contents into the lungs during anesthesia). Candy, mints, and gum all increase risk of saliva production, and aspiration risk. Stay on the up and up and do not eat.

Reiki Doc Says:  Know that you have everything packed and ready to go. Relax. Take everything one step at a time. The Universe might have some Blessings to surprise you. Thank your Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones at this time. They know what you are having done, and shall be with you when your Live Angels and Loved Ones cannot. Trust that your team is made up of Healers, who are doing what they have been Born to Do. It is their Calling.

Checking In:

Conventional Medicine: This is the business part. There are a lot of forms and insurance protocol. That band that they put on your arm is for your safety. The latest protocol is to confirm your identity by having you state your name and date of birth before every procedure and medication that is given. Be sure to tell about your allergies and adverse reactions, even to adhesive tape. Ask for an interpreter or AT&T interpreter services by telephone. Family members sometimes omit important information to spare you when placed in the translator role.

Reiki Doc Says: You are feeling the energy of the system taking control. Let it. It is easier to float downstream than swim against the current. Let go. You are you. Even without jewelry, makeup, and in a hospital gown. Enjoy the company of your loved ones. Note how much they care about you, and smile.

Pre-Op Holding:

Conventional Medicine: They help YOU prepare yourself for surgery. They start the i.v., have you wipe the surgery site with special scrubby wipes, and have the surgeon mark where the surgery is to be done. There is a lot of pressure on everyone involved to be efficient. They may not show it like you expect, but they care and want you to have a safe and pleasant experience. Anesthesia will offer you a choice, to partially numb and relax, or to go to sleep. Take their suggestion. And be clear about what you do when you party and how often, for your comfort may be compromised if you took a hit of medical marijuana on the way in and keep that knowledge only to yourself. All drugs can mix.

Reiki Doc Says: Feel safe here. Enjoy the warming blanket, although mine was too hot and I had to have the blower lowered. This is the last you will remember, if you ask. If you do not want to lose control, ask to skip the relaxing medicine until you are in the O.R. You still have some control at this point. Very few die in the Operating Room. Usually those who are so sick as to not know they are there are the ones. Prepare yourself for a profound healing experience, both conventional and energetic. You are going to be amazed when you wake up.


Conventional Medicine: Here is where all the technology available to man is in place for your benefit. Methods seem archaic and brutal, but actually they are quite advanced over 50-100 years ago. Many people have gone through this before you. They are all practice. Let go and Trust.

Reiki Doc Says:  If you are lucky, someone will take advantage of the weakness in your aura to protect and strengthen you at this time (like me). If you can, ask for Reiki from a distance to be delivered to you at this time. Ask that you do not pick up any energies from the healers in the room that are not From the Light.  (I woke up annoyed. At everything. That is not like me. I think I picked this up from my surgeon, who has a lot going on at home. It was only a week later, after asking St. Michael to clear and sever any ties to anything I shouldn’t be tied to etherically, that I felt myself again.)


Conventional Medicine: No you can’t eat! Have some ice chips. Make sure to get your pain under control while you are here. The RN’s are best at pain treatment in this part of the hospital. The personalities of the nurses here are varied, and pleasant. Relax and enjoy. You are through with surgery. Try to go to the bathroom and get urine out if you can before you are released from PACU.

Reiki Doc Says: You are at your most vulnerable at this time. Set your expectations low, and go with it. Trust that your normal energy and lifestyle are coming back in due time. Learn the lesson of the  healing that is before you. And ask your Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones for help along the way.


Conventional Medicine: The car ride home is going to be brutal, but at the end you get your nice warm bed. Be preemptive on pain medication, nausea medication, and stool softeners. Listen to your body as it heals. Slow down and take it easy for a while. And NO big decisions until the next day, the anesthesia might make you choose something you might regret in the morning.

Reiki Doc Says: Give your body time to rest and heal, including the aura. Sleep is most beneficial at this time. Enjoy flowers, and anything else that might comfort and support you. If visitor energy is too much for you, politely decline phone and house visitation until you are feeling your best. Take naps!


Conventional Medicine: Do not assume that everything is going to go smoothly. Be ready to ask and ask for what you need, and if you can, have someone there to ask on your behalf. There is a lot lost in translation between what your doctor wants and what you actually get. Everything is negotiable, pain medication, nausea, itching relief–only if you ask. And do not eat what is on your tray unless your body wants it. You might get a regular diet but your stomach is not ready. Ask for assistance in getting around. And walk, walk, walk as much as possible.

Reiki Doc Says: This is the hardest energetic part of all. You are weak. Your family may help and they may have dysfunction. My nurses were making mistakes left and right, but I had to keep the peace and let them think they were wonderful. There is only so much you can do. If there is allergy and they want to give something that will set it off, throw a fit. But otherwise, a word to those in the know: you better have a bull horn and a cattle prod to get a floor nurse to come help you. I had to call their cell on the phone in the room. Nurses are overworked, tired, and want to make it through to the end of their shift. They are not Florence Nightingales. They are Florence Nightingales who spend more time at the hospital than they should, being worked by a system to make a profit. I picked up hostility and annoyance from my nurses, who were sweet and trying but deep down there was lots of discontent. The solution to everything is LOVE. Be Love, demonstrate gratitude, and make them laugh. And share chocolate. (Nothing makes them happier than to send you home. Do not take this personal. Once home you will be much happier too.) Self Reiki. Get Reiki. Put in your time and make it home. And Sunlight helps, too. Try to get some every day. About ten minutes.

Do not be afraid for the time it takes to recover. Both physical healing and energy healing require time to be absorbed by the system. Enjoy Nature, and the comfort of familiar faces. This too shall pass.

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