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iDoctor Could a smartphone be the future of medicine

Obama Speech Fails to Boost the Dow as Emerging Markets Fears Rise

Dow Jones Industrial Average
Dow Jones Indices: DJI – Jan 29 3:56 PM ET
15,746.18   -189.71 (1.14%)

 JPMorgan Loses 44% of Gold Inventories in 4 Days!

Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?

Climate & Earth Changes / Transhumanism


Date: 01-28-14

Host: George Noory

Guests: David Sereda, Daniel Estulin – Audio




Climate & Earth Changes


In the first half, filmmaker and mystic ecologist David Sereda addressed such topics as the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field, and the massive drought in the western United States. According to independent reports, the planet’s magnetic North Pole has migrated 160 kilometers just in the past year, he noted. Because the Earth is a physical magnet, and the magnetic field’s movements have increased, this may account for the strange unexplained booms and creaking sounds heard around the world since 2012, he posited. In addition to scientific data, Sereda also incorporates his visions and time travel mind experiments into his research about climate and earth changes.

The Polar Vortex’s arctic blasts of cold escaping over North America may be evidence of a magnetic field shifting– it’s like the magnetic field turned and shifted polar weather patterns 90 degrees to the side, he commented. The severe drought in states such as California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona is being underestimated, and may be related to radiation in the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima. The radiation heats the water and causes a high pressure system that blocks weather systems from moving in, he suggested. Sereda also touched on the various ways electromagnetic frequencies affect the brain.

2nd half of show:
Transhumanism (I don’t believe this will be part of the Golden Age. –B)

In the latter half, journalist and author Daniel Estulin discussed how spectacular technological advances will soon transform humans into some other life form. The term TransEvolution indicates a change from human being to something new. “The generation of our children, the kids who are 15, 16, 17 years old, they are the last truly human generation…their children, and their children’s children will no longer be human;” they’ll be transhumans, cyborgs, and man-machines, he predicted. “We, as people of the planet Earth are standing on the cusp of the greatest change in the history of mankind…and people are simply unprepared for what’s coming,” he continued.

We’re already beginning to see this evolution, he said, citing neurochip interfaces that could ultimately increase human intelligence to a large degree. He noted that a number of changes are outlined in the Strategic Trends Report (PDF), a document from the British government that looks as far ahead as the year 2040. Eventually, the goal of transhumanists is to move the human mind into a new vehicle, a humanoid robot controlled by a brain-machine interface. Estulin believes that the move toward transhumanism is part of a long range plan by the Elite, who seek to control and mold the human race, as well as reduce the overall population. How do you feel about transhumanism? Take the C2C Insta-Poll.



         TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction

         The True Story of the Bilderberg Group


iDoctor Could a smartphone be the future of medicine – Vid (8:51)


 Want to See Your NSA or FBI File? Here’s How…



CEO Billionaires Defend NSA – Vid (4:52)


 Health News:

Harvard report takes a look inside the Fukushima exclusion zone
Media ignores Fukushima as probable cause of declining West Coast marine populations

GM crop ban extended indefinitely in Tasmania
More young adults skipping the flu vaccine

44% of skin whitening creams in India found to contain toxic mercury
WiFi banned from pre-school childcare facilities in a bold move by French government

Beijing air pollution reaches crisis levels; can China survive its toxic environment?
Federal judge excuses Shell’s pollution of Illinois town with chemical benzene

Cadmium could have adverse effects on brain development, reducing neurogenesis
Blueberry extracts can protect against cadmium toxicity

Egyptian GM maize study shows toxic effects after just 91 days
Exposure to non-stick cookware linked to delayed menstruation

Military food to blame? Harry Reid asked Pentagon to research Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Tyson Foods Inc. recalls over 33,000 pounds of chicken
Searching for a good egg: Which type is best – Organic, free-range, pastured or cage-free?

What are Pastured Eggs? GrassFedTraditions

How to Buy Organic Eggs: Pastured vs. Free Range Eggs

What’s the Difference? White, Brown, and Blue Eggs
What your gray hair may be telling you

Himalayan salt can help mineralize and detoxify the body
Black plum leaf extract protects against fatal effects of radiation

Calendula can reduce inflammation, heal the skin and help protect the heart
Dietary spirulina reduces copper toxicity, improves blood and growth

Finnish researchers map how emotions are expressed physically in human bodies
Coconut flour: A nutritious, gluten-free substitute to processed flour

Lemon: The quintessential cancer destroyer and all-around health tonic
Fish oil found to cure brain-damaged kids

The magic of Manuka honey
Aromatherapy for the Bedroom


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