If you are fascinated with the subject of 144,000 souls, it’s quite possible that YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! Every day we learn that almost every single teaching left to us by the ancients, the Ascended Masters, the Avatars etc., have been manipulated by forces who know these teachings are powerful tools for us. It also includes the resent teachings by the spiritual New Age movement. This is why we ALWAYS receive multiple stories about the same subject. The more we dig, the more confused we become. We get dizzy and cannot concentrate on “which one resonates” with our own being.

I’ve always been fascinated by the history of 144,000 souls. I researched this topic for many years, and tried to obtain as much detail from many different sources. I will share with you a portion of my story.

After reading the book, “Prepare for the Landings” by contactee Michael Ellegion, in May of 2011, I had an unstoppable desire, an urge to have a reading with him. Even before the reading, I knew that the Elohim were the creator gods aka the “Shiny Ones”, the chosen ones. They answered a Clarion call, and asked to be ALLOWED by the Council and by Gaia herself – to come to Earth to ASSIST, to GUIDE the planet and her inhabitants to ascend. Hence, they were CHOSEN by the Council.

My reading with Michael Ellegion was amazing! I was contacted by Ashtar and Lady Aphrodite. Within a few minutes, Ashtar told me that I was one of the 144,000 souls known as the “Original Volunteers” an Elohim and I came to earth about eight million years ago. I was in absolute shock.

Ashtar also said that as humanity wakes up, more volunteers will meet and have a “soul family” reunion, so they can work together to complete the mission, the pledge they made before coming to Earth. Because this is the LAST lifetime for them on earth, most of the 144,000 are with their Twin Flames so they are stronger (even if they are away from each other) and can fulfill their mission. When they meet (even for a short time) they are having an energy exchange which reactivates a new grid. Very often, it is done in a dream or astral state.

Through research I learned that 144,000 is the number of souls that must attain Christhood (i.e. ascend) and will reactivate the Christ Light into the Christ Grids to transmute Mother Earth and humankind. This is why Cobra is stressing the importance of having 144,000 people for the meditations and/or to sign up for the petition.  It is the most crucial number of all for our liberation!

Now, we will look at some information by others, please go deep into your hearts mind and try to stay balanced. I’d like to start with a well known passage from the Bible taken from the site: http://www.cgg.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/Library.sr/CT/PW/k/269/Who-Are-144000.htm

Revelation 14:4 states that these 144,000 are “firstfruits to God and to the Lamb.” If these 144,000 are God’s first fruits, then no one else is included. The firstfruits are exactly 144,000, not one person less or one more! These numbers are consistent with the “thousands” and “tens of thousands” added together from the Old and New Testaments. As Christ says, “Many are called, but few chosen” (Matthew 20:16)

The bride of Christ is exactly 144,000. Revelation 21:2 describes the bride as “the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God.” At this point, she has risen to meet Jesus Christ, married Him and is coming back to rule on the earth with Him (Revelation 5:10). She will always be with Him from this time on (I Thessalonians 4:17). This occurs at the last trumpet (I Corinthians 15:50-52), the time of the resurrection of the “dead in Christ” along with those who are “alive and remain.” (I Thessalonians 4:16-17)

Revelation 21 describes the bride in verse 9: “One of the seven angels talked with me, saying, ‘Come, I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife.'” The angel refers to her as “the great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God” (verse 10.) Her wall is pierced by twelve gates—each a great pearl—the names of the twelve tribes of Israel inscribed on them and twelve angels at them (verses 12, 21.) New Jerusalem is 12,000 furlongs in length, breadth and height (verse 16.) Her wall measures 144 cubits (verse 17.) Twelve tribes times 12,000 each is 144,000. Twelve and the square of twelve is New Jerusalem’s description! The bride is exactly 144,000, and the firstfruits are exactly 144,000 (Revelation 14:4)

After reading, contemplating this passage and looking at these “non-sense” words from a different angel perspective, this is what I concluded. Now we know that the Christ’s “bride” of gigantic proportions is his starship the “New Jerusalem” and NOT the city of Jerusalem on Earth.

So, what is hidden in these Revelations 7 and 14:4? Who are the 12 Lost Israelite Tribes? I had a TRUE REVEAL-ation and I saw the coded name of the 144,000’s, the FirstFruits of archangels and angels as being the “12 Lost Tribes of Israel.” The following is an excerpt from the site:

http://en.144000.net/articles/144000_the_chosen_of_the_holy_spirit.htm the author is known as “Little Worker.” (This seems to be a channeled message)

Who are the 144000 chosen? It was written by the mercy of God and announced by John the prophet that in the plentitude of the Sixth Seal, the chosen of the Lord would be marked. During the Second Era, there were twelve disciples who spread My Doctrine throughout the world. In the Third Era, twelve thousand of each tribe will be the ones to make My teaching of truth and love known to all mankind. 144,000 incarnated and discarnate spirits will open the way during this period. They will be forerunners, prophets, and messengers. The ones marked by Me to go before the multitudes. Your presence before this manifestation has not been by chance. My voice summoned you along the pathways and guided you here. You have recognized the mission that you have to fulfill on Earth.

The 144,000 are the marked ones in this Third Era. Many have been chosen, but others along the journey of their own existence will be taken by surprise and to them will be revealed, either by My Divine Spirit or through you; that they belong to the 144,000 and the sign that I shall give you that the number is complete, will cause a great commotion in your planet.

Where are those 144,000? Elijah is reuniting them, some are in spirit and others are incarnated. All will be united spiritually in this Divine Work. The chosen 144,000 have to keep watch zealously over My Law, to reanimate people in their journey. They will be warriors of peace, teachers within My wisdom, doctors for all illnesses; comforters and prophets. To extend My work in this Third Era, I will choose from among the great multitudes, 144,000 spirits, placing upon them a mark with a kiss of Divine light, not a kiss of betrayal, nor a seal of some pact that places your spirit in danger.

My mark is the sign that the Holy Spirit deposits in His chosen ones to fulfill a great mission in this Third Era. He who possesses this seal is not exempt from dangers on the contrary, he is more tempted and more tested than the others are. The mark is the invisible sign through which his mission can be accomplished by the one who carries it with love, respect, zeal, and humility; then he can confirm that the mark is a Divine grace that makes him superior to pain, that illuminates him in the great trials, that reveals profound knowledge and makes a breach anywhere so that the spirit may pass through. The mark is a link that unites it with who possesses it, by which the thought and the word of the spiritual world can manifest itself in your world; so I say to you that a marked one is a messenger, an envoy, and is My instrument.

Let’s leave the Bible and move to more modern times. In November of 2012, at the Laguna Beach conference Cobra was asked “Who are the 144,000 souls?” According to him, they are called the “Order of The Stars.”


THIRD ATLANTIS: 16,000 years ago there was a task force called The Order of the Star. 144,000 beings /volunteers came forth to heal separation and integrate the darkness into the light.  They keep re-incarnating wherever they can assist and are represented by figures such as Buddha, Christ, The Templars, and the Light Workers. When we liberate the planet, we will enter into the 3rd Atlantis, a paradise on Earth.  We will create a new Atlantis with the Cities of Light and advanced technologies. The New Atlantis will arrive at the time of first contact. Order of the Star – Formed in Atlantis, they are here to transform all darkness and heal humanity. There are 144,000 beings. They are here to assist with The Event and heal humanity.  There will be a big need for healing after “The Event.”

The Galactic Federation has The Holy Grail.  The location of The Holy Grail is undisclosed. This chalice was made of 144,000 facets of polished moldavite.  It activates the 144,000 Light Beings.  Each facet contains a code for a star seed and when the light hits the facet, the star seed is activated. The 144,000 is a complex mandala, and each person will have their own role.

So, according to Ashtar AND to Cobra the 144,000 came to earth about eight million years ago. This is a comment by Starseed on Cobra’s site.  SirianStarseedJune 5, 2012 at 1:58 PM

The following is a true story about a dark period in the history of the planet, an Ascended Master named Sanat Kumara and 144,000 light bearers. Long ago, around the time of cavemen, Sanat Kumara came to earth to keep the flame of life (the threefold flame) for everyone on the planet. This was when the consciousness of the people had fallen to an all-time low and no one honored God or the inner flame of the heart. A council of the Cosmic Hierarchy convened to discuss what could be done. Sanat Kumara convinced the council that he would keep the flame of the heart on behalf of the people until some did it for themselves. He was granted his request and prepared to go into exile when 144,000 light bearers from Venus volunteered to support him in the mission.
A special envoy went ahead to build the retreat of Shamballa on an island in the Gobi Sea. Today we know this area as the Gobi Desert. Sanat Kumara placed a focus of the inner flame on the altar where it remained in the physical for many centuries. Although Sanat Kumara resided in this retreat he did not embody in the physical and remained in his higher body of light. What this master did was beautiful and demonstrated the love of an Ascended Master of Light for all. He anchored a filigree ray of light from his heart to each heart on the planet and continuously nourished it plus assisted everyone to be quickened by the consciousness of the Christ. After a period of time people began to respond and some of them started raising their consciousness and developing their inner flame. This allowed Sanat Kumara to return home to Venus.
Many of the 144,000 light bearers who were part of the original mandala are still here today. Some have returned home and others got sidetracked or entangled in karma. Today, we have the opportunity to pick up where we left off on the path of initiation with the masters. To assist us they have provided the teachings and the tools we need to successfully make the journey home. If you feel a tug in your memory, you might be one of them!

This is a quotation from a channeling by Susan Leland http://www.ashtarontheroad.info/Banniversary6sanandakumaramaui.html

I Am Sananda, one of 7 Kumara brothers and sisters. The Kumaras are from a loving dimension of Planet Venus.  When the darkness was seen coming to Planet Earth eons ago, we joined with our father Sanat Kumara, as part of a group of 144,000 Kumaras who came here to hold the Light of Love for the planet. We were present during the age of Lemuria. Approximately 2,000 years ago in your time I over lit the energy fields of one of the most famous messengers of Love the world has ever seen, the one known as Master Jesus.  Our mission was to seed Peace upon Earth, along with the beginnings of your true Golden Age.

The following is an excerpt of a channeling by Karen Doonan.


There is much talk of the 144,000 and they are now awake and preparing for the roles that they are here to play. The 144,000 are in human form but contain the genetics and codes that allow them to move into the new earth in order to prepare the ground for the dreaming that will take place to move the human race into a new level of consciousness. This has been guided within your human history for eons; the distortions were put in place for YOU to believe that it would be some other race or some other way. They never left the earth; they have walked amongst the human race waiting for this moment for eternity. Those who now heed the calling are moving into place and those systems that will help them in their setting up of new ways of Being and of living are also being put in place.

Message from Elohim: Emergence of Christ Consciousness by channeler Tiara Kumara

It’s been confirmed by the Council of Elohim that we now have more than 144,000 people upon the Earth that are at least 5th level initiates and who are living in the frequency of Christ Consciousness. The 144,000 was the number needed to trigger the mass advancement of the race including the great domino effect among all other Planetary Light Servers, which now number in the several million across the globe. This 144,000 Christ Harmonic is able to strengthen and raise the rest of us (and Humanity) into direct experiences of Christ Consciousness as we continue advancing in our remaining initiations.

It is important to understand that our final initiations into Christ Consciousness, initiations #4-5 cannot be taken until initiations #1-3 are completed and there is unwavering mastery over the personality body and our free will is completely surrendered. Again, this is for our own safety in the planetary acceleration and also prevents any potential misuse of revealing power.

I hope all this information was helpful and did not create more confusion. Please do some research of your own and good luck. May Love, Peace and the Mighty Angels be with you at all times!

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  1. This IS the second coming of christ.
    We are welcoming an era of Christ Consciousness.
    Look over your bible, as Jesus outright said not to worship HIM, but to follow HIS PATH.

    • Jesus was once asked when the kingdom of God would come. The kingdom of God, Jesus replied, is not something people will be able to see and point to. Then came these striking words: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU.” (Luke 17:21)

      The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN YOU, and whosoever shall KNOW THEMSELVES shall find it! – ANCIENT EGYPTIAN PROVERB


    • The poison makers didn’t want the people to see the power / significance in the number 13 (12 + 1) so they attempted to kill the number 13, knowing that it was the geometry of God …. Christ had 12 ‘apostles’ plus their Magdalene consorts, out to the 144,000 ‘masters of light’ …. In the human body we have 1 pineal gland in the centre of 12 sets of cranial nerves, that go out to the 144,000 nerve endings … 12 + the One = 13….. We each become ‘the 13th’ by being in a specific pattern of family that Yeshua demonstrated and as in many other examples nature shows us, the 13 Native American Indian tribes in the League of Nations, the 13 colonies in the beginning of USA, THE LUCKY 13, the 13 symbolism of the US dollar bill, the 13 Solar planets, the 13 Archimedean polygons, The 13 Astrological personality natures, 28 day moonth x 13 = 364 days…3+6+4=13, 13 x roughly 2,000 year periods cycles ‘ages’ = 26,000 years around the galactic center. In geometry, in order to stabilise any physical system, it takes what’s called ’12 degrees of freedom’ – imagine the system/ structure/ wheel we want to be stabilised, by utilizing the 12 spokes (houses of the zodiac, the 12 disciples, the 12 tribes of Is Ra and El) and the 13th warrior, The Christ at the center, just as depicted in Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting, with the ONE surrounded by the 12.


  2. Joshua why the name calling? Saying that a person is speaking lies. God is all about peace and love and unity with one another. Plus no one has died and come back to sAy what’s true and what’s not. We have to try to see the big picture here that this modern world we live in is trying to keep us from. I know you feel somewhere god didn’t just send us here to earth to work pay bills struggle and die. But if you wish to stay with your opinion you can, but something brought you to read this……

  3. You speak blasphemy. And your thoughts are not hid from the Almighty Heavenly Father.
    For if you were true you would know the right hand He has sent to make way for the 2nd coming of Christ and to prepare for the Harvest.
    You would be saving the many lost by the Rock of salvation. And I Am a messenger of His for the Lord God sends the Watchmen as well to warn you of Abomination Desolation. To let take not the Lords words lightly for His sword is here. Turn from your ways and rebuke Satan .
    For I tell you this God rebukes you.
    Thank you Jesus, Amen

    • You’re still a lost sheep, Joshua. I grew up with the same misinterpretation you have. I’ve spent the past 21 years searching. I read the KJ VERSION 7 times and you can say the walls of Jericho fell from my mind…I found the truth that sets us free from the control system…the brainwashing mindcontrol system. Maybe you’ll get there in this lifetime. If not, maybe the next.

  4. I strongly believe in scripture. Is there a way you are diverting from the text and playing with false gods? id really like to understand how the Knight Templar fits in this. They worship idols. Egyptian Gods and the like. Btw, I know I am going to be left standing. But, sure cant find like-minded people these days.

    one love

    • Id like to learn more. I think my twin flame and I woke up by way of my child being born a messenger of the light… She called her father Satan and evil but called me Lillith and twin flame Joseph which ironically is his name. I recently spent a week in a mental hospital and an elderly lady told me she was Moses Mother and called me Eve a ray of Sunshine and said God gave me his blessing to marry the great I am. Weve been fighting a battle of shadows in the middle of the Masonic Triangle in our own personal revelation and upon awakening after we made love there was an amazing light show and firefly phenomenon and a glowing circle of light around us. When we read certain things together we both get vibrations. But we still have business here on earth to finish and children to save from the grips of evil and abuse. When it comes to God… You have to be sure.

  5. I am a light worker! I know where the holy graal is. (The location on earth, not the Arcana within) I am glad to see we are all waking up! If any of you are interested in finding it please contact me. I believe. We need to unite, create and work together as one in order to transcend Gaia into peace,love and light once again. Become the change you want to be in the world.
    Nameste ^_^

    • Hi my name is Chris. I am interested in finding the Grail. I would like to be a light worker. Please get back to me.

  6. have you watch “Shen Yun performing Arts” —they have 5 troupes touring round the world…sending messages …pretty bright lights!! — try to check out…

    • May the Lord our God have mercy on you all,you are blinded by Satan,you have gone down the path of destruction,the elect will soon rise,but you will not be among them,you will be condemned because you did not love the truth,you have gone your own way which leads to hell,I have knowledge from the Lord about these things,you will see,hopefully before its too late for you to repent of this evil.I am a true servant of the Lord our God,give him Glory.

  7. I do have the consciousness and did have a mission but I’ve no idea about the 144,000. Have to admit, it does make me smile when I think about it 🙂 Peace!

  8. Hello My Beautiful Divine Brothers & Sisters! I am here in this Now and in All Nows! Your Christed Brother 1 out of the 144,000 ??? I Miss you all! And Love you all!!!

    Find me on FB. Ceasar Arroyo

    P.S. I bare the marks on my forehead and have pictures of the light simbols on my fore head!

    I want reunite with my Divine Brothers & Sisters.

    Namaste OM Shanti! Love & Unity

  9. Anunnaki – Royal Bloodline – Creators “Those who from Heaven to Earth came”

    ISRAEL- ISIS + RA=Elohim (elohim is plural gods)

    the Jews of Jesus’ day accused Him of blasphemy for claiming to be the Son of God: “Because You, being a Man, make Yourself God” (John 10:33).

    His response is intriguing: “Jesus answered them, ‘Is it not written in your law [in Psalms 82:6], “I said, ‘You are gods’ ”? If He [God] called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and the Scripture cannot be broken), do you say of Him whom the Father sanctified and sent into the world, “You are blaspheming,” because I said, “I am the Son of God”?’” (John 10:34-36).

    In other words, said Christ, “if Scripture outright called human beings gods, why are you upset when I merely state that I am God’s Son?”

    Yet are human beings actually gods? What did He mean?

    In Psalms 82:6, from which Jesus quoted, God says to human beings: “I said, ‘You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High.’” The Hebrew word translated “gods” is elohim, which literally means “gods” or “mighty ones”—although it is often rendered as “God” (that is, the true God) in the Bible. That’s because, although plural in form, the word elohim is often singular in usage.

    All Christians meet on Sunday, celebrate for their gods birthday on December 25th which is the rebirth of the sun god day, with origins going back to Nimrod, Semiramis and baby Tammuz (The original nativity scene) Satan is known as the sun god. (Revelation 9:11) And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon. (Apollo the same name for the Greek sun god which means destroyer, which is a metaphor for Satan)

    christmas is based off the ancient festivals of saturnalia, and on 12/25 they sacrificed more children than any other day of the year. (and still do) just behind closed doors instead of out in the open during ancient times.

    • christians in his day were not christians like today. they were gnostic christians. gnostic means with knowledge (gnosis). they knew a blind faith religion was dangerous and warned of the archon deception which is RELIGION. so you may want to check out the archons, they were in the gnostics and nag hammadi scriptures. the nag hammadi are in original form untouched by any church pre-dating new testament by 400 years

      the gnostic christians were killed by the romans to hide this truth. constantine wanted total power and religion is how he was going to do it, so the gnostic christians were a threat to his plans.

      yeshua was a JUDEAN, not a jew, big difference and he was a rabbi from the essene sect, not the religion of judaism we know today. hardly any truth about him at all in the bible. his lifetime 100 years off from biblical jesus

      christ was a title, not a name. there were no surnames then.

  10. Yesterday I embarked on a journey to heal my wounded inner child. In the course of my first session the 144,000 was made known to me, and I identified completely without any reservation whatsoever. I now feel like great gift of comfort in knowing that I am not alone on this journey and that there are others that’s standard Allegiance with me and our cause.

    Be well,


  11. Gaia and the cosmos will safely and intelligently move her 3D children to the New Earth as the First and Second wave Ascended Masters and Archangels (144,000 key holders) combine all their power at one moment to push open the gates of freedom into the new Crystalline Earth matrix. These First and Second Wave Beings will be the first beings in the universe to set foot onto the new world and will gently make way for the rest of humanity who took a different approach to be raised up to meet them.

    (Just a quick snip-it from the link I provided).

  12. Also I think anyone on the twinflame journey belongs to the order of the stars (144,000)

    1+4+4=9. Take the 9 and repeat it 3X(000)= 666

    So if you see triple 6 or 9 anywhere its a sign….. or 123 or 321 or 345(12=6)

    http://www.earthascends.com/page/493233588 (Twin Flames/ Light holders PLEASE READ).

  13. Why would GOD destroy his own children…. Children start out ignorant; not a reason to condemn them. I remember someone saying god made us in his/her infinite image of WISDOM/LOVE/STRENGTH. We can do this, we can create a planet of true love, regardless of ascension. If there is spirits seducing us and using us, wouldn’t it in the end be a learning experience to help us mature? I know if I was god, I wouldn’t cast my children into a lake of fire just because they started out ignorant…. My child has autism, see yeah, you aren’t good enough. GOD dwells in spirit, in all of us; why would “GOD” condemn themselves and his children?

  14. I don’t know if I’m a ” chosen ” one of the 144,000 . I was not told nor do i have a life path of 7. I do know however from a very early ( childhood ) age i questioned life and it’s meaning. I’ve experienced out of body experiences since i was a child. I was even born with a caul. I get premonitions that come true and even just ” know ” things. I am very spiritual and experience syncronicities and things all the time. Just this past March, i experienced Christ Consciousness. Words cannot describe the experience or the uphoria i had. Strang thing was it was on…Easter evening of all days. Go figure. Even if I’m not a chosen one…i do know i am very blessed to day the least.

  15. Does anyone remember Revelations saying many will fall away to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils? Christ is Christ, we lean on him we don’t become him.
    The serpent in the garden said to Eve “ye shall become as Gods”
    History is repeating itself and were falling for it all over again.

    I saw 11:11 and other synchronicities everyday, demons also communicated with me claiming to be “Ascended masters” and when I commanded them to reveal themselves in Jesus name, it revealed itself as an wolf and it’s energy was dark and full of fear. infact I saw 5 different animals who were vicious and evil looking.
    Don’t let them use you. Right now is a time for deception and their looking for sheep’s clothing.
    I fell for the new age and had to have an excorsism to get rid of it. It is painful and scary don’t let them get you to that point.
    This isn’t to condemn or judge you, from the bottom of my heart I’m just warning you. At the end of the day you have to choose.
    God bless!

  16. Hello all,
    I met my twinflame 1999 at the time I didnt know that that’s what it is. I kept it all to myself (only talking to my twinflame about it a bit) for 17 years.
    Over the last years I started to search for the answer to the question: what is it? what is there for such a long time…..That is when I first read about twinflames and that was it. That was us. Right now I feel like I am searching for my spot….I have been feeling like that for a while now…..I met someone yesterday and he introduced me to this page. It makes me smile, I don’t know why? I am just searching for …. I don’t even know exactally. For where I belong? For my spot? My role? Many questions…but it all feels right.
    Thanks for reading this.
    Love Anna

  17. I believe I am one of the 144,000, I have been a fish out of water my entire life, always knowing I didn’t fit in that I didn’t belong here, always feeling older than my years, always questioning authority at every turn, I met my twin as a teenager in 2000 he died weeks later & has now returned to me in spirit, well that’s not correct he hasn’t just returned as unbeknownst to me he never left he has been my guide for the past 15yrs since he passed, however I’ve only just found that out & that he is my twin, although he calls me his “eternal flame” he has now stepped forward to advise me that my consciousness is being lifted to serve humanity. I’ve been searching my symptoms of vibration & digestive issues since 2011 seeing any number of doctors only now years later to realise that they are ascension symptoms the level of internal vibration / hot flushes, I am now experiencing is very intense.

    • Thank you for your post. I too have been told I am one of the 144,000. In the last 6 months, I have also been dealing with digestive issues, hot flashes and other physical signs of changes in my neural pathways. I intuitively know this to be true although there is no medical reason for any of my symptoms.

  18. Would like to get in touch with you. I am one of the 144000 from Levi .My twinflame has been in the running since last year.I could use some help som advise.
    Thank You Carole

  19. All of you are head trippers.
    If youre not made in saviors image youre not 144.
    I have to see your face look into your eyes.
    trinity doctrine stargate eye exam
    orbed artifact pride from a dying hand
    you seem crafty..hmm you kind of scam…

  20. I am one of the 144,000. This became clear to me when working with the books from Metraton (The Clarion Call and The Healing Book) and later from the initiations in the (related) books from the Galactic Council. I am looking for others in my soul group to start meditating in groups of 3 and then 7 and then more. I only have one goal; to help mankind ascend. Anyone who resonates with this let me know…

  21. I was just wondering do you think there is anything in our astrology charts that connects us , certain aspects , degrees or orbs etc.. that we all share in common … I am also of the 144,000 , just curious,,,a few days ago I heard spirit say ; Neptune , Saturn and the rib of Adam , unsure to what that means as of now but it got me thinking about the astrology charts of the 144,000 .

      • I’m sorry, I don’t think that is true. I don’t know where you got your info, but even if they did have all the same life path number, it wouldn’t be 7…. it would 9. Not only the attributes applied to a 9 life path fit, but also due to the mathematical anomaly of the #9. Go do some research…..

  22. Although I am interested with this topic I could not say im one of the 144,000 because I never had any experience like those of being told in the comments section of certain ascended individuals telling them they are part of it or some unmistakable event that cannot be doubted anymore. The only confirmation I have is reading this and nothing more which is not a guarantee anyway. Interesting read, thank you for this.

    • Dear one : Welcome,and yes you are one of the 144,000 .You were drawn here to this particular website,to the topic of 144,000 ,to ascension and ascended masters. Your higher self or I Am presence if you so choose is guiding you and since you have showed up here…..you have been activated. ……So I think exhilaration and joy should most be the emotions now experienced by you.Welcome home…..we’ve been awaiting your arrival.Now,what are you drawn to or feeling pulled to with regards to the six groups created here?Research,and then do what you are drawn to…..that is how best you can help.Once again,Exhilleration and joy……dear one Welcome back.

    • I just found some important information you may want to put out there for people…..the two following websites have information regarding the global economic reset: www.shiftshaper. org, and: www.angelgifting. org

  23. Dear brother PABLO,

    Out of the whole story, all you can see is the name Michael? Was that the title of my article? No, it was not. In fact, it is not even about Michael Ellegion, at all. All I was saying is that -the first time ever I was told that I was one of the 144,000 Star beings -was passed to me by ASHTAR, via Michael.

    We can, and should exercise our free will.
    So, you can stick to the manipulated and twisted Bible.
    I chose listening to MY Cosmic TEAM and, to my heart; which tells me:
    YOU/MEN are God/s, and
    I/WOMEN are Goddesses.

  24. “After reading the book, “Prepare for the Landings” by contactee Michael Ellegion, in May of 2011, I had an unstoppable desire, an urge to have a reading with him. ”

    Michael Ellegion = Micha-EL EL Legion???

    From the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha’el) meaning “who is like God?”. This is a rhetorical question, implying no person is like God. Michael is one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition and the only one identified as an archangel in the Bible.

    el: God, in pl. gods
    Original Word: אֵל
    Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
    Transliteration: el
    Phonetic Spelling: (ale)
    Short Definition: God
    1 applied to men of might and rank, אֵל גוים mighty one of the nations Ezekiel 31:11
    2 angels, בְּנֵי אֵלִים Psalm 29:1; Psalm 89:7 = בְּנֵי הָאֱלֹהִים.
    3 gods of the nations, אֵל אֵלִים God of gods, supreme God Daniel 11:36

    Luke 8:30
    “And Jesus asked him, saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion: because many devils were entered into him.”

    You’ve been bamboozled by a man who claims to be of some rank (EL) of those that are like God (Micha), that has EL-Legions of devils who claim to be gods. WOW!

    Genesis 3:1-5
    “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

    The first lie given to mankind was that you can become like God.

  25. Hello! NAMASTE brothers and sisters. GREETINGS I COME IN PEACE>
    Lol 🙂

    I loved the readings… i also enjoyed the few comments. I dont worry too much anymore about things besides making contact and taking care of myself to improve the world. I have no desire to change anyone. I have come far enough to understand the energy we create will pave the way for others and the world. anywho about the 144… i was deeply interested around dec 23, 2014. I had dreams and the knowing that something was to take place for myself around dec 23… i have no idea about what year. anywho i had a dream:

    A women and myself were in a bedroom and there was this bed. She laid out pins or little pebbles of some sort… she had 144 of them.. and she laid them all down on the bed in 7 rows. 144/7

    She wanted to tell me what it meant but i told her I did not want to hear it from her.. LOL

    Am i crazy for saying that? yes and no…. (Im the type of person to not believe anything until I figure it our myself)

    & that was that. I woke up. Never again did i get anything in regards to the 144.

    I never put much energy into that again… and I still have no real interest in terms of who or what it really means bcz WE all know by now. We are all ONE! and what matters is our LOVE and finding CURES for those who are sick! that is my mission.

  26. Party time!! Im like the time warner.. something about borrowed time and a big earthquake.. how to warn people without causing alarm.. hmmm.. know I’m not alone and there are 143,999 backups to pick up my slack and vise versa.. embrace your visions, speak up and you will find you have information others are craving more than rejecting.. stay ready my brothers and sisters..

  27. Dear Hye angle.

    I didn’t mean to include my name and email in the previous comment (the reply to Sonia). Can you please delete that comment. I will write a new one.

  28. I have come to see i am one of the 144000, my life has been directed from the universe all my life, it is not my own.. i met my twin soul in 2010 and got full activation of energies… i do healing and my pineal gland is a powerhouse. I had an NDE in my 20’s and then i started to regress past lives.. i have travelled to one of the places.. and i know im from the tribe of Levi, i get lots of digital codes but lately its been 717 constantly. I am trying to adjust to it all. I get massive downloads of information through my pineal gland..i feel everything, im telepathic, im clairaudiant. I touch people i see things.. i transfer energy and do healings..i got told i volunteered to be here though i have struggled with the anger and illusions on the earth. I know this is my last life… i see all lies and i dont like it..im trying my best to help awaken others and be supportive.. this has been a hard journey but also very rewarding. Love & Light to all.

  29. I to have a notion that I am one of the 144,000. I have been awake for many many years although I do not as yet feel quickened. I conseider myself a student of the GWB and Sanat Kumara my father, not Yahwah. What I know in my heart is that Jesus Immanuel has absolutely no need for a spaceship and never will. And I know I will never need to get on a spaceship to go to another plant. Gaia is our home and we need to protect here with the love of our hearts. (I faked my email) I only thrust my inner knowing. How gullible do the aliens think we are? What is their real agenda? Do they want to relocate us to their inhabital planet to die and steal our planet and or our souls? Is the only way they are alowed to land is if we invite them with our free will?
    Our God is all we need. Haven’t you read our history. Namaste

    • Chaz, there is a lot we do not know about as yet. It is going to be a large paradigm shift for all of us.

      I myself have stopped worrying about details like that and focus more on how and where I should assist in improving the lives of those on the planet (including my own).

      I look forward to learning the truth about Earth’s history as well as that of our Solar System as well as our Galaxy.

  30. I’ve heard the year 2020 is when the 144,000 will ascend. I love meditating, and was fascinated the day I found out about spiritual enlightenment and the galactic federation of light. I really don’t know yet if I’m part of the 144,000 but either way I’m going to live a life filled with love. I’m going to share/spread love & the truths about life, which I have been since coming across this knowledge. So much to be learned still, looking forward to it ;] . By the way, is anybody from Boyle heights here?

    • I recommend referencing Cobra’s latest post here:


  31. This is fascinating, I cannot say I am 100% sure if I am 1 of the 144,000 thousand ascended masters, but I can say that, there has been a change, a massive change, a change of new learning, questioning, and spiritual growth that I have been experiencing. I always thought that there was something different with me, I am different, from people that our culture sees as normal, I just feel like something is calling, and I feel like I have been yearning for something that I can’t quite put my finger on. As for venus, that is my planet for Month and day I was born, so I am thinking a lot! I shall ask for guidance, but I wish you all a wonderful journey and spiritual development 🙂

  32. I was kissed with divine light from Jesus in Oct 2010 as bright as the sun a divine spirit through me and told I was a messenger.

    • Dear, you as a supposed Pleiadian, do you know that the Pleiades are sometimes recognized as “a tiny little dipper’?





      • FYI, ghjkjlj – Comments with links usually sit in ‘limbo’ until they are explicitly approved. I just went back and approved your prior messages.

  33. I’m one was told and intrigued in 144,000 before even knowing what it was, I’m on the twin flame journey.
    I think it is also being termed illumine twin flames, i would love and feeling a real desire to reach out to others right now.

    • My names Tabitha . I’m on the twinflame journey as well . I was lead to this info out of the blue ,had never heard of it. Me and my twin are too a part of the 144000. I would love to connect .

      • Hi..My name is Helanie…I am in Europe right now at this time of turbulence and chaos. I stumbled upon this site today. I met my twinflame 5 years ago and I was ”sleeping” for awhile. I am recently awakened. I was led to the site because last night as I read through the email of my twinflame, he quoted, ”We are from nature and not human.”That’s when I started to question things about my identity and the first statement of the article that says, If you are fascinated with the subject of 144,000 souls, it’s quite possible that YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!”- totally hit to the bottom of my conciousness. I want to connect too. Namaste.

  34. The Ninja Goddess…..
    Thank YOU http://apollosolaris.com/2014/08/20/if-you-want-to-find-the-secrets-of-the-universe-think-in-terms-of-energy-frequency-and-vibration-nikola-tesla/comment-page-1/#comment-5388

  35. 2 days ago I saw the flame in my heart – meditating – A pure, fat, strong, white flame of eternal Love.

    Let’s get this party started! 🙂

    Use simple anapana meditation. Observe the breath, vision down the nose with lower dantien just in periphery (Lower dantien surface reference is just below the navel 1.5-3 inches). That breathing will feed your lower dantien – your physical inner power reservoir and from there it will irrigate all 12 tribes (meridians) flushing the post-natal acquired mind – and when the tribes are full they will overflow into the cosmic pathways (8 extra meridians) signaling the christ light to descend fully into flesh.

    When you start to feel the tribes awaken allow your gaze to ascend along the same path in reverse – up slowly past the nose converging at the optic center and then allow your inner gaze (eyes always closed) to purvey down the central pillar of light (taiji pole/sushumna etc).

    Allow this gaze to pull your awareness intent (Yi) down with the gaze, and then release it – allowing your intent/awareness to slowly ascend up the central column.

    If your tribes are awakening you will enter the theshhold of awareness and see the flame.

    Contunue with this divine simplicity (anapana) the meditation of the golden soul until all darkness has been imbued with love and the gates to the temple (body) are flung open.

    With love

  36. The pressure in my heart was extreme while reading this….I am a traveler…wanderer…working with energy & light…being a porthole / corridor when necessary…not quite sure what was going on but as long as I stay in eternal time…NOW magic happens.I just got through touring Mexico arriving in Mount Shasta a few days ago for clearing & absorbing incredible energies here.I recently drank from a goblet….pure light liquid energy.I have at times been in the company of a lion…he slit the seam of my back and out popped my lightbody…when I summon my multidemensional selves….he is always the last to show saunter in….this morning he shows up….he is not one of my multidemensional selves but brings in a female lioness….this IS ME!Christ returns as a lion this time…last time he was the lamb…thanks for this write up.I am at the public library or I would be dancing for joy…oh wait…my twin flames god/goddess inside IS dancing….ty

  37. Lord Siddhartha Gautama Buddha told my Twin Flame Danae, in one of His presentations to her that she and me, are both Kumaras…

    He also show her a couple more persons of our meditation group that are Kumaras as well.

    Still the 144.000 Kumaras are not fully activated to their Divine Purpose.

    We are fulltime working on the Kumaras and Global Awakening.

    Twin ☼ Aristandros ♥ Danae ☼ Flame

  38. I was visited by Metatron while living in Colombia S.A. It was the most unusual, but profoundly impactful experiences of my, pretty strange but wonderful, life. I wrote the experience up although until now I have kept it mostly of myself. I was told emphatically that I was of the 144,000 and that I was “the first”. My son’s name is Benjamin which was a Biblical reference that accompanied this heart opening experience from Metatron. I do not fully comprehend what this all means, all I know is that I have a mission to accomplish, much like building a bridge, and I am doing the best that I can. If people would like to see the experience, I typed it up from my journal entries during this time. This all transpired around Nov. 11, 2009. http://www.eyeamsharing.com/metatron1.php

  39. for me there is no Confusion.i have been searching since years for information and found here the most.i know that i am one of the 144000,a “buffalo heart” a cell from the heart of Christ,,so what am i to do with all that,,it would be great to have some schooling to open all my channels and move into my role. in Light and Love Elga

    • Dear Elga,
      I’m soo sorry, my Dear “Buffalo Heart”, I din’t see this sooner.
      If you get this message, please, contact me at:
      [email protected],com
      and ask me any questions you have. I’ll do my best to guide you, whenever I can.

      Love YOU,


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