Factbox: Members of U.S. Congress who are leaving office

(Reuters) – Forty U.S. representatives and senators have announced plans to leave their seats in Congress in advance of mid-term elections in November, including 22 Republicans and 18 Democrats. The latest to announce his departure was Representative Rob Andrews, a 12-term Democrat from New Jersey.   U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES   Republicans currently control the House 232 to 200 with three vacancies. There will be a fourth vacancy when Andrews resigns from Congress later this month and joins a law firm.   Departing House Republicans (19) Representative Trey Radel, Florida (served less than one full term, resigned) Representative Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia (six terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Paul Broun, Georgia (three terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Bill Cassidy, Louisiana (three terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Phil Gingrey, Georgia (six terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Jack Kingston, Georgia (11 terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Michele Bachmann, Minnesota (four terms) Representative John Campbell, California (five terms) Representative Tom Cotton, Arkansas (one term, seeking Senate seat) Representative Spencer Bachus, Alabama (11 terms) Representative Tim Griffin, Arkansas (two terms) Representative Jon Runyan, New Jersey (two terms) Representative Steve Daines, Montana (one term, seeking Senate seat) Representative Howard Coble, North Carolina (served 15 terms) Representative Steve Stockman, Texas (two terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Frank Wolf, Virginia (17 terms) Representative Tom Latham, Iowa (10 terms) Representative Jim Gerlach, Pennsylvania (six terms) Representative Buck McKeon, California (11 terms)   Departing House Democrats (13) Representative Rob Andrews, New Jersey (12 terms) Representative Henry Waxman, California (20 terms) Representative Bruce Braley, Iowa (four terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Gary Peters, Michigan (three terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Colleen Hanabusa, Hawaii (two terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Michael Michaud, Maine (six terms, seeking governorship) Representative Jim Matheson, Utah (seven terms) Representative Carolyn McCarthy, New York (nine terms) Representative Mike McIntyre, North Carolina (nine terms) Representative George Miller, California (20 terms) Representative Bill Owens, New York (two terms) Representative Jim Moran, Virginia (12 terms) Representative Allyson Schwartz, Pennsylvania (five terms, seeking governorship)   U.S. SENATE   Democrats currently control the Senate, 55-45.   Departing Senate Republicans (3) Senator Saxby Chambliss, Georgia (two terms) Senator Tom Coburn, Oklahoma (two terms) Senator Mike Johanns, Nebraska (one term)   Departing Senate Democrats (5) Senator Tom Harkin, Iowa (five terms) Senator Tim Johnson, South Dakota (three terms) Senator Carl Levin, Michigan (six terms) Senator Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia (five terms) Senator Max Baucus, Montana (six terms, leaving once confirmed as U.S. ambassador to China)  Sources: Reuters, House Press Gallery, Senate Periodical Press Gallery  (Compiled by the Washington Breaking News Team)


On this website ( you can vote on what you think the Courtney Brown’s remote viewed February announcement will be about. I believe the choices are limiting because I see a series of announcements covering many things. It may start with the new metals backed financial system and global reset, exposure of the cabal, arrests of politicians and bankers, new governance, common law, and leading to ET Disclosure, our true origins and the true history of this planet. I believe we need a stable financial system before ET disclosure takes place to make for a transition that is as smooth as possible, so I don’t see that happening first.   Implications Postings – Courtney Brown’s February announcement

If you are a long term follower of, you would probably agree that it comes as no surprise that there has been a direct influence by extraterrestrials in the development of life on Earth. There are many articles I have written about this topic, which you can find through the menu above.

But how directly related is the actual announcement going to be, in terms of it being based upon extraterrestrials? The direction this announcement is now pointing in for me, is that there has been some information discovered, whether it is an archaeological find or a scientific breakthrough, which leaves people with no doubts about extraterrestrials being real and having an ongoing influence in the goings on of life on Earth, and maybe elsewhere in the universe.  _______________________________________________________

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HSBC, Citi suspend traders as FX probe deepens

HSBC and Citigroup both suspended foreign exchange traders on Friday as a global probe into possible currency market manipulation intensified.

Regulators from the United States arrived in London this week, stepping up an investigation in which they are working with Britain’s financial watchdog to determine whether traders at some of the world’s biggest banks colluded to manipulate the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign exchange market.

UBS says class action lawsuits filed against it in forex probe

UBS said on Tuesday several class action lawsuits relating to a probe into possible manipulation of the foreign exchange market had been filed against it and other banks.

The actions, filed since November, allege collusion by the defendants, and assert claims under antitrust laws and for unjust enrichment, the Swiss bank said in its quarterly report.

4th Banker ‘Suicided’ In A Week! – Vid (3:33)

Fabian4Liberty: World Bank BOMBSHELL: The Dollar Is Collapsing ECONOMIES – Vid (10:07) (Fabian speaks of the loss of sovereignty due to the Global Reset. This is the dark cabal’s version of the Global Reset. Therefore, he is aware of the cabal’s version of the Global Reset, but not aware of NESARA and the New Financial System. He still makes a few good points. 


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    We, the undersigned, are writing to you with the requirement to consider our legitimate demands, given to us by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and to take action to stop the genocide of the population of our homeland, masked as non-existent AIDS epidemic.

    The whole theory of HIV / AIDS is based on studies conducted in 1983-1984, which resulted in the discovery of new retroviruses HTLV-III (T-lymphotropic virus type third) and LAV (virus associated with lymphadenopathy), then artificially combined and renamed in HIV (HIV), which was later considered as the cause of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

    The acronym AIDS (AIDS) was put into circulation by scientists at an international conference in July 1982 as a term defining human immunodeficiency sindrom.

    In 1987 the WHO Global Programme on AIDS was established and rogue scientists, government officials and businessmen with the help of the media has started the campaign of AIDS epidemic – calling it “Plague of the XX century.”

    Cowing the population of the world by epidemic of a new deadly diseases, a group of people interested in the guise of a fake fight, started removing huge financial profits, they started persecuting people with «AZT» (Zidovudine), which was invented in 1961 by Professor Richard Beltz (Richard Beltz) to fight the cancer, but was refused because of the high toxicity.

    Subsequently the scheme of poisoning people allegedly infected with HIV, has been supplemented with new types of chemicals and were called antiretroviral therapy. But, oddly enough, the doctors and scientists had known about the human Immunodeficiency long before the AIDS ERA , and it is proved that immunodeficiency occurs in the human body as a result of various factors such as the impact of the external environment conditions, as well as internal factors , including the effect of chemically active substances and in particular antiretroviral therapy.

    ARVs are very dangerous poison and have a huge number of side effects!

    To date, they have already spent more than $ 500 billion on AIDS FIGHT, but no one life has been saved as a result of all the combined anti-AIDS programs, the realization of which took so much money.

    Neither a vaccine nor an effective cure has been found and neither was there any independent studies conducted to confirm the HIV / AIDS theory. All research refuting this theory, they are called pseudo-scientific, and scientists who speak about the absurdity of the HIV / AIDS theory they are discriminated .

    It is no secret that the law of the Russian Federation dated March 30, 1995 № 38 – FZ “On the Prevention of Spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV),” was adopted under pressure and under the dictation of the World Health Organization with the financial pressure of credit institutions.

    What we have in reality today in Russia? Despite the huge budget allocated under the federal and regional programs for the modernization of medicine, every day we see clinics, hospitals and maternity homes closing! Sorely lacking qualified doctors and medical personnel, and for the treatment of seriously ill people have to collect money, they say, the whole world!

    Scientific medical research has ceased to be independent, they are supported by the grants given by pharmaceutical companies! Grant permission for the use of drugs produced abroad, is made not on the basis of verification of their impact on the human but on the principle of “recommended by WHO”!

    At the same time, we the updated AIDS centers opening with a new modern renovation and full accommodations to fight the AIDS epidemic ( according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 26, 2013 № 2555 – P) they will spent annually not less than 700,000,000 ( seven hundred million ) rubles on AIDS INDUSTRY! And it’s in a situation when real problems can not be solved because of lack of money They kill us, and we taxpayers still pay our destruction?

    The Employees of AIDS industry violate many constitutional rights and federal laws regarding patient ! Pregnant women in violation of the principle of voluntary testing for HIV infection , as well as the right to refuse medical intervention are being tested for HIV , the result of which does not confirm the presence or absence of HIV infection. And without further epidemiological investigations or any clinical signs of disease THEY GET THEIR diagnosis of HIV infection , and are forced to take highly toxic antiretroviral therapy .

    Annually, about three thousand patients of AIDS centers receiving this therapy, die, and all the deaths charged to AIDS, proving false official statistics of nonexistent epidemic. So according to the “Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare” in 2010 about 2787 of Russian citizens died taking antiretroviral drugs, while according to the “Federal AIDS Center” 2336 people died of AIDS in 2010,. That means that all the dead had died from ARV!

    And if the relatives of the victims are trying to find out the truth about the causes of death by law enforcement agencies, employees of AIDS centers destroy documents, falsifying facts in medical records, including corruption schemes to bribe law enforcement officers,

    Doctors prefer to deliver a fatal diagnosis of HIV infection, rather than the diagnosis and treatment of real diseases.

    Proceeding from the above, under the current legislation, we require:

    1. To Cancel, repealed the law of the Russian Federation dated March 30, 1995 № 38 – FZ “On the Prevention of Spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)” due to the absence of infectious AIDS epidemic based on coined the term HIV and illegitimacy its application in the framework of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

    2. To initiate the establishment of an independent commission to study the facts refuting whether HIV is the cause of AIDS.

    3. To prohibit the use of chemicals like ARV and their use as prophylaxis because of their devastating effects on the human body.

    4. Prohibit testing for HIV with the existing test systems due to their unreliability. To cancel all diagnoses of HIV infection, and encourage patients to a comprehensive survey of the state health clinics and other medical institutions of the Russian Federation.

    5. VOID the activity of AIDS centers acting as punitive bodies enforcing healthy population to violent poisoning with highly toxic drugs, whose job is not to preserve the health of people but the destruction of families and threatens the well-being of our society .

    6. Prohibit any propaganda on HIV / AIDS epidemic in the media.



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