A Work of Art

Have you ever been to an art exhibit, looked at a painting and thought, “I can do that!” or “A five year old child can do that!” I’m sure we’ve all had at least one moment of frustration while looking at art and not being able to figure out what the heck it is. But … Read more

What’s up with The Event and Stuffs?

There’s been recent talk about the coming “event” such as what is it? What will happen? Who is behind it? And more importantly when will it happen? Various sources have said it will happen very soon, some actually claim a date in 2014 but we (those who are awake and aware) have all heard this … Read more

“Pleiades” Performed by Japanese Troupe Enra

Director Nobuyuki Hanabusa created a beautiful piece that combines performance art, music, light and technology. I wonder what would happen if a piece like this was performed in a public space. Would people walk pass uninterested? Would they stop to admire the beauty being performed for them? Would it inspire them to look at things differently? … Read more

The “ORDER OF THE STARS” aka the 144,000 VOLUNTEER KUMARAS written by Hye Angel

If you are fascinated with the subject of 144,000 souls, it’s quite possible that YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! Every day we learn that almost every single teaching left to us by the ancients, the Ascended Masters, the Avatars etc., have been manipulated by forces who know these teachings are powerful tools for us. It also includes the … Read more

What moves you?

As a college student many years ago, I fell into a deep dark cave. I let the dark consume me because it was easier to feel sorry for myself. One night while driving mindlessly home I pressed the play button without knowing which CD was inside. Out of the speakers Depeche Mode’s Insight came alive, … Read more