For those of you who are interested in Healing, it’s nice to know ‘what’s out there’ in the community. Although I am a board-certified anesthesiologist by training, and I get to see many different specialties in my work, I am also a certified Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher.  In my own way, I have both sides of the Healing Spectrum ‘covered’! LOL.

However, this trip out of town this weekend let me to discover a whole new world of ‘medicine’ or ‘healing’: the spa-style ‘devices’. Here is a summary of what I discovered, from a water massage table that looks like a cross between a tanning bed and a car wash for humans where you keep dry, to an electrical device that twitches the muscles and can be used to activate acupuncture points. Although this page is not meant to have any commercial links on it, I couldn’t find a way to actually show you what I was trying to describe without links to images of these devices. There is NO RECOMMENDATION on may part to ANY of these companies. In fact, where applicable, I add my ‘low cost alternatives’ in each area. If you’d like to see what’s ‘New In 3D’, even to make interesting conversation over dinner…please look here for more.

Again, there is no recommendation of any brand or item. I just want to share the excitement with you, as a healer, over discovering something new.

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    • Hello, thank you for your comment YY29770,
      Here is the message from you as I understand it through Google Translate: I think I need [email protected] This is my e-mail thank you (I will not e-mail the other’s)

      Here is my reply: There are very useful devices. I am glad you are interested in them. I am not a retailer. Only a blogger and healer. I just sent you some Reiki healing right now, or at least, to your guardian angel who has it safely waiting for you. Simply ask and it will be given.

      I found many items at the store ‘vitality’, and I think their web address is Their headquarters are in Las Vegas. Namaste.


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