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Past Senior Council of the World Bank for 20 years interviewed by Edmund Druilhet Executive Producer – Vid (17:35) (Excerpt)

 Bitcoin Just Completely Crashed & Causing Massive Sell Off! – Vid (2:53)



Financially, the cabal is finally feeling the pinch.

The countdown begins, Secretary of Skull and Bones Kerry goes on begging mission

By Benjamin

February 11, 2014

The families that own the Federal Reserve Board missed making gold payments due on January 31st so they now have to scramble to find gold before February 27th or face the bankruptcy of their United States of America Corporation. That is why Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry is off this week to beg for gold from the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, South Korea and China. The cover story about the US Congress having to raise the debt ceiling in order to avoid government bankruptcy is only fooling a steadily shrinking group of the brainwashed living dead.


When they missed their payment last September 31st the cabalist were able to postpone bankruptcy by making a deal with Iran, selling weapons to China and a few other tricks. Let us see if they manage to kick the can down the road once again perhaps by offering the Okinawan archipelago to China or some such thing.


Otherwise President Obama can prove he is the real deal and start issuing US government currency instead of borrowing foreign Federal Reserve Board debt notes misnamed the US dollar.


Then again something entirely different might happen. According to the P2 Freemason lodge, Pope Francis and Obama signed an agreement recently that was related to the formation of a world government. Obama was forced to sign the agreement because of the change in management of the Vatican Bank where bribe accounts for many world “leaders” are held. The recent meeting between the Pope and Vladimir Putin as well as meetings between the Pope and Obama in March and between the Pope and Queen Elizabeth in April are all connected to this, the source says. What is still not in the works, however, is a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Pope.


This reflects a fundamental rift between two factions still battling over the right to decide the world’s future course. That is what is at stake in the ongoing financial war because the right to issue Dollars, Euros, Yen etc. is basically the same as the right to decide what humanity does in the future.


The Chinese and their allies are saying that the West has ruled for long enough and now it is Asia’s turn to take charge. However, the Western faction says that China is too Sino-centric and is ignoring the rights of the rest of the world. (Neither are going to rule the world.)


In the end some sort of compromise is going to be reached because the alternative is World War III. (Not an option.)


It is also worth noting, as many people have, that many US and other banks are scheduling some sort of “drill” on the weekend of February 15th and 16th. This could for the introduction of a new currency in the US but then again it could be one of those many dates that come and go without the predicted “happening.” However, just as a precaution, it might be a good idea to keep some cash on hand.


There are many other signs that it is not business as usual in the financial world. For example, a German court ruled last week the European Central Bank bond buying was “probably illegal.” This bond buying is what temporarily calmed the Euro crisis. The ruling reflects the fact that Germans are tired of bailing out lazy, corrupt Mediterranean countries.

German court parks tank on ECB lawn, kills OMT bond rescue


Then in England, investigators are saying that not only were world interest rates rigged in the Libor scandal but that the Bank of England was directly involved in manipulating foreign exchange markets. (No surprise here. lol. –B)


BOE Staff Said to Have Condoned Currency Traders’ Conduct


A critical mass of people already know the financial system itself is a fraud and it is only a matter of time before the right to issue currency is taken away from the cabal and returned to the people.


In yet another sign [that] time was running out for the cabal, in Bosnia last week massive demonstrations were demanding just that.


In the meantime, like lost Japanese soldiers fighting in the jungle years after World War II ended, cabal agents are continuing their puerile antics in many parts of the world.


In Japan, cabal stooge Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his fellow cabal slaves are continuing to follow orders by trying to manufacture a crisis with China. The most recent such maneuver involves having executives of the State Broadcasting agency regurgitate cabal manufactured provocations like the comfort woman story, denial of the Nanjing massacre etc.


The election of Yoichi Masuzoe as mayor of Tokyo, however, was not what the cabal had hoped for.


Although Masuzoe is supported by Abe, he is also promising to restart nuclear reactors in a move that will reduce Japanese payments for cabal controlled oil-powered electricity generation.


Abe also vanished for a few days after the Davos World Forum and appears to have had some sort of “re-education,” somewhere. Unlike other cabal leaders in the West, he is visiting the Sochi Olympics and his government is actively courting good relations with Vladimir Putin’s Russia.


The negative coverage of the Sochi Olympics in the cabal controlled Western press is a good example of the sort of petty, low level antics cabal psychological warfare agents get up to. Instead of enjoying winter sports in an apolitical manner, they manufacture gay rights crises or insult the facilities in a manner that reflects badly on the cabal more than it does on Russia.


Unfortunately, the cabal does not limit itself to disinformation but also continues to murder and threaten terror too.


On that front too, the cabal is not doing well. A planned nuclear terror attack against Sochi has been stopped, according to the gnostic illuminati. Also, at least 10 would be suicide bombers have been detained. Hopefully now the Olympics will be depoliticized.


In Afghanistan too, the Taliban have run out of money and cabal heroin production operations there are being shut down.


Money matters: Taliban strapped for cash as funding routes blocked


What this means is that in addition to cocaine and amphetamines operations being shut down; cabal heroin income is also being cut off. Combined with increasing legalization of marijuana, this means a lot less money is available to pay for thugs and mercenaries.


Given all this bad news for the cabal, it is not surprising that top Davos officials contacted the White Dragon Society last week and said “perhaps it is time to push the reset button for the planet earth.” That is exactly what the WDS has been saying.


So, we can start with a one-off world-wide cancellation of all debt, public and private and a redistribution of illegally obtained wealth. After that, we can carry out a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Once that is done (and it could be done within months given the right amount of collective will-power), finally, we can start a Golden age for humanity. What are we waiting for?



Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – President Obama’s Benghazi Attack Claims – Vid (10:16)




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  1. Karen Hudes information is way more important than the information brought forward by Edward Snowden. The banksters of the Crown corporation and the Jesuits banksters of the Vatican are scrambling to find ways to stop this information from coming out. Deep down, they know that their “game” is up and that they have very little time left.

    The Jesuits are behind the worst crimes against humanity, including the “deployment” of the smart grid (smart meters), the “chemtrails”, selling weapons on both sides of a conflict (They own a lot of shares in that dirty business), and probably (but not verified) behind the Fukashima disaster/attack.

    When people will discover the wealth of the Vatican Bank, they will be outraged, and we may see some “heads” roll…

    The control grid is falling apart, the Matrix has been revealed and the culprits have nowhere to run!

    In light


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