Protocols On Laser Energy Healing Devices

Protocol A: For Everyone
(this incorporates basic laser safety and use in a medical setting or laboratory setting.)

  1.  Prepare a space for your healing to take place. One safety precaution is to post prominent signs on all entry to the room–on the outside of the door with signs that are commercially available, like ‘No Trespassing’ signs that are plastic with big orange letters on black, that say ‘Laser In Use’-CAUTION.
  2. Follow basic laser safety, and provide safety glasses. There are orange ones for CO2 laser, kind of quartz grey ones for KTP laser. I am not sure exactly what ‘kind’ of laser this device is, and I am still working to find what ones ‘match’ to provide the eye protection against possible exposure of the laser beam to the retina which can cause permanent damage (this is true for almost all lasers, but I do not know exactly the kind of laser beam involved in this healing device).
  3. Your client can have wet gauze and a layer of aluminum foil on top to protect their eyes instead. We sometimes do this for patients in the O.R., but typically we use the glasses.
  4. Until you get the glasses, make sure the crystal is always in the correct place in the device, as this absorbs the energy too, and is ‘safe’ as long as the crystal is present.
  5. Turn on the device (the switch on the far right). It will hum.
  6. Select a healing modality ‘program’ with the knob by looking at what flashes on the screen. For example, this morning I chose ‘Philosophical Comprehension’.
  7. Double-check to make sure all working parts are connected–the cable and the end piece and the crystal. Hold the end piece in your hand.
  8. Think (to yourself) or say (to an assistant) in a commanding, loud announcement, Laser ON! and turn the key like you would to turn on a car. This activates the laser.
  9. In medicine, depending on the need, the laser that is deep is used in short pulses, and the surgeon steps on a pedal, and makes the bursts go (or presses a button).  Our laser is always ‘on’ but mentally you can use it to ‘blast at’ blockages in the energy field, or to ‘sweep’ over the client. I prefer the sweeping motion over every inch of a photograph. Lasers need passes. Today on my distance healing on a photo I did five ‘sweeps’.
  10. When you are finished with the healing, announce in a loud command, Laser OFF! and have the key turned back to the safety position. Depending on the healing, a surgeon will repeat both commands several times during a case. Feel free to do this with the laser, too, as appropriate to where you are placing your focus during the treatment. (you might wish to use different ‘programs’ during a healing, for example, ‘mental clarity’, ‘grounding and centering’, and ‘calm’ in sequence.)
Following Laser Safety Protocols separates the ‘exceptional healers’ from ‘the others’–in this photograph both client and esthetician eyes are protected.

Protocol B:  For Non-Reiki Trained Energy Workers
(this protocol incorporates the added benefit of being sensitive to ‘subtle energies’)

  1. You are going to feel a tremendous surge of energy while you are working with this device. So will your client. Please warn them what to expect, and what precautions to take just like you would in a regular Energy Healing session. (get up off the treatment table slow, take it easy, drink plenty of fluids to ground the energies after the healing session.)
  2. Feel free to follow your ‘intuitive guidance’ during the healing, and incorporate it as an additional ‘layer’ to your treatment with the laser healing device.
  3. Respect that this is a Quantum Healing device–and in quantum physics, the observer affects the outcome of the experiment.   Your conscious and unconscious mental and emotional state is going to influence the overall effectiveness of the healing that is experienced by the client or patient. Therefore, be extremely mindful of what you do as a healer, both in the treatment room, and in your daily life outside it.
  4. Give your time to the client at the end to let them share their experiences–mental, physical, emotional, spiritual–with you. Many times clients have no one to share their new ‘experiences’ with. A caring, trusted, open healing attitude will help them assimilate and ‘process’ the ‘new’ type of healing they have just had, if you allow them a few minutes to talk. Be reassuring, and instill positivity in the client at all times. This is healing, too, and is important.
  5. Because of the quantum nature of the device, in a perfect world, the only one who would touch the device is you. It becomes an ‘extension of yourself’ as a healing tool. It will be ‘calibrated’ to your energy over time, and the healing potential from this device will increase the more you successfully use it to heal others.

Protocol C: For Reiki Trained Healers
(this protocol adds the contribution of Spirit to the healing paradigm)

  1. In Reiki, we are a channel of energy from Source to the client. We ‘connect’ with our Reiki guides who are in another, Higher Dimension, who are present and provide the energy to us to reach to client where it is needed most. Therefore respect and invite the healing guides you work with to come assist you in this laser energy healing session, same as you always do.
  2. This particular device has CKR and some other Reiki protocols designed into it. They are settings on the knob that show up on the small screen. Feel free to begin and close all sessions with a super-charged CKR, if you so wish.
  3. Using Protocols A and B, follow your intuitive guidance, and add Reiki symbols, toning, and other ‘techniques’ to the healing session for the maximum benefit of your client. (Intuition guides me completely, from selection of the crystal to use, to where to place the laser in the aura, and more.)
  4. Be sure to thank your guides at the end.
  5. Share your learning on your use of the device with other like-minded healers.


I dedicate this to all the workers of the Light who have worked with great healers like Simjase, Fred Bell, Rob Potter, Cobra, and all the ones I have not had the pleasure to meet, who are working together to bring this advanced healing technology to the public.



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  1. Hello, what kind of laser are you speaking about specifically. First what type ie. Cold laser etc. Secondly what are your top 3 recommendations for laser devices?



  2. Hello Rob,
    am a Massage Therapist & Reiki Master. I have a nonprofit giving free reiki treatments for veteran suffering from PTSD & those going through cancer treatment. How much are these systems? I think my clients would greatly benefit.

    Thank you,
    C. fowler

    • Hi Colleen,
      Right now the technology is in the early, start-up phase. Therefore, the devices are expensive. Rob can answer you more precisely, but a ‘flashlight’ type version is in the hundreds of dollars, and a ‘hand piece on a cord connected to a laser box’ device is in the thousands of dollars.
      I have no regret in the investment I made with my device.
      As the ability to mass produce them increases, then the price should become more affordable for all.
      Compared to a medical device laser–I think those are upwards of $75,000, these lasers are a bargain.
      Thank you for your service to the Light.
      Dr. Carla

  3. Hello Dr. Carla,

    Thank you very much for your response.

    I’ve also been feeling that the large crystal ball provides more direct and stronger effect to me.

    At the same time, I’ve been curious about the possibility of indirect and subtle but fundamental effects of the small stones

    Since the number of clinical application results is limited at this stage, it will be very interesting to follow-up and evaluate the onward cases.

    Thanks again.

    Warm regards,


  4. Can anyone please inform me of a credible source where one of these can be purchased? I know of so many people who would benefit from a treatment and what would one expect to pay for one? Thank you for response.

    • Hi Leostar,
      I got mine through the Cobra website, but similar devices are available for less through Rob’s website thepromiserevealed.
      They cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, as the technology is new and the manpower to create them is high. Also know that they come with plugs that need adaptors to work with US electrical systems. I bought a universal adapter for less than twelve dollars on amazon and it works fine.
      Thank you for your kind interest,
      Aloha and Mahalos,
      Dr. Carla

  5. Dr Carla ,
    Thank you so very much for your fine additional description to our product. Your insight to the Reiki aspect of the usage is especially wonderful.

    I will recommend that the tanning booth type protection that has a plastic no see through cover be used to cover eyes. Primarily because the laser beam may cause aluminum to get hot if the laser hits it for an extened period of time!

    Although this is extremely unlikely as the main precaution for the laser products usage is “keep away from eyes”.

    You have made this warning abundantly clear in your wonderful protocol document. I have already sent this to a client who has a light wand. So I thank you so very much, brilliant job!
    Victory to the Light
    Rob Potter

    • Dearest Rob,
      I am excited about your interest in this protocol and your suggestion for the tanning booth eye shields! I have the greatest admiration and appreciation for all of your pioneering work in the field of lasers and energy healing.
      Since I have worked with lasers in health industry ever since medical school, these protocols are guidelines to show someone in healthcare who is ‘new’ to these devices that all healers, particularly those who are working outside a hospital, respect and follow the general safety guidelines that are used with lasers–in the laboratory, in the O.R., in the aesthetician’s office, at the dermatologist, and anywhere else lasers are found.
      Eye protection is a big part of this. Your option is one, although perhaps the healer is possibly at risk?
      We generally have: A) safety goggles that are provided by the laser rep to everyone in the room, including the patient. (regular eyeglasses are not always protective with every wavelength of laser) B) soaking wet gauze 4×4 folded twice over each eye, then covered with foil on the patient, and the other safety goggles to everyone else in the room.
      I did two laser cases on Tuesday, back to back, one was urology and the other was with a CO2 skin laser. The last case had a student learning–and what the teacher said was fascinating: ‘You have two options with the focus on the laser–focused beam which is used for deeper healing, and the more diffuse beam that is for skin or coagulation. I burned myself with the laser once, and it HURT!’ I thought immediately of you, and perhaps in a future generation of the device we will allow for this focusing ‘option’ on our beams. It might lead to even more breakthroughs in healing that is accomplished through these wonderful, exciting technology advances we are so blessed to be able to work with at this time.
      Thank you again for your comment. Here is an example of what options there are. I prefer the ‘mica quartz’ type ones with a headband thing on the back to support the weight. I searched google under this:
      Aloha and Mahalos,
      Dr. Carla

      • Dear Carla,

        The power of the lasers that are used in hospitals or surgery and dermalogical cases are much more powerful and dangerous than any of our products. Our lasers are no where near as lethal or “Hot”. So the only real problem is if the laser is pointed directly in the eyes.

        Some people are not used to laser light it seems quite bright to them. In fact one of the main aspects of the healing potetial of the lasers is the fact that the colors are so vivid and attractive. The colors are soothing and have a healing effect on the consciousness.

        This is one of the great uses of coherent light it contains wavelengths that are longer and therefore more quanta of photonic information is transmitted.
        I love using this on clients as people do not have to “understand” or think with actinotherapy ( light and color ) , by simply being in the field of influence the information is transmitted to the DNA and thus to every cell in the body. The results are profound on the emotional and higher dimensional bodies as well.

        Now by adding a Crystal that I have tachyonized into the mix and some sacred geometry and then some music sends the observer into an estatic stae of wonder and awe. I actually reccomend you use your wand with the Crystal in place and stare directly into the laser illuminated crysta!

        This is not harmful as the Crystal completely diffuses the laser beam so it can do no harm whatsoever. The magical reality that you will see will show the actual movement of photons being influence by the Anu or lifetrons from the Astral Plane. You are litterally looking into the fourth dimension.

        This is where we get into manifestation aspects of this technology and “Event Horizons”. But there should be no fear for prsonal usage. When dealing with clients in a professional setting as long as the crystal is on the wand there is no need for glasses or precautions whatsoever.

        If you take the crystal OFF and are directing the beams directly onto the body it is important to cover the eyes and be extremely cautious as to where the beam is directed on to the skin. Otherwise it is super fun as I am sure you know by now. Feel free to call me anytime if you have questions.
        Rob Potter

  6. Hello,

    Thank you for the valuable advice.

    I’ve been using this device for a month for myself and my family, and find this as a quite exciting technology.

    I have a question about projecting the laser via small stones VS the large crystal ball. Have you seen any apparent diffenes in its outcome between the two different media?

    As this is a new and innovative technology, I’m interested how best the device can be used.

    Sincerely yours,

    Terry from Japan

    • Dear Terry,
      Thank you for your question. I too am excited about the new technology. In particular, these protocols help unite the ‘Energy Healing’ technology and dovetail its use into the standard of care for all laser use currently in the medical system. Anything that does not follow ‘protocol’ is going to be extremely suspect by those medical workers who are seeing it for the first time being used. They will be looking to the respect of the laser, and the protocol, that has been in use with laser my entire career as an anesthesiologist.
      Although the risks are low when the crystal is in place, and the manufacturers regard this as ‘generally safe’, it is still a good idea in the home to respect the laser and follow protocol around the family. It will increase its acceptance by others as a laser used in health care.
      This being said, in the home, I am largely guided by Spirit when I use it. It use the pyramid with the smaller crystal most often because it gives me the most options. My family enjoys seeing the flashes of light through the lighter crystals–the colors–but so far everyone ‘feels something’ no matter what crystal that is used.
      The BIG crystal seems to have more of an effect on me!
      As a highly sensitive Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, and Psychic Medium, as well as Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, this one makes me feel GOOD all over, no matter what setting I use. It seems to amplify the power of the healing in a totally different way. I feel it affect my aura and it is highly pleasant. So I use this one for general result, and the healing is the same either way as with probe. But the family wants to see ME holding the probe to heal THEM. The transfer of healing is not as clear to understand when I use the larger ball.
      I hope this answers your question.
      With Love and Gratitude for your interest,
      Aloha and Mahalos,
      Dr. Carla


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