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I have decided to continue to share all of Judy Beebe’s great work on an ongoing basis. Her many lifelong  spiritual contacts with the multi- dimensionals is only the tip of the iceberg with this wondrful soul.  She is now on her own and is openly manifesting connecting with the divine mind and she is sharing the practical and powerful insights into many hidden in plain sight mysteries of scriptures, crop circles and even scientific revelations. Please see her website and All of her videos.


Talk For Food 235 — Will the Real ‘God Particle’ Please Stand Up? – Part I

The Significance of the Hydrogen Atom by Judy Beebe – Vid (59:29)

Talk For Food 236 — Will the Real ‘God Particle’ Please Stand Up? – Part II

The Significance of the Hydrogen Atom by Judy Beebe (Emerald Tablets of Thoth) – Vid (59:29)

Talk For Food 237 — Will the Real God Particle, Please Stand Up? – Part III

The Significance of the Hydrogen Atom by Judy Beebe – Vid (59:29)


Judy Bebee Websites:

This is Judy Beebe’s main website which connects many dots. –B

You may want to read this introduction which provides some of her background. Judy has had many spiritual experiences. –B

This is her other website which is more devoted to uncovering the secrets of water and using water as an energy source through G.E.M technologies. –B


About Omega Cell Energy Website


Judy Beebe is the visionary founder of G.E.M. Technologies. Judy was previously involved in medicine for over 40 years.


Her studies into the physical body and our spiritual connection to the cosmos have led her to this new energy source. Judy was looking for a connection between the microcosm and macrocosm and this took her through the world religions and texts.


During this journey of the last fourteen years, she discovered some very vital information. Judy was led to an understanding that water was more than we thought it was. She discovered its importance in all religions and, thus, she knew there must be something more here than we were currently understanding.


Medically, Judy already knew the importance of water to the human body. As she began to consciously direct her thoughts to the components of water, she made a startling leap in under- standing. Judy discovered that the ingredients of water, hydrogen and oxygen, are the very substances which can power our world now and into the future.


At the center of our human body, we can find the clues to the energy source of tomorrow.


The ingredients are simple and ones which we all know. What is the secret? It is finding the harmonic formula and numbers and mixing according to that universal harmony.


G.E.M. Technologies Slide Show


By decoding some of the 2009 crop circles Judy was able to uncover some of the secrets of water. –B


Crop Circles Decoded – Video of Slides – Vid (10:16)

Judy BeBee: Water and the 2009 Crop Circles:



I am so honored and blessed to share this information from a colleague in the victory of light,

She told me she met Valiant Thor when she was 19 at Giant Rock space Convention. She said he turned around and said “Your from Venus” . All i can say is any friend of Valiant Thor is a friend of mine!


Thank you Judy Beebe

Rob Potter

 PFC Leadership Group



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