Dear PFC,

It seems we are doing something very right as we have been deluged with an extraordinary number or posts and that are trying to say that we are a NWO order ploy to prepare people for enslavement.???? This is quite amusing but I have tired of stopping some hate filled messages or comments with swear words or just plain links to sites filled with negativity. Many fundamentalist Christians are claiming we are the anti-christ and doing the work of satan. They have actually shown our words of hope and peace and then typed in their own interpretation as we are declaring war on truth and are denying god and even claiming we are channelers.

This is clearly not the truth as all people associated with this site are sincere spiritual individuals doing their best to take down the NWO. We are doing a VICTORY OF THE LIGHT radio show tonight on Studio A at 8pm-10pm New York time or 5pm-7pm  Los angeles time. The victory of the light radio show will have Hope Girl and other members of the PFC New Society Groups. We will reveal ourselves to be real honest patriots and lovers of light who have VOLUNTEERED EVERY MOMENT of our time to develop this website for the hope and the promise of peaceful non violent arrest of the true criminals in the banking and political corridors of our countries Bush/ Clinton nazi crime syndicate.


It has been suggested that this site or me myself personally are anti god or do not support of believe in Christ or The Bible. I do not speak for other members of this site but I personally do acknowledge the life and message of Christ. I accept the Bible as a book created by men inspired by god and manipulated by priesthoods of ignorance superstition and fear who try to place themselves as intermediaries between their following and god.

There are many things left out of the Bible by design to mislead and confuse people. In my interpretation the church is descibed in the Bible in the book of revelations as the “Harlot” “She wears the robes of purple and Scarlet” just like the supposedly kinder gentler pope. The church is about money power and control at the highest jesuit controlled administrative, policy making levels.

This is the true blasphemy as no one can act as your agent before god or truth regardless or their fancy robes or titles. I do not belittle the true innocent members of these churches . The  arrogance and intolerence of  anyone or any religion or even a website that them leads them to judge others is wrong to deny others the right to their own viewpoints. Why do these people do these things? It seems because they cannot allow or tolerate anything except their own limited views.

However all of the worlds religions whose followers have a love for god and sincerity of purpose to know the whole truth of spirit are truly blessed regardless of those wolves in sheeps clothing who would pretend to lead their flock. This sincere calling and desire to know the truths of the universe unites us ALL under the same banner of LOVE and FORGIVENESS. Regardless of religion  this is the highest teaching we should all subscribe to.

I will not go into the play by play but I went to before its news to comment and my computer froze! My post has NOT been approved until this moment as I have  declared my self the author of the article. The Event article which was intrepreted by a narrow minded christian who is clearly living in a state of delusion as to what she is reading. The site has some explaining to do if my post is not approved as it is a simple call for honesty and transparency. The  woman who wrote the article/hit piece gives opposite meanings to the words peace and love. We state openly we are patriots trying to end criminal conspiricies created by followers of the NWO. She then trys to claim we are NWO??

I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt as just another closemined religious fanatic wanting a holy war for god but there are too many other sites who have simulteneously trying to stoke the fires of fear and hate to this site. I will not do these sites the honor of mentioning their names as soon they will face the reality of what is transpiring on our world. Hopefully by our open hearts and forgiveness all soon will be understood as the healing we all need on our world right now and will reconcile all misunderstandings.

I wish no ill will or bad feelings to these people or their site and I pray if they are just misled individuals that they will turn to light and the god of love and peace.

I will leave you all with my minister My mentor and dear friend and my teacher DR Frank Stranges teachings from his many videos. He was a contactee who had repeated physical contact with one of the messengers from Venus who was appointed to bring the light to earth, Commander Valiant Thor. I will reccommend you all subscribe to Nick Besonds youtube page and see ALL of DR Franks open hearted open minded  videos.

Dr Frank who was fortunate to be the voice of reason in regards to the Space Families contact with earth men now and in Biblical times. He explains scriptures like no other because he has seen the life of Christ live on board the space ship victor one. There are records form the akasha which will one day be shared openly with all of mankind so we may know know the truth of this master and many others teachers true missions of light to heal our world.

Dr Frank is charming, real, honest and was highly respectedby all. He was a secret service agent in the counterfeit division.  He was an immigration judge and served on many police forces as a chaplain. He bought the message love and reconciled the truth of the life of Christ and Space family as no one has ever done before or since. He also produced 3 videoes revealing that the truth of the dead sea scrolls  which commander Val gave him secretly.

His teachings explain yhat the Bible is filled with Space Family and space ships . These scrolls have been hidden by the Jewish authorities under the cover of the rockefeller foundation which controls these ancient texts IN HIGHLY SECURE ROOMS WITH TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE AND BIO METRIC SECURITY BLOCKS.

Here Dr Frank Stranges confirms the message of christ and the reality of our PFC mission in words even a fundamentalist can understand. Dr Frank has adressed over 100,000 people at one time in his world wide ministry. Enjoy the wonderful teacher and man of god Dr Frank.

victory to thge light

with love

Rob Potter




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  1. It must be frustrating to be under such attack. The people who see everything that defies their indoctrination as evil are the very ones who need to be “prepared” by informed people.

    • The light has already won the battle. The so called powers of this planet have no idea how strong the energy of light is and how it will turn this civilization into an intelligent human race that will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

      Domination and repression of the people will not be allowed/possible in this next cycle of evolution we are entering. The divisions will be no more, and humans will finally be free.

      In light


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