Welcome The Goddess Energy


These are the energies of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine aspect of ourselves.

When males discover their inner Goddess Energies, the Divine Masculine ‘ramps up’ even more to counter-balance it! The effect is a kind, gentle powerhouse of healing Divine Masculine Light.

How do we welcome the Goddess Energy into our lives?

We come in tune with Her vibration.

Here are Ten Things You Can Do to Welcome the Divine Feminine to surface Gaia Now:

  1. Respect Divine Goddess Energy: for example, I have a parrot. Parrots are capable of communication, much like humans, and their survival depends on the social unit, just like us. This is an example of ‘parallel evolution’, where what works for them, works for their species, as what works for us works for ours. As the parrot views life, family is to be together for both sunrise and sunset. We are to play. And to mutually care for one another with grooming each others feathers. Acknowledge there are ‘many ways to bake a cake, all of them delicious’ and develop an interest in being able to recognize the Goddess Energies for what they are. They might be ‘different’ from what you grew up experiencing, but they are equal and valid in every way.
  2. Avoid Goddess Energy Suppression:  many things in our culture do not promote the Goddess Energy. Competition is one. Wherever you see there is lack of the qualities of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, you will know what to avoid in the future, and concentrate on giving your energy to activities and businesses which support the energy of the Goddess.
  3. Protect The Goddess Energy:  ever hear of a damsel in distress? Well, the Goddess Energy is one big huge damsel. Nature is being assaulted every day through slash and burn deforestation, chemicals, pesticides, pollution and GMO, just to name a few. Protect Nature. Humanity is being subjected to one big experiment of science–we are the guinea pigs for every new substance and drug and technology–the biological test ‘dummies’ where in time we will discover what truly is harmful to our bodies and what isn’t. When you find something that increases the vibration of health, abundance and prosperity, encourage it at once!
  4. Reach Others:  do not keep all of this good energy to yourself. For example, people watch when I save my glass drinking bottle for my kombucha at work. I take it home to recycle it because there are no recycling opportunities at the hospital. I bring my own spoon, knife and fork from home so I do not use the plastic disposables that are provided by the hospital and create landfill. I also  save spiders that by chance randomly show up in the O.R. I scoop them up and take them outside to where they are safe. Sometimes I place them in the potted plants. People notice. They don’t mention it, but they do. Your actions speak louder than words; you are ambassadors for the Goddess.
  5. Clean Your Mind: only support thoughts that create harmony with nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. You may acknowledge other thoughts. You may recognize world events. But do not dwell on them. Empower only Goddess Energy in your emotions and your mind.
  6. Use Your Body As Your Instrument to The Divine Feminine:  At the Cobra conference, the first day, all we did was sit for lecture. On the second, Lady Isis came, and did the Goddess Meditations with us. After we balanced all of our chakras, and opened to the Divine Feminine, as a group, we all danced! She had different songs, one with the energy of each chakra. The Goddess Energy is non-linear, it defies ‘logic’ (which is masculine)…it connects us strongly to earth, to our Mother, Gaia, and the movement helps us to experience the joy of Life. After all, what is the Divine Feminine but the wonder and delight of being alive?
  7. Pray: Whether your word for it is ‘meditate’ or ‘experience’ or ‘reflect’, always make the effort to ‘plug in to Source’. In good times and in struggle, countless angelic beings, and emissaries of the Light are here to support you. Invite them on your journey. Ask for All Divine Assistance. Know that with the Goddess, you don’t have anything to prove, you don’t have to go it alone…it is highly recommended to ask for Help.
  8. Discern! Discern! Discern!: Your heart will tell you what is Truth and what isn’t. The eyes, the logical mind, the peer pressure of outside sources such as the news or internet–won’t tell you what is right. In fact, there are legion of ‘trolls’ out there on the internet, deceptively putting stuff together that is only partly ‘right’ and ‘sounds good’. This is called ‘Disinformation’. How it works for me is my activity of consciousness that is used for making decisions has dropped about twelve inches lower from my head to the center of my chest; I still make rational assessments, but to KNOW in my soul what is right for me–I only follow the flutter, the feeling of ‘resonation’ within my chest with what is from the Light. Another prayer that can be said in this situation is: if it is from Source make is LOUD so I can sense it, and if it isn’t, make it quiet so it goes away. Pendulums help, too.
  9. Seek Like-Minded Others for Support and Mutual Opportunity for Self-Expression: some people just aren’t going to want to hear about it–yet. Until that time when generally EVERYONE awakens, go to a place where your Light, your Presence is welcomed. This can be online, or in person, for example, in psychic development classes. Ask for guidance to find Like-Minded-Others and it will be given. Your Light needs a place to shine, and to burn more brightly. Find that place today.
  10. Give Thanks For Everything:  although Love Is The Solution For Everything, the particular combination of Love and Gratitude is the most effective, healthiest vibration there is. Please find things to be grateful for, and express this every day. If you want to make this even stronger, give thanks in advance for what you wish to happen, and make it in the past tense. It was raining heavily last night on my way to the party, I began to hydroplane in my car. I was concerned. ‘Thank you for getting me there safely, God. I had a safe passage on the road all the way there.’ is an example.
Taken every day, these guidelines are going to help your spirit to shine. You will be resilient against all attacks to your well-being and psyche. You will prevail and your energy around you will raise that of those you meet throughout your day. Your home life will become more peaceful. Your health will improve.
Everything about your will get better, not because you are ‘doing something about it’ for ‘results’ but because you are taking the missing Goddess Energies and putting them back where they rightfully belong in your heart, mind, body and soul.
P.S. for extra results, please join us in the Weekly Meditation to Liberate The Planet, every Sunday, or how ever often you feel so moved to do this meditation, to increase the Goddess Energies within you.




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  1. I am birthing Rainbow Golden children. TWINS. There is a beautiful purifying energy that surrounds me everywhere that I go, and I am so grateful to experience this growth in life. I am 24 and this awakening is truly rewarding me in so many ways! =) Peace, Love, and Light to all of HUMANITY.

    Awaken my dear children

  2. I AM as U R. Our message is:
    Age of Aquarius, Awakening Divine Feminine and Angels on the Earth: Children of Change
    I look forward to Conscious Collaboration.


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