How To Have Health In You Hara

Have you ever heard of ‘fire in your belly’? The Eastern tradition says that the gut, or ‘Hara’ (hah-rah) is the center of all of our power, our ability to defend, our ability to act. In martial arts we learn the loud, vocal, ‘Ki Yi’ (kee y-eye), which comes straight from the Hara to fend off an attacker.

Even now there is talk about a feeling in our ‘gut’, or our ‘gut instinct’…as a common everyday phrase which alludes to the spiritual/metaphysical/intuitive reasoning that is hard to describe. We just ‘know’ and act on this inner guidance that we experience every now and then.

Well…what happens if your Hara, or your power center, is constipated? This isn’t good for your energy and this isn’t good for you. If you or anybody you know have some concerns about health in the literal ‘Hara’ part of the body, here is some simple, straight-forward information that might prove helpful:

If you are healthy and do not wish to read about this subject, that’s okay too. That’s why I made it as a link instead of a full article for Prepare For Change.

Victory To The Light! –May Your Hara Shine BRIGHT and CLEAR Forever.    Peace. <3

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