Money- How We Were Short Changed, Spun and Tricked

Lots of chatter that tomorrow April 6th, 2014 the worlds money supplies will be converted to real dollars backed by precious metals. If that happens let’s hope that it comes with a debt jubilee that will cancel out the loans as well as the debts created by central banks such as the Federal Reserve.

In 1913 a very small group of business men cloaked in secrecy plotted, conspired and successfully took over our money creation system.

Today, this very same system is still in place and controlled by an elite group of families who have an ownership stranglehold on the private central bank called Federal Reserve.

The ownership of this corrupt banking cartel continues to be a tightly held secret, however not for long.

Think this is a joke? All one needs to do is look at what the country of Iceland did in 2008. They nationalized the banks, and issued arrest warrants for the politicians and their banker buddies who conspired with them to undermine the basic rights of the citizens to own their own money. Today the citizens are back in charge, and the economy is in control of the people.

Sound too good to be true? Read on………….\


The men who overthrew our legitimate banking system in 1913 succeeded in convincing the House of Representatives by a vote of 298-60, and the Senate by a vote of 43-25 to pass the Nelson Aldrich sponsored Federal Reserve bill. They also convinced then sitting President Woodrow Wilson to sign it into law on Dec. 23rd, 1913. It has been in place, with some added modifications for the past 100 years. Their charter ran out last year and HAS NOT BEEN RENEWED.

In order to understand the depth of the deception, first read these words from Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution:

“The Congress shall have the Power….To coin money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin…..To provide punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;”

Prior to the passage of the Nelson Aldrich (Federal Reserve) bill in 1913, all of our money was owned by the People, who through our Treasury Department issued all printed and coined money.  The 1913 law provided for a 100 year contract for a few business men conspirators to start printing their own money in order to replace our existing bills.


Hence, we had been duped into using private notes, issued by private banking elite, while our “money” disappeared. Today, these notes have little or no value. In fact, when you look at one their bills, it’s not even a bill. It plainly says “Federal Reserve Note”. By definition a “Note” is a “Promise to Pay”.

Does the Federal Reserve have gold, or anything else of value to back up the “notes” they pushed on us?

No. The demise of Federal Reserve Banks will hopefully be a part of the coming financial re-set while our sovereignty over our money needs to be returned to the Treasury.

Jeff White,

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  1. If humans knew the extent of the global manipulation, there would be revolutions happening worldwide. The FIAT currency presently in circulation is a joke. As long as people have trust in “paper”, the system can be maintained for a while longer. As soon as that confidence disapears, it’s game over.

    In light


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