So…how was YOUR weekend?

Well, I’ve received an energetic kick in the posterior…and the stomach…and my back…and my neck. I am hurting more physically than I’ve been for weeks. Also, I’ve been dealing with craziness in my 3D ‘job’ that has been bringing up emotional wounds I’d thought I had been past.

To top it all off, when waking up for the Saturday meditation, instead of hitting the Snooze button I turned off my alarm. This had the unintended consequence of me sleeping through my alarm and not being ‘on time’ for the meditation. I suppose this was somewhat inevitable – that after working past midnight the five preceding nights that getting up VERY early would be nigh impossible. However, during my ‘snooze’ state I went directly into REM sleep – dreaming of something halfway between the following two images:

Nurse Chansey

Cosmic Egg

The first image is that of Nurse Chansey, from the Pokemon television series. The second is of a nebula whose official name I could not locate quickly. I felt more at peace realizing what I’d been dreaming about, although there is lingering disappointment in not being able to do a fully conscious meditation.

Overall, I’m still somewhat in a daze but glad to be on the ‘waning’ side of the energies as of Sunday night.  Overall, it was a very intense weekend – a tolerable one, though.  I was expecting this to be coming, but I was still taken by surprise at the subtle (at first) increase of energetic intensity.  Personally, it feels like a mix of cosmic energies as well as an increase in the level of ‘ankle-biter’ nastiness.  Hence, it takes a bit of reflection to be able to process one’s emotional journey in a manner that allows for fuller healing from past hurts.  I’m still in that process, and I expect I will be for at least a week or two given what the experience was like with the IS:IS Portal Activation two months ago.

That is my story of the weekend. But we at PFC also want to know what you experienced – good, bad, and surreal – over the past days.  Please share your stories – and what they mean to you – with us by this upcoming Friday night, and we will incorporate some of them via either an upcoming post or newsletter. Depending on content/length/volume of what we receive, it is not possible to guarantee all will be published. But we will do our best.

As we build PFC into an increasingly dynamic and interactive website, we’ll include more requests similar to this in the future. As always, we appreciate your submissions and requests…if we’ve not gotten to it yet, trust us, we will. Don’t be afraid to re-remind us via email, either!

Nova Biscotti

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  1. “devolving into bitterness” describes how I felt on awakening this morning. Then I found this post by Karen Hudes:

    • I also see a lot of good signs that positive actions are taking place behind the scenes.

      I’m still trying to wrap my head around who has the best Intel regarding changes within the financial system. I was an avid supporter of Ms. Hudes for about a year, but now I’m reassessing some backlash against her during 2014.

      Again, always use discernment. This game is so complex that I have resigned myself to the fact that some things I believe to be 100% true may not be, and that the converse is also true.

      I hope this response doesn’t cause more devolution into bitterness. I personally hope that Ms. Hudes is legitimate and working with the ‘good guys’ (gender-neutral intent behind that phrase).

  2. I had been having a really hard time with the CGC and since the IS:IS activation I had been caught in a negative polarity that felt like I was devolving into bitterness.
    Thankfully that had past or my self had adapted and I have been feeling like I’m walking on clouds lately as everything is just breezy, easy peazy. I’ll take it.
    It gives me time and energy to focus on building this grassroots movement here in NJ.
    I just wish my 3D “job” wasn’t owning my life!

    • I understand how you feel…I suspect many people are feeling like this at various points over the past few months.


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