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Der PFC Family,

It is my honor to be able to share the first release of Cobras monthly updates with PFC. I have made this special monthly interview exclusively for PFC , Cobras Portal blog and The Promise Revealed. I hope of you people will take advantage of my offer to be able to ask any questions you have for Cobra on any subject you desire to have answered.

Please do keep those questions coming to me after you have heard this latest interview. I will love to hear from you by e-mail to [email protected] . You may listen to the interview or read the transcript and even watch the soon to be released You Tube version by going here: The Promise Blog – Cobras Monthy Interview

I hope you will all enjoy this information and remeber PFC website runs in donations so please be generous when you can.

Victory to The light

Warm Regards

Rob Potter

PFC leadership

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  1. Thank you Cobra for this uplifting news. I am so depleted energeticly. need to hear you more often.God Bless all of your actions and the rest of planetary light workers.Love and Light

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