Pledge to Meditate Weekly for World Peace (Make This Viral!!!)

Avaaz Petition: Pledge to Meditate Weekly for World Peace (Make This Viral!!!!)

If you are willing to sign the above petition, please send an email or post the above link on Facebook to anyone whom you believe may be willing to participate.

1 thought on “Pledge to Meditate Weekly for World Peace (Make This Viral!!!)”

  1. Why this is important?

    The upcoming 13th anniversary of 9/11 is a sobering reminder of the violence and destruction rampant in the world. Indeed, the potential for global conflict seems greater than ever if we follow the news.

    But we are not powerless – we can speak with a powerful collective voice on the matter. Recently, Deepak Chopra promoted a ‘Global
    Meditation for Peace’ which was to be held on August 8, 2014. While over 40,000 registered to participate, being held on a Friday somewhat restricts the number of possible participants. This petition is simple: pledge to meditate every Sunday at 3 PM Greenwich Mean Time ( ) for world peace. Only 3-5 minutes
    is all that is needed, as the power lies in the number of participants. A well-documented phenomenon called the ‘Maharishi Effect’ shows THE POWER of mass meditations in achieving reductions in crime and military conflict. Imagine what we – the Avaaz community – can achieve if we spread this far and wide.

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