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A Letter to Karin Lacy

Dear Karin, I have visited your website and read your fully published ‘letter’ here; I empathize with your pain, although from a much different perspective. I personally had hoped that the EVENT would happen much sooner…my life has become much more difficult these past few years, and I’m seeing others’ lives go to hell in a hand-basket, too. I’ve had a friend – a father with multiple young children – die from cancer. He was someone whose life and career was just starting to come together after a rough decade. He’s not going to see the EVENT except possibly as a newborn or toddler somewhere in the world (he died earlier in 2014).

It broke my heart, because he was someone with whom I was hoping to work with on a fairly substantial project. Let’s put it this way – my idea would have the potential of providing universal health care which would be fully funded by the investment earnings from the manufacturing and selling of curative devices based upon RM & other suppressed technology. All that would be needed is a very, very large amount of investment capital and a coordinated effort to permanently direct the monetary flow within the health care industry.

I lay out that seemingly absurd claim to make a point. I can’t prove anything that I just wrote above EVEN IF I WAS COMPLETELY OPEN WITH MY IDENTITY ONLINE. But because I’m semi-anonymous, I can be easily dismissed as a Cabal shill. Frankly, to the unwavering skeptic I’m just like Cobra – a person hiding behind an online pseudonym. Look at the comments in the link below – this gave me a hint at how much vitriol can exist on the blogosphere:


I wrote this last year to try and drum up the support for the EVENT via the online voting. I cannot say it was a good piece of writing, although I assure you that I was sincere regarding my intent. Admittedly, there are a few statements in re-reading it that cause me to wince (Why on Earth did I write that?!), but it was from the heart and got at least some positive response.

I’m showing you this as an example of why I think Cobra is actually very, very smart for not putting his full identity on the internet. Currently, he gets slammed every day via the Comments section on his own blog while also enduring crap like this:

http://redefininggod.com/2014/08/cobra-the-snake-strikes-again/ (note – Cobra describes the picture in the post on 2012 Portal)

Now contrast that to a few other examples of people who are public – both Ben Fulford and David Wilcock “have come out publicly with their full names” on the blogosphere. Guess how many death threats they’ve experienced collectively? I’m thinking that the number of serious threats range well into double-digits. This is on top of their own haters – some of which have even commented on their own websites in the past. (Hmmm…maybe I can stay more sane AND safe doing this ‘blog’ thing anonymously?)

I specifically mention both of them because I’m contrasting their choice with that of Cobra; given the back-story he has shared, it’s quite likely he has had threats of bodily injury or even death – perhaps even sustaining physical assaults. I would argue that this is because he is not just a ‘guru’ but rather an intelligence operative who happens to deal in some very esoteric subjects. If he was just selling himself as a channel-er or new-age mystic I might even agree with your sentiments as to his validity. But if you read back in his blog, it is apparent that he has VERY deep connections within the Intel community – so much so that Ben Fulford felt comfortable sharing some details of their encounters within his weekly blog earlier in 2014. To me, this further solidified that he is no lightweight.

However, even before 2014 I kept watching his statements and blog posts – validating his statements against other bloggers, clicking on the links he provides for background, even developing and testing hypotheses (I.e. Clif High’s “Global Coastal Event” that never was and will not be) with which to test Cobra’s accuracy regarding statements. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that among people in the blogosphere Cobra’s accuracy of Intel relating to the Cabal is only rivaled by three individuals – Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, Benjamin Fulford, and Jim Willie (Golden Jackass). Everyone else is too many degrees removed from the top Intel circles or they don’t have the view of movers and shakers at the highest level, and Intel is provided that doesn’t tell ‘the whole story’.

That sounds like an outrageous claim, but in my mind it was proof enough for me to walk the walk and get up the courage to contact him directly to simply ask “What can I do to help?” Now I’m working on the PFC website. As you probably already know, it is not easy to put a website together and also keep new material coming. This is especially true when you’re dealing with threats to your personal well-being such as living in a war zone, having a severe lack of income, or suffering chronic health problems. These don’t obviously all apply, but they are representative of the challenges everyone seems to be facing these days. Bluntly, life pretty much sucks for the vast majority of people.

I have looked over your website. You seem utterly and completely sincere with your intentions and opinions toward various subjects. You are yet another person who could do so much good for the world – you just need a bit of capital or other resources to get started. Unfortunately, Karin, giving money from the RM’s funds is not something for Cobra to decide. I personally asked him to contact the RM and trigger the EVENT back in December because I wanted to save my friend’s life. Even then, he stated it was not up to him. Frankly, I don’t think it’s a ‘decision’ by any individuals so much as an analysis of outcomes and risks showing the Light Forces that “We can do this without a lot of infrastructure being destroyed or people being killed.”

That is my understanding of why the EVENT has not happened. Why trigger something of this scope if there is a substantial risk of many lives being lost or getting worse as a result of this? The way this goes off without a hitch is if the overwhelming majority of people discover that their lives are indeed better in virtually every way after it happens. This can only happen if there exists a framework to distribute funds to people…and ensure they get used for humanitarian purposes only.

This last point is key to understanding why a request such as yours is almost impossible to fulfill. For one, if you were actually successful in receiving this money, everyone on the planet would be clamoring for access to these funds. Yet the electronic infrastructure that currently exists for distributing these large sums of money is under Cabal (Chimera) control. It is the SWIFT system…and my belief is that a simple transaction to send you $10K from the RM’s funds could actually be used by the Cabal as a means to hack into the RM’s system and seize those funds for themselves. In other words, a simple humanitarian gesture could be turned into a complete disaster for the whole planet.

Admittedly, my understanding of the SWIFT system is not extremely great, but it’s been stated by others as well that having control of all relevant electronic infrastructure as well as having asset-backed currencies outside of the reach of the Cabal is imperative to triggering the financial reset. Right now, the BRICS nations are working very hard to develop an alternative structure that is sufficiently large to be able to handle global commerce. Unfortunately, all the brains who could be of assistance in setting up such a system are primarily in the West and under Cabal control. It’s taking time…but it is happening. It sucks for all of us, and I tried to think of a way to give you a little more hope at this time in your life.

Hence, this is what I’m proposing: I myself will be making a $15 donation toward Karin’s website. Unfortunately, we at PFC could use donations, too – but at this time I’m asking that anyone willing to make a donation split it 50/50 between PFC (front-page, right side) and Karin’s Website below:


Yes, we at PFC need the money, but I think it’s important to show that we Light-workers support each other. Personally, I don’t like that term – all being a “Light-worker” is to me is the common-sense notion of trying to help our fellow humans and all of the life which exists on and within the Earth. It is just taking our understanding of electromagnetism and energy fields and taking service-to-others to a non-physical level – the science changes our understanding, but it really comes down to manifesting compassion in the most appropriate form.

I want to additionally emphasize that I originally was very, very upset to read your comment. Honestly, the first word that came to mind was ‘blackmail’. But in reading deeper I realized I wanted to try and extend a hand virtually. We are all in this together, and no good will come of us fighting and slandering each other. This is a very complex, dangerous, and frustrating time to be alive – we must collectively exert our will to stand together even in the face of obvious “divide and conquer” Cabal tactics.

I support Cobra because he understands that the little things – meditation and cooperation being key among them – are what ultimately will allow the whole of humanity to break free. We’re having trouble doing it alone because we don’t have the right information. Furthermore, even when we do we usually don’t have the resources or organizational capability to make anything stick (see “Occupy Wall Street”). Please don’t get angry and blame him for not being able to send you $10K directly. Even if you have doubts about him, try to look at his writings and interviews – do those actually sound like the ramblings of a Cabal dis-info source? To me, they sound like someone who is in a very difficult position – trying to do the most amount of good possible while remaining sane and safe in a dangerous world.

Admittedly, while I can write that my personal experiences and soul-searching have led me to support him publicly, it may not be enough proof for you or others. I’m telling you personally, Karin, that I have been willing to spend every available waking hour on projects which he supports which I believe can genuinely change the world for the better. To me, it is worth it – this reality has become much harsher than it was intended to be – we need to make the EVENT happen so all of us can stop toiling for so little.

Please rethink your recent statements of frustration. More than anything, all of us who’ve been following the shift for so long just need to come together in solidarity. One of the easiest ways for us to do this is via the joint mass meditations. These help the planet to such a great degree that it is beyond incomprehensible that participation is not in the millions. How? Do the research on the Maharishi Effect. We cause the energy of the planet to become calmer – which in turn helps humanity become calmer and reach better decisions collectively. This means nonviolent solutions are easier to attain.

I know I keep harping on the mass meditations, but seriously – it’s the easiest thing in the world! If we do this, we can end this. We’ll have our prosperity funds and economic investments, then. You can have your farm…and then some. I have big dreams, too, that will not happen until the EVENT finally arrives. Until then, I just hope all of us can continue to help each other out.

Please, PFC family send a little something Karin’s way if you have the financial capability to do so.


Nova Biscotti


Greetings Everyone,

This is Judi from the Media Group, and I wanted to begin by saying that climbing trees was one of my favorite things to do as a child, as it helps connect with the spirit of the earth. I am sending a video I hope you will enjoy.


For quite some time I have been following the challenged messages for Sheldon Nidle who gives a perspective of the approaching first contact with our star brothers and sisters.

According to Sheldon, “We are now in the interim period before a first contact is attempted between us and the member star nations of the Galactic Federation.”

For those of you who would like to check out Sheldon’s website here is a link: http://www.paoweb.com/firstime.htm

Another website that I enjoy is http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com where I found this message from SaLuSa: Channeled by Mike Quinsey. September 12, 2014

“Dear Ones, you have such a great potential yet to be revealed and, with careful planning, you will gradually find your consciousness expanding.”


This is a great time for clearing away all that does not work in your life and being clear and focused on your intentions.

May the energy you spend at this time reap rewards and considerable forward progress.

I fully expect there to be an increase in sightings of extra-terrestrial craft in our skies, and so as always, keep your eyes to the skies.

Victory To The Light,

Judi, Irene, Smaly7, co-chairs of the media group.

Greetings from Dov of the Renaissance Group,

This week I would like to spotlight a brilliant musical artist who has been a pioneer in many genres of music, including New Age, Celtic music, Epic symphonic, and game music and beyond. He is currently writing an opera as well.

David Arkenstone has recorded dozens of albums, with amazing orchestrations and melodies, and it all came together in his Symphonic Adventure which appeared on PBS this year, a triumphant achievement for this Renaissance Grammy nominated Artist who plays many acoustic and electric instruments and has traveled the world with his music. The show featured multimedia, dancers, choir, band, orchestra, jazz band, soloist, singers, and the Cirque de Symphonie, whose gymnastic abilities were thrilling. Certainly a renaissance of talent and arts produced by Victoria Myerink.

Check some clips from the show and his CD’s are here at his website


And a review and photos of the show are here.


Here is a link to a recent interview he just did…


You can also hear him at LOVESTAR RADIO


Onward to the New Renaissance!


Dov and Raissa.
Co-chairs of the Renaissance Group



aka: why we need a new financial system.

How was your summer? parades? fireworks? barbecues? It’s almost like pavlov’s dog – we’re conditioned to wave our flags, have a few barbecues, camp, picnic and watch fireworks. You can count on it. Year after year. It’s built into our communities and into our families and our culture – and labor day ends the summer – and now we can watch FOOTBALL – another distraction. I first started this article around the 4th of July – Our Independence from Britain. . . . or so we think. Much of my study the last few years has been on putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Didn’t we learn in history lessons and don’t we celebrate our independence for the United States of America? – or is it UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION?

There is a body of evidence out there that says – the US is still owned ultimately by the Crown – Queen of England and the Vatican (Cabal) (& all religious and judicial privileges can be traced back to the Vatican). Isn’t America FREE? How about your country – Are we slaves and we don’t know it? What better way to keep slaves than to keep them ignorant that they are the slaves. America – the land of the FREE is an illusion. Religious freedom is an illusion, as well as a fair judicial system and a government by and for the people.

I want to talk about a New Financial System. We can work on correcting the Religions and Judicial systems later. Why does the evidence show that we need a new financial system? The Cabal has been running the financial industry/institutions ALL AROUND THE WORLD: Banks, lending, fractional lending, mortgage, money printing, debt, stock markets, gambling, corporations, etc. etc. – and all the systems and computer programs have been owned and run by the Cabal. From state and local banks, most credit unions to world banks and international banking systems. It’s a mess. It’s so so so so corrupted and rigged. We can’t have a revaluation – or call it a correction of the world’s money system in the same corrupt system. We must have a new system before the RV can happen. There are signs that this is being prepared. The BRICS nations of 188+ countries are banning together to refuse the US Fed. Reserve notes. BRICS countries are planning to open their own banking systems. When the RV does happen – it is promised to be quick. There will be a banking holiday of 7-14 days in which the Cabal system will be shut down and the new one, already being prepared will just take over.

What do you do:

1. Have 2 weeks of food on hand.
2. Keep your car’s gas tank full of gas.
3. Have 2 weeks of cash on hand.
4. Stay in touch with www.prepareforchange.net – and tell others.
5. Don’t panic – this is a good thing.
6. Tell your friends and neighbors not to panic – this is a good things.

Victory to the light,


[email protected]

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  1. Karin, your thoughts are so true! For those of us wanting to make the world a better place like we came here to do, it has been a day to day struggle, and it all comes back to not having the money to even live nicely let alone fulfill our dreams.

    The waiting has gotten to us and we tend to not believe as much anymore. We wonder why this stupidity has been allowed to go on for so long. How can we give hope to others when we are losing the hope ourselves?

    Thanks for voicing it so well



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