Event Reference Page #1:  The Secret Space Program & Breakaway Civilization

(Note – these “Event Reference Pages” are ‘in progress’, which means they will be updated periodically in order to improve readability and provide additional critical information.  A page will be set up on the website that will ultimately function as a ‘Table of Contents’ with links to each reference page.)


Nova Biscotti 9/20/2014

This is the first of a series of pages designed to be educational in nature for our first-time visitors at the time of the EVENT.  This seemed like a good one to start with, as this is has been the mystery spot where so many of our global resources – research & development, brain-power, money, raw materials, paradigm-shifting patents – have ultimately been funneled.

This is not meant to be fear-porn.  From all indications, the insidious and disturbing aspects behind these stories appear to be winding down or have not occurred for several years.  What is intended by exposure to this information is the realization that if these resources and associated technologies were ultimately released and used to the benefit of humanity and the planet – that all of our major societal ills could be eliminated within a decade or two (if not sooner).  It was this realization – one that has been touched upon by virtually every serious UFO and Secret Shadow Government (SSG) researcher – that made me realize that we were not on the brink of a dystopian future but rather a cultural and technological renaissance that is unparalleled in ‘modern’ human history.

All that is ultimately necessary to begin this renaissance is the removal of those blocking our progress from their various positions of influence and power, and to reboot the base structures of our financial system to ultimately allow funding for many projects to begin.  Odd as it may seem, my hope is that the vast majority of people who read this are doing so after those two efforts have publicly begun – it means we’ve finally arrived at the future we were always meant to have before it was stolen from us.

Richard Dolan Lecture 2011: Secret Space Program And Breakaway Civilization

Here is a solid article on Black Budgets from http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net


Phil Schneider – One of the most important voices in the Disclosure movement.  We owe much to him:



Here’s a fun tidbit from former MJ-12 member and senior editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, which describes the technological ‘how’ behind the much-discussed “Black Triangle Ships”:



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