Event Preparation – It’s “Gut-Check” Time

Hello PFC readers! Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or only following the mainstream media for news – you realize things are getting near a breaking point. The Cabal and their Archon/Chimera masters are desperate – nothing is too ‘dirty’ or ruthless for them to attempt. It’s getting harder and harder for them to convince the peoples of the world to go to war – but here they are trying, trying, trying.

In addition to being prepared regarding supplies and tools needed to stay safe and fed, I am explicitly asking people to begin to make final touches to any ‘waking up the masses’ plans. Many of us have been laughed at, brushed off, or worse trying to communicate this information to people. It’s not easy when people are convinced that you’re crazy (but they aren’t).

For myself, one of the hardest things to deal with is the fact that I am going to need to be respectful and courteous to people with whom I am actually quite angry. This is a difficult thing for me to admit both privately and publicly, but it is true. I actually have very little direct contact with those ‘on the path’; most of those in my life on a daily basis are quite

convinced that conspiracy theories are just for ‘right-wing wackos’ or for ‘commune-loving hippy wannabes’ (Yes, I’ve heard those exact terms used).

Obviously, each of us is our own independent person capable of critical thinking. But many of us have been marginalized to a large degree by those we care most for. This can build up over years and decades into a very powerful resentment – one which could easily end up manifesting in a manner similar to this:


Yes, that is strong language. But I would be willing to bet that most people who’ve been following these developments over the years have privately had similar thoughts. I know I have. It’s been a hard road, and it is tough to be constantly ostracized. I don’t think anyone can ever completely get over it – all you can do is remain compassionate. This is why I am asking people to not just prepare for WHO they are going to talk to but also HOW they are going to talk about it. In many ways, we’re forerunners – we may end up being the mouthpieces of Disclosure for quite a few people.

How we present ourselves and our subject matter is important. I’m not saying that one shouldn’t even try – rather, I’m stating that it is necessary to always at least attempt to take the high-road.

Some people may lash out in anger – don’t take the bait if you can avoid it. Even if the Archonic influence is severely diminished or even gone at the time of the EVENT, there will still be visceral emotional reactions by people. While I expect any anger to quickly shift into a ‘dazed and confused’ stupor within a couple of days of the first announcements, for the sake of maintaining critical societal functioning it will be necessary to help people think clearly and logically about what emergency measures need to be taken immediately…as well as those which will be counterproductive (i.e. getting out the militarized police forces).

This means that we have to keep our heads right and remain as calm as possible. It also helps to crack a joke or two – just to keep things light (but nothing offensive). I personally found the advice at the link below to be very timely in this regard. Give it a read and do an emotional self-inventory; I do this every day multiple times a day – I actually have a great deal of baggage that I’m trying to work through prior to the EVENT. Doing so helps me understand how certain subjects will cause me to react, such that I don’t alienate anyone whom I will speak to when everything ultimately hits.

In addition to this plea for calm and reason during a time of chaos, I also ask people to take a look at the following links:

The first link represents the home page for the Community Leaders Brief. If you can make no other preparations, have that downloaded and ready to send to anyone you know – especially city councilpersons, law enforcement, fire department, etc. That document alone will help people absorb what is going on and will help guide ‘next steps’ type of responses from civic leaders.

The second link is something I recently created with Cobra’s oversight as a means to reach a broader audience of people who may or may not be in the same time zone. Ideally, this is something that can be sent to professional organizations, trade unions, affinity groups, internal corporate email groups, church groups, school boards, book clubs, etc. It is intended to be a companion piece to the Community Leaders’ Brief and a link to this post has been provided below the Community Leaders’ Brief text on the P4C website.

Lastly, the third link is something where I’m actively soliciting help and or contributions from readership. I am trying to create introductory reference pages which have a collection of links to articles and videos describing various key concepts which the masses can read at the time of the EVENT. The first one is focused on the “Secret Space Program”.

It is a bit of an unusual opener, but honestly I think people really need to understand where their tax dollars have gone over the years. Once people are shown the various DUMBs and other evidence of what’s been going on both above & below, it will provide a key breakthrough such that people will be forced to admit that the paradigm they’ve been living in has been false all along.

If anyone has an idea for additional Event Reference Pages and feels inclined to create something, please compile and links, text, and video URLs (or just how to search YouTube) and send directly to [email protected]. To the degree anything is ready-to-go, I will add it as quickly as possible. I am working a ton these days for my ‘day job’, so ASAP is a bit relative here. Nonetheless, we’re getting close, and our personal actions manifesting our desire to see the EVENT happen will contribute to making it real. Hence, every little deed counts!


Nova Biscotti



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  1. Thank you for good sharing!
    … But is it however possible for another scenario of the supposed event, …in the sense that Brics and eastern alliance will grow slowly while the ‘wests’ is losing power??
    In this case there will not happen a surprise event with mass arrests, but rather a smoothly transition (as Cobra claims to be the best) to a new system, isn’t it??
    On other hand Ben Fulford speaks about a ‘lion dying slowly’, do you agree??
    And neither Michael Salla on his exopolitics news doesn’t ever speak about ‘the Event’ in the form as we wait for it!
    – The final question is: Do we have a ‘second’ or a ‘third’ way for the Event to happen??… at least from the point of view of provable news and intel??

  2. Thank you my brother for being yourself and for prioritizing your personal, professional and spiritual relationships so that you can do what you do.


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