Something very new to me—I will try this!
For those with dental issues this is great!
What did I learn from this video?

This is an ancient Ayurvedic practice.
1 Tbsp. organic sesame seed oil and/or coconut oil taste best.
Adding a drop or two of Peppermint or oil of oregano as they have antibacterial properties.
Use sucking motion to get oil between teeth.
Do this for 20 minutes—do another activity while timing this process-multitask.
Spit out at the end—DO NOT SWALLOW!
It is best to do first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.
Morning is the time of day with the highest bacterial count.
When you eat you are also swallowing bacteria.
Rinse mouth with sea salt and water (optional).
Do this practice once or twice a day if you are sick.
Oil pulling reduces bacteria taking the strain off our immune system
Oral/nasal—best pathway to internal body causing disease
Mix water and oil and they don’t mix but mix oil and oil and they combine.
Microorganisms in mouth are coated with a lipid so they mix with the oil.
This practice is simple, economical and effective.

Tooth Trivia!
• Dental problems can signal there are problems in other parts of your body
• There are more bacteria in your mouth than people on Earth.
• Over 600 different species of bacteria live in your mouth.
• Everyone has a unique community of microorganisms in their mouth.
• Brushing only reaches around 60% of tooth surfaces.
• A piece of dental plaque small enough to fit on the head of a toothpick holds between 10-100 million bacteria.

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