Yes, I know me too. Everybody waits to see a real change in today´s technology. We are really stuck in the past century yet. Still brilliant minds are thinking at what people might need in the future, behind the scenes because the powers that we let them do everything still want to have it all for them. Today we have some very old inventions, two and three months old 😀

Of course we’ll not pass directly to teleporters. First something in a language everybody understands so to get smoothly into the frequency: mobile phones, or rather say phone to bearer, or illusion´s illusion… Ok, the manufacturer calls it The Cicret Bracelet or “Like a tablet… but on your skin”. So just for the fun of it we can call it “skinny phone”. Honestly, I had this vision in 1983 when I wrote a Sci-Fi novel imagining something similar. In fact with today technology it was only a matter of time until we had this on sale.

It has not a mini or a micro but a picoprojector which projects the “screen” on your arm, and the rest is history. It works some like a touch screen due to 8 proximity sensors that are blocked selectively when you touch your own arm (the screen) with your finger and there it goes. Oh those programmable microchips can do wonders!

The other side of this illusion´s illusion is that “they” don’t even need to put a lock on you to “send data into the network” because with those wearable wonderful toys that everybody wants they already got you. Anyway it´s so cool! But do we really need it?

Would you think at least a bit at those impoverished and underpaid African people who are scavenging with bare hands for that precious material called tantalum that is included in your marvel toy when you´ll have it?

But here you can watch The Cicret Bracelet “in action” by direct link in case something goes wrong with embedding and below embedded:

But let´s move further in the same field of “wearable gadgets” and let´s take a look at the “Conditioned Air at bearer”. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you don´t have to spend those huge amounts of money an AC devices or electricity or gas bills. No. Those days are ended because you have now a wrist device that fouls you into whatever you need: a cold or hot state. Beware of the hot state, of course… At the MIT they developed the “Wristify” which is a thermoelectric bracelet that sends tailored pulses of hot or cold waveforms to the wrist, which makes the wearer sense that they are being cooled or heated. How nice is that? Now this is what I call a useful toy.

Direct link here and watch it embedded below:

Here is another one in the series people´s distance interaction. Again, the MITs invented the “Tangible Media”. Sure there is long way to go until we teleport when connecting with somebody on a communication line and be there with the other until we… hang up. Well… you still need to move you hands and the interface translates your move at distance. I mean, an Internet controlled robot would do pretty much the same thing. And it looks difficult to be able to hug somebody at the other end. There wouldn´t be much else to say because the video is self explanatory.

Direct link here and watch it embeded below:

Here is one of my favorites. Transportation. I love to follow how this trend moves and I think we can all agree at one aspect, we all need it at first hand. I mean we can imagine anything we need to do at every level and any field. Without transportation and the adequate infrastructure you won´t be able to do much. This video is a very well done documentary posted this very January and is about how trains are evolving. Is this a sensitive subject? Why it would be this way? Here is a sensitive subject to wrap minds around: transportation can, could and I think it will be for free in the near future and after we’ll see. But that’s just an opinion. We might think at the fact that iron and even fluff cannot help much to soul evolution or relationships between living beings but everything with its path of evolution. I think that having the means of transportation able to connect us at a much higher rate we can reach spiritual masters and teachers all over the world and here you have it.

Direct link here and watch it embeded below:

With the hope that this post was at least one bit enlightening we always welcome your positive ideas and comments about how you envision the world you will live in starting by now.

(Updated thanks to T.Z.)

In Light and Love,
Energy Kool

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