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Greetings everyone and happy New Year,
This is Judi of the Media Group,
I thought I would kick off the first newsletter of 2015 by sharing this lovely painting by Joan,


30 x 40 Mixed Media
Joan shares, “This galactic being carries the energetics of inter-dimensional healing, and the profound wisdom and universal truth of the universe.
Thru her crown and 3rd eye she helps you gain the same access to worlds within worlds. When this passion and activation is ignited within the experience of the art, her heart vortexes open and penetrate into yours. Her galactic energetic crown when placed upon your head, takes you to worlds unknown, limitless exploration into the
galactic universes.” You can find out more about the Earth Messengers – Beings sent by the Divine at
At this moment, of preparing the newsletter, I received an update from Sheldon Nidle

for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy:
“The coming time is therefore to be one filled with deeds that are to push the cabal from power and permit mass arrests of the entire leadership of this malicious group. This new reality is to be set
forth in rapid stages.”
6 Cimi, 4 Chen, 11 Ik
Dratzo! We arrive with some very interesting
news! The process, which is changing your reality, continues to move forward despite attempts by the dark cabal to delay it further. This caused the failure to announce the merest of beginnings for the delivery of your prosperity packages. The dark, overall, has failed to prevent the start of these deliveries. However, this process is moving toward a time when such success can be publicly noticed. On the whole, we are satisfied that those governments now controlled by the dark are on their last
legs. The first month of the New Year promises to give you the prosperity and governance, which has long been prophesized for you. Our earthly allies are determined to overcome any possible obstacles and give you a new financial system. This system is to force the drastic realigning of various regimes in the West and rapidly create new governance. It is this new governance that is finally to permit disclosure to happen. It is this dramatic event that propels us onto the world’s stage. Much is to occur once this special moment happens. Our personnel are ready to announce themselves and open the communication channels with you.
In that moment, the energies are to appear to provide us the opening to commence a series of announcements to you. Thus, a whole series of events are to inevitably lead to a mass landing and the beginnings of your trainings with us. The Ascended Masters and the Agarthans plan to explain a great deal of your history to you. This is to cover even the rise and true meanings of the great religious philosophies, which are the core beliefs for most of you. You require evidence and a general recounting of what actually happened. This divine set of stories needs to be reset, and not thoroughly manipulate, as has been the case with much of what you now possess. The dark skillfully took what was most helpful to its own purposes, and restructured those things, which you presently deeply believe in. Our point is simply to let in the truth and let you rediscover what really occurred. At that moment, you can begin to see how the great avatars wished you to be. This is based on Love, Light and the great Oneness of all humanity.”
To hear more from Sheldon, visit:
So in conclusion, I invite you to set your
intentions towards creating a life filled with creativity, gratitude, service to others, with attention and focus on the glorious life you wish to manifest, 
This passage I found on the Internet with no author noted expresses this idea….
“When you make a decision to look for positive aspects in the experience that is unfolding right now, you will create an expectation that will allow an immediate manifesting of evidence to support that Vibrational shift. In other words, the more you look for positive aspects of your current life, the more positive aspects will step forward to reveal themselves to you. The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there. The abundance that you allow is always a perfect match to your expectation.
Towards a wondrous fabulous year..
I am fully expecting to see more and more
presence of our galactic brothers and sisters crafts in our skies.
As Always, keep your eyes to the skies.
Judi and Smaly7,
Co-Chairs, the Media Group


This is Dov from the Renaissance group, with Raissa,
Welcome to the New Year and many happy and positive wishes…
Let us retain our intentions and efforts to advance our lives deep
into the year…
Below I continue with the Tarot Art Series that I have been including in this newsletter.

This is the Teacher, or the Hierophant, as he is known. He symbolizes the quest for spiritual satisfaction and meaning in life. He has the wisdom, within himself, and within his brain, as the experience of climbing many mountains to attain enlightenment.  He is unconventional and unique, standing out because of what stands up within. The upside down violin shows his mastery over his skills and ability to easily show his students the way, and if the student is extremely responsive, he can grow overnight, like a mushroom, rising up towards the star that seems out of reach. His bow is straight and shows his desire for a direct path to the inner world. While he is surrounded in symbols, they acutely match what exists inside his mind. He walks his talk. He is cohesive and congruent. He represents the intermediary to God, and thus has the Ankh, the key to life, firmly placed above all else in his consciousness.  This symbol, representing water and air, is also a sign of long life, and wisdom itself is also something the Teacher has which brings long life.

We see a dolphin jumping from his third eye and he has a shadow dolphin remaining, which says that there is a shadow to all actions that stays with us. He is a leader of groups, teams and companies and schools, showing the meaning which motivates, perhaps which motivated the building of the pyramids.. He reminds us that even feelings have their shadows.
We go to the Teacher to learn, and the violins he holds are his scepter, the bow his staff. The violin itself, which is needed to perform…shows us that the player is merely an instrument as well…. And they are below him, bowing to him. The smaller pyramids below are first attempts and the success is high in the heavens as a result of hard work.
The sphinx on top of the head with the shows the durability of wisdom…and below his paws is a tunnel leading to hidden knowledge.
Here we have a path to connect with life by studying a
skill…learning from a teacher. As well as learning about God form the leader of the religion…and yet it is all mysterious. The ring shows the lessons that we need to learn. Ruled by Jupiter, Jupiter has rings as well…as does Saturn. This means we can learn the lesson of expansion and we can grow …if we are aware. The three clouds above the head show the three levels…the trinity of matter, thoughts and feelings.
I would like to share some music as well, and this link will take you to Tribal Tree, a wild one-hour journey through the tribal life on this planet…
And for some relaxing music, here is the whole CD of Hidden Worlds of
And see you in the new Renaissance.


Framing THE EVENT As The Culmination Of The World’s Most Comprehensive Anti-Bullying Campaign

That’s it.  I’m %#@$ing DONE with bullying.
I’ve had a few recent events
that have crystallized my intention regarding what I need to focus upon.  I recently received an email from someone accusing me of anti-Semitism.  I am not going to include the whole back-and-forth, but we both ended up with a greater appreciation for each others’ struggles and perspectives.

One thing I’ve been doing is systematically ‘beefing up’ my social media presence – both ‘identities’.

This is in preparation for THE EVENT so I can let people whom have met me in real person know what is going on as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Honestly, this could make my life difficult when people whom I’m ‘friends’ virtually but have not seen in years realize the full extent of what I’ve been doing with my life…but when I look at the situation and how I expect things to play out, my thinking is “Do I really have any better options that will be more

At some point you just need to go with what is on your mind and in your heart and accept the inevitable mistakes.  To that end, I need to stop being afraid of writing and offending people – because anyone who is diligent enough and intelligent enough to actually read my words will realize that I go above and beyond in trying to avoid offending people.
Unfortunately, trying to figure out what is going on in the world requires a lot of self-examination.  Simply, everybody has been lied to – it’s been done so long to such a degree of effectiveness that when one starts doing their own research it becomes nearly impossible to find any piece that does not contain controversial or even inflammatory statements.

As I stated to the person via our back-and-forth email conversation:


“It is nearly impossible to find solid
Intel or reference articles which are not blatantly biased against either A) All Catholics, B) All Jews, or C) All Muslims.  If it were easy, I would have written several follow-ups to what I call the “EVENT PLAN”.  Nothing is more infuriating than reading an article that is brilliantly written…but 2/3 of the way through it becomes an anti-Jew (or anti-Catholic or anti-Muslim) piece.  Balanced yet accurate pieces of information are very difficult to
I know there are people who are going to read the above paragraph and view it as a cop-out on my part.   Honestly, maybe it is to some degree.  But at the same time, what is the point of simply regurgitating the same ‘hatchet job’ pieces over and over again.  I wish I had more time to do so in a professional and easy-to-follow manner, but ultimately, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is follow-up our ‘Community Leaders Brief ’ & ‘Event Plan’ with some additional ‘Use Your Discernment’ pieces as well as a bunch of links to alternative media websites and blogs with the guidance “Figure it out!”
This ‘Leadership’ newsletter post is a first step along that path.  I have realized that one of the key driving forces within me is an absolute disgust of bullying or intimidation in all forms.  Sadly, there are many among us who don’t even realize that how they behave – both in print and in person – has a dramatic effect in the decay of civility in our daily lives.
This has to stop – period.  I myself have written incendiary emails and gotten ‘pissy’ within comments on certain blogs.  I actually have to thank Cobra explicitly in one regard – a certain comment that I regretted almost immediately after hitting “Enter” never showed up on his blog.  Let’s just say that my opinion about a very well-know world leader has changed dramatically over the course of 2014, and this comment represented the nadir of my beliefs about him.

In person, I’m usually a bit better.  However, this is not always easy.  Unbelievably, I have never met any of my PFC colleagues in person, nor have I met Cobra, either.  In fact, I can’t even say that most of them even know what I look like.  This is by design, but it is not something I enjoy.  Traveling is expensive, and I have legitimate reasons why I need to keep ‘Nova Biscotti’ separate from my real identity.  A frequent statement of mine in PFC-related emails is “Please keep this amongst us…and of course, our friends at the NSA.”


This brings me full-circle.  NSA-spying has been used as a form of bullying and intimidation.  The ‘Patriot Act’ has been used as a form of bullying and intimidation.  The following demonstrates the behavior of one of the world’s most famous bullies, who will hopefully be ‘perp-walked’ in the very near future:


Additionally, I highly advise listening to Gordon Duff speak in the YouTube video below regarding his direct experiences with the highest levels of organized crime within our country.  It will help you understand why he’s
taken the stance of ending this madness even though he could easily be living a relatively comfortable life as a wealthy ‘retired’ intelligence agent…if he was just willing to keep his mouth shut and go along with the program.
One particularly enlightening and refreshing part of his talking is him finally admitting that he corresponds regularly with Benjamin Fulford and actually respects him.  In the past, he’s always held Ben at arm’s length in his public statements and writings.  It’s obvious that they have disagreements, but now both seem to be ‘locked in’ that a certain faction of the Cabal has to be taken down as soon as possible before they completely destroy the world via perpetual warfare and asset-stripping.
While this faction of the Cabal is not the only one who needs to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity, they have epitomized ‘bullying’ to the point where they have turned it into a trillion-dollar industry.  This crap has to stop.
It is time for us to stop allowing these criminals to walk free by continually turning us against one another.  One way they do this is by forcing us to all be overworked and underpaid, which causes us to be perpetually grumpy and vicious to each other in our daily lives.  Over and over and over again, I see disputes regarding money take people who used to be good friends and turn them into vicious enemies.  Eventually these people learn to hate each other so fully that the root cause of the dispute – an argument about money – becomes lost in the shuffle as incendiary statements and insults become etched into our memories, filling us with hatred & anger while accomplishing absolutely nothing for both parties.
I strongly advocate looking at the forthcoming ‘Mass Arrests’ (note – this is not saying the EVENT will happen very soon, but rather that conditions become more favorable on a daily basis) as the culmination of the world’s largest and best organized anti-bullying campaign.  I will focus on this aspect in my future writings, because I think this gets to a fundamental truth about bringing about a “New Society”:  we simply need to be nice to each other, and we must expect the leaders of our cities, states, and nations to interact in a civil non-warring fashion as well.
I believe Ghandi once stated “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”  For this reason, simply executing these organized crime figures for their heinous deeds will not bring about a new world.  Some probably are so ‘far gone’ and have done such horrible things without remorse that there will simply be no other option.  As much as I hate to say it, that is probably a true statement.  My guess is that “Dick” (see the NEO link above) will be one of those executed, and part of his recent denunciation of the CIA Torture Report is him pulling out all the stops to avoid ultimate arrest.
My hope, however, is that the vast majority of
the bad guys can and will be rehabilitated so they too can live in a more peaceful and just world.  This isn’t to say that our future will be a bland, colorless world where everyone acts nice simply because they are programmed to do so; rather, I think we must demand of each other a higher standard of interpersonal conduct and human relations.  This means we need to stop simply ripping each other – especially via the internet where there are few immediate repercussions – just so we can
blow off some steam and feel satisfied about how clever we are.
To that end, I look forward to the day when I can stop reading websites full of ‘Conspiracy Theories’.  I’m sick of getting lumped in with people who blame everything in the world on Jews or closeted ‘homosexuals within the shadow
government’.  I am damn proud of having Jewish friends in my adult life, because when I was growing up I lived in a rural area so homogenous that the biggest distinction amongst people was whether they were Catholic or Lutheran.  I am also proud of having had gay, lesbian, and transgender friends in my life.
Sadly, there does appear to be some truth that many of those involved in the Cabal are disproportionately Jewish or gay.  However, I ask everyone to flip the usual logic involved on its head.  Isn’t it possible that people who are continually ostracized and blamed for everything bad in the world develop a bitter sense of hatred toward those in the ‘majority’ (whatever that is)?
This is one reason why bullying needs to be stopped.  When people grow up learning that they are hated simply because of who or what they are – and not because of anything they’ve said or done – it becomes easier to twist that person’s mind into actually doing sick and evil things.  Myself – I have done or said the cruelest things in my life when feeling intensely alone/and ostracized.  Feeling like the world hates you can cause your mind to go ugly places, and it is those ugly places that become fertile breeding grounds for truly evil thoughts or deeds.
Similarly, think about the attitude of those within ‘The Cabal’ toward children.  I’m not just talking about the
obvious revelations about pedophilia and child-sacrifice.  I’m getting into how they raise their children as well.  One of the most horrifying series of articles for me was reading Svali’s account of how children are treated within these organizations.  Even if everything she stated is not 100% true, it does certainly appear that being raised as a child within one of these special ‘families’ is a very different experience than most of us have in growing up.
Not only can we not tolerate bullying in public, but we must not allow it any longer in our homes.  No more sexual or physical abuse of children.  No more verbal intimidation or psychological torture.  Children should be allowed to exist in the world knowing that they are safe and that they can
trust adults and someday even complete strangers.
Along this line, I’d like to add a concept from Catherine Austin Fitts called the ‘Popsicle Index’.  It’s a simple term that she uses to describe a society where standards of living are high enough that any child can simply walk alone to a corner/convenience store and buy a popsicle for themselves.  I really like that concept, because if you have a community where that children can do that, then it means it is a community where people are safe, secure, and well-off to enough of an extent that even children can roam freely without being afraid of every adult stranger.
Even if you think a ‘Popsicle’ is unhealthy because it uses artificial sugars and sweeteners, it seems pretty obvious that a community like that would be a nice place to raise a child.  Even better would be if that child can grow up without immediately having a negative connotation to the word ‘Jew’ or ‘Homosexual’.
When and where I grew up, it was safe for a kid to walk to the store to get a Popsicle…but there wasn’t always an open convenience store, either, due to difficult economic times.  Moreover, it definitely was not a place where anyone Jewish or GLBT would feel comfortable living.
I want to live in a world where it is safe for a kid to walk to the store but where it is also safe to be a person of any race, ethnicity, belief system or skin color.  I also want ‘love’ between any two consenting adults to not be a criminally prosecutable act in this dream community.

I hope others reading this want to live in communities like that, too.  It’s one thing to say ‘that’s not my thing’, but it is a completely different thing to tell others that it cannot be ‘their thing’, either.


If a person feels every day that they do not have a right to simply exist peacefully, then there is a fundamental problem with the circumstances in that person’s life.  We need to work for a world
where people can simply ‘be’ without fear of retribution…i.e. where bullying behavior is not tolerated and no one will torment them verbally or physically.
Pardon the pun, but we need a world where ‘dicks’ like this one are no longer allowed to walk freely without being accountable for how they treat others.
Victory To The Light!
Nova Biscotti
PFC Leadership


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  1. Hi Nova,

    How did you know what I was thinking? How did you put my feelings into words? How were you able to describe it the very way I experienced it myself? Because more and more, everyday, we are tapping into unity consciousness, some more than others. SO glad you had the courage to speak up.

    Victory to the Light,

  2. Nova
    I understand your frustration and know how committed you are to the Event. I become in sensed when I read or hear negative remarks against the Light and the cause. I know we are all under a lot of pressure, but we are strong. Keep up the good work. Take Care


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