This is one great Prepare for Change Community! Your questions for Cobra were very much appreciated. The interview has been completed. It will air on our premiere show of Prepare for Change Radio on BBS Radio Station 1 – Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 9-10 PM PST.

If you go to the “Radio” tab at the top of the page and just click on the arrow you will be connected to BBS Radio. For all those that can’t tune in Sunday evening the recorded show will be on the website after the air date.

We will alert you when the next Cobra interview will occur so you may submit more questions. At this point we will stop collecting questions. Our aim now is to get our numbers up for the Weekly Liberation Meditation. Our chances of having The Event sooner rather than later is a possibility, so please participate.

Much love to all,
Angel Eyes ~**~
Angel Eyes

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  1. Dear Angel-Eyes,
    Thanks again for your works!

    Please allow to ask you to remember that Cobra claimed many times to us to look at the stars:
    May you open a section (maybe in ‘uncategorized’, in which we may comment about the issue of looking to the stars, and possibly to rise further some questions to Cobra.
    I had some comments anywhere in PFC, but it might better in a special section.
    Kindest regards!

    • For those who are looking to the northern sky, you may already start to look at Pleiades (the ‘Tinny Little Dipper’), to the Orion (with its frightening far-off stars, and to the Big Dipper and Polaris, and not at least to Sirius, these are the most known by everyone…
      May you have a clear sky.

      • Yes, the sky with all the constellations is a study in itself. For all those with a smart phone there is an app called “GoSkyWatch” which gives you lots of information when you point your phone up to the sky. AE ~**~

      • For myself I know enough, but the question was raised only for those who want to follow Cobra’s advice and start to look at the stars… I do not search answers for myself in this matter.

        • And, from an astronomical point of view, I advice to no longer put in discussion the Orion star system as a hole, but refer rather to a specific star, when asking about aliens coming from.
          Take in consideration that some of Orion stars are more near to Earth like one to another. I.E. from Belatrix to Earth there are app.250ly, while from Riegel to Betelgeuse are 400…450ly. And from Saiph to Alnilam, more than 700ly.
          It may look interesting for who looks to the stars…

    • ghjkjlj, this is a little too complex to deal with at this time. We will keep this in mind for the future. We are attempting to make many changes on the website right now to make it more user friendly. My best suggestion concerning Cobra is to make a list of what you want to ask and hold it until we again ask for questions for an upcoming Cobra interview. Remember that some things cannot be talked about yet and we try to respect those wishes and not ask questions that won’t be answered. You had many complex questions submitted this last time that we couldn’t use because for the reason stated above or we couldn’t understand how to phrase it to Cobra. Try to narrow your focus to a short question that is easy to understand. We appreciate you and like your participation. Keep up the good work!
      Angel Eyes ~**~

      • Dear Angel-Eyes,
        Would you allow some comments concerning your interview? And not only that…
        I should like to put together some problems, if you allow it…
        Sweetheart Angel-Eyes…

          • Besides the interview in itself it is valuable for your energy group which raises from you who ask the questions.
            The next step for all 3 of you is to become aware of your strenghtnes of your group energy.
            You seem in your small group, a group of healers radiating feminine energy, but who are not aware of…
            Is it or not??

        • You and Judy and Raisa are or may be much more than you believe that you are!
          What keeps you back at least?…
          You seem you are a step for from a high consciousness.

          • Why did you not ask Cobra… what does he understand in ‘high consciousness’?
            Are you not at all curious?? May you think a bit longer… All of you!

          • None of the three of us knew exactly what you were asking or we would have asked Cobra.
            Did you mean what does he think of higher consciousness ? Compared to what? The Event? Him personally? For mankind? Give us a little more information next time….we will be happy to ask.
            Angel Eyes ~**~

          • Do not forget…
            A higher consciousness will speed also up the event…
            Not only endless mundane question…
            Do you not believe this way??
            Cobra claims that only with meditation you will speed up event. Maybe because he has already a high consciousness, may it be or not??

          • Absolutely! That is why I promote the Weekly Liberation Meditations. They can be done more frequently also. This is our job at this time. ~**~

          • And also do not forget sweetly Angel-eyes…
            Your Angel-eyes may be valuable as ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ if are beside a higher consciousness. Try to it for yourself at least and many question of unmundane problems will raise for other interviews.
            Did you thought that your Angel-eyes are of a latent higher consciousness you are not still aware?
            Sweetheart of Angel-eyes…

          • Thanks for answer.
            You mean “think of higher consciousness ? Compared to what? The Event? Him personally? For mankind?”
            I will try to discus a bit more in order to rise a bit more complete question till the next interview… With small but quickly steps…
            to start from, think all 3 of you if you are aware of your feminine energy (about which Cobra claims in last time), and also if you are aware of your healing energy…
            By the way!… had you ever healed somebody with your bare hands?…
            Try at first to answer for yourselves in order to continue to answer for ourselves…
            What do you think?
            Draw some lines in your mind about your feminine energy and your healing abilities…

  2. Hi, will the interview be available on this page or thepromiserevealed.com after the radio show?

    There is no way im going to wake up 7AM in germany 😀

    • The PFC Radio Show will always be on Sundays at 9 PM PST. The guests will change from week to week. There will be an archive section set up in the future at: https://prepareforchange.net/prepare-for-change-radio-show/ so that shows can be heard at a later time (after the original airing).
      Angel Eyes ~**~


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