I noticed on Feb 24th that Cobra’s message to the RM operatives included the wording “TUNNELS in final completion”. So I thought I’d take a look back at the information that he has provided us earlier about the so called ‘tunnels of set’. As you all are probably aware we were told in January the amazing news that the physical strangelet and toplet bombs were deactivated yet the ones on the plasmatic plane were not and here is what we learned on Oct 7th 2014.

There are quantum singularity wormholes within the plasmatic plane and in the occult terminology they are called the Tunnels of Set. Those wormholes contain strangelet and toplet bombs and they are tied to the physical Black Stone in the Long Island location. This is the main reason why clearing of the plasma scalar network and the Veil is taking so long….
The Light forces are dealing with this situation and there has been significant progress regarding removal of the plasma strangelet bombs, whereas plasma toplet bombs still remain a challenge.”

Then we were provided with the following update regarding these ‘tunnels’ on Friday, January 16, 2015 along with some great info about a final detail in the structure of the New Financial System that must be operational at the time of The Event.

Tunnels of Set, plasmatic fistulae of disgust, are being cracked open by the Light, the infection oozing out, being transformed by the Light and being absorbed into the One. This is the occult reason for craziness happening on this planet right now……Since the initialization of the Breakthrough phase after the opening of the IS:IS portal in December, the Eastern Alliance is speeding up their plans to build an alternative financial structure to the petrodollar system which was the principal life support system for Chimera group to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth, utilizing Negative Military as their main operating tool:……this new alternative structure includes GPS navigation systems which are not under control of the Negative Military: All this alternative structure must be operational to a great degree at the time of the Event and will be the main instrument through which the financial Reset will be taking place.”

Later on January 19th 2015 we were informed that Although a large part of the scalar plasma grid has been removed after the opening of the IS:IS portal, a large part still remains. Breakthrough phase does not mean only rainbows and pretty comets; we are in the middle of occult war between forces of Light and forces of darkness.
Therefore it is of utmost importance for the people to be aware of the existence and the influence of the scalar plasma grid and other energy weapons that the Cabal under the guidance of Chimera group uses to suppress human consciousness and to prevent the arrival of Light.
………The Event will NOT happen until the scalar plasma grid is taken care of.

Then 4 days ago on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 we were told ………“TUNNELS in final completion”.

Now just to remind you that we might not be ‘in harbour’ yet as the strangelet and toplet bombs on each level is ONE aspect of the veil although a very important one, however we do not know how far the RM has come with the ‘Pandora’ project which if I understand correctly is a term used for cleansing of the etheric astral planes and the technology used there to maintain control over us. In one description of this grid Cobra said the followingIt is a grid that keeps controlling and manipulating human personal relationships for millennia. This grid is the reason for most human conflicts. It is the main reason for delays in final victory of the Light on this planet. It consists of Archons and their minions on the etheric and astral planes in a thin layer close to Earth’s surface.”

All of the technological paraphernalia on the scalar plasma grid like the controlling mechanisms for etheric implants placed in everyone at birth will no doubt have to be cleared so that they cannot be used to trigger violent reactions in programmed individuals when the Event is taking place.
I’m sure that Cobra will soon be bringing us as much news as he is allowed to diverge at this point regarding the continuing process of the taking down of the veil, but let’s rejoice for now over all the amazing developments in the past few months and the knowledge that each hour we are growing closer now to Victory of the Light and the moment of Compression Breakthrough or The Event.
Link to the above mentioned post of Jan 19th which covers ‘how we should protect ourselves at this time’ in great detail:

Do Not Allow the Continual Blatant Lying on the Mainstream Media to Take Away Your Power

Many lightworkers feel exhaustion at this point. Some of them have been working hard for a decade or more. When readers come in with comments like “let’s finish this now” they are very often uniformed as to the complexity of the entire situation and may only have learned about our imprisonment in the matrix less than a year ago. Before you show your impatience get informed, start reading Cobra’s blog from day one which was March 31st 2012 and understand that the plans for these changes have been in the making for at least 40 years. Careless behaviour in our position right now would be a great mistake. We endanger losing the security already gained and falling on the finishing line. The Resistance Movement know how these beings running the matrix function. They know only too well that they have to be dealt with in the correct way so as not to create more chaos. Any delays are only because they will create a more harmonious transition in the end.

Our {yours and mine} HARMONY is VITAL to the harmony of the whole. The more harmonious we each are, the more peace and love that we can spread to the whole, and with continual visualization of the complete opposite of the madness taking place on Gaia now we will bring things to a close all the quicker. We must realise what power we have to create with our thoughts. Don’t let the madness and the blatant lying get to you. They will continue with these lies right up until the end when the truth is known by all. Use any tools that help you to keep harmonious. Music, spending time in nature and not in least connecting to Source and the loving energy sent to us by the entire Co of Heaven and the Galactic Family ships in their millions surrounding us right now. Hold to inner pictures of your ideal lifestyle after The Event. All of this supports the Shift of the Ages which nothing can stop now absolutely nothing!

PS; Don’t forget its Sunday! Realise the power that you have to affect change by taking part in the Sunday Liberation Meditation. For those that might think it’s difficult to remember all the details of the visualisation process there are now several YouTube videos where you can listen to the entire meditation being read and Cobra gave links on Friday to translations of this video to several languages. Here is that last post; http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2015/02/february-monthly-update-meditation.html

Finally any grid workers who feel prompted should continue sending Light in meditation daily to the work of dissolving the tools used by the archons and their minions on the etheric / plasma planes. Know that this support truly assists the work of the Resistance Movement both above and below this ‘Sandwich’ of Light that we now exist within. We must fully accept that our role at this time is so valued by everyone involved in this liberation process. By everyone I mean the entire Co of Heaven, the Galactic Federation and the RM i.e. by beings of all dimensions. We are all of us equally loved and respected and appreciated by The One.
Therese Zumi

For entire post from Cobra on the 7th October see this link;
For entire post from Cobra on January 16th 2015
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