earthriseThis blog post gets at the heart of the website’s mission and purpose. I think often about what I would say to people at the time of the EVENT. For several years it has ‘sat there’ like some unattainable goal which could never realistically happen. However, (depending on who someone’s been ‘listening’ to) it seems to be imminent as of the date I have written this – 3/14/2015. In fact, things are so ready that it seems the only variable still in play is the awareness and preparedness of the masses.

Sure, there are millions of people around the world aware of what is going on in one respect or another – but given SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE, how much is really enough to reach a ‘critical mass’? For those of you coming here the first time after the EVENT, you need to take note: many, many people have spent years of their lives analyzing how ‘YOU’ would react. This is not an easy task. While every person is very, very different, the degree of awareness and conversely, trust in the mainstream media (MSM) has made this an excruciating task.

In any of my writings you see on this website, I’ve tried as hard as possible to balance between two audiences – those who believe the MSM for the most part and those who gave up long ago on the MSM. However, to any writer – gearing your words toward two distinct audiences who do not even believe in the same facts is a daunting task. Ridiculous as it may seem, that is what this website is trying to do. That is what I want from any contributors, too – an ability to not only reach the reach ‘the converted’, but also an ability to speak to those several months or years down the road. It is difficult to do so.

Hence, every person will likely find articles that cause them to think “Why the %#@$ is this piece of $%!# on the website?” That is the point. While not every article will appeal to everyone, the hope is that everyone who comes here will find something that resonates with them – not that every post, page, or reference appeals to everyone.

Below is example text similar to what I expect to send to those who know me. This means long-ago classmates, ex-colleagues from my work, family (nuclear and extended) and friends who are long unaware of my now-public efforts:

“To all who know me or have known me,

You may be very startled and unnerved by what you are now seeing on the news or experiencing first-hand. Yes, the electronic financial system has been shut down, and you are also seeing news of the arrests of major political leaders across the world as well as revelations of their crimes against humanity.

I have been in contact with insiders for the last couple of years, and have been aware of this occurrence since Spring of 2012. Even so, I too am not remotely aware of what is going on. Today is the start of a series of events which are collectively called “THE EVENT”; it is a massive global effort of a complete financial system overhaul, arrests of key white-collar criminals (including political figures guilty of war crimes), and disclosures of previously classified information which will change our reality forever.

Of those three categories, the last one will actually have the longest-lasting impact. As of the day I write this, I do not know what will be release first day, second day, and so on. I have suspicions, but I am not on the inside and don’t have 100% of the facts. What I do know is that many ‘truths’ are about to be shattered and forever discarded. The realities behind international finance and geopolitics are so sordid that as various documents, audio recordings, and videos become public – our trust in authority figures will be blasted to smithereens.

Now is the time in our history where we need to band together and form a collective support system like never before. We can no longer rely on religious figures, national leaders, business people, or even self-appointed gurus to tell us the nature of the reality that we live in.

We are about to see much of the ‘conventional wisdom’ – i.e. what are considered mainstream beliefs – be exposed for lies and con jobs as horrible as any in human history.

Even as I am writing this, I do not know for certain what is ‘truth’ and what has been fabricated behind the twin evil motives of profit and control. I have my suspicions, though, and I myself have had to face the fact that my occupation has in fact been that of a worker-bee to further transfer wealth to the elites from the masses.

For any of you who work in a ‘profession’, this has been the ugly reality lying underneath your paychecks. I only figured this out after the financial crisis of 2007-09, and even by 2010 I didn’t have a clear understanding of my personal role. Now I see it, and I’m seen as someone who can create profit for the corporation so that the elite maintain control. For someone who has always wanted to be a ‘Robin Hood’ of sorts, when this truth first hit home I simply wanted to die.

However, after the initial shock of that realization wore off, I understood that I could still be someone who brought a degree of humanity to the “Corporatized” world. I tried to communicate my newfound knowledge (in 2012), only to be repeatedly shot down by those whom I encountered. As it turns out, the masses were not ready then. Now, those able to effectively referee “the game” believe that you are ready for the truth, and I am one of those attempting to help the masses understand so that sound decisions about our future as a species can be made without the confusing lies of a self-appointed elite who wish to enslave or kill over 90% of us.

For those of you coming to grips with the reality, there are three relatively broad subject matters which you can research on your own to better understand what is going on and why this change is so badly needed:
· The events of 9/11
· The “Federal Reserve” system of the U.S., and its international counterparts: the BIS, World Bank, & IMF
· Pedophilia and the epidemic of missing children
While there is much, much more – anyone who studies these three subjects with an open mind will eventually end up getting to the bottom of the corruption and evil which has been enslaving humanity for so long. Simply, we’ve been put under a form of ‘debt slavery’ wherein the simple issuance of currency (i.e. a ‘derivative’ of work done and product/service produce) has been hijacked into creating unpayable astronomical debts where the payments thereof absorb more and more of people’s incomes until all become indentured servants – if we’re lucky.

While this ties into the first two bullets above, the last one may puzzle people. In short, those who have long had true power and mastery over humanity have developed a very sick and twisted fetish. Sadly, they’ve been much like ‘waking’ Freddy Kruegers in their regard for children:

The Springwood Slasher. That’s what they called me.”- Freddy Krueger

Freddy was a neighborhood child molestor, he’d kidnap children and slash, torture, and rape them, so the townsfolk all wanted to punish him for his crimes, so they doused him in gasoline and set him on fire. He would later return from the dead inside his victims’ dreams to haunt, terrorize, and murder the teenagers of Elm Street.

I know the idea of various elites (royals, politicians, military leaders, etc.) doing horrible things to young children is the most unnerving thing imaginable. But if you simply type search terms like “Franklin Coverup” or “Sex Cult in Hampstead, London” you will begin to see the truth. Another key person to search for is “Jimmy Savile”, whose name is simply the tip of the iceberg. Lastly, all of you probably are aware of decades’ worth of investigations regarding pedophilia amongst Catholic priests. Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Based upon several years’ of reading, the truth about many powerful figures seems to be closer to that of “Freddy Krueger” than that of Michael Jackson (a person for whom I believe all allegations have been grossly exaggerated).

These are a few of the beginning concepts you can look into if you’re being smacked with this for the first time at when “The Shit Hits The Fan”. More will be on the news, and eventually the full truth will come out – including things I don’t know at the time I wrote this.
But this is simply the revelation of massive secrets long held. In all honesty, it is the “Apocalypse”, which was literally translated to “lifting of the veil, or revelation”. If one understands what is going on in this context, it becomes easier to see that what is unfolding on television (or on your computer screen) has been planned for a long, long time by very powerful beings.

Despite all of the horrible things you may be hearing now, there have been many throughout the millennia who have dedicated their lives to ‘keeping the flame alive’. This goes back much, much further than what is considered ‘recorded history’, and it extends beyond individuals who’ve live upon this planet’s surface. Whether or not you fully grasp the magnitude of that last sentence now, you will…eventually. A lot of effort has been put into put into this planet, and the fruits of those labors are now being realized.

However, for those of you who are thinking with glee that “The Second Coming is Here!”, it’s going to happen differently than you think. In fact, it’s going to be so different that I believe those who devoutly believe in the superiority of one religion over another are going to be shocked. In fact, my hope is that organized religion ceases to exist within ten years – to be replaced by “spirituality” and a love of humanity which brings us together instead of creating wars to drive us apart and depopulate the planet.

I urge all of you to pay attention to what you see, and instead of panicking that it is the end of the world, see instead a renaissance of the human spirit. While you may be witnessing this reality for the first time, the truth is that many of the horrible activities have ceased completely while the rest should stop within months. For the first time, people will be given the entire truth of what reality is – both on our planet (past/present/future) and beyond it.

We need to take this knowledge and use it optimally. Instead of asking authority figures to guide us, we must strive to be self-educated, self-empowered, and self-sufficient. This isn’t to say there will be no support systems – far from it. Rather, technological advances will result in productivity gains which simply make poverty and lack disappear forever. I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but the technologies relegated to ‘Science Fiction’ will be introduced rapidly over the coming months.

It will be our responsibility as humans to use these wisely. That is why the sordid truths are coming out first. We must be sober to the reality which has existed just out of sight for so long, so that when we are given true freedom we also understand and accept that for the first time we also have true responsibility.

The old ‘left-right’ paradigm will be shattered forever. Being responsible for one’s actions and daily activities will be easier than ever before, and changes to our economic system will also render the term ‘unemployed’ as a relic from an uncivilized past. Many past political disagreements will vanish overnight, because those who say “we don’t have enough money to fund to take care of people” will be wrong, as will those who say “but there’s just not enough jobs to go around”. Furthermore, those who work 60 hours a week or more will no longer have to do so – the average work week should decrease annually until ‘average’ is under 25 hours per week. Everyone will have the ability to earn a living wage – and those too disabled to do so will be soon find out they no longer have to be mentally or physically incapacitated.

These are just a few of the changes coming. Not all of them are bad, but initially the various disclosures are going to be upsetting – especially while we endure a shutdown of the electronic financial system. Do not fret, however. We will get through this, and the future will hold many wonderful possibilities. I just urge everyone reading this to pay attention with an open mind. Don’t put your head in the ground like an ostrich – face the truth and deal with your emotional distress constructively.

We will need to lean on each other a lot over the coming weeks and months. The more we do so, the easier the transition will be. The greatest resources humanity has are our collection of hearts and minds. If we work together and embrace the new reality, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Moreover, we can do so without harming our planet, and we can once again live on a planet with a vibrant ecosystem teaming with plant and animal life.



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