Vladimir Putin will get a nice boost from the New Moon Eclipse as he continues the Jupiter sextile Sun, exact on March 10 and May 8. President Putin will find opportunities to expand his influence and exert his will.

In order to fully appraise the effect of the eclipse we should first discuss the natal chart and its special contributions to Mr Putin’s success. For numerologists, an interesting aside is that the number 13 appears in both his birth time and the degree of his Sun, which makes the passage of any planet over the thirteenth degree a transit for President Putin. Lucky for him, unlucky for his enemies. The New Moon chart has a sextile of Jupiter on the thirteenth degree, very fortunate indeed. Retrograde now, it will turn direct and transit the sextile again on the eighth of May and will be sextile Saturn, Neptune and Mercury over the next two months. Just before it is sextile Saturn it will cross the midheaven and demarcate a moment of good fortune on June 3rd. When sextile Neptune it will be conjunct Pluto near the mid heaven and magnifying the most serious part of Putin’s personality.  All told, a very good time for him to be serious and make policy initiatives.

Putin inside the inner circle and its house cusps around the outer ring. The larger inside ring show the planets at the moment of the eclipse.
Putin’s natal chart is inside the inner circle and its house cusps around the outer ring. The larger inside ring shows the planets at the moment of the eclipse.

The rising sign and Venus are both in the in Scorpio, a position favoring secrets and a man who identifies with being able to keep them and actually enjoys the many charades that make them possible. Also related to secrecy, the placement of Saturn, Neptune and Mercury in the twelfth house allow him to remain private about what he is thinking to a degree far greater than otherwise possible.

Putin’s chart has gifted him with abilities of unique benefit to his work and purpose. While he has the ability to remain private and maintain secrecy, he is also able to enjoy the presence of large groups and relate to the needs of evolved and vested interests with charm and tact, because of his Libra Sun in the eleventh house. In spite of his charm, he has controlling personality that is considered quite powerful by those around him, who also admire that it is backed by reason and intellect. Putin himself is surprised by his calmness with the reigns of power, and has a sense of being born to be here for this purpose. He shows an unusual openness to new ideas and learns quickly and without effort, surprising others with his ability to connect volumes of detail to the problems in front of him.

His ability to gather personal relationships and maintain them is one of his most precious gifts, as he is even more charming in person and able express true pleasure at the company of his partners and associates, seldom ever forgetting a face or failing to greet them warmly.

The concern he expresses for the fate of his homeland is genuine and he communicates it with passionate determination, a quality that has helped him from the beginning of his career.


I will add more to this later.

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  1. There is a certain sort of people whom Lenin used to call ‘useful idiots’. Dane and Marty obviously fit the description – albeit being of a much smaller caliber – like Henri Barbusse, Romen Rollan, Bernard Shaw, etc. who licked Stalin’s ass. Making and idol out of a ruthless, lying and thieving KGB operative is more than ridiculous, it’s unforgivable.

    • I would complement you for visiting this site and reading it, but your comment suggests you have not read it, or believe that an astrological chart is invented fiction, like your credentials. Putin’s chart is just that, it is what it is, and that you think my interpretation is complementary instead of being critical displays your ignorance of natural truth.

      I would do the chart of the leader of the US, but I don’t have any reliable birth information.


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