How human trafficking works

How human trafficking works, captured brilliantly – and soberingly – by MTV EXIT. It’ll be 4 minutes of time well spent. (Song: ‘Broken Dreamers’ by Paris-based artist B i r k i i)

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  1. Hi PrepareForChange,

    have you seen this

    What are your thoughts on that?

    • I think channeled messages can be some of the most wonderful and uplifting words around. I also know that they are fraught with interference from negative beings; simply affecting one or two key words in a channeled message can make something of positive intent become a tool for the dark.

      Use discernment for everything. But on a personal note, I can say I have found inspiration in many channeled messages.

      If a particular message speaks to me, I’ve usually done research to see if I can cross-validate with other sources – both corporeal & non-corporeal. That is my way of discerning a personal meaning from the channeled material.

      Ultimately, I know many who follow Kathryn’s work, and all of them are dedicated to bringing positive change to Earth. Sometimes the effect of the message is what is most important.

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