Intensive Online Training on How To Make ET Contact 4/18

Dr. Steven Greer, a UFOlogist from CSETI & The Disclosure Project is hosting an intensive online workshop on how to make contact using the CE-5 protocols & the implications are for global disclosure when thousands of people are making contact.


Dr. Greer will share the amazing collection of CE-5 ET contact photos/videos & describe what REALLY happens as contact is occurring. He will describe the techniques of remote viewing, Contact vectoring that are used in CE-5 initiative & teach the mediation technique/approach so you can start your own CE-5 Contact team!

There will be a thorough discussion of Trans-Dimensional technologies, ET Technologies & what type of phenomena occurs when ETs are coming into our dimension on Earth from other star systems.

This workshop will transform your understanding of UFOS, ETs & empower you to become an Ambassador from humanity to these visitors from the Stars!

$25 a ticket! Click here to reserve your seat today!:
*By getting a ticket you will have unlimited access to stream the presentation afterward!


Thank you – Portal of Ascension

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