Leadership Required Now and Up Ahead

It’s wonderful to have mentors to look up to, someone who can inspire and lead the way lovingly. Anyone who reads my words will know that I hold Cobra in great respect and those who have known me a bit longer will be aware of the influence that Archangel Michael has on me and the great love I have for Him. We have been through many phases in the past few year’s phases of growth as Lightworkers of one kind or another. The Mothers Tsunami wave of Love is now hitting us for the third time and we continue to grow in Her Love. We have learned the importance of cooperation, of unity, of supporting each other as we move ahead towards a new world of freedom and beauty and unconditional love never before experienced on this planet. Now in this third wave we are being made aware of the need for responsibility.

yeshi-relationships-3-300x219I have recently gone through a period of exhaustion which lasted a good month and yet somehow I have managed to get things done. Now when the worst of this tiredness has passed I find myself in a calmer place, I have a need now to be softer, quieter, more patient, more loving in my dealings with everyone. Yes this is the real me it’s not an act, but earlier it might have seemed to others that I had a very decided way of expressing things which developed through therapy after decades of holding back feelings due to expectancy of criticism in childhood. I no longer have the need to adapt to others liking or disliking me or my personality. I guess that all of us are being prepared by the Love from Divine Mother to play whatever roles that lie ahead for us.

Archangel Michael explains how the Mothers Tsunami is washing us free of old outmoded ideas and elevating us. I have recently read several times how people have been amazed at the sudden ‘change of heart’ in certain individuals who they earlier considered to be cold and selfish.


Recently Archangel Michael reminded us that the leaders today who are outside the ranks of Lightworkers are going to experience difficulties when the day of change is upon us. They will not have worked through their unresolved ‘baggage’, they will not be aware of any Divine Plan for the future of Gaia. They will feel confused by the speed of all of the changes that will happen so quickly and be taken completely unawares and so they will not be able to function in their capacity as a leader at least not initially as they would need time to adjust to the new.

This is where Lightworkers are going to have to step in and play new roles as leaders of one kind or another. We are being urged to take our roles now as leaders. AM is encouraging us to dare to come forward although we may have had to experience ridicule in getting to where we are now. The excerpts given here of AM’s advice come from a transcript which you will find a link to below.


“There have been a myriad of reasons why you have been in the shadows, not the least of which has been protection. Now, what we are asking and suggesting is that you are stepping forward into leadership roles, yes, to lead the parade. If you do not step forth in the fullness of your creator-race self, as the mighty beings that you are, there is a massive vacuum……… You are the embodiment and the physical anchors, activators, doers of creating Nova Earth. You are the anchors of ascension, of the new reality, of the heart consciousness that is the new reality. If no one steps forward into the ‘how to’, into ‘how do we go about this?’ How do we begin, how do we proceed, how do we build, how do we create in the practical sense? Then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy……….. What you are being asked to do is to step forth in the truth of your gifts, your abilities…some in a minor way, some in a major way, but each in accordance with your true mission and purpose on Gaia – not on other planets…in tandem and cooperation with your Star brothers and sisters, but not off planet…to bring forth this wondrous new………… We know the magnitude of what we are asking, but we also know the support that we are prepared to give on every level……….. Each of you has a unique piece of this puzzle, of this unfoldment of the Mother’s intention. And you carry, yes, the broad spectrum of talents, but also the very particular talents that you have mastery of. Stop hiding.”

We should take on projects and ideas and challenges that we may have only vaguely considered up until now. When we intuitively inherently know what we need to do and do just that we find that we complement one another and within groups of Lightworkers we discover that when each of us takes responsibility to be the ‘leader’ there is such a wonderful flow. One week one person is less in form and needs to step back and fill up with new energy and there is another who has the energy needed to bridge that gap and all of this happens just like an orchestra playing in perfect harmony despite not even having practiced together. The miracle of synchronicity arises when we ‘go with the flow’ take care of our own needs and dare to take our leadership role seriously.
True serendipity is what will occur when we each of us function as ‘masters’ in our mastery.


A True Leader

Here are just a few words on the subject of leadership. True leadership demands that we first and foremost love ourselves unconditionally which allows a deep love and respect for everyone else. Embedded deeply in the heart of every human being is a longing for things to be right for everyone. When communication is done lovingly, when a leader leads by loving, it becomes clear to every person listening that the goal is the very best for everyone concerned. Love cannot be faked. A person who leads with love is exposed all the time, in every tone of voice, in every word spoken, in every gesture and each decision that is made. Leaders must be at all times aware that they themselves are in a continual process of change whilst taking part in the process of desiring and bringing about change in the world. When leaders feel that they are loved they can speak with greater clarity, confidence and eloquence. A very important tool for leaders is having the time regularly for communication with someone they trust.


It is essential that they can receive feedback as to what has been difficult, what has been good, feel appreciation of what has been done and where the next step needs to be. Leaders need to have the priority of taking very good care of themselves and that there is room for reciprocation of love in the most personal and private places of their lives where they can be unconditionally loved and respected for who they truly are. As leaders unite to change the world this must take place in a tone of mutual respect. There is no room for angry interruptions, high pitched voices or decisions being made with any stress. Leaders should understand completely the necessity of taking rest, of living a balanced life, of allowing themselves the space necessary for their thinking to flower.

As Lightworkers from all over Gaia steadily work towards the realisation of our common dream of freedom and sovereignty for all of mankind there is simply no room for anything other than loving cooperation, mutual respect, agreement upon a goal of equal rights for every being upon Gaia and beyond. Our Galactic family brothers and sisters have now united from all over this and other galaxies to support our liberation. Let’s show them now that we too can unite with each other in loving cooperation and encouragement so that each of us is ready for whatever roles we choose to play in the anchoring of Nova Gaia after The Event.

I would urge everyone who is interested in this subject to read the entire transcript from the channelling with AM. Here is a link to that;

Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership, April 16, 2015
Channeled by Linda Dillon
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  1. Mucha gente en en todo Gaia, nececita los caliños de l’Arcangel Michael, realmente creo casi todo el mundo esta hecho polvo, la energia que tiene se la gasta a trabajar y para cosas inutiles, claro de esta manera estamos entretenidos, concentrados en lo que no es el nuestro y realmente el tiempo para desarrollarnos no es sufisiente, tambien nos falta mucha heramientas (peor si siguas dentro de la matrix). Necesitamos descansar de verdad, estar en la tierra para un proposito de verdad. Lo que se encontra, son gente que quiere leventarse, tiene la volontad pero, la asiduidad de los oscuros a machacarnos require constancia para levantarse.
    De mi lado, hace tiempo que he perdido mi energia vital pero, he recuperado mi fe en la vida gracias a nuestros hermanos galacticos.

    • (English Translation) Many people around Gaia , nececita the Calinos de l’ Arcangel Michael , I really think almost everyone is knackered , the energy that is spent is the work and useless things, of course in this way we are entertained , focused on what that is not ours and really the time to develop is not sufisiente , we also need a lot TOOLS (worse if you siguas within the matrix) . We need to really relax , be on earth for a purpose really. What we discover , are people who want leventarse has the volontad but the assiduity of the dark to crush us require perseverance to rise.
      From my side , while I lost my vital energy but have regained my faith in life thanks to our galactic brothers.

  2. Hello i am Nikos Akrivos,Channeler of 22 Angels,Holistic Life Coach and Musician,busy since 5 years volunteering and bringing together teams for Healing Events and Peace.
    I am the Founder of Feel More Than Fine a project which is about creating Sustainable Therapeutic Centers close to Nature across Europe.
    We already have few awesome pieces of Land ready and waiting to be created.
    There is No Money involved So FAR and ALL who participate do it with an open Heart.
    Leading The Way is to Focus on Creating The New.

    Big Hug and Love to ALL Brothers ans Sisters




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