Misunderstanding the OITC and the role of Collateral Accounts

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Date: Tuesday, 17-Feb-2015 16:02:10

A little while back this posting by Hobie on behalf of a reader appeared:
“OITC has been claiming that they are the owner of world’s wealth (ie CAs), however, it seems that some of OITC people I know have been living in poverty and have no means to sustain their lives. Is there anyone out there would like to answer why there is such obvious contradiction exist and why OITC have to depend upon of hands that they are meant to provide finance???”
If I understand the situation correctly, this shows a fundamental misunderstanding on several fronts.
Firstly, the OITC was appointed to manage collateral accounts, in essence, on behalf of humanity.
Collateral accounts do not have money in them! They are about the backing of currencies to give them meaningful value. So, a collateral account will be an inventory and valuation of those items which are available to stand behind a nominated currency, and ensure its long-term soundness. Each such account is held for one ‘client’, usually a dynastic family who amassed great wealth – in the form of physical resources centuries ago – and has built on that wealth since. The family will have irrevocably committed these collateral resources to help keep international money system stable. So, collateral used to do this can be gold, silver or other precious metals; or land, or perhaps even the work capacity of a nation’s people. It is never FIAT money.
The people appointed to manage this resource are there, at least in part, for their integrity – a strange concept in today’s world of theft at every level – as well as their expertise and dedication to humanity. Since the accounts they are responsible for do not have money in them, they don’t have the possibility of writing themselves a cheque – even if they wanted to! Their job is very different from that of the banksters, and is very much in service to humanity.
A person I know well, and who is part of OITC, is in exactly this position of very little to live on. But she has said “CHRIST was born in a manger in the poorest of circumstances. Should we – appointed to our worldly task by our heavenly FATHER – suffer less then CHRIST did to overcome and rise above the excesses of our world.”
Well, let’s think about this. If Jesus had been born in a palace, with riches and servants around him, could his message to humanity ever have been credibly delivered? I think not! Even so, much of his real teaching has been suppressed – but the core message still got through to many millions.
We are all very aware of the banksters, who are nothing if not self interested. They do not make a move unless it is profitable to them. Their game might be called ‘Grand Theft Banko’, and it began with the ruse to detach printed money from the collateral that backed it. The result was to completely marginalise those who had the real wealth, while having humanity rely on the output of a printing press backed by nothing more than various forms of ‘confidence’. Indeed, it is all beginning to look like a global confidence trick!
Now, there is an important statistic here – FIAT money systems rarely last more than 100 years. Properly backed and structured money systems can last indefinitely. Why the great difference?
Because FIAT money is a vehicle for wealth transfer – and for those who don’t know it, this is a marginally polite term for THEFT.
Inflation is theft. That is why the US dollar is worth less than 1% of what it was 100 years ago. The system of constant wealth transfer behind it is why just 85 people now own half the world’s wealth. Who has profited most? Well, here is a clue – did you ever meet a poor bankster? FIAT money facilitates many other forms of theft.
My friend, who is known as ‘The Peacemaker’ also says: “Out of suffering comes faith, hope and knowledge. For those who protect the collateral accounts it provides undivided unity among the true keepers of the FATHERS wealth accounts. In time these will be realised and reset to aid our world and eventually, many worlds; and yes we will aid the widows and children! But never are we the owners – we are responsible as keepers only by the GRACE of our FATHER. We have no worldly power, status or privileges proving that only by GRACE did we receive the blessing to have the needed authority.”
In a world constructed around multiple false realities and lies at every turn, I for one celebrate the fact that there are still those who can dedicate themselves in this way. The global FIAT money system is clearly going into a tail spin, for with things like vast derivatives exposures, it has long been a house of cards. The way out is to re-attach collateral to our money, along with changing some of the basis on which money is designed to work, and an honest mind-set in how we facilitate goods and services, financially speaking.
The Peacemaker says: “For us, it is never ME, it is always WE – meaning the collective of humanity. We at OITC have now established the four Quadrants, our name for the four individuals who together hold the authority previously held by just one man. Having four is far more difficult for outsiders and various alphabet agencies to pervert. We are but guardians and caretakers of the accounts, and humanity is the ultimate beneficiary. Our task includes to work as co-ordinators in unison with all relevant spiritual entities and worldly authorities such as the dragon families.”
Despite all the noisy theatre going on in our world, I personally find the above most encouraging.
Xavier Hermes;read=11080

David Crayford Responds: The ITC / OITC is the genuine Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts

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Date: Tuesday, 17-Feb-2015 21:35:45

In Response To: Misunderstanding the OITC and the role of Collateral Accounts (X_Hermes)

The article titled “Reader: “OITC Quandary” is relevant to this discussion available here.
David Crayford writes:
Some people that Reader “e” knows and he believes what they are stating.
The first point here is that all persons engaged by the OITC hold Official documents which state their positions etc. As Reader “e” has not provided the names of the persons he / she knows, nor has he / she provided any proof that these people are officially appointed as OITC personnel, I can only say that this is yet another attempt (one of a constant stream of attempts) to discredit the OITC.
It would have been far better if you Hobie or Reader “e” had written to us first (of course totally confidentially) to verify if these people were appointed personnel and genuine and whether their stories were correct / genuine. That way you would not have left yourself open to be accused of perpetuating the falsities and misinformation about the OITC.
Let me be blunt. The ITC / OITC is the genuine Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts, and yes it has had its’ ups and downs over the past 19 years since the ITC / OITC was officially appointed under International Treaty Agreements between the Royal Families and Nations of the World to take over the Collateral Accounts from the corrupt, inept, and cronyism of the former TTTGC.
In the last 2 ½ years the ITC / OITC (Under new Leadership) has done remarkably and exceptionally well, far better than anything achieved in the previous 15 – 17 years under the previous leadership. That is because we do now have genuine, determined, loyal, people of integrity who do work on the principles of “WE” not “ME” (as stated in the article recently dated 17th Feb 2015) by Xavier Hermes, which to just deviate a little, is an exceptional article and portrays the principles of the ITC / OITC and the persons working with the ITC / OITC, which is not the principles shown by Reader “e” by posting such unverified information from persons who appear to be misinformation agents.
One of the reasons why I do not post articles so regular as I did in the past is because we have a mission, which can, if we allow it to, be disturbed and distracted by such articles and misinformation posted by Reader “e”. It is far more important to us to focus on the mission than constantly defend ourselves against such misinformation, supposition, etc.
This world we all live in is in an almighty mess (Financially and otherwise) and we have a duty and a responsibility to all the people of the world to ensure that the assets of the Collateral Accounts are used correctly and professionally in compliance with the Official and Legal Mandate held by the ITC / OITC.
To reiterate comments previous made by myself in the past, the Collateral Accounts have been misused and abuse for 100 years plus and they have to be brought into order for the benefit of ALL Nations and People of the World. That takes a great deal of time and will never happen overnight or even over a short period of time. Meanwhile, we have to put up with the misinformation, supposition, gossip, and otherwise, which includes constant and continuous “Hacking” attempts (12, 736 attempts in one 24 hour period) all of which distracts us from the real work.
Ask yourself WHY there is so much misinformation, supposition, hacking, or otherwise about the ITC / OITC. I will tell you openly, which is because we are the “CHANGE” that the people of the world are waiting for, we are the enemy of the cabal and the FIAT systems we are all forced to live by, we are the truth and the light, we are achievers, we are what we say we are. Whether you, or others, want to believe this or not is irrelevant. We have our mission and we will see it through to the end despite all the opposition etc. If we suffer for any reason, which includes our family lives, we can bear it and live with it because nothing is more important to us than the “WE” and the mission we have to bring the Collateral Accounts into order and working for the benefit of the World and its People.
Thank Xavier for your excellent article.
David P. Crayford

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  1. Crayford quate on reply To Jerzy “Furthermore, if these Protocols were issued by the World Bank or any other organisation, whether before or after the 1995 International Treaty or the 2012 International Treaty, they are automatically invalid, revoked, rescinded, void, and legally unenforceable by virtue of the said International Treaties, and the “Sovereign Decrees” dated 1st July 2012. “.;read=46750
    What the use of treaties when you can create new treaties to revoke the old one?


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