‘Starseed Activate’ – Street Interviews about ETs

A very interesting new episode of Starseed Activate where they performed street interviews, asking random people what they think about ET life. I was surprised to see the level of awareness of most people who answered. The author of this video told me that they are showing all the people they interviewed, they didn’t select the most aware only.

Now, this raises the question : are there many more people out there who are aware of these questions ? Are we tricked by mainstream media and internet government agents creating fake identities to believe that we are alone in this ? Or were these interviewers just lucky ? I would like to see more research on this. This is a great idea that many other people out there could do as well : go in the streets, ask random people, record it and publish it. We need more accurate mirrors of ourselves.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tOhVnx-DTI” width=”auto” height=”360″]

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