Long Island Physical Clearing: May 9th

On Saturday the 9th of May, a group of dedicated Lightowarriors and Lightworkers will be in LI to anchor Light, clear the Energies and do and important Cerimony. LI is where the main surface chimera stronghold is located, let’s connect to them and visualize the Violet Flame/Vortex throughout the day as many times as you feel guided to, let’s Focus for the whole Saturday, let’s Support their mission,

United, WE Stand,
Victory of the Light!


Visualize the violet flame transmuting all darkness into Light and all chimera activities are stopped, all negatively aligned technologies stop functioning. Visualize harmony and peace, aligned with Source Design being the only frequencies broadcast.


I do not consent to any harmful or negatively aligned activities that are being done from this location, or any time-space location. I do not consent to any systems of domination and control. I am a sovereign Being aligned with Source Light and I consent only to those activities that are in alignment with, and creating harmonious effect within Source Design. With all sincerity and Love,

3 thoughts on “Long Island Physical Clearing: May 9th”

  1. Check this website for more information about leylines and what is happening in your area: recreatingbalance1.blogspot.com

  2. I well agree! Much focus on destabilizing that LI facility.
    Pour as much love energy to heal the frequencies there.

    Victory to the light

  3. I live in Philadelphia and learned exactly where major lae lines are.they say a pyramid once was at one location. I went there and gave attention to peace ,love,joy,bliss to all I encountered,including one very brainwashed security guard at the constitution center.what I do know is there is a oto in Philadelphia ,what I don’t know if there are any like places here as are in long island ?.

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