One of the most distressing ways that our lives are controlled is via restrictions on our time.  Obviously, most of this stems from the control of the monetary system.  This allows those in power to effectively force us to devote a significant amount of our energies toward the Cabal in the form of our labor.  But even beyond that, there are far more restrictions on time which erode our quality of life.

For those who travel to go to work, how much time is spent preparing to ‘go to the workplace’ and how much time is spent ‘commuting’?  I bet it is at least 10 hours a week for most people – far more than that for some.

Another is ‘the waiting game’.  In many places, “hurry up and wait” is the name of the game.  The waiting game will get you if you are going to a local doctor or government office.  It will also get you if flying is a regular endeavor.  Do you wish to see a concert or watch some sort of sporting event?  Again, hurry up!  Now…wait…and wait…and wait some more.

What about the ubiquity of this phenomenon?

“Please hold for the next available customer service representative.  Your time is important to us.”

Then there are the things which get crowded out as we fight our ways through the matrix of daily life.  You know, time for relaxation, family time, meditation and solitude, sleep, exercise, taking care of one’s living space, taking care of our bodies (‘waiting room’ time does not count).

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